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Because [personal profile] calvinahobbes expressed some slightly worried interest in maybe reading more bandom as a result of my recent bandom barista AU, here is a post of bandom barista AUs!

Actually I think I will start with bandom barista AUs and then move on to barista AUs in general because barista AUs are awesome and you know it.

(oh god. Somehow this turned into a post with SIXTEEN fics in it, which is RIDICULOUS. I don't even want to think about how much time it took me to compile this, especially since I kept getting distracted to reread. OH WELL. ENJOY.)

(a note: I'm not always good at balancing my squee levels between different recs in a rec post. Assume that if I posted a link to a fic in here, it is great and I liked it a whole lot, even if I don't actually say anything to that effect in the rec itself....)

Bandom barista AUs! Featuring Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, The Academy Is..., and Cobra Starship! But mostly Panic, tbh )

AND NOW non-bandom time, for those of you who are sick of hearing me natter on about bandom but still want your barista-AU fix!

Featuring Star Trek, Social Network RPF, Supernatural RPF, Inception, and Dresden Files! )
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Thing One: Gah. I am STILL not caught up with everything on the Dresden Files kink meme since being away. I spent far too much of today reading it, time that REALLY REALLY REALLY should have been spent doing more productive things, and I still have SO MANY PAGES TO GO. How so much awesome, DF fandom?

Thing Two: Today I rewatched Adam Lambert's music video to If I Had You for I think the first time since last summer. And I watched it a LOT last summer. It is so weird how thoroughly associations build up in one's mind, because I started watching it/listening to it, and immediately my brain was intruded by all these things from last summer, the things I was thinking and feeling, the place I was living, the visceral facts of me-last-summer. made me realize, rather more than I actually realized at the time, that I wasn't in a particularly good place emotionally by the end of the summer (due to my own job-related stupidity, if you're curious). It is crazy, the way music and memory can get all tied up in each other!

Thing Three: Two things in a Things post feels wrong -- if there's only two things, then it's just that I can't keep a post on topic! If there's three things, why then it is a proper Things post! So this is standing in for a third thing, just to make my silly brain accept that I am making this post.
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You know what? I'm pretty sure the dirtiest word I've used on my DW/LJ so far was in the school essay I posted yesterday. That seems...a little backward! Heh.

In other news, the other day I realized one of the (many!) reasons kink memes fascinate me.

Okay, so, you know how one definition of a genre is a body of works that are in conversation with each other?

And fanfic, obviously, follows that, with fandom in general being in conversation with itself to a degree, and individual fandoms to even greater extent, and individual comms/archives/what-have-you even more. And all of this is engaged in a conversation that's far more obvious than the traditional published-book genres, because there everything is slowed down by the facts of the publication process, whereas in fandom someone can write something and then other people can be reading it five minutes later.

And kink memes? Are like the Fandom X-Treme version of this. They become a microcosm of the culture, with the fics often subtly (or not-so-subtly!) referencing each other or referencing conversations that were had in various comment threads of the meme. To the point where although the fic may be perfectly understandable in isolation, you will appreciate it so much more if you've been religiously following the kink meme it comes from. (And sometimes to the point where a fic is completely incomprehensible if you haven't been following the meme, cf for example Earl from Inception.*)

And at this point if I were writing an essay I would be digging through the commentpages of the Dresden Files meme to pull out examples of what I'm talking about, because believe me, I have been stalking the hell out of that meme and I know whereof I speak. But I am too lazy/too disorganized/too busy with other stuff to do this. So you'll just have to trust me.

Anyways. What I'm saying is, it's awesome. Fic as a community exercise! Awesome.

(and it fascinates me to think of, in comparison, the drawerfic of so many fans' youth: fic written in complete isolation from anything like itself. You know what I would love to do? I would love to get my hands on a whole bunch of different people's drawerfic and analyze the sorts of things that pop up again and again without any cross-pollination between authors. That would be fascinating, and also kind of impossible given the intrinsic nature of drawerfic....)

*No, I didn't/don't actually follow the inception meme. I just managed to pick up on this from hanging around Inception fandom too much back when it was first new. What can I say? Inception fandom is fascinating. For reasons entirely unrelated to Earl, just so we're clear. Earl, I'm happier without.
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Oh dear. I blame the following on [personal profile] sentientcitizen for telling me the awesome story of Eleanor of Aquitaine, and then for ENCOURAGING me when I started making noises about crossovers.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: extremely intelligent and politically savvy; uses it for her own gain. Gentleman John Marcone: extremely intelligent and politically savvy; uses it for the good of his city. Together, they fight commit crime! And are terrifyingly badass and competent and argumentative and AWESOME.

And Marcone finds himself in the awkward position of actually having to be the one with the morals, and Eleanor finds herself in the awkward position of actually wanting to help someone without it being about personal gain, and both of them find the other ridiculously hot.

It would be AMAZING.

So. I want fic to exist, and I vaguely want to write it, only that would involve writing about two extremely intelligent and competent people, which is always intimidating. How do you write characters who are smarter than you are?

Also it would involve figuring out how the crossover would work. Both of the characters are pretty dependent on the milieu from which they come, for their political savvy. Eleanor without the clout she gets from having Aquitaine is unthinkable, as is Marcone without his beloved Chicago.

Also it would involve knowing rather a lot more about Eleanor than I currently know.

Also it would involve, I'm pretty sure, writing sex (or at least massive quantities of UST), because they REALLY WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER OKAY, and I'm not exactly qualified for writing that sort of thing.

Whyyyyyyy so much work? My hobby is so cruel to me.

Maybe I'll just pretend this fic exists, and then I won't have to write it.
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Thing One: Dear Jim Butcher: Please to stop having characters use the phrase "let me get this straight" and variations thereof. It is a super-obvious and super-annoying way of outlining the meaning of a conversation that two characters just had, and it never actually says anything that the reader wouldn't have been able to pick up from paying attention to said conversation. SO STOP IT. THANK YOU. That is all.

Thing Two: Wait, I haven't already posted about the trailer for the upcoming fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie? I have distinct memories of writing such a post! But it's not in my journal archive and it's not in my "to post" doc so apparently not? Anyways, it looks good fun and I'm very much looking forward to it. Captain Jack Sparrow being his usual inimitable self? Yes please! I'll be happy to watch it for that if nothing else. And I have high tolerance for the ridiculous, which this film is sure to have much of, so that's okay. And if the movie just happens to be, you know, good, that'll just be a bonus!

Thing Three: Apparently the Old Spice commercials are a big enough thing that they have a TRAILER for an upcoming series of commercials? And they're an awesome enough thing that this trailer makes me EXCITED FOR A SERIES OF COMMERCIALS? What. This is craziness!

Thing Four: I look at my master list of fic and podfic, and I just have to laugh and laugh and laugh, because -- LOOK AT HOW MANY FANDOMS ARE REPRESENTED. It's a rather ridiculous ridiculous ratio of fandoms to fanworks. 27 fanworks, 14 fandoms. That's an average of approximately two fanworks per fandom! It makes for a very odd-looking master list, I tell you what.

Thing Five: So you know I'm fannish magpie to a totally ridiculous level, right? Right. And I go into fandoms, and I devour as much fic as I possibly can, and then I get abruptly distracted by something else shiny. But the thing is, my fic-devouring process is so wide-ranging that when I've been distracted from the fandom for a while I will start to believe that I have in fact read All The Fic. And then I come across references to Really Good Fics in that fandom and I assume I've read them, because -- the name sounds familiar! So of course I've read it! Except then I will realize that in fact I merely bookmarked the fic to read later -- or perhaps have never even run across the fic before -- and never actually read it. And then I feel all discombobulated. (this is especially the case when there are some Really Good Authors in a particular fandom, so OF COURSE I will have read all the fic they ever wrote. Only -- sometimes I haven't. WEIRD.)


Jan. 26th, 2011 09:52 pm
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My issues with tv-watching have unexpectedly popped up in my audio-book exploits with the Dresden Files. Namely, I get to a certain point in a tv series (different every time) at which I acquire some sort of a...mental block. A thing that's hard to describe, where I both want to and don't want to watch the next episode. I know I'll enjoy the next episode, and I want to know what happens next, and I want to finish the series, and I know it'll be fun and interesting and all that, but -- I just somehow am entirely missing the desire to actually sit down and watch it. Even though I want to watch it.

The same thing can happen to me with books as well, if I'm reading a longish series. It happened with the Vorkosigan books, I'm currently vehemently denying to myself that it's happening with the Aubrey-Maturin books, it very nearly happened with the Lord Peter Wimsey books, etc etc.

I don't quite know what it is that causes it, but it's a stupid and frustrating issue to have.

I thought I wouldn't have to worry about that problem with these audiobooks, because it's not like I specifically sit down and make the time to listen to them. Listening to them is something I do while walking to class, while going jogging, stuff like that. It's built into my daily routine.

But today I found myself curiously unwilling to put my iPod earbuds in and turn it on, even while walking to class. I LIKE listening to stuff while walking, and yet I ended up just walking without listening to anything at all, because I just...really had no desire whatsoever to keep listening to the Dresden Files. Despite wanting to know what was going to happen next.

This afternoon I made myself turn on my iPod and go through the audiobook, so that I could find my place (which I'd accidentally lost), and as I did so I got caught up in it again, enjoying myself. But the very next time I headed outside to go somewhere, I'd already lost my interest in the audiobook again, and I had to make myself turn it on and listen.

I enjoyed it while it was on, got caught up in the story and all that, but -- now that I'm home again and it's off again? BACK I am to that mental space where no matter how much I want to finish the book, I don't want to keep listening to it.




Jan. 20th, 2011 09:39 pm
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I am discovering that it is dangerous for me to listen to audiobooks in public, because it inevitably ends with me mouthing angry sentences to myself while I make hilarious frustrated faces and wave my arms about.* Yeah, way to look like a reasonable human being, Sophia.

Yes, okay, I totally talk to the characters in books and shows when they're being stupid in one way or another. Usually I can restrain myself into keeping it totally inside my head, but when it gets really bad I just can't stop myself. At least I don't actually talk aloud....

Well. I do when I'm in the privacy of my own home. I totally talk to the characters aloud then.

In the category of "other things about herself that make Sophia headdesk" is my violent allergy to misunderstandings between characters. Or rather, misunderstandings that lead to conversations at cross-purposes. OH DEAR LORD I CANNOT READ THEM. I opened a rec for what looked like a nice cheery au fic, discovered a few paragraphs in that the main conceit of the fic involves a terrible misunderstanding that leads to at least one and probably many more cross-purpose conversations, and went HELL NO and closed the tab. I am sure the fic is a lovely one! I'm just constitutionally incapable of reading it!

And yet as long as the misunderstanding doesn't persist into a conversation, then I am totally down with it -- I can in fact revel in the angst that the misunderstanding causes! Like for instance the misunderstanding at the heart of the climax of the fic I just finished. There is a misunderstanding, but it persists only for as long as the characters are apart -- as soon as they get the chance to talk to each other, it all gets cleared up.

I do not know why my brain makes this needless and frustrating distinction. But apparently it's an important one? IDEK.

*possibly this is a phenomenon strictly limited to the Dresden Files books. Dresden you really need to let someone else do your thinking for you sometimes. (Can Marcone be that person, please?)
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Thing One: Clearly I got into the Dresden Files fandom at the right time, because there's a lovely new anon meme. For which I couldn't quite resist writing a Dresden Files/Discworld crossover, and I didn't quite nail the voices and I gave it a fail of an ending, but I had fun writing it anyways.

Thing Two: Unexpected problems with reading a series mainly via audiobook: you don't learn the spelling and capitalization norms of the series-specific terms. Aaaaah! The words feel weird in my head if I don't know how they're supposed to be written!

Thing Three: So you know how I've been watching eps of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with [personal profile] sentientcitizen on and off? We finally decided to start at the beginning and work our way through together. We're about two thirds of the way through the first season, and MMMM IT'S WONDERFUL. I mean, it certainly has its flaws, but they just don't MATTER as compared to the glory of the good parts. And by the good parts I mean the characters. I LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERS SO MUCH. (especially the ones named Giles. Um. BUT NO I LOVE THEM ALLLL.)
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Welp, remember how I said I'm not shipping Harry/Thomas? I'm still not shipping Harry/Thomas. Yes, I've read all the (grand total of 16!) fics that the AO3 has for that pairing, but I'm not shipping it, or at least not exactly. It's weird -- I mostly just read the fics out of this interest, this fascination, with how the shippers would choose to go about it. And mostly the ways they choose to go about it are not the ways I would have chosen, or the ways I would find interesting. Which is either a good thing or a bad thing. Good in that fic is the number one best way to convert me to a new ship, and none of these did that. But bad in that now I'm getting all thinky in my head as to how I would go about doing a Harry/Thomas fic.

And mostly I'm just sitting here and going " boundaries! What happened to my line?" Because I gotta admit this is looking dangerously close to shipping.

But it's weird in that I'm quite sure there are standard practices in place already as to how blah blah blah more about Harry/Thomas )

can you tell I'm fresh out of Dresden/Marcone fics?
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A quick thought: It is a good thing that I knew spoiler about Dresden Files ) going in to this whole thing, otherwise I think I'd be shipping something related to that spoiler ) PRETTY HARD. More spoilery stuff on the topic )
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Thing One: In which I ramble about audiobooks, and in specific the Dresden Files audiobooks )

Thing Two: Meme thingy that I saw and thought would be fun, in which you record yourself saying the following stuff, for reasons relating to accents and regionalisms. So I did it, though of course I couldn't resist adding various comments as opposed to keeping strictly to the script. Keeping to the script is what I have to do when I podfic; this was FREEDOM. Ish.

Voice meme by trulysophiasol

The meme's script, and me talking about pronunciation )
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Today I was reading a WIP of mine I'd kind of forgotten about. I actually didn't even remember how far I'd gotten in the story. So I was reading along, happily fascinated by what I'd accomplished thus far, and then I unceremoniously reached the end of the completed stuff. And now I feel all bitter, like I would if I'd read an abandoned WIP by someone else on the internet. I mean, I know equally as much about what would happen next.... C'mon, author! Finish the damn fic already! Except the damn author is me, and I haven't a clue what to write.

I think my problem is that I really like my premise, and I've got some plotty stuff, but I don't know what the climax of the fic is. And without knowing that, I have nothing that I'm building towards, it's just "and then stuff happened", and I'm all out of stuff that I know happens.

(this would, in case you're curious, be The Who Wants To Live Forever Affair that I talked about back in this post.)

In other news, OMG TORCHWOOD. By which I mean, they've released the name and premise of the upcoming series of Torchwood, and it looks FASCINATING and exciting and I am all shivery in anticipation. Also, now I really want to read Highlander fic based on this premise. I know, I know, I have a weakness. Highlander crossovers well with EVERYTHING!

Speaking of which. Highlander/Dresden Files crossovers? SHOULD EXIST. Just saying.
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You know what is a weird feeling? To be halfway through the third book in a series and be actively jonesing for the unreleased thirteenth book. See, I know the spoiler about what happens at the end of Dresden Files 12, aka Changes, and have now been methodically tracking down every interview and so forth of Jim Butcher's that I can where he says anything at all about Ghost Story, because I want to knowwwwww. I'm more antsy over what happens in that book than in the book that I am currently reading at this very moment.

So weird.

Usually I do not have this problem! Usually my new fandoms are not books! *flails* But spoilers for Changes )

Gee, can you tell I'm super into this new fandom of mine? It's not like I'm posting about it all the time or anything.

Don't worry, though, if you couldn't care less about the Dresden Files. I have every faith I'll get distracted by something else soon....
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Thing One: Dude. DUDE. *dies laughing* So a comment in response to a Dresden Files fic I was reading said something about how angry Harry's subconscious must be with him at a particular point in the fic. And I grinned, and was like, yeah, probably. Then today I started reading Fool Moon (aka Book Two of the series) and spoilers )

Thing Two: So, here's a minor matter of etiquette/custom/what-have-you. When posting to dreamwidth and crossposting to LJ, what does one do when linking to old posts of one's? Link to the DW version exclusively? The LJ version exclusively? The DW version if it was posted since moving to DW, and the LJ version if it dates to before the switch to DW? The DW version on DW and then go and edit the LJ post to have a link to the LJ version instead? Some other option that I've managed to not consider? Aaaaaah! Obviously some of these options are more viable than others, and also obviously each choice says something specific about one's policies and/or opinions about the respective sites. And I don't know what I want to be saying! WHAT TO DO.

Thing Three: So Dinah introduced me the other day to this trailer to a new movie based on Beauty and the Beast. And you know I'm a sucker for fairy tales. And, weirdly, this movie actually looks kind of promising! I mean, it could still turn into all kinds of bad news in its execution, since stories like Beauty and the Beast are just ripe with possibilities for fail, but -- I like what I can see of it in the trailer. Am I just crazy or is there actual promise in here?

My biggest problems with it )

Um. Apparently I have more reservations than I thought. But I'm still intrigued! (also, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS. Hopefully the movie makes good use of him!)

Thing Four: I'm pretty sure I've decided to just go with the Raven King as the name for my iPod. I keep on trying other names on for size, and I keep coming back to that one. So the Raven King it is, despite the gaudy case.
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Thing One: It probably should not come as a surprise to you that I have something of a thing for pairings involving a dubiously moral dude and the boyscout he loves. I now have a new pairing to add to my list.... (John Marcone: probably these are spoilers. I'm bad at judging ) I would never want to meet him in real life but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.)

Speaking of which, I don't really recommend the practice of diving headfirst into fic for a literary canon, and happening to read one of the actual canonical books in the middle of all this fic. You WILL forget which things happened in the book and which happened in the various fics you've read. Or at least you will if you're me. Oops?

Thing Two: When I first noticed AO3's new "kudos" feature, I was all "bzuh? what is this?" but now that I have figured it out I am STARRY-EYED IN LOVE. It means I get more people telling me they enjoyed my fics, which feels lovely. But more importantly, it fixes my eternal dilemma of: loved this fic! Should tell author so! But leaving a comment that just says "love this fic" feels awfully perfunctory and not actually full of love, so I need to compose a longer and more heartfelt comment! But ahhhh that is stressful and effort so most of the time I won't do it, I'll just leave the fic sitting open in a tab for ages glaring at me with a guilt-inducing stare! Eventually I will give up and just bookmark it, and never leave a peep in comment!

Now it goes: loved this fic! Should tell author so! *clicks the kudos button* Mission accomplished!

(Already I've begun feeling the lack when I read fics on LJ and DW...)

Thing Three: My exciting christmas gift of awesome: an iPod! But now I have to name it, obviously. I've been thinking hard for the last week about what I should name it. It needs an awesome name, that's at least slightly fannish, and also relevant to what it is. My computer, for instance, is Bunbury -- somewhere I go when I'm ostensibly being Responsible, but is really mostly for having fun. I'm thinking of naming my iPod The Raven King (or John Uskglass, or The Nameless Slave; the last thought rather amuses me), on account of the way that shiny new technology like this is mostly a magical mystery unto me. But the protective covering on my iPod is sky blue, which is not particularly Raven Kingish. I feel like he'd object kind of strongly. I have also considered naming it McKay, on account of it being scientific and musical and convinced it's better than me, but for some reason despite it fitting I'm not in love with this name possibility. Do any of you have any brilliant suggestions?

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