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[personal profile] sentientcitizen's christmas present to me: 18k words of fic to beta! NO BUT IT IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER because it means that she has finally finished a draft of her WIP-for-years Spark Lord Methos fic that I have been MAJORLY FANNING FOREVER. And the finished draft is SO GOOD and I am SO HAPPY. Best friend or BEST POSSIBLE FRIEND???

It will probably be posted online...some time in the new year? Give us time to do the betaing process on 18k worth of fic after the busy season of christmas is over, and betaing 18k of fic is not exactly a SHORT process.

But it exists! A complete draft exists! And I can reread it forever and bask in its wonderful existence!

*happy sigh*
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I don't know how this never occurred to me before, but I really need a crossover between Highlander and Elisabeth. Specifically, one on the topic of Hungarian Sparkledeath creeping on one's faves, because you know who he really needs to creep on? METHOS. That or mutual creeping-on between Sparkledeath and Methos.

Seriously, dude has an interesting relationship with death. What with being an Immortal, and so he's probably died rather a lot over the last 5000 years; and what with the whole Horsemen thing in his past; and what with his thing about having a sword at his neck; and also his thing about willingly putting himself into danger for the sake of his friends while protesting his enlightened self-interest.... YEAH.

Now I wish there was fanfic or fanart of this. *sighs longingly*
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Why did I just rewatch five episodes of Highlander in a single day? This is not like me. I don't watch tv, I don't rewatch tv, I'm terrible at watching visual media. AND YET.

(ugh Methos why do you have to be such an amazing character)
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This is a Things post composed entirely of Bandom Things. Because I am obsessed right now, in case you had somehow failed to notice... *headdesk* I'M SORRY I JUST CAN'T SHUT UP ABOUT THIS STUFF.

Thing One: Oh wow do I love bandom. The repertoire of fanfic is just so -- full of everything I could want: angst and humour and crack and thoughtfulness and happy endings and AUs, and people who are total dorks and so wonderfully affectionate, and friendships being just as important as romantic relationships, and lots and lots of longfic, AND AND AND. And there's so much of it too! It is like the universe created this fandom specifically as a gift for me.

Thing Two: Oh my god, so, I've moved beyond the "ZOMG THIS SONG IS AMAZING" stage of loving "Welcome to the Black Parade" into having, like, ~feelings~ about it, WHAT. And I don't even want to think about how many times I've listened to it. My iTunes count says 12, but I've listened to it on youtube a ridiculous amount as well, so who knows what the count actually is. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's over 30, which, WHAT.

Thing Three: Whatever, I'm going to be shallow here instead. I don't get all shallow over appearances on this blog overly often; I'm totally due. So. You know the way Gerard's hair is in The Black Parade? With the short and the bleached? Yeah, so, I saw that, and the first thing I was reminded of was Amanda in that one ep of Highlander, where she's cut off all her hair and turned it to that same white colour, and it looked really fantastic on her. And, I'm just saying, Gerard Way's pretty damn attractive with that look too. Pictorial evidence: Gerard, Amanda. (for the record, Gerard also looks awesome with the red hair from Danger Days. Apparently dude just looks good with unnatural hair colours?)(also please excuse the poor quality of the pictures I just linked. I lost track of the picspam I saw with all the really awesome pics of Gerard and his hair. And I don't think good pics of Amanda with that haircut exist on the internet, as far as I can tell.)

Thing Three: So I've been basically listening to nothing but Panic and MCR for the last week or so (and seriously, I still can't get over the fact that I like these bands. I can't shut up about how weird it is), and I decided to maybe stop myself from being so obsessive and make myself listen to something else, so today I set my iTunes to shuffle all, and the first song to come up was this women's choir singing some light and airy folk song in french with minimal piano accompaniment, and I just started laughing, seriously, because the contrast, oh wow. SO DIFFERENT. Ahahaha. And then as I kept listening all my usual music felt so quiet; it was so weird.

(also, it's hilarious, every time "Folkin' Around" comes up, from Pretty. Odd., I startle for just a moment, because what's folk music doing in there? It is pretty convincingly folky-sounding! I kind of adore its random existence on that album. Brendon♥!)

Thing Four: I can't get over the way that oh man THIS FANDOM. THIS FANDOM. IT HAS CURED ME OF HAVING AN OTP. OR SOMETHING. I just love alllll the characters and am happy for any of them to be having a grand old time together. From any of the bands! Like, I don't even have a favourite character or anything! (okay no I lie, I do, and it's Brendon. But not by much!)

And it's hilarious; last time I tried to get into bandom, and bounced off it, I was reading MCR fic. And so I thought at the beginning of this descent into bandom-loving madness it was just that I was in love with Panic. BUT I AM AT THE POINT WHERE MCR FIC MAKES ME JUST AS GLEEFUL. LIKE, SERIOUSLY, HOW TO HANDLE MY ADORATION.

Except this is a problem because I'm pretty sure that even if I were just reading Panic fic the internet contains enough to keep me occupied for a looong time. Mixing in all the other bands as well? Means that I have a truly frightening amount of fic in front of me and I'm afraid to count how many tabs I have open.

Thing Five: Also hilarious: you know how I was saying how I've learned the right reading protocols to appreciate MCR music? So I went back and relistened to the first song of theirs I heard (I listened to it about a day before listening to Welcome to the Black Parade on repeat) -- I'm Not Okay. And when I listened to it that time I really didn't like it. And now coming back to it, with no repeats of that specific song under my belt, just a greater appreciation of the music style in general, I very definitely do like it. Magical!
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There's all this Harry Potter nostalgia going on in my flist and rlist today, because of the release of the last HP movie and thus the end of an era. But it feels weird to me, because for me the end of the era was back when the last book came out. I have never actually cared about the movies, so today does not feel monumental to me in any way at all. And yet it also is, because reading about everyone else's ~feelings~ gets me all feeling-ish as well.

Because. DUDE. Harry Potter was my first fandom.* Harry Potter was my ONLY fandom, for YEARS. So feelings about HP can't HELP but give me feelings, even though I am really rather over my fannish involvement there. I have fond nostalgia for my days of obsessiveness, I'm still rather invested in a lot of my firmly held beliefs about HP, but I'm still more or less done.


So I am going to rec you some fics that are crossovers between HP and various other beloved fandoms (and one crossover with a book I've never read, because I'm awesome like that), BECAUSE I CAN. OUT OF NOSTALGIA.

WROCK BAND, by [ profile] zarathuse. Bandom. Frank/Gerard. Er. Yes, I did in fact have to start with bandom. IT IS MY DARLING RIGHT NOW. This is a fic wherein instead of being My Chemical Romance, the constituent members are instead a wrock band. And the fic does it so fantastically well, and believably, and it just feels right and wonderful, and OH IT GAVE ME FEELINGS.

Rebirth, by [ profile] sineala. Highlander. Snape/Methos. And it is ALL of the wonderfulness you would expect out of that pairing. :D :D :D

Marks and Scars, by EH Smith. Vorkosigan series. Snape, Mark Vorkosigan. And I can't put it better than the author's summary: " In which two of the most intriguing characters from the works of J.K. Rowling and Lois McMaster Bujold meet for tea and, eventually, sympathy." YES.

All the Girls Out On the Stoop, by [personal profile] mirabella. Hawaii Five-0. Danny/Steve. The requisite Veela fic! In which Danny is a veela. HEEE.

The Made-Up Things, by [ profile] fire_and_a_rose. Narnia. Petunia. In which Petunia and Lily are Susan's kids, and ohhhhh. *flails*

To Huck With It, by [ profile] fernwithy. Huckleberrry Fin. Huck, Hermione. In which Hermionoe accidentally appears in 1859. It features an EXCELLENT narrative voice from Huck, and is all around great. Even though I've never read Huck Finn. :D

*depending on how you count it. In terms of fannish feelings, it would be fairy tales. In terms of engagement in fannish behaviour in connection with other fans, it would be Pern (online roleplaying!). But in terms of fandom as I engage in it today, it was Harry Potter, even though I was a lurker through all my years of being an HP fan.


Jul. 13th, 2011 07:18 pm
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Just saw X2! And I was sure I'd never ever seen this one before, but scenes kept on looking ever so slightly familiar, which means that somehow Essie must have managed to get me to watch it when it first came out too, despite the failure she experienced with the first X-Men movie. APPARENTLY SHE'S VERY CONVINCING.

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DUDE. DUDE DUDE DUDE WHAT. PETER WINGFIELD IS GIVING UP ACTING TO BECOME A DOCTOR. *FLAILS* I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO ADD. I CAN'T EVEN. I mean, applause to you, Peter Wingfield, for having the chutzpah to make such a major career change. But. WHOA.
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I noticed something amusing during yesterday's ill-advised rewatch of Thor.* spoilers for Thor and for Highlander )

Also, while I'm talking about yesterday's ill-advised rewatch of Thor, I kind of failed at paying attention to the things I meant to be paying attention to. During the Darcy scenes I watched and listened to Darcy to try to get a better handle on her character, yes. But during the Loki scenes I was mostly just admiring Loki. USEFUL, self. Real useful at getting a better grasp of Loki's speech patterns.

*I intended to clean my bedroom. My floor is currently a study in messiness. As is my desk. As is my everything. The hazards of living in a tiny room!
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Thing One: More Doctor Who thoughts! In point form! )

Thing Two: I am now four episodes into Hawaii Five-0. Okay. This show has some really skeevy morals wrt things like, oh, violence and accountability. Really skeevy. I do not like them, Sam-I-Am. So WHY DO I LIKE THIS SHOW? *headdesk*

Thing Three: So, today I watched Lady Gaga's latest: Judas. Now there is a video and song that wants some serious religious deconstruction.

Thing Four: Damn. I keep on seeing stuff on my flist right now about remix_redux, and it looks like such fun! Of course, I'm only hearing about it now that the stories are being posted, instead of back when I could have signed up.... But I couldn't have signed up anyways! Because you need to have at least one fandom in which you've written five or more fics of >500 words. And I haven't, because I'm disgustingly polyfannish. I come close in Highlander, but I'm still not quite there.

Oh well, it means I have something to aim for next year, yes? Write at least one more Highlander fic before the next remix_redux, and I'll be golden! (ahaha, in, um, almost all of my other fandoms I'd have to write FOUR more fics (or FIVE)... Yeah. Not happening.)
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Thing One: Welp, I've discovered something to hate about my computer Mark. He occasionally decides that "oh, that wireless internet? You actually want that? Nope, I'm just going to pretend that it doesn't exist no matter what you do." And then I have to restart him to get my internet back. At first I hadn't been thinking anything of it, because our internet itself occasionally has had times when it just randomly craps out all the time, and I thought it was that. But then I checked the internet on the Raven King (my ipod) and he had NO trouble with the internet. So no, it's all Mark's fault. All of a sudden I'm feeling he doesn't deserve to be named after someone as awesome as Mark Vorkosigan. Who's a less-awesome Mark he can be named after?

Thing Two: If you are a Highlander fan, you should go watch [personal profile] sholio's new Highlander vid, God's Gonna Cut You Down. She just posted it yesterday and already I have watched it a truly ridiculous number of times. It is a vid about Methos and Cassandra and it is EXCELLENT. And the song is amazingly perfect.

Thing Three: This week in Sophia's Weird Linguistic Pet Peeves*: CamelCase. I hates it, preciousssss. Hates. It looks all stupid and gimmicky and always makes me want to take an implement of destruction to the page/screen/sign/etc.

*An ongoing series. What do you mean this is the first time I've mentioned it? You mean you haven't been following all the episodes that exist solely in my head?
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SOOOOO my poor old laptop Bunbury finally gave up the ghost. It's been on its last legs in a variety of ways for a while, but last night it decided that it no longer wanted to recognize the existence of its power cord. (I tried a different power cord, to see if it was the cord that was the problem, and NOPE.) No matter what I did, it simply refused to admit that it was PLUGGED IN, DAMNIT.

So now Bunbury's pretty useless.

Thankfully I have an old castoff laptop available to me (my sister's old laptop, which before that was previously my dad's old laptop). It has its own idiosyncrasies, but it WORKS.


It doesn't have any of my FILES on it! Or my programs! I already had to download VLC, and I just realized I don't have Audacity, and oh, I don't even REMEMBER some of the useful programs I downloaded for things like ripping audio out of videos and other shiny stuff! Drat!

And I do have all my files stored on an online backup service, but it will be a pain to have to download them all.

And, I mean, I'm only going to be using this laptop for a month or so (my parents are giving me a new computer as a graduation gift) so it feels like kind of a waste of time to do all the necessary things to this computer to make it MINE (with all the files and programs and everything) because I'm just going to have to do it AGAIN in a month's time!


IN OTHER NEWS, I just started writing a fic about what happens when Immortals lose teeth, say, in an accident. Does the mouth just heal with spaces left? Or do they get new teeth growing back? How thorough is the Immortal healing ability? For the purposes of my story I was going to say that yes, teeth do grow back, they just take a little while.

And then I started speculating back to the first time Methos would have been in a fight or something that caused him to lose a tooth, and how it would have worried him, not knowing if he'd be missing that tooth for the whole rest of his (hopefully extremely long) life.

But THEN I started thinking, hang on, back in those days they did NOT have particularly good dental hygiene! If we assume Methos at the time of his first death was about the same age that Peter Wingfield was when he started playing Methos (since that's the age of the body Methos is portrayed with) that means he was over 30. He would most likely have had tooth problems by then, and dentistry at the time was a matter of pulling out any teeth that ailed ya. And yet Methos has a perfect mouthful of teeth. So WHAT HAPPENED?

It already seems to be established that scars that are acquired pre-death remain on an Immortal, so presumably other injuries, including tooth-loss, would be included in that category. So those teeth can't have just grown back, although any he lost after becoming Immortal would have. (I cannot imagine that a person can live for 5000 years of violence and NOT lose a few teeth. I mean, really.)

And he COULD have maybe had the miracles of modern dentistry fix any problems, except we've seen him in flashbacks, and his teeth were just the same.

So now I'm left here trying to fanwank a plausible Watsonian explanation for this, instead of the Doylist "protagonists on tv are not allowed to have missing teeth. This is also not permitted in actors." And I can't come up with one. Any suggestions?
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So recently I stole a book off my dad and read it, because I have a tendency to do that, and it was theology, about the resurrection of Jesus and what the Bible says about the afterlife, and as theology tends to do these days, it got me wanting to write fanfic.

In this particular instance, it got me wanting to write more blasphemous Highlander fanfic. It's not my fault! It's all those immortals! They go so WELL with blasphemous religious fic!

Anyways, I got this idea, but then had no idea what to do with it.

Then in the shower the other morning (useful things, showers) I had a sudden revelation of what had to be done with my idea. But now I have no idea of the plot that goes along with it.

Also I'm pretty sure I'd need to reread that book of Dad's, in order to make sure I'm getting my theology right. What? It's important to be accurate when committing heresy!

My original idea was that obviously something needs to be done with the fact that Jesus' resurrection was seen as the single exception to the resurrection of the dead that would happen at the end times, a special case, and the fact that in the Highlander universe there's rather more people than just Jesus coming back to life.

Then my revelation was that obviously what needs to happen is that one of the disciples is a pre-Immortal, and when he gets killed by the Roman authorities he comes back TOO, and then he gets all existential-crisis-of-faith. (and. um. Given my particular obsessions interests, I'm pretty sure this random disciple would end up being Paul. Poor Paul. I do love to benevolently torture him.) But then I don't know what should happen next! Or how it should be resolved! This is a problem!

So that's an idea to leave festering at the back of my head to see if anything comes of it.

(I was just looking through my hymnal because I wanted to title this post a lyric from some resurrection-themed hymn, because that's always fun. It is amusing to discover what hymns about resurrection my extremely Mennonite hymnal actually contains. Hint: other than the ones about Jesus' resurrection? NOT MANY. It is pretty great to look through my thematically-organized hymnal and see what sorts of themes get the most focus!)
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[personal profile] sentientcitizen was visiting for the weekend, so of course we watched more Buffy together. We are 7 episodes into season two! That's so far! I'm very pleased. (...even if there's still a LONG ways to go. Oh dear.)

Also, it is WEIRD. Back when I started reading Buffy fic, I was all "yay Spike/Xander, so awesome, let me read all of it and ignore the rest of the characters." And now I'm like "BUT ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE SO AWESOME I CANNOT NEGLECT ANY OF THEM." What happened to my Spike/Xander shipping? (okay, it's still there, but hiding under the vast love I have for the entire cast)

I'm pretty sure I need a BtVS icon, by the way, which is TRAGIC because I finally have my precious few icon slots carefully dealt with more or less how I want them to be, and I don't have ROOM for more! Also I would not be able to decide which character(s) to have on said icon.

Mostly unrelatedly, Sentientcitizen and I also watched Methos' confession scene together (because it's AWESOME), and both of us were able to recite all the lines along with it, we've seen it so often. Um. Awesome? (Ohhhhh yes.)
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Awesome new Highlander crossover idea: the Brother Cadfael novels. You know it! Murder mysteries involving immortals is always a fun idea, and I'm pretty sure that Cadfael and Methos would find each other fascinating. Only problem is that writing this would involve me being any good whatsoever at writing plot. REMINDER TO SELF: NO MURDER MYSTERIES FOR ME. (also, my brain cannot imagine this story being any shorter than a novel. It has to fit into the Brother Cadfael series!)

But if it existed, then Methos would be either a victim or a suspect (OR BOTH!), there would be young lovers that Cadfael would help (ooh, actually, Methos could be one of the young lovers too, Methos and one of his 68 wives!), Hugh Beringar would get some time in there to be awesome, Cadfael would ruminate on God and morality and act as an agent of grace to Methos (something about the case would relate back to the whole Horsemen thing? Or perhaps just remind Methos of it), and it would be amazing.

And if it could manage to work in Sister Magdalen, that would be even more amazing! I love her so much, and it is too bad that more of the novels didn't find excuses to get her involved.

(also, at least one of the monks at the monastery is secretly also an immortal, using the holy place as a refuge. And he turns out to be plot relevant somehow too. Obviously!)
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Today I was reading a WIP of mine I'd kind of forgotten about. I actually didn't even remember how far I'd gotten in the story. So I was reading along, happily fascinated by what I'd accomplished thus far, and then I unceremoniously reached the end of the completed stuff. And now I feel all bitter, like I would if I'd read an abandoned WIP by someone else on the internet. I mean, I know equally as much about what would happen next.... C'mon, author! Finish the damn fic already! Except the damn author is me, and I haven't a clue what to write.

I think my problem is that I really like my premise, and I've got some plotty stuff, but I don't know what the climax of the fic is. And without knowing that, I have nothing that I'm building towards, it's just "and then stuff happened", and I'm all out of stuff that I know happens.

(this would, in case you're curious, be The Who Wants To Live Forever Affair that I talked about back in this post.)

In other news, OMG TORCHWOOD. By which I mean, they've released the name and premise of the upcoming series of Torchwood, and it looks FASCINATING and exciting and I am all shivery in anticipation. Also, now I really want to read Highlander fic based on this premise. I know, I know, I have a weakness. Highlander crossovers well with EVERYTHING!

Speaking of which. Highlander/Dresden Files crossovers? SHOULD EXIST. Just saying.
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Thing one: Okay, so, Methos. Yes, yes, you're all surprised, I'm talking about Methos again. You know what Methos should have a lot of trouble with? Well, all immortals should have this problem, really. KEEPING UP WITH MODERN VOCABULARY AND SLANG. Because language changes, gradually, over time. And over the course of a mortal person's life, generally they fall behind on modern lingo too, hence why kids always laugh at their parents when they try to talk "hip". Because you lose track of the new words that come into the language.

Now, if a person were really making an effort, they could probably more or less keep up with most, but inevitably when you're tired or drunk or not paying attention, bits of older vocabulary would sneak in without you realizing, because you'd forget that, oh, right, people don't really use that word anymore.

And when you've lived through THE ENTIRETY OF THE LIFE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, that's a lot of old versions of vocabulary and grammar to have carefully and slowly shifted through over your life.

So when you think about it, it's really impressive that when Methos talks, there's nothing about his speech that pings as slightly old-fashioned. But now I really want to see drunk!Methos accidentally using bits of archaic vocabulary.

Thing Two: I was talking about Doctor/Master last night with [ profile] sentientcitizen, as one does, and -- okay, the Doctor and Master are really not actually healthy for each other, and yet I ship it anyways. Why? One would think that I would want what's best for characters I like, right? But APPARENTLY NOT! Apparently I'm totally okay with the two of them being really fucked up about each other!

Thing Three: Spoilers for the Buffy episode Superstar )

Thing Four: What's ridiculous fun: to play First Person Tetris in night mode. (hint: try playing it on non-night-mode first, so you know how this version of tetris works) For the first LONG WHILE of playing it I kept on flailing both verbally and physically because it is so disconcerting. But FUN! And now I'm actually not horrible at it, though I keep on having these moments where my instincts make me suddenly go HORRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG
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Um. It is entirely possible that I have listened to these songs a few too many times now, because they are UTTERLY BRILLIANT. I do not know if I have mentioned this before, but I am a total nerd for folk songs. And these hit me RIGHT in THAT NERDY LOVE, and also RIGHT IN THE NERDY LOVE for Doctor Who, so basically it is NERDY LOVE SQUARED. You should go listen to them if you do not already know them.

Also, they have reminded me of how awesome Rory is, and now I want all the Rory fic. And the rest of this post is spoilery for Season Five of Doctor Who. I presume most people who care have seen it, but just to be safe. )
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Things I should have spent today doing:
- grocery shopping
- essay writing

Things I should not have spent today doing:
- knitting
- rewatching a few of the Methos bits of Highlander episodes

I had forgotten just how hard I ship Methos/Alexa. GOSH. They are SO ADORABLE. Spoilers, and a fic idea that got away from me a little. )

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