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okay so I'm still pretty egregiously behind on comments (both making and replying to) but what the heck. BOOK POST TIME.

Trapped, by James Alan Gardner

The problem is that I read this book enough times as a young person that I take all the stuff that's really good about it more or less for granted and the stuff I don't like is suddenly glaring because I never noticed it when I was a teenager.

Such as: I do not appreciate the comment about how ladies of the night who actually look female when you take off their clothes are the better class of ladies of the night. Or spoiler ) Or just Phil in general? idk, I just find him way too much of a dude and his pov annoys me.

So idk. Mostly it is a very good book and there is a great deal I like about it!
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[personal profile] sentientcitizen's christmas present to me: 18k words of fic to beta! NO BUT IT IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER because it means that she has finally finished a draft of her WIP-for-years Spark Lord Methos fic that I have been MAJORLY FANNING FOREVER. And the finished draft is SO GOOD and I am SO HAPPY. Best friend or BEST POSSIBLE FRIEND???

It will probably be posted online...some time in the new year? Give us time to do the betaing process on 18k worth of fic after the busy season of christmas is over, and betaing 18k of fic is not exactly a SHORT process.

But it exists! A complete draft exists! And I can reread it forever and bask in its wonderful existence!

*happy sigh*
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Apparently James Alan Gardner had intended this book to be entitled "Haunted" and it was all a big mix-up that it's called "Hunted" instead. I've thought of it as Haunted ever since I found this out, because the name "Hunted" makes actual zero sense for this book, whereas Haunted is a good name for it.

cut for lots of spoilers for Hunted, and also some spoilers for Ascending but not much more than Oar gives you herself on the first page )
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Okay here is a book review of a book I just finished yesterday! Even though I still have a backlog of previously-read books to post about! Because WOW. This book: WAY MORE QUEER THAN I REMEMBER IT BEING. And TEXTUALLY queer, even! I was such an oblivious teenager.

Vigilant, by James Alan Gardner )

A meme!

Sep. 22nd, 2011 02:00 pm
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From [ profile] carmarthen

What are the three things that most attract you to a fandom?

Comment with an answer to the question above.

I’ll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.

Post to your journal with the answers to the questions. Or if you want, post in the comments here. Or both!

Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

My answer to the question )

And now my answers to Carmarthen's five questions for me, cut individually because I have a tendency to go on at some length.

1. So, bandom...perhaps I missed it, but what tipped you over into obsession there? )

2. Favorite Arabian Nights story? )

3. What three fandoms do you wish existed? )

4. What is your favorite modern AU trope? )

5. What movie are you looking forward to? )
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As always when I return from vacation (HI! I'M BACK!) my flist/rlist is an intimidating creature. SO MUCH TO READ. This is not helped by the proliferation of Yuletide rec posts! So. Uh. I haven't read a blessed thing in my flist/rlist yet (and I haven't even responded to some comments from before I left on vacation!), but I'm already two days late for posting my end-of-year sum up of the books I've read over the course of the past year. (though four days earlier than I managed it last year!

This was a new year's resolution I made two years ago, and actually succeeded in accomplishing: to record every single book I read. And I liked doing it enough that I did it again, and am going to continue doing it for the foreseeable future.

I know, I know, most people at the end of the year post about the last year's worth of fic they've written or similar fandom-in-review type things. But last year I did that sort of post on my LJ's anniversary, and I simply can't break with a one-year-old tradition, can I? Of course not. (though this year's edition of it will be rather more in-depth, since I've been a much more prolific writer and podficcer! And the year's only half over!)

Anyways, here follows the books I read in 2010, plus commentary thereon )
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Thing one: Hello Vorkosigan Saga my new love! Um. Reading four books in two days? NOT GOOD FOR MY PRODUCTIVITY LEVELS GODDAMN. But the Vorkosigan Saga? SO GOOD. (Gotta say though: Miles is a GLORIOUS lunatic and I love him dearly and I would never ever want to meet him.)

Thing two: Occasionally one learns fascinating things from friends' textbooks. Conversation today, between me and Dinah:

Me: What?
Dinah: Listen to what my textbook says: "How else could you melt a gaylord of plastic?"
Dinah: ...Yeah. Apparently a gaylord has something to do with the dimensions of a packing crate. It's about polymer extrusion.
Dinah: Apparently!
Me: Gosh. Well. a sentence that desperately wants a novel written about it.

Clearly this novel is a scifi novel about artificial intelligence, and involves an AI that's become sentient (and very very gay) and tried to take over the universe, and people think it/he (QUESTIONS OF GENDER IDENTITY WILL ABOUND!) needs to be stopped/killed. And since the AI's body is basically just plastic (aside from the electronic components and mechanical bits), people think the easiest thing will be to just melt it.

In my head it is something of a mix between that fic about Lex Luthor taking over the universe and the universe liking it, that fic about John Sheppard being a robot ( One of the many fics about John Sheppard being a robot.), and the bit in James Alan Gardner's book Vigilant with the robots being melted (at least in part) by acid-spray.

It would be AWESOME.

Thing three: Someone had FAR too much time on their hands, and created a fake trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special. I watched it, and was like, DUDE I DON'T RECOGNIZE THOSE CLIPS. And then I saw the making-of video. Gosh. Colour me impressed.
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You know how in TOS there`s that uber-awesome episode Amok Time? And there`s a scene where Spock is holding this long thin silver thing behind his back, and the hand holding it is shaking uncontrollably?

Apparently the silver thing is a stylus for data-pads. I don`t even KNOW why I have always thought it was a scalpel.

(Actually, you know, I could probably blame it on James Alan Gardner and his thing about scalpels. They inevitably show up in anything he writes, and I guess I`ve internalized the idea that scalpels are everywhere....)

Anyways, the fact that I saw it as a scalpel meant that my interpretation of the scene was always something along the lines of: Spock is working very hard to control his uncontrollable rage that seems to be popping up all over the place, and is trying not to kill his captain. With it being an innocuous object, it becomes much more possible for the scene to be interpreted differently -- like, say, Spock is working very hard to not jump his captain. I mean, pon farr IS a time of uncontrollable lust! The episode has suddenly become TEN TIMES SLASHIER to me.

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