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SIGHHHHHHH I love Teen Wolf dearly and have been happily having feels over it all weekend, but. I personally really dislike how the fandom enjoys the Derek/Stiles age difference thing? Me, I get super skeeved out by it. Stiles is sixteen! Derek is six years older! Six years is not a problem for me once Stiles is, like, NO LONGER A MINOR and preferably also NO LONGER A TEENAGER, but as it is? NO THANK YOU.

And then people build in power imbalances ON TOP of the age thing, like doing AUs where Derek is a TA and Stiles is his student, or whatever, and look, if that's your thing that's cool, but your kink is not my kink.

I feel like a terrible awful hypocrite even thinking this, though, because my first ever ship, back when I was like 14 or 15, was Hermione/Snape. SPEAKING OF AGE DIFFERENCES AND POWER IMBALANCES.

But the thing about that ship -- at least as I read it -- was that it was all about how Snape and Hermione are equals, intellectually and so forth. It was about how Hermione was so much more mature than her peers and so much more intelligent than everyone ever, and so to find an equal she had to look outside her peer group. And the majority of the fic -- at least, again, as I read it -- was careful to set it after she had graduated, after Snape was no longer in a position of authority over her, and after she'd had time to grow up some more.

Obviously the Derek/Stiles dynamic is different than the Hermione/Snape dynamic, in some ways, but I'd still prefer it if more of the fic were about them being equals.


But that's not how Teen Wolf fandom seems to feel, and it makes me sad. I keep on reading fics where I'm like, I WOULD LOVE THIS FIC IF ONLY....

Buuuuut then, of course, this might be entirely because I am now no longer fourteen years old and am capable of better understanding what I'm reading. WHO KNOWS how much I was just reading my own interests into the Snape/Hermione fic I read as a teen! Maybe there was a lot of underage-and-authority-issues in Hermione/Snape fic back in the day, and I just obliviously missed it! Many things are possible!
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remix_redux X happened! And fics got released! And mine is out in the wilds of the internet but I can't share it with you yet because it's anonymous at the moment, but I had THREE remixes done of fics of mine! How exciting! Pretty much I think the idea of remixing is the coolest ever, because DUDE, FANFIC OF FANFIC, HOW CAN THAT NOT BE AWESOME? And THREE PEOPLE did remixes of me!

So here, let me share with you the remixes!

What Dreams May Come (The BWV 140 Remix), a remix of my fairy-tale fic The Death of Each Day's Life. Here the anonymous author takes my fairy-tale fic and reimagines it as a part of a Snape/Hermione fic, which is super cool and not something I'd ever have thought of! I love the way that the theme of dreaming and waking and sleeping gets even more tangled up in the remix.

I Must Wait for the Sunrise (the Death of Each Day remix), also a remix of my fairy-tale fic The Death of Each Day's Life. This one is a switch in viewpoint from Sleeping Beauty to her husband the prince, and though it's very short it rings true.

Call Shotgun on my Rocket (A Pirate's Life For Me Remix), a remix of my bandom fic Call Shotgun on my Rocket. This acts as a sequel to my Pete/Mikey space pirates fic, takes it in COMPLETELY a different direction than I would have taken it, and does a glorious job at it -- I absolutely loved this. (and I just about died laughing at the epilogue)
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Showers are wonderful places for thinking. Sometimes, though, my thoughts are less useful than they could be. The progression of my thoughts this morning while my brain was drifting in the shower:

- Gosh, that picture of Harry Potter in a Black Parade style uniform sure was awesome, wasn't it?
- I should write fic about that.
- *brief interlude where I sing the first half of Welcome to the Black Parade and then give up because it sounds wrong in my voice and without the instrumentation*
- Teenagers doesn't exactly fit into the theme of that album. I wonder why they included it?
- Oh well, I'm glad they did, because it's not like it fits any of the other albums either
- I can't think of any good ideas of how to approach a Black Parade Harry Potter fic; Harry doesn't fit that narrative
- Harry has a sucky childhood and then it gets better. The Patient has a good childhood (or at least one good memory) and then he dies.
- And if all I do is borrow the idea of death coming for you in the form of a happy childhood memory, uh, THAT HAPPENED IN CANON, HELLO KING'S CROSS.
- Besides I'm not familiar/comfortable enough with the inside of Harry's head to write him.
- I wonder if Hermione would work?
- Snape has happy childhood memories of Lily, and then everything sucks and then he dies.
- I could probably do something with that.
- ...why...what -- why is my brain insisting that I have already read a Black Parade fic about Snape? I can't even remember a single detail, and yet my brain is sure of this! [poking at my pinboard has not unearthed any such fic. If you know of one, please share?]
- Oh but dude, Teenagers! Severus Snape! THEY ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER.
- ...not in the badfic way where Snape listens to MCR, though, because he totally wouldn't
- *brief interlude where I sing most of Teenagers, and then wonder if there's a part I'm forgetting* [there is: the whole first part.]
- I should write a fic about angry and bitter and lonely teenage Severus Snape when he decides to go off and join the Death Eaters!
- Because that hasn't been done a million times already! /sarcasm
- *brief postlude where I sing bits and pieces of Mama and can't remember how they connect up*
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Jack Layton is dead. I can't even.

Other people are saying far more eloquent things than I could, so I will leave it there.

Here, have a recs-set of HAPPY THINGS:

every aching old machine, by [ profile] longtime_lurker. Bandom; Pete/Patrick. OLD MEN IN LOVE.

Dolphin-Borne, by [ profile] carmarthen. The Eagle/Dinotopia; Esca, Cottia, Marcus. DINOTOPIA FUSION.

The Adventures of Lily and Severus (BEST BUDS), by [ profile] theopteryx. Harry Potter; Lily, Severus. ADORBS WEE COMIC.

Public Displays of Affection, by [ profile] philomytha. Vorkosigan; Cordelia/Aral, Alys/Simon. MIDDLE-AGED PEOPLE IN LOVE.

untitled, by dakotaaaa. Doctor Who; Amy/Rory. ADORBS DRAWING OF KISSING AND BUNKBEDS.


Lose My Breath, by [ profile] deirdre_c. White Nights; Kolya/Ray. Vid, to a source you don't need to be familiar with (and it's not just me saying this). TWO DUDES. DANCING. IT IS AMAZING.
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There's all this Harry Potter nostalgia going on in my flist and rlist today, because of the release of the last HP movie and thus the end of an era. But it feels weird to me, because for me the end of the era was back when the last book came out. I have never actually cared about the movies, so today does not feel monumental to me in any way at all. And yet it also is, because reading about everyone else's ~feelings~ gets me all feeling-ish as well.

Because. DUDE. Harry Potter was my first fandom.* Harry Potter was my ONLY fandom, for YEARS. So feelings about HP can't HELP but give me feelings, even though I am really rather over my fannish involvement there. I have fond nostalgia for my days of obsessiveness, I'm still rather invested in a lot of my firmly held beliefs about HP, but I'm still more or less done.


So I am going to rec you some fics that are crossovers between HP and various other beloved fandoms (and one crossover with a book I've never read, because I'm awesome like that), BECAUSE I CAN. OUT OF NOSTALGIA.

WROCK BAND, by [ profile] zarathuse. Bandom. Frank/Gerard. Er. Yes, I did in fact have to start with bandom. IT IS MY DARLING RIGHT NOW. This is a fic wherein instead of being My Chemical Romance, the constituent members are instead a wrock band. And the fic does it so fantastically well, and believably, and it just feels right and wonderful, and OH IT GAVE ME FEELINGS.

Rebirth, by [ profile] sineala. Highlander. Snape/Methos. And it is ALL of the wonderfulness you would expect out of that pairing. :D :D :D

Marks and Scars, by EH Smith. Vorkosigan series. Snape, Mark Vorkosigan. And I can't put it better than the author's summary: " In which two of the most intriguing characters from the works of J.K. Rowling and Lois McMaster Bujold meet for tea and, eventually, sympathy." YES.

All the Girls Out On the Stoop, by [personal profile] mirabella. Hawaii Five-0. Danny/Steve. The requisite Veela fic! In which Danny is a veela. HEEE.

The Made-Up Things, by [ profile] fire_and_a_rose. Narnia. Petunia. In which Petunia and Lily are Susan's kids, and ohhhhh. *flails*

To Huck With It, by [ profile] fernwithy. Huckleberrry Fin. Huck, Hermione. In which Hermionoe accidentally appears in 1859. It features an EXCELLENT narrative voice from Huck, and is all around great. Even though I've never read Huck Finn. :D

*depending on how you count it. In terms of fannish feelings, it would be fairy tales. In terms of engagement in fannish behaviour in connection with other fans, it would be Pern (online roleplaying!). But in terms of fandom as I engage in it today, it was Harry Potter, even though I was a lurker through all my years of being an HP fan.
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Thing One: I forgot to mention in my last post! My favourite part of the new Harry Potter movie! )

I have long been a fan of fairy tales -- they were my first fandom, before I ever knew there was such a thing as fandom -- so I am extremely familiar with their tropes and styles. And in The Three Brothers, Rowling has done a fantastic job of capturing the feel of the Western fairy tale. The matter-of-fact inclusion of fantastic elements (like talking to Death), the pattern of threes, the fact that it's always the youngest who's the most intelligent/brave/handsome/pretty/deserving/insert-positive-description-here, the dealing with surprisingly dark's just so perfect.

When I read that story in Deathly Hallows, it made me very much look forward to reading Tales of Beedle the Bard after it got published. But I got my hands on a friend's copy and I was very much underwhelmed by all the other stories in it. The others were only decent at best, and the Three Brothers was the only good one of the lot. But what a good one it was!

Not gonna lie, my fairy tale fangirl self desperately wants to stumble across the Andrew Lang equivalent of the wizarding world, and proceed to read all the ridiculous number of volumes, including stories from traditions other than just the West. Because the wizarding world's supply of folk tales CANNOT number merely five. That would be utterly ridiculous.

I think, upon reflection, that part of my problem with the other stories in Beedle the Bard was that they felt too close to things that could actually occur in the wizarding world. And, I mean, that would be okay -- there are plenty of folk/fairy tales in our world as well that contain nothing of the fantastic. But as far as I can recall from all my extensive reading, those are the minority. What I was really hoping for out of Beedle the Bard (and thought, based on The Three Brothers, that I might get) was a collection of stories that crossed that boundary between our world and Faerie, and how that boundary is different in a society where magic does exist. Because in our world, a story involving a girl whose godmother is able to transfigure her clothing into a ballgown and a pumpkin into a carriage is a fantastic story, but in the wizarding world it's entirely possible for it to be utterly factual.

Surely a fantastic world has its own sense of the fantastic, of things beyond its ken. These stories don't feel like that to me. And even The Three Brothers, when you discover the Deathly Hallows are real, is shown to not be a story of the fantastic either. So that makes me sad.

I wonder what the wizarding version of Cinderella is? That's a story with variations to be found among a truly astonishing number of different cultures, so it wouldn't surprise me for the wizarding world to have its own variation as well. But I am having trouble deciding how it would go, because it needs to be recognizably the same story, but it needs elements that the wizarding world would consider fantastic, and I can't figure out what those would be.


Nov. 20th, 2010 03:10 pm
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Saw the Harry Potter movie today. Didn't really intend to. Buuuut these things happen? Spoilers under the cut. )

And in the end I'm happy to keep my head in the la-la land of my head!canon, unduly influenced by too much fanfic when I was young. I read so many fan Book Sixes and Book Sevens that Deathly Hallows as an ending kind of just feels like one option among many, and not like the gospel truth of what really happened to the characters. In a way it feels like I actually DON'T even have a head!canon -- like there is no canonical ending, whether Rowling's or my own. Like the characters exist in a quantum state where all things are possible. Something like that, anyways.
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Thing One: I just had fun doing this little thingy, in which you have to come up with the 200 most-mentioned names in the Harry Potter books. In 18 minutes. It allows you to just do last names, which turns out to be a bit of a cheat because then you can stick "weasley" in and your name-number jumps by a ridiculous number of names. But anyways. I did it, and I did it WITHOUT letting myself use any resource other than my own memory, and I was able to get to 90/200. Can any of you beat me? (my number would have been one higher, only I couldn't remember for the life of me how to spell McLaggen. Damn schwa that I thought was an a, not an e....)

Thing Two: Today I read a fascinating original story about the monsters in a dark lord's moat. You might like it too. (...look. The author made me cry over tentacle-creatures. That's doin' pretty well.)

Thing Three: So I'm writing an essay on fandom for my queer theory class. Doing the research feels remarkably like procrastination.
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I think I have an instinctive shying-away from writing about intimacy and love in fic-form, and that's why most of my fics don't actually involve a)relationships or b)happy relationships. OH SELF.

How I discovered this: [ profile] bookshop made a post today, wanting more happy schmoopy Arthur/Eames, and challenging everyone to respond to her post with a three-sentence long fic that's as self-indulgent and shamelessly-in-love as you can make it. I decided to do it myself, since hey, three sentences, not a big challenge. And I wrote it, and the whole time I was shying away from making it AS self-indulgently schmoopy as I wanted it to be! It ended up being kind of adorable, I think, but really hardly schmoopy: Arthur and Eames, watching tv, with Arthur reclining on the couch with his head in Eames' lap, but Arthur feeling a little insecure about the fact that he wants to be doing that. I wanted it to be just straight-up adorably cuddly, and I couldn't make myself write it, because it felt...too self-indulgent? Even though that was the POINT! IDEK.

So. Obviously I need practice at allowing myself to write this sort of thing. WHAT THIS MEANS: Leave a comment to this entry, with your choice of any of my fandoms and some sort of prompt, and I will write a fic in response about love and adorableness. I reserve the right to make said fic be as short or as long as I want, to request a different fandom if I don't feel up to whatever it was that you prompted me with, and to take as much or as little time as I need to write it.

Okay? Okay! Let's do this thing!

EDIT: The commentfics I have done so far:
* White Collar -- Peter/Neal/El -- at Neal's place for his birthday
* Inception -- Arthur/Eames -- Eames is the most cuddly boyfriend ever, and Arthur tries to conciously let himself be more touchy-feely
* SGA -- Rodney-John -- No pets are allowed on the expedition
* Bible -- Jesus-Peter -- At the wedding at Cana, after a few drinks, Jesus reveals his vulnerable side
* Harry Potter -- Hermione/Snape -- "with you, I don't have to pretend"
* Highlander -- Duncan/Methos -- bantering about history

Feel free to leave more prompts, if you so desire!
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Every now and then I start thinking about, if I were the sort of person to do vids, what songs I would vid with what fandoms? And I can say categorically that I am never going to get into vidding, so all it really means is that whenever certain songs pop up in my iTunes shuffle it makes me smile, because it makes me think of a fandom I love. And besides, it would be really hard to vid some of these anyways, so they're better just as mental images.

Good matches I've come up with over the last couple years )
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As part of the Fandom Appreciation Challenge, today I am reccing three challenge fics. All three of these fics come out of the recent Purimgifts thingy, because it had some excellent fic. (also? Today I had my first ever hamentaschen. It was delicious.)

All of them involve religion, because as you may know I'm kind of in love with fanfic that incorporates religious themes, and a religious-themed festival is rather good for that! I've tried to get a diverse selection here nonetheless, because it'd be too easy for me to end up reccing three very Old Testament/Hebrew Bible-focused fics.

First is Exodus 7:8-13, by miarr. It is a Good Omens/Bible crossover, and features Aziraphale and Crowley incorporated into the story of Moses confronting Pharaoh for the first time to ask for the freedom of his people. It carefully works the two characters into the biblical text itself, and ends up with a humorous and excellent reinterpretation of the story. And really, it makes so much more sense this way! I love it. (It also has, incorporated within the body of the text, a really lovely black-and-white fanart for the fic.)

Next up is An Unthrift Love, by Lomedet. It is a Merchant of Venice fic, focusing on the character of Jessica and how she deals with religion after her marriage, the interplay of her Jewish heritage and her husband's Christianity. I'm sure it'd be a lot more meaningful to me if I were more familiar with the text of the play, but even as it is, the fic does an excellent job of showing Jessica's dilemma.

Finally is so many colours it nearly broke my heart, by Raven aka singlecrow. It is a Harry Potter fic about the Patil twins, looking at their lives after the war, and how they come to better appreciate their culture and religion. It's beautiful and peaceful and happy.

I hope you enjoy all these fics, and all of them are short so they don't take much in the way of time-commitment!
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I spent most of this weekend with my nose buried in a pile of Harry/Draco slash, and it just kinda got me thinking about me and HP fandom.

I've never been a fan of Harry/Draco, though I've said that I rather thought that if I'd been into slash in my HP days I'd have been a total H/D shipper. But now I just sort of...stumbled into it, and yes, I love it.

And I'm almost having that reaction I usually have when I get into a brand new fandom, which is to read all the fic I possibly can, for weeks, until I finally sit back and take a breath and regain my sanity. Except that I'm not. Because although HP slash is a new fandom for me, HP itself ISN'T, so I ALREADY feel kinda burned out on HP, given that for years I read nothing but. So I've got these conflicting feelings: "must read more H/D!" "Dunwanna read more HP!" "But H/D!" "But it's just more boring angsty teenagers with their teenage stupidity and angst!" *

So far this conflict of desires is resulting in me running off to keep working on my delicious organization, but I can feel myself breaking.

Except I've already lost any tolerance whatsoever for BAD HP fic, and when going into a new fandom, one has to have the ability to not be dissuaded by badfic, because it takes some time to find the good stuff. And I don't even know where to begin with H/D. The two authors I spent all weekend reading I just stumbled across accidentally, and they both happened to be excellent writers, and one of them very prolific. But now what? I think I'm reduced to just trawling comms that have "harry/draco" as an interest, and hope I find some good stuff among all the dross. *headdesk* I don't want to have to do that! Augh! Conflicted!

*These days all the main characters in all my fandom are adults. So while there's definitely a certain amount of stupidity and angst (and that certain amount can occasionally be lots, none of it is that special teenage brand of stupidity/angst, which can get old fast.
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This evening in my class on evil we were talking about evil. Of course. And my prof brought up the subject of Harry Potter. Of course, that got the whole class actually engaged in talking, but I soon discovered that my old days of obsessively fanning meant that I knew a LOT more than everyone else. I didn't realize how half-hearted many people's knowledge of Harry Potter actually is! I mean, there were actually multiple people getting Death Eaters and Dementors confused! *headdesk*

So of course I had to correct people when they had details horrifically wrong. Because they were just so wrong. And if someone mentioned, say, the head of the Ministry of Magic and couldn't remember his name, I was helpful and supplied it to them.

And then I realized that I was basically showing the entire class of fifty or more people just how huge a Harry Potter nerd I am, or at least was. And I became very embarrassed, because I'd rather be known for my insightful commentary on the nature of evil, or whatever. But then I became embarrassed that I was embarrassed, because I SHOULDN'T be embarrassed to be a nerd. It is a totally valid life-choice, and I shouldn't allow my thoughts on what other people think of it to stop me from being one proudly. But I still couldn't help but not speak up quite as often once I'd thought to be embarrassed in the first place, because I still was despite my justification as to why I shouldn't care.

So that kind of frustrated me.

(But then after class a dude introduced himself to me as one of the guys I'd tried playing D&D with back in my first year of university, and we had a short conversation, so I would take that to mean he was more impressed than anything else by my encyclopedic knowledge of Harry Potter facts. Which makes me feel better, yes. But I still feel like I should be more like this girl who's in two of my other classes, who in tutorial get-to-know-you introductions isn't afraid to say completely nerdy things....)
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In my last post I talked about how I imprint on certain fandom pairings. Now this is true to a certain extent, but only to a certain extent. And since then I've been thinking about the tendency of humans to create narrative structure out of things that don't necessarily fit. So okay, I see something that looks like it might be a pattern, might make a good story, and my brain rearranges the shape of reality as I know it in order to make me be able to fit my life into a narrative device. And people do this all the time, not just me. Although our world might not run on Narrativium the way the Discworld does, our brains certainly seem to.

This was brought forward in my mind when yesterday I was thinking over that post I'd made, and realized what I'd done. I had made the obvious correlation between my behaviour in Due South fandom and Stargate: Atlantis fandom (ie, read a fic about a particular pair of people, fell desperately in love with the ship to the exclusion of all others, proceeded to overdose myself on fanfic, and then finally start watching the show), and then thought to myself that I obviously had a pattern going there and went on to try to fit the rest of my fandom into the mold as well. But they don't fit, or at least not well. And some don't fit at ALL.

Take Doctor Who for example. I love Doctor Who dearly; it's my second fandom ever. And yet when I was first introduced to the fanfic in it, I found myself left kinda cold. I didn't like the fanatic Rose/Doctor shipping going on. I totally didn't see it. And I didn't see Doctor/anyone-else either. In fact, I pretty much see the Doctor as a biromantic asexual who's deeply in love with each of his companions but always holds himself a bit apart because he knows they can't be a part of his life forever (or even for long). And the fanfic for that? Basically nonexistent. And I don't really have the desire to read it either. So that obviously doesn't fit in with my pattern at all.

Neither does Harry Potter, my gateway drug into the wonderful world of fandom. This one has a different way of not fitting. For HP I do love reading fanfic. But the first ship I came across, Harry/Ginny, I like but am not very fanatic over. In fact, the ship that I obsess over is one that it took me several years to get into: Hermione/Snape. My first several introductions to it I was mildly creeped out even. But I eventually (obviously) warmed up.

The other two fandoms I mentioned in that entry, MUNCLE and Star Trek, don't fit as well as I made them sound, either. I just forced them into the pattern by ignoring certain info (like, for instance, that MUNCLE only really HAS one possible pairing, so what else would I imprint on? And that in Star Trek, although I ship Kirk/Bones, it hasn't stopped me from also reading Kirk/Spock with great enjoyment)

So when I carefully go through every fandom of mine, it turns out that actually Due South and SGA are the only two that DO fit the pattern well. I managed to create a theory out of only two data points: truly execrable science on my part. But it made for a good story.

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