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I AM BACKKKK! Well actually I returned late sunday night but then I was exhausted and also I have work and also catching up on the real life things I wasn't doing while on vacation, so. I am still exhausted but I am at least nominally kind of here! AND I COME WITH LOTS OF BOOKS.

Look, my vacation was CANOE TRIPPING, which when you do it right (which obvs I do) leaves you lots of time to hang out in the beautiful wilderness with a book. So. I read NINE BOOKS while on vacation! Plus I had a couple I didn't post about from before the trip. Plus I read a book yesterday. So. Let's go!

Wired Love: a Romance of Dots and Dashes, by Ella Cheever Thayer )

Mable Riley: A Reliable Record of Humdrum, Peril & Romance, by Marthe Jocelyn )

Monks-Hood, by Ellis Peters )

Complete Fairy Tales of George MacDonald )

The Confession of Brother Haluin, by Ellis Peters )

The Android's Dream, by John Scalzi )

The Wisdom of Father Brown, by GK Chesterton )

Psmith, Journalist, by PG Wodehouse )

A Matter of Oaths, by Helen S Wright )

Murder Must Advertise, by Dorothy L Sayers )

Strong Poison, by Dorothy L Sayers )

Princess Academy, by Shannon Hale )

Gaudy Night, by Dorothy L Sayers )

Poor Yorick, by Ryan North, William Shakespeare, and YOU )
sophia_sol: drawing of Combeferre, smiling and holding up a finger like he's about to explain something (Yeah!!!)
Apparently this is the semester for me to be beguiled by mystery stories. I've started the Amelia Peabody series, the Father Brown series, the Sherlock Holmes series, and now -- in a fit of stupidity -- started reading the Lord Peter Wimsey series rather too near to bedtime.

I just keep on running across references to how brilliant they are, and today I finally had enough of that and needed to see it for myself.

And I am in love! They are so brilliant! Lord Peter just completely awesome -- clever and funny and all-round amazing -- and at one point? He quoted the Just So Stories. He is my hero. And he quotes poetry at the drop of a hat (just like my grandfather, and something I've always admired)! It makes me wish I were overeducated in the area of english poetry just so that I could get all his allusions!

And oh man, watching Lord Peter at work in a conversation is just a scream! It is a lesson and a half!

I say," said Mr. Piggott [...] "are you rather clever, or am I rather stupid?"

"No, no," said Lord Peter, "it's me. I'm always askin' such stupid questions, everybody thinks I must mean somethin' by 'em."

And Bunter! Bunter is simply...words fail me, he is that awesome.

(also I began making a tally of references to the Sherlock Holmes stories, and I counted a good five, and I might have missed one. Plus assorted other unspecified references to detective stories in general. This amuses me muchly)

Dear Sophia: please learn better than to start reading a novel which you've been perfectly well informed is brilliant when there's only an hour or two till bedtime. No love, Sophia.

(thankfully the second book doesn't appear to be available for free online, or I would be starting it already, instead of going to bed... EDIT: Damnit, I just found it!)


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