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Okay so hiiiiiiii. Usually I warn you folks when I'm gonna be awol for a while! You might have noticed I haven't been around for, um, more than two weeks? YEAH. FAIL. I've been here and lurking, just...not actually doing anything. But I am calling AMNESTY on myself, because otherwise I wasn't gonna show up again till I could catch up on replying to everything important/interesting from the last two weeks. And that, uh, wasn't gonna happen? OCCASIONALLY I STRESS MYSELF OUT OVER SOCIAL INTERACTION is what I am saying! ILU ALL AND I AM SORRY!

So! I call amnesty, and I am BACK. TRIUMPHANT. And probably going to see what I can do to cut down the amount of stuff on my rlist and flist, like maybe removing some comms that I follow. (because difficult as that is to countenance, it's still easier than contemplating removing ACTUAL PEOPLE.)

And now I present you with my LATEST FEELINGS ABOUT BUFFY. Remember I'm watching Buffy? Yeah, it's been a while. Spoiler time! )
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When I posted Scenarios I mentioned maybe doing a set of PUBLIC TRANSIT fic recs. Here it is! Because it is a glorious trope, and all of the following are glorious examples of the trope at its best. (okay, so some of them don't fit the standard trope pattern EXACTLY, but they still involve public transit so WHATEVER I'm including them anyways BECAUSE I CAN)

(I'm not including airplanes in forms of public transit for the purpose of this recs-set because it's not something I thought to tag as being this, but upon reflection it kind of is. Please forgive this lapse on my part.)

11 recs for SGA, CW RPF, Doctor Who, Inception, BtVS, AI RPF, and bandom )
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Thing One:I had this really great dream last night about discovering an amazing tv show with an awesome woman as the main character. I discovered it via reading someone's squee post about it, and was reading down the excited explanations of all that was awesome about her, and then I got to the line, "And best of all, she's ace," and I went ALKDHFSLKDHJLD and then my alarm went off. I was pretty upset at my alarm, let me tell you! And also pretty upset at the world that this tv show with an asexual woman as the main character doesn't exist. I WANT THIS TV SHOW.

Thing Two: Have seen more Buffy. SPOILERS )

Thing Three: An enjoyable yet unproductive use of an evening: to sit around and listen to two comic nerds nerd out over comics. I know bits and pieces through having known [personal profile] sentientcitizen for nearing on a decade, but the sheer volume of canon that got referenced in that conversation was incredible. And every other thing made me burst out into laughter because, oh, comics. They are so cracky. I love them so much.

(you get exchanges like, "is she dead right now?" "No, she's stuck inside a bullet in space." Which. OH COMICS.)

I think if I were an actual reader of comics, a lot of things about them would frustrate me. But hearing about them from an outside source? So much fun!
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Thing One: I'm away for the weekend. Victoria Day weekend, yo! That's right, we celebrate the birthday of a dead queen but not the birthday of our reigning monarch, that's how Canada rolls. Which means: CAMPING! (Yes, in May. Yes, some years there is frost. Yes, it is fun anyways.)

Thing Two: I am fascinated by how fast one picks up linguistic tics from the people with whom one hangs out. And by "one" I totally don't just mean "I". Nope. (and the really freaky thing is that I didn't notice. Or rather, I noticed that I was saying things I don't normally say, but could not for the life of me figure out why until [personal profile] sentientcitizen kindly enlightened me.)

Thing Three: Buffy spoilers again! )

Thing Four: A vid that needs to be watched: Shock the Monkey, by [personal profile] giandujakiss. It is a very well done look at the really unsettling aspects of Hawaii Five-0 that I mentioned earlier. It makes me cringe every time I watch it, and I CANNOT STOP WATCHING IT. And yet I still like this show? WHYYYYYYY, self?

Thing Five: I'm pretty sure it's time for me to do some housekeeping in my journals. Rearranging who I'm following on LJ vs DW; fixing some tags that need help; replacing the icons that need replacing; updating my masterlist; that sort of thing. But I keep getting distracted by shiny things!

Thing Six: So I finally shared a link for this journal with my sister (Hello, my darling sister! I'm sorry I haven't been emailing!), which felt a little weird. Because then I went back to the beginning of my archives and began to reread some of those early posts to see what she was reading, and I kept on being like, NO, YOUNGER SELF, NO, and being horribly embarrassed. And that was only two years ago. Makes me glad I didn't start my fannish LJ when I was 14 or something. I bet there'd be SO MUCH to be embarrassed over.

(except I kind of wish I HAD, actually, because I don't remember very well what I was actually thinking back then, and it would be nice to have that sort of record for my own better knowledge of myself! Even if I would die in embarrassment reading it.)

Thing Seven: It has become apparent to me that I DO need to do a deconstruction of Lady Gaga's "Judas", because otherwise it won't leave me alone. AFTER CAMPING. Yes.

Thing Eight: I NEED TO STOP WITH THE THINGS. I think most of my posts lately have been all things all the time. But I just have so much to talk about! And I think this post might have a record number of things in it too!
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Thing one: HELP I HAVE ALMOST FIFTY TABS OPEN. SAVE ME FROM THE TABS. This is the problem with combining productive days and having an actual social life: I DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO KEEP MY TABS AT A REASONABLE LEVEL. Or, you know, spent all that much time on the internet. It is a problem, yo! I mean, not a problem I'm going to complain about very hard (I exercised! I got lots of errands done! I hung out with [personal profile] sentientcitizen! I hung out with awesome and nerdy friends!) but still. When I have so many tabs open that the handy little symbols indicating the site open in that tab no longer show? Navigation becomes a bit of a problem. KILL ME NOW.

Thing two: spoilers for Buffy episodes Innocense and Phases )

Thing three: spoilers for Hawaii Five-0's season finale )

Thing four:
I can't stop going back to Lady Gaga's "Judas". It's just's got so much religious imagery in there, but it feels so incoherently combined. And I keep on going around reading various people's interpretations of it, and nobody agrees on anything.

And it doesn't help that it seems like ALL the things I've been reading have missed what I would consider one of the most straightforward references - the thing with Lady Gaga wearing the blue headcovering thingy. That right there says HELLO MARY MOTHER OF JESUS. Very very strongly. But everyone's all, "oh, Lady Gaga's in the role of Mary Magdalene in this song." Which she is, but she's conflating that role with that of Mary mother of Jesus. And there's also stuff about footwashing that also identifies her with Mary sister of Martha. Basically Lady Gaga is three Marys in one, in this song, and all the analyses treat her as a more-or-less straightforwardly Mary Magdalene figure. *SIGH*

Also? The baptism scene. That is TOTALLY a baptism scene. But people keep on coming up with their own special interpretations of it that don't even make glancing reference to the possibility that it might be about baptism! *headdesk*

PEOPLE. How about you don't try to analyze the religious symbolism in a video if you're not well-versed enough in that religion to recognize the symbology? Just a thought.

I'm not going to try to analyze the religious symbolism in that video, because I'm not well-versed enough in the OTHER stuff she's trying to do with it. Because it's obviously not just straight up a song and video about religion and nothing else. But SERIOUSLY PEOPLE.

Okay, that rant went on longer than I was intending it to....

Thing five: Right! Going to bed, not clearing out tabs, or answering emails, or replying to comments, or any of that. BED. I am getting up too early in the morning! (the other problem of having a social life. Terrible people convince you that you want to get up early in the morning to exercise as a group.)
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Thing One: spoilers for Buffy season two. Um, I think the episode is called  ) In conclusion: I have been saying this for a while but I totally need a BtVS icon. BUT I CAN'T LOSE ANY OF MY CURRENT ICONS. WOE. This shall require further thought.

Thing Two: So APPARENTLY The Eagle is a recent indifferent-quality-but-super-slashy movie. I had heard this. I went, "meh," and moved on with my life. Then I found out it was about a Roman dude and his Briton slave, and went, hang on, this might be interesting. Then I found out that it's based on Eagle of the Ninth, a book that I read waaaaaay back as a small child and remember none of the details of except that it was awesome, and went, HUH. Then I was alerted to the fact that someone wrote fic for the movie IN LATIN.* Then I started reading fic.

HELLO NEW FANDOM. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR YOU. (but the social and sexual mores of Romans vs Britons is so interesting! And the dynamic between the characters is so amazing (and adorable)! And okay I'm kind of a sucker for classical history!)

Thing Three: There is a comment meme for asexual characters over at asexual_fandom! So far ALL the fills are awesome, and I am deeply in love with every single fill PROMPT for all the fandoms I recognize and half the ones for the fandoms I don't recognize. I dunno if there are any interested parties on my flist/rlist who don't already read asexual_fandom, but I felt this should be highlighted anyways. Because it is AWESOME.

*Not that I can read Latin. It's just an excellent sign of a fandom's dedication to history-nerdery.
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*flails* *flails some more*

I watched an episode of Buffy today. An AMAZING episode of Buffy. An episode of Buffy that had me clutching my knees in distress, and grinning wildly at [personal profile] sentientcitizen in delight.

spoilers for the episode 'The Dark Age' )
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Except Purimgifts happened, and I need to share my fics!

I had the fantastic luck to write Hark! A Vagrant fics for [personal profile] verity, and had a ball doing so. It kind of makes me want to write ALL THE HARK! A VAGRANT FIC.

Here is what I wrote:

A Canoe of Her Own, about Canadian stereotypes, high-school girls, and canoes.
What She Wants, a crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, about the Sexy Vampire Ladies who want women's rights.
Would Rather Be Reading, a crossover with Sherlock Holmes, about Polly the chimneysweep girl.

AND I had the fantastic luck to get FIVE wonderful stories for Purim!

The Thick of It, by [ profile] blamography, a Good Omens fic in which War is her scary awesome self and capable of intimidating the hell out of anyone she cares to.
Descendent, by [ profile] blamography, a lovely Good Omens fic about what it means to Anathema to be a descendant.
Pepper, by [ profile] blamography, a Good Omens fic about Pepper, in which Pepper is Pepper and Pepper is awesome.
Down in the Valley, by [ profile] kristin, a lovely thoughtful Firefly fic about Zoe and war.
Dear Moses, by [personal profile] seekingferret, in which Zipporah writes a letter she'll never send to Moses, and it is every kind of YESSS.

Yay! I am very grateful to all my wonderful authors!

And now I am gone again. Invisible! Unpresent! Except for my continuing bible project posts, of course....

*hates on thesis*
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[personal profile] sentientcitizen was visiting for the weekend, so of course we watched more Buffy together. We are 7 episodes into season two! That's so far! I'm very pleased. (...even if there's still a LONG ways to go. Oh dear.)

Also, it is WEIRD. Back when I started reading Buffy fic, I was all "yay Spike/Xander, so awesome, let me read all of it and ignore the rest of the characters." And now I'm like "BUT ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE SO AWESOME I CANNOT NEGLECT ANY OF THEM." What happened to my Spike/Xander shipping? (okay, it's still there, but hiding under the vast love I have for the entire cast)

I'm pretty sure I need a BtVS icon, by the way, which is TRAGIC because I finally have my precious few icon slots carefully dealt with more or less how I want them to be, and I don't have ROOM for more! Also I would not be able to decide which character(s) to have on said icon.

Mostly unrelatedly, Sentientcitizen and I also watched Methos' confession scene together (because it's AWESOME), and both of us were able to recite all the lines along with it, we've seen it so often. Um. Awesome? (Ohhhhh yes.)
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Thing One: Clearly I got into the Dresden Files fandom at the right time, because there's a lovely new anon meme. For which I couldn't quite resist writing a Dresden Files/Discworld crossover, and I didn't quite nail the voices and I gave it a fail of an ending, but I had fun writing it anyways.

Thing Two: Unexpected problems with reading a series mainly via audiobook: you don't learn the spelling and capitalization norms of the series-specific terms. Aaaaah! The words feel weird in my head if I don't know how they're supposed to be written!

Thing Three: So you know how I've been watching eps of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with [personal profile] sentientcitizen on and off? We finally decided to start at the beginning and work our way through together. We're about two thirds of the way through the first season, and MMMM IT'S WONDERFUL. I mean, it certainly has its flaws, but they just don't MATTER as compared to the glory of the good parts. And by the good parts I mean the characters. I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS SO MUCH. (especially the ones named Giles. Um. BUT NO I LOVE THEM ALLLL.)
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Thing one: Okay, so, Methos. Yes, yes, you're all surprised, I'm talking about Methos again. You know what Methos should have a lot of trouble with? Well, all immortals should have this problem, really. KEEPING UP WITH MODERN VOCABULARY AND SLANG. Because language changes, gradually, over time. And over the course of a mortal person's life, generally they fall behind on modern lingo too, hence why kids always laugh at their parents when they try to talk "hip". Because you lose track of the new words that come into the language.

Now, if a person were really making an effort, they could probably more or less keep up with most, but inevitably when you're tired or drunk or not paying attention, bits of older vocabulary would sneak in without you realizing, because you'd forget that, oh, right, people don't really use that word anymore.

And when you've lived through THE ENTIRETY OF THE LIFE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, that's a lot of old versions of vocabulary and grammar to have carefully and slowly shifted through over your life.

So when you think about it, it's really impressive that when Methos talks, there's nothing about his speech that pings as slightly old-fashioned. But now I really want to see drunk!Methos accidentally using bits of archaic vocabulary.

Thing Two: I was talking about Doctor/Master last night with [ profile] sentientcitizen, as one does, and -- okay, the Doctor and Master are really not actually healthy for each other, and yet I ship it anyways. Why? One would think that I would want what's best for characters I like, right? But APPARENTLY NOT! Apparently I'm totally okay with the two of them being really fucked up about each other!

Thing Three: Spoilers for the Buffy episode Superstar )

Thing Four: What's ridiculous fun: to play First Person Tetris in night mode. (hint: try playing it on non-night-mode first, so you know how this version of tetris works) For the first LONG WHILE of playing it I kept on flailing both verbally and physically because it is so disconcerting. But FUN! And now I'm actually not horrible at it, though I keep on having these moments where my instincts make me suddenly go HORRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG

Two Things

Aug. 16th, 2010 10:33 pm
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Thing One: What I have learned from the latest in my random-episodes-of-Buffy-watching project: alternate universe vampire!Xander and vampire!Willow are epic. VERY EPIC. Willow calls Angel a puppy! She doesn't have that almost-stammery way of talking, but is all confident and sure of what she wants! Her outfit has really cool sleeves! (also, just for the record, my inability to reliably recognize Buffy continues....)

Thing Two: I realized that hey, I record podfic, so I should try listening to it occasionally too. And, um, it's awesome. It is reminiscent of my younger days when my family would go on car trips, and bring along piles of tapes to listen to on the drive, and some of them would be stories, not music. They were so wonderful. I have very fond memories, for instance, of a tape with The Emperor And The Nightingale on it that I listened to a ridiculous number of times. Listening to a podfic is like that. I think if I had an iPod I would listen to podfic ALL THE TIME.
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There's approximately ten million things that I want to be talking (...writing) about right now. This is the problem with being away from the internet for several days!

Thing One: To begin with, I was in Ottawa on Tuesday, and got to visit my oldest internet friend while there, and it was excellent. Of course.

But alas! Although we visited the Parliament buildings, and saw Mounties, I did not get a picture of myself with one, because by the time our tour was finished the Mounties had left for the day. *sadface* At least I got to see a statue of Dief? (he looked remarkably two-legged....)

Thing Two: Things that are hilarious: reading serious angsty fanfic, in which a city is put under martial law, and misreading "martian" for martial; watching the last episode of Sherlock with someone who hasn’t seen it yet, and getting to laugh at the expression on their face when they realize that yes, the episode ended there, like that; discovering that I'm actually incapable of leaving any list with only two points in it, because it feels incomplete.

Thing Three: if you are at all interested in both Sherlock and Doctor Who: THIS PICTURE. Anything I say would be superfluous.

Thing Four: I have discovered the best possible way of watching Buffy. See, I know that I do not have the staying power to keep myself watching for seven whole seasons of a tv show. But I want to watch Buffy. So! Combine this with my not-caring-about-spoilers and [ profile] sentientcitizen’s having already watched all of Buffy, and we have the perfect solution. Whenever sentientcitizen and I are in the mood for watching something together, she just thinks through what episodes of Buffy she thinks I would enjoy, and we choose one and watch it together.

cut for a bunch of blather, including various Buffy spoilers )

Okay, imma stop talking about Buffy now...

Thing Five: Listening to music that I haven't listened to in a looong time is dangerous, because I start madly associating it with fandoms. I got TWO songs about Methos from one CD. (The CD is The Road To Santiago by Heather Dale. Cut for Highlander spoiler ) And "Hunter" is totally Methos/Duncan.)
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Thing One: So it's kinda weird -- I'll be happily reading some BtVS fanfic* and it'll be good, etc, and then out of nowhere I'll read a line and my brain will interpret "Spike" to mean Adora Belle Dearheart instead of William the Bloody Awful Poet. And every time it happens, I'm thrown quite thoroughly out of the story. I do not know why this happens to me! It's not like Adora goes by Spike on a particularly regular basis, and I've only read Going Postal twice. And this only happens to me like once in an entire novel-length fic, so it's not a regular thing. But it's happened several times now and it is very disconcerting.

And now I want to write fic in which BtVS Spike and Discworld Spike meet. (note to self: You've seen exactly two episodes of BtVS, and haven't read Going Postal in years. This might be a bad idea.)

Thing Two: I don't know how I ever read anything on the internet before I found the zap colors bookmarklet. I found it ages ago, but only started actually using it recently, and OMG it is the best thing ever. All those people who prioritize pretty colours over readability on their LJs or webpages**? FIXED. I can read stuff without wanting to claw my eyeballs out!

Thing Three: This weekend I am getting together with my sister and my for-all-intents-and-purposes sister, and the three of us are doing some canning. We're doing jam, three kinds of pickles, and possibly peaches and salsa depending on how efficient we are. It will be delicious.

ETA: Thing Four: Why am I trying to write a fic with a swordfighting scene? I am no good at action! Also there's a conversation going on throughout the fight. It's hard enough writing a fight scene with good momentum, even without the added complication of trying to do it around the edges of a conversation! This will need a lot of editing...

* Uh. Yes, I read BtVS now, apparently. And I've been lured into shipping Xander/Spike, apparently. Oops? I've done this whole fandom thing backwards again...
** Possibly I'm not one to talk, with my screamingly yellow LJ layout, but at least I don't have it set to keep that style when looking at an individual post.


Jul. 7th, 2010 04:41 am
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Oh gosh, the amount of stuff I always have backlogged in my friendspage each time I come back from a computerless vacation is ridiculous. Also ridiculous, though? Is the backlog of THINGS I WANT TO TALK ABOUT TO THE INTERNET!* And the backlog is too long-winded to just do a Things post to get them all out of the way! So I will begin just with this.**

Prior to, um, Thursday? I think it was Thursday. My memory of things that didn't happen within the last day or two can get kinda wonky. Anyways, prior to Thursday I had only ever seen one episode of Buffy, that episode being -- of course -- Once More With Feeling. Because how can I resist a MUSICAL EPISODE? So epic.

But [ profile] sentientcitizen and I decided randomly to watch an episode of Buffy. And she'd been telling me earlier about an episode which I thought sounded fascinating, so we watched it. spoilers for a season-seven episode )

In conclusion: Buffy is now higher on my TV-shows-to-be-watched-someday than it used to be! (also: Fear the TV-shows-to-be-watched-someday list! It is a very frightening list. Especially when I remember that things tend to just keep on being ADDED to it, and I never quite manage to cross anything off entirely! I think at this point the list is basically: every live-action tv show that Fandom has ever loved. Which is, um, a daunting prospect.)

*Oh, gee, I like talking about myself and about the things I love. Does this surprise anyone? Anyone? I thought not.

**Also, a third ridiculous thing: how much past a reasonable bedtime I always stay up, whenever I've been away for a while. It's like I need to stick my head facefirst into a lake of Internet and drown myself in it, after having been in a desert for days without even a waterbottle along. And probably this simile (metaphor? I think I mixed it up enough that it's kind of being both) is terrible but I don't care.

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