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Thing One: Dude! Finland has made access to broadband a legal right for all its people! DUDE!

Thing Two: Men With Brooms the sitcom is apparently coming to television. With occasional Paul Gross! Which, woohoo because Men With Brooms is awesome and Paul Gross is awesome. Except it's a sitcom and I can think of only two sitcoms EVER that I could bear to watch more than, say, three minutes of. Sitcoms = my embarrassment-squick kryptonite. It is a problem.

Thing Three: Knowing that the rest of the world is not nearly as cheerfully uncaring about spoilers as I am can be frustrating. For instance, when I am trying to rec fic, it is very difficult to know what to say in the rec. I have a lot of trouble telling whether or not a given detail would be considered by normal people to be a spoiler or not! I mean, some details are obvious (Soylent Green is people!), but other stuff? Hard to judge. It is frustrating. Also, the spoiler-wary world means that I can't squee about stuff to people who haven't yet seen it (or seen all of it). Like when talking about Highlander with [ profile] sentientcitizen: she's only partway through the first season, so although I can discuss the nature of Immortals, and the Game, and Duncan's personality, and the ways that the show is ridiculous, etc etc etc all to my heart's content? I cannot discuss the character of Methos, or ANY of the interesting or intriguing details from the episodes I've seen! Sad story.


Jun. 25th, 2010 12:35 am
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This evening I went out with friends to watch a movie. This movie? A random Canadian film called Micmacs (also known as Micmacs à tire-larigot).* As far as I can tell it doesn't connect via any actors to the general C6D fandom,'s Canadian. And it's awesome. So I'm including it under my C6D tag anyways.

The film started off kind of really confusing, and I was a little lost and a little disengaged as a result. But then maybe fifteen minutes in (or possibly a little longer? I'm terrible at judging time) spoiler happened ) and after that the ENTIRE REST OF THE MOVIE WAS EPIC. I was laughing all the way through, and really engaged with what was happening. And, I mean, it was still really weird, but in a good way. And the way that spoiler happened was basically perfect. )

In conclusion, I highly recommend watching this movie if you have the opportunity to.

*In case you can't tell from the title, it's in French. But it has English subtitles.
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Remember how about a month ago I said there needs to be Gunless fic in the world? Finally, success in finishing one!

Title: Common
Fandom: Gunless
Wordcount: approximately 600
Rating: PG for non-graphic violence
Notes: : Thanks to Dinah for the beta!

Summary: The first time the Montana Kid shot a man.

Read the story here )
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Thing One: How did I not know that Hard Core Logo was a book first before it was a movie? I mean, I've done enough stalking reading online about the movie (trying to work up the courage to watch it someday) that I feel like I know a lot about it already. And yet somehow this is news to me! I only learned because I was at a real live bookstore today and saw the book sitting on the shelf!

Thing Two: The bookstore I was at? Had the floor-to-ceiling shelves and ROLLING LADDERS to help you reach the top shelves! It was EPIC! I have never met rolling ladders in person before, and it was super-exciting.

Thing Three: At the bookstore, I acquired two new books! Not that I need any more, given the state of my to-read pile. But they're both books that I keep on hearing good things about on the internet, so I needed to read them. The books: The True Meaning of Smekday, by Adam Rex, and The Demon's Lexicon (or possibly The Demon's Covenant? Which ever one it is that comes first....) by Sarah Rees Brennan. I'm looking forward to reading both of them!

Thing Four: Torchwood's coming back! And apparently it's going to be more international in flavour? I dunno. Well, I'll be curious to see what they do with it.
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Title: Second Christmas
Fandom: First Christmas by Stan Rogers.
Rating: PG, for one swear word
Wordcount: 495
Summary: It's better than spending the day alone.

Notes: To begin with, much thanks to [ profile] sentientcitizen for her prompt beta! So you know how lately I've been totally obsessing over Fake News? (actually a lot more than would be evidenced from my posts here?) Yeah, a few mornings ago in the shower I was struck with a sudden need to write this completely unrelated fic. Right. Thanks, brain. Anyways, if you're not familiar with the song, do listen to it before reading the fic! It won't take you long and it is amazing. Actually, even if you don't want to read the fic, listen to it anyways and ignore the fic. First Christmas is probably my favourite Stan Rogers song, and Stan Rogers' songs are pretty uniformly amazing already.

Read the fic here! )
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My adventures into C6D continue with something that for a change (for me) doesn't contain Paul Gross. I'm branching out!

This one was Last Night. Spoilers under the cut. )
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Oh SPN.... )

ALSO! I wrote the above earlier, and I just finished watching Bon Cop Bad Cop with a housemate. And OH MAN BEST MOVIE EVER. There were DEFINITELY a goodly number of jokes that non-Canadians would not have gotten, but it also was a genuinely good movie beyond the Canadianisms. But wow, how awesome is it to watch a genuinely good movie that makes MY cultural references! It wasn't just New York this, LA that, and whatever! That made me pretty gleeful. (A Jean Chretien joke, f'rinstance! That made me laugh SO HARD.)

Also! Within MOMENTS of Rick Mercer saying his first lines, I knew it was Rick Mercer. He was priceless as that of-course-I'm-not-Don-Cherry hockey commentary guy. And! The guy playing the english cop? Throughout the whole movie I was going, I recognize him! I recognize him! I recognize him! And then it turned out that HE PLAYED BILLY FLYNN IN CHICAGO, which I watched, what, two days ago? *headdesk* Of course! So that made it all even more hilarious.

Also! Was that slashy or was that SLASHY? Methinks it was slashy! Thankfully I already have Bon Cop Bad Cop fics bookmarked, which I had read and enjoyed long before I ever watched the movie. Time to go reread those with knowledge of the source! Yaaay!

Actually I should go to bed and sleep off my alcohol and hope that I didn't say anything too stupid in this post. Good night, y'all!
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Thing One: There is a poem by Robert W Service that I really want to find again (I want to memorize it! I like memorizing poetry). The problem: I can't remember what its title was, nor any of the lines within it. This makes it emininently not an internet-searchable thing. I went through lists of all his poem titles, but none of them jumped out at me as being the right one. And it is definitely not one of his more famous ones, which makes it harder to just happen to accidentally stumble across it.

So it seems the only thing left to do is to laboriously go through every single poem he ever wrote (and he wrote a LOT) in order to find this one. *sigh* Library time it is; I think it'll be easier to go through them all on paper. At least I already know it's not in Songs of a Sourdough or Ballads of a Bohemian (since I own those two).

Thing Two: I finally got around to watching White Collar 1.10. It was very good! Except I'm realizing more and more how much this show gets my squick of "oh no something terrible is going to happen any second now". I don't deal well with that sort of tension.... But the episode was still really good! )

Thing Three: There's all that Slings & Arrows fic out there about college-age Geoffrey and Darren putting on Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead, of which I highly approve. But you know what there also needs to be? A whole lotta fic about middle- or old-aged Geoffrey and Darren putting on Waiting For Godot. *nods head* Because it would be awesome.

It would be all thematically relevant! And academic and intelligent while still getting to the emotional heart of the characters! And somehow there would be found a way to make the fic have a happy ending despite it being about a play that doesn't really even have an ending at all! And Darren would be ridiculous and Geoffrey would be crazy and they'd be all messed up but still awesome, and it would end up being Geoffrey/Darren slash because that is secretly my FAVOURITE PAIRING EVER from S&A! *wants*
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thing oneOh goodness, I got so distracted by slash!fail (and my following re-obsession with reading Everything Ever about asexuality) that I never posted about my Paul Gross and Doctor Who experiences from this weekend! Allow me to rectify that.

First was Paul Gross. This was a "Behind the Score" production of one of Mozart's piano concertos. So what that means is that for the first hour there's a sort of dramatic reading/narration/selections of music type thing that introduces you to the history of the composer, and the time period he was writing in, and themes to look for in the music, and some of the stuff he was trying to do with this particular piece, and fun stuff like that. So there were two speakers: the narrator, and Paul Gross. Paul Gross was doing a dramatic reading of any bits of text that are actual things that somebody said, usually Mozart but sometimes other relevant characters too. It was very good, and also really interesting. And Paul Gross was his usual attractive and highly captivating self, even though he never even got out of his chair, and had rather the smaller speaking part.

And it was so weird to see Paul Gross in real life. It's like he's an actual person! Which okay, yes, I knew, but there's a different sort of immediacy to that knowledge when you've seen a person in real life.

(During intermission, I had a mutual Paul Gross Love-Fest with one of the friends I'd gone with. It was awesome.)

Then after intermission was the actual performance of the concerto, which was half an hour long. It was pretty, but nothing hugely exciting.

And THEN as soon as the performance was over we off to do our best to make it to the Doctor Who thing in time, which we did. This was Doctor Whom: Improvised Adventures Through Time And Space.

And it was AWESOME. So hilarious. And really well done too; the actors were all very good, and were excellent at improv. The Doctor was played by a pregnant woman, so of course there were jokes about that. And the Doctor was wearing the most perfect and amazing coat I have ever seen in my whole life. It epitomizes my dream coat. It is the coat I have always wanted. I want that coat. I was admiring it all the way through the performance.

And it was so genuinely laugh-out-loud funny; I hardly stopped laughing through the entire thing. There was the Doctor, and a slightly ditzy companion, and a Captain Jack who couldn't say anything without it being totally innuendo and who was doing his best to get into the companion's pants, and there was the Master (with a rubbish beard! Who was totally just doing everything to get the Doctor's attention!), and a dalek showed up at the end, and it was SO AMAZING. Even the minor characters were awesome! (My favourite of them? The girl with the indeterminate accent -- which was poked fun of all the way through -- who was the Master's assistant. She was awesome.)

And okay, then made Captain Jack rather, um, stupid and totally lacking in depth, which annoyed me a WEE bit, but it was done in such a wonderfully funny way that I totally forgave them.

And the woman who played the Doctor did so extremely well, such that I could almost actually see her as BEING the Doctor (well, as much as I can see anyone who isn't David Tennant as the Doctor. It's not my fault! I imprinted on him!).

thing two My Paulslash story is finished, and with my beta! This is highly exciting! It did turn out to be on the shorter side of my estimate (being less than 2000 words), and also it did not have the ending I expected. I've never before actually had the experience of having my characters let me know in no uncertain terms that I was actually totally wrong about how they'd react, but that kinda happened here. I was writing, and then I couldn't write anymore, because I couldn't come up with the right words for Paul to say. And it wasn't working and it wasn't working and finally I realized why: because Paul wasn't about to say any such thing. So that was that. (It kinda makes me feel like a Real Writer, for my characters to have developed that much sense of self (or for me to have developed that much sense of who the characters are; whatever).)

thing three I am using a totally not-relevant-to-my-post icon for this post, because I have a shiny new icon! (when one can only have six icons, this is big news) It is an icon of Darren from Slings & Arrows because he makes me ridiculously happy. Well actually, when WATCHING him it often triggers my embarrassment-squick, but when reading fic about him? I love him and his ridiculous pretensions dearly. (I think my favourite genre of S&A fic EVER is the "Geoffrey and Darren put on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead on while in college together" storyline. They just play off each other so well! It is so awesome!)
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1. Damnit, I was hoping to do another podfic this weekend, but I'm sick. I mean, I don't feel very awful or anything, but I doubt people have any desire to hear me snuffle my way through it... And having to take a sip of water every three words or so gets in the way too.

2. In better news, in a week or so I'm gonna be seeing Paul Gross live! At thingy where it's an introduction to some symphony or something by Mozart, and possibly Paul Gross is going to be reading some of Mozart's letters aloud? Or something? Anyways, it looks AWESOME. \o/

3. Similarly, in a week or so I'm gonna be seeing a Doctor Who improv thing, that's apparently very good and very funny! \o/

4. Apparently I'm adding new bookmarks to my delicious at a faster pace than I'm editing my old ones. Gah. I mean, I'm not complaining about the plethora of shiny fic, but it means that I still haven't managed to get down to 3000 unedited bookmarks yet!

5. My subject line is a lie.
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My life is ruined forever! A tragedy beyond all telling! *cough* By which I mean, I'm having trouble with watching Slings & Arrows.

I saw the first two episodes and they were amazing and wonderful and marvelous and EVERYTHING GOOD and then in the third episode? The only copy I can find on Youtube is missing the second ten-minute segment. I'm going to miss an important part of the episode! I will be losing out on a brief but surely worthwhile segment of brilliance!

And I can't find it on ANY of the other tv-streaming sites I know. And my local library has it, but I've forgotten the PIN for my library card so I can't reserve a copy!

....and now I'm going to wander back over to Youtube and finish watching the season. (minus those ten missing minutes.... *fumes*)

EDIT: Oh no wait I figured out the problem! The playlist is merely a little messed up in Episode 4 (which is where I ACTUALLY am), making me think that things had gone all TERRIBLY TRAGICALLY WRONG. But it's okay and I am not missing anything after all!
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I am slightly incoherent with glee here! Okay I just finished watching Men With Brooms, a movie I'd only ever vaguely heard of until I started getting more into Paul Gross related stuff (oh Due South how you bewitch me), and it is AWESOMETASTIC. Seriously!

I mean, curling! Being exciting and truly adrenaline-producing during the games! And Benton Frase- I mean, Chris Cutter, being all angsty about his past and then overcoming it to win! The surreality of those awesome beavers! The random bagpiper in so many scenes! Seeing Lieutenant Welsh as the Space Agency dude! The way that when I saw the cop at the bar I totally though to myself that she was flirting with the woman behind the bar, and then at the everyone's-so-excited scene at the end she was kissing another woman (who was possibly the same woman) -- as in, my slash goggles were RIGHT for a change (and my slash goggles weren't totally male-oriented either, which is also new)! All the really awesome funny lines! The way I didn't actually have to pause the movie much at all despite my embarrassment-squick! And I could KEEP GOING FOR A LONG TIME HERE! Basically this movie rocked my socks and I couldn't stop giggling aloud as it played.

It was very strange, though, seeing Paul Gross as someone other than Fraser. I kept on looking at Cutter and expecting him to be Fraserish, and then he went and did things like cheat at curling, and say "fuck", and have meaningless sex with a woman, and lie to a cop, and my brain just kept on thinking, "aww, it can't be Fraser's fault!"

Also I wasn't actually a huge fan of the romantic sub-plot; I don't see Cutter and curly-haired-sister having a particularly healthy relationship, given that she's alcoholic and he's kinda messed up and also he slept with her sister. And I mean, that COULD have been the point, but usually I like my romantic comedies to have unambiguously happy endings. Save the messed-up-relationships for things like, say, Doctor/Master (...okay I'll admit it, within the last day I've been converted. More on this in a different post, as I don't want to totally hijack my Men With Brooms squee).

But despite my not-over-fondness of the romance storyline, it didn't actually detract from the enjoyment of actually watching the movie. Because the movie itself was rather unambiguously awesome. So yes. might be possible that I'm going to be falling into C6D fandom if I'm not careful.

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