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I love my terrible vikings show so much. I just. WHAT. THIS SHOW.

cut for a few brief spoilers )
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Today I watched the second episode of that new Vikings tv show! YESSS GO ME I successfully watched it, and only a little bit late!

My feelings:

Cut for spoilers! )


Mar. 4th, 2013 09:33 pm
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WHOOPS I just watched the first ep of Vikings???? Thaaaat was not what I planned to do with myself this evening. It is not the most quality tv I have ever watched. I did a lot of eye-rolling. But I also enjoyed myself at the same time! And apparently I find the family unit of Ragnar and his wife and his son kind of adorable. Okay then!

Let's see if I successfully watch next week's episode too. SOMEHOW I DOUBT IT; I am so so bad at watching tv. Although next week IS when George Blagden -- the ostensible reason I started watching in the first place -- is supposed to show up, so who knows?

In other news, omfg this is a tv show that I can actually legit for serious STREAM LEGALLY AS A CANADIAN, you have no idea how exciting this is. This never happens! BUT LO! They put ads in front of my eyes and they put the tv show in front of my eyes and EVERYTHING IS LEGAL AND EVERYBODY IS HAPPY, WHY CAN'T MORE TV SHOWS FIGURE OUT HOW THIS WORKS FFS.


May. 1st, 2012 05:06 pm
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Okay I think part of the problem at this point is that I am just not in the habit of responding to things promptly anymore? Even when there's no good reason for me not to! AUGH. Whatever.


Last night I gave in and made some attempts at reading Teen Wolf fic, given how it's been all over Pinboard's fandom favourites for ages now.

The first fic I tried turned out to have super creepy rapey overtones that the author seemed to think was hot and/or romantic. And the thing is, it seems to be a popular fic! Lots of people have left kudos on it! Apparently the creepy overtones are going right over people's heads? :(

The second fic I tried (Open the Door, by [ profile] renay) was much better. Stiles had all these irrepressible feelings! And self esteem issues! And a lot of obliviousness! Yeah, it was awesome and I liked it lots.

But then I began to rifle through what else the fandom has on offer, and I think that this fandom is really not for me.

First of all, Derek seems to be the most uninteresting-to-me character imaginable? Humourless, peremptory, and untalkative -- yeah, that is really not the way to my heart. And the fandom's pairing of choice is Derek/Stiles. So, there's that.

Second of all, werewolves are not actually intrinsically interesting to me. I can enjoy werewolves (let me recommend to your attention, for example, The Cage, by Alyx Dellamonica, an original short story about lesbians and a werewolf baby and fighting for social justice that is absolutely wonderful), but they are not a draw in and of themselves. Plus, the fandom seems to be relatively into omegaverse dynamics, because of the werewolf thing -- and I am not fond of omegaverse, because it seems to me to be distilling dominant/submissive aspects of a person to their biology and their role in sexual intercourse, whiiiiich I take issue with. (Is omegaverse something I should be generally taking issue with? Are there people who are doing thoughtful and nuanced things with it? I haven't come across any, but then I've only read a couple, so it might not be accurate for me to extrapolate out from my narrow experience.)

Third of all, Stiles canonically has ADHD and is on medication for it (!!!), but so far any fic I have read that has directly addressed that question has made me steaming mad. For example: Stiles goes off on an excessively verbose tangent and can't quite make himself stop talking; Derek responds that Stiles takes too much Adderall. NO. NO NO NO. It is the ADHD that causes the lack of impulse control and the over-talkativeness, NOT THE MEDICATION, WHAT THE HELL EVEN.

So in conclusion, this has been an exciting experiment in Teen Wolf, and I probably shan't be returning, no matter how many Teen Wolf fics show up on Pinboard.

(let me round off the werewolf story recommendations in this post with a third one, because recs should come in threes at the very least. From the Depths of His Heart, by [personal profile] sineala, an utterly delightful Eagle of the Ninth AU fic in which Esca is a werewolf. And if you do not know Eagle of the Ninth you should totally read it anyways as historical fiction about Roman-occupied Britain!)
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The last couple of nights I decided to do some mending, which meant tv that doesn't take a lot of mental effort, or a lot of actual looking at the screen. So: I've now seen the second three episodes of I, Claudius! It continues to be a show that is a) clearly from a few decades ago, b) hilariously low-budget, and yet c) actually quite good.

I like how the show is packaged in a way that makes it clear they don't think spoilers are an issue. The back of each dvd box gives a plot summary of each episode. And I do mean summary, not teaser: it tells you all the major plot twists of each episode. Because of COURSE you're already familiar with who Livia's killed and how, or whatever! Good times. So: Livia continues to be quite extraordinarily manipulative and deadly and power-hungry, everybody else continues to die, and I'm having a good time rediscovering how much I actually know about this period in history. Like: I actually knew BEFORE IT HAPPENED how Livia killed her husband!

Unrelated to the tv show, I am so grateful I know how to sew. I think sometimes in dismay about people in the world who have never been taught, and would thus find even something simple like reattaching a button to be intimidatingly difficult. Knowing how to sew makes clothes last SO much longer, because you can just FIX them when there's a minor problem! Probably a quarter of my skirts have had to be mended by me at some point -- but because I could mend them without problem, they're still going strong, still look fantastic and beautiful, and I can still wear the hell out of them.

Sewing is an important life skill, and one that is not taken seriously enough!

I actually learned a new way of mending tears the other night. I learned it from Mara who learned it from an acquaintance of hers. It looks better and works better than what I was doing before and basically I'm really happy with it. ONGOING LEARNING, and the PASSING ON OF FOLK KNOWLEDGE. It is the best, and it is IMPORTANT!

Now that I'm done the straightforward mending it is time to work on the more complicated stuff in my mending box. Like the skirts that need panels replaced. Or the skirt that needs gores added, which I need to cannibalize from the fabric of a dress that no longer fits me. Or the knit dress I want to turn into a skirt. Or the pants (!!! Yes, I own the occasional pair of pants, though they don't get much use) that needs its waist redone because the elastic died and besides I don't want it to be an elastic waist.
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I am clearly a very bad match for hockey fandom, because everyone's all gung-ho about hockey the SPORT as well as writing fic about hockey players, and me? I couldn't care less. Okay I care about whether Canada wins gold in olympic hockey every four years but that is literally the only hockey I care about even a little, and I don't even care enough to actually watch the games. It is like back when I got into bandom and didn't care about the music! I SOON LEARNED OTHERWISE THERE, but that? is not a thing that will happen for me in hockey.

Besides, I can tell my hockey rpf infatuation is going to fizzle out soon, because already I am getting tired of learning about more and more new people I've never heard of. Plus the way that all the fics are about people who are SUPER INTO SPORTS gets kind of frustrating. So. I will still read the occasional fic! (like. I think I heard there's an upcoming epic-length Tazer/Kaner arranged marriage type thing? I WILL BE ALL OVER THAT.) But I am heading towards done with the bingeing.

(It is like what happened to me recently with Suits! I don't think I ever mentioned it? I was SUPER INTO Suits for a few days, but now I only read fic every now and then. Although the reason is somewhat different! With Suits I am creeped out by the dynamics in a lot of the fic. Because ABUSE OF POWER in that relationship, holy god. It is even worse than most boss/employee relationships and that is SAYING SOMETHING. I just find unequal power dynamics really skeevy unless they are very definitely consensual. I really do love reading about CONSENSUAL power dynamics! But when the one person has THAT MUCH POWER over everything about the other person's life, and the second person has no real choice about that fact? NO THANK YOU.)

(I was trying to explain once why I really like slavefic, and I was all, IT IS SO GREAT WHEN THEY ARE FINALLY EQUALS AT THE END ♥__♥, and the person I was talking to was like, "you do know that's not why most people read slavefic, right???")

(But it's just so awesome! Like the one where it's a space AU and Bill is a virgin sex-slave Gabe rescues, and Gabe knows better than to have sex with newly-rescued sex slaves, no matter how tempting they are and even if they ask for it! And I'm like YES THANK YOU OMGGGGGG.)
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When I posted Scenarios I mentioned maybe doing a set of PUBLIC TRANSIT fic recs. Here it is! Because it is a glorious trope, and all of the following are glorious examples of the trope at its best. (okay, so some of them don't fit the standard trope pattern EXACTLY, but they still involve public transit so WHATEVER I'm including them anyways BECAUSE I CAN)

(I'm not including airplanes in forms of public transit for the purpose of this recs-set because it's not something I thought to tag as being this, but upon reflection it kind of is. Please forgive this lapse on my part.)

11 recs for SGA, CW RPF, Doctor Who, Inception, BtVS, AI RPF, and bandom )
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I have been watching a bunch of tv and movies lately because KNITTING CHRISTMAS GIFTS. It takes a long time and it's nice to have something with which to distract one's brain while one's fingers are working.

A few days ago I watched The Jilting of Granny Weatherall. And, okay, that one was really rather weird. I have nothing intelligent to say about it. Or even anything unintelligent to say about it.

Then the other day I watched My Fair Lady for the first time! I KNOW, it's one of those things that everyone's just seen and I never had. FIXED.

It's about what I expected from what I knew about it! Quite delightful but also RAGEFACE that at the end spoilers. ) So of course I went searching for fic that fixes this, and have thus far been unsuccessful. If you know of any, PLEASE LINK ME.


BUT THEN. Today I watched the Zeffirelli version of The Taming of the Shrew and it I cannot even.

It plays it perfectly straight in the most uncomplicated and ungenerous and really cringe-worthy interpretation of the play possible: cut for possible triggers for physical and emotional abuse )

And it's been a while since I've read the play myself but as I recall even in its worst bits it wasn't actually NEARLY as bad as this adaptation. *shudders*

After finishing it, I kind of felt like I needed to rewatch 10 Things I Hate About You or something to get that awful taste out of my mouth. I do not even want to think about the dudes who decided that this was a reasonable way to stage this play.

All of a sudden My Fair Lady isn't looking nearly as awful in its portrayal of healthy relationships. (still awful! Just -- not quite as awful.)

Anyways. Then this evening I didn't watch 10 Things because I didn't have it on hand. Instead I watched the first three episodes of I, Claudius. It's very good! I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but dude, I love it. Spoilers! )

So yes. That has been my tv and movie viewing lately! It feels weird to be watching this much visual media. I don't usually do nearly this much of it! Which is weird, because when I talk to some of my non-fandom friends I am astounded by the sheer number of tv shows they're able to keep up with. I wonder sometimes how non-fannish people occupy their time and I guess that is one answer! But I would never be able to sustain this level of visual-media-watching for long. Extenuating circumstances and all that!
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Thing One: Why is "Ray" such a popular name among things that people get fannish over? It's not a particularly common name in real life -- at least, I've never personally met anyone named Ray -- and yet I count at least four fandoms with Rays, for a total of five Rays. Probably there are more, too, that I just haven't run across yet....

(Due South: Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski
Bandom: Ray Toro
Generation Kill: Ray Person
Pros: Ray Doyle
Other fandoms: ????)

Thing Two: I now have a new winner in kudos out of fics I have written. The Swoodilypooper fic finally beat out the Inception fic. DUDE. The Inception fic? Is of a reasonable length, fits relatively well with fandom's usual interests, and is, I believe, one of my better-written fics. The Swoodilypoopers fic? I dashed it off in, like, half an hour. But now it has more kudos, and a FAR better hits-to-kudos ratio. A testament to the powers of nerdfighteria? A testament to the degree that John Green himself is invested in the marriage of Bald John Green and Other John Green? Both? :D

Thing Three: You know what is always weird? When there is a song you sang in choir ages ago and you've never heard it outside of choir so the only part you're really familiar with is your part. So when you hear the melody on its own years later you think to yourself, "The tune is ALL WRONG." Because CLEARLY the tenor part is the tune, amirite? *headdesk*

(Yes, I am a lady and I sing tenor, SO THERE.)

(well actually sometimes I'm alto and sometimes I'm tenor, because tenor goes just a little too low for me to sing comfortably, and alto goes just a little too high. My voice does not map onto the traditional parts-divisions. It is kind of annoying. I just wanna sing in choirs!)

(all else aside though, I am glad I do not sing soprano, because hearing how harmonies fit in is just really cool and I get to do much more of that as a non-soprano because sopranos almost always get the melodies. Harmonizing is exciting!)

(now I'm trying to think of what song it was that PROMPTED me to think of this all, and I cannot remember it for the life of me. All I can remember is that the tune did something complicated across the first page-turn and we spent AGES hashing it out.)
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This is a three-part post, but the parts are all (at least somewhat) related, which is unusual for me!

Thing One: Remember my beloved iPod the Raven King? Which died a tragic death back in, oh, I don't remember, many months ago? I finally managed to figure out what I needed to do to get it fixed. Only it turns out that I get a replacement instead of a repaired Raven King! Which means, of course, that it needs a name of its own.

So now my new iPod is named Patrick.

What? Pete Wentz said Patrick is an iPod full of his favourite songs.

Thing Two: Speaking of Patrick, I got my hands on the real Patrick's new solo album, Soul Punk! Very exciting. Although I find myself being frustrated with some of the lyrics.

Some of the lyrics are quite good, don't get me wrong, but -- idk, I'm going to do a thing that's not really fair and compare it to FOB. Pete's lyrics are all so intensely personal that even if I really disagree with something he's saying that's okay, because he's allowed to name his feelings how he experiences them, and so the listener feels things too*. But Patrick's approach to lyrics is different, and they're not nearly as personal and so it means I have way more angles to get ANNOYED at them.

Like the, the morals, I guess, of some of the songs. For example: "Coast (It's Gonna Get Better)", for which the take-away message is that things will get better so you don't need to do anything to change your circumstances. "It's gonna get better so just coast." UH NO. REALLY NO. Coasting is how problems get worse.

Or how about "Allie", which characterizes being totally naive about sex as being "good". I have two problems with it: one, it passes a value judgement about sex**; and two, it contains a logical fallacy, in that not knowing enough about sex to even know it's on offer can't then make you virtuous for not having that sex. (honestly I'm not sure which of these problems annoys me more...)

I do like some of the lyrics, though -- like f'rinstance the first half of "Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers)". (btw, wtf is up with the way it segues into being a different song halfway through? Also the minute of nothing but weird sounds at the end?) It's quite well done, and as a side benefit it totally makes me lol: I've read that fic a few times before! ("Step one: drink. Step two: make mistakes. Step three: pretend you don't remember. Step four: drink a little more. Step five: I need to run dry." Yup.) (I've already listened to Run Dry twice as much as the rest of the album. What? It's really catchy!)

Aside from the lyrics, I am feeling about it approximately the same as I did about his EP -- well, actually I had the same problems with some of his lyrics there too, with the not-liking. But in terms of the sound, I am also feeling how I did about the EP, which is that only a couple listens in I'm still kind of "eh" about it but I'm willing to bet I will enjoy it plenty once I've hammered it into my head a little more.

(And beyond the level of my enjoyment of the music, I can at least categorically state that Patrick is one talented dude. But we knew that already.)

Thing Three: Speaking of occasionally questionable lyrics, Adam Lambert. I was at a drag show recently and one of the performers was dressed up as Adam Lambert and performed to "Strut" -- which of course served to remind me how much I enjoy Adam Lambert. (gosh seeing the actual him in concert would be pretty great) So I've been listening to a fair amount of him lately!

But occasionally I have major problems with him. Like "Voodoo" -- I deleted it off my iTunes, because I really don't need to hear a song that's all about othering someone's religion and culture.

Or how about "No Boundaries", which on the surface is a nice uplifting song. Buuuut its connotations are problematic:

"There are no boundaries above and beneath you
Break every rule 'cause there's nothing between you and your dreams"

Yeah, no. Actually there often are very real barriers between a person and their dreams that have nothing to do with how hard they work for it. This kind of talk just reinforces from the other direction that insidious idea that if you aren't rich and successful it's your fault. Which. Uh. NO. There are all sorts of reasons you might not succeed in achieving your dreams that have nothing to do with you! Just for a start: systematic injustice? It's a thing.

Surprise thing four: Okay that was kind of a downer of a way to end a post, and I like being cheerful! So have a Princess Diaries AU of Generation Kill, because dramatic clashes in tone like this are awesome: Make kings and vagabonds, by [ profile] noelia_g. And now I'm going to go work on NaNo (I'm behindddddddd)

*speaking of which, I just found out Hum Hallelujah is apparently about his suicide attempt, and okay I already thought that it's a really fantastic song but now it makes me wibble so much. Also possibly get teary-eyed. Yes.

**I am sex-value-neutral. Having it or not having it is not inherently laudable in either direction, and people should not be judged (or, conversely, praised) for having whatever quantity of (consensual) sex they do or don't want.


Oct. 16th, 2011 08:53 pm
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A recs-set of space AUs! Because they're ridiculously awesome. And to make it a challenge for myself, I'm doing it only of fics that aren't actually set on spaceships. Just because I can!

The extremely AU nature of these means that most of the following fics are quite welcoming for people who are unfamiliar with the fandoms. In fact, I'd say that all but the last one are.

(and, er, I'm terribly sorry, but a disproportionate number of these are bandom, because I didn't do a very good job of tagging for space back in my pre-bandom days...)

Bring me that horizon, by [ profile] cupiscent. Bandom; Pete/William. This is the fic that inspired me to do this post, because it's just so fantastically imaginative in its SF setting. I love it dearly and would happily read a novel set in this universe! In which William is the translator assigned to the new owners of a planet.

Robots Need Love Too, by [personal profile] toft. Mythbusters RPF; Jamie, Adam. A space AU recs-set would be incomplete without this fic, because it is super amazing in all the ways. In which Jamie and Adam are neuro-atypical elementary school kids in space, and everything is heartwarming forever.

Concatenation, the Birth of Babel, and Other Acoustic Rebellions, by [ profile] swanswan. Bandom; Pete/Patrick, Andy, Joe. Oh my god, ALL THE FEELINGS. Remember my post a few days ago about how much music means to me? Yeah. THIS FIC. Feelings about the importance of music are WHAT THIS IS ABOUT. In which Fall Out Boy comes together in an act of musical rebellion against the way that music has been regimented and controlled and stifled.

The Light from Our Bodies Precedes Us, by [ profile] mxtape and [ profile] fleurdeliser. Bandom; Gerard/Frank. Okay, this is a space AU in a slightly different way, in that it's historical fic about NASA. What, THAT STILL TOTALLY COUNTS. And it is excellent. In which there are nerdy scientisty types! Yays!

With The Stars In His Eye, by [personal profile] ptahrrific. Fake News; Jon/"Stephen". Just a short fic, but totally adorable! In which "Stephen" scores the last ever tourist trip to the International Space Station.
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I have a thing about William Carlos Williams. That is to say, I have an issue with him and his poems. So much so that I, um, have one of them memorized. In my defense it's really short and I didn't mean to? *headdesk*

So yeah.

"So much depends upon the red wheelbarrow glazed with rainwater beside the white chickens." Whatever, William Squared.

As a result I have been working on a collection of fannish poetry that has been written as a pastiche of or reaction to him, usually of the one about the plums. They are AWESOME. And here they are, as recs. If you know of any others, PLEASE do share! They make me strangely joyful, despite my antipathy towards William Carlos Williams himself.

This Is Just To Say, by [personal profile] toft. A Mythbusters version!
(ETA: And in the comments of the LJ version of Toft's, as a sort of sequel, a Mythbusters version of the wheelbarrow poem too, by [ profile] shimere277!)

FORGIVE ME, WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS, by [ profile] asimaiyat. A series of White Collar versions, that together form a fic!

An experiment in translation, by [ profile] skalja. A lolcat translation!

With All Apologies To William Carlos Williams, by [ profile] lannamichaels. A fandom version! Of both the plum poem and the wheelbarrow poem!

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