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A while ago kiki-eng made a post about ten sga fanworks they still think about sometimes. And I was like OOH WHAT A GREAT IDEA and started writing a draft list of sga fanworks I still think about sometimes and...the list got to be a LOT over ten.


So I will start by giving you the unadulterated list of nearly-thirty fanworks I still think about sometimes (still incomplete; there's plenty of other fics I also still think about sometimes! I just made myself stop), and then I'll narrow it down to ten that I'll actually talk about.

What Is Eternal
Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose
the one with the atlantis queer community John isn't part of but needs to be
the one where Ronon becomes Canadian
unidentified and its dvd commentary
the hard prayer
written by the victors
girl scout cookies
the one with the lesbians
soccer practice
postcards to jeannie
verity's pretend relationship fic
a beautiful lifetime event
marines to the rescue
the one with khama nuts
the one where john reinvents pizza
absurdity theory
black helicopters
if you want to kiss the sky
the one where john has a kite shop
healing station argh
the one where Rodney's using a time machine thing to constantly interfere with John's life to keep him from dying
the one where they meet in a museum as teens and Rodney writes John a ref letter pretending to be a prof
the sedoretu one
found poetry
the one where John is Rodney's mathematician
the yeshiva au

So let's narrow this down! (narrowing this down was REALLY HARD.)

What Is Eternal, by gnine
SGA fandom dates back to the days when I still thought I just wasn't into vids - this turned out to be because I hadn't yet watched enough vids to have learned how to read them, because following visual narratives or visual arguments does not come naturally to me. But this vid was one of the few from SGA days that struck me enough that I rewatched it regularly, until I had figured out how to parse it. I think there are a few things about this vid that made it work for me back in the day. First: the song has very clearly articulated lyrics that allow me to actually follow what the singer is saying, and the song has a very strong through-line of actually saying something which I could then use to map onto what the images were saying. Second: I knew that I couldn't expect to understand everything, because I'd never seen the episode (s) in question, so I went in without expectations of it actually making sense to me. And I'd read enough fic that obliquely or otherwise referred to the events of the episode, that I could follow the overall arc if not the details. So between the strong song choice and just enough in the way of clear visuals for me to be able to have feelings, I ended up watching the vid on repeat a ridiculous number of times. Rewatching the vid now, there are still a LOT of clip choices that are absolutely incomprehensible to me because the brief clip stands for something larger that I'm not aware of, refers to something in the episode that I can't draw the connection to. And yet despite the holes in my understanding, the vid still works as a vid. And I still have lots of feels. (and I still love the song.)

Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose, by synecdochic
How do I even begin? THIS FIC. THIS FIC. I just. It's a masterpiece and I have a million feels. This was one of those fics that made bb!me feel like fanfiction can be genuinely quality literary work, and this fic is genuine quality but it has to be fanfiction for it to work. Your ability to understand the emotional through-line of the story requires you to understand both what happened on the show AND what fandom thought was a likely result for the characters of what the show was doing. All of that backstory is so lightly and delicately sketched, and yet so monumentally important for informing all of the things Rodney does in this fic. So I admire the hell out of this fic and also fall to emotional pieces over it because auuuuuugh what a good everything.

the one with the atlantis queer community John isn't part of but needs to be - Friendly, by speranza
It's a fic about QUEER COMMUNITY and that is not something I'd seen much of before first reading this fic, iirc. It's like, so much fic is about two dudes being gay in isolation and that is not my experience of being queer AT ALL. (though I wasn't yet identifying as queer when I first read this fic) But the bit from this fic that sticks with me the most is the moment where John is carefully removing from himself every symbol of his military status so that he can be a person instead of a symbol of dangerous oppressive authority. That is just a really great moment.

the one where Ronon becomes canadian - My Home and Native Land, by copperbadge
Look, what isn't there to love about this fic! iirc I came to this fic later, not in my SGA heyday, so it feels a little weird to group it with most of these other fics, but I mean I definitely think about this fic a lot so! I love that it has a really good outsider perspective from a non-earth character that respects the cultural traditions he comes from and also respects Earth's, and it's about kind of an inter-cultural dialogue and inter-cultural friendships and coming to find a place where you can feel like you fit when your home culture is no longer an option. Also it's about Canada so obviously that's a draw too.

DVD commentary of Unidentified, by fiercelydreamed
This was so revelatory to me as a young fan, this kind of really thoughtful analysis of a fic by an extremely capable writer. It's this kind of thing that opens a reader/aspiring-writer's eyes to what can go into putting together a quality story. I liked the fic a great deal, but it was the dvd commentary that I reread over and over and over again. I no longer remember much of what the dvd commentary actually said, but that's not really the point - the point was the writing nerdery. And I was so there for it, and I still think about it a lot.

The Hard Prayer, by rheanna
Frick, too many feels. I remember that when I was first recced this fic (I think Essie recced it to me?) I was kind of leery because post-apocalyptic is not really a genre calculated to excite me. But I was drawn in so fast. Rodney and John are so clearly deeply affected by the trauma they've gone through, and the ways they're affected are treated with such respect by the narrative, and the two of them help each other through the tough things but don't fix each other with the magic of true love or anything like that. And the apocalypse itself is so evocative and real-feeling and awful, and basically this fic is super emotionally harrowing and not one I could reread often but wow does it stick in one's mind.

verity's pretend relationship fic - paper cranes (upstairs, downstairs), by verity
Verity got into SGA fandom long after I'd left it but just for her I gleefully fell right back in. And for a long time I got regular fic updates in my email from her of the SGA fics she was writing. And all of them were so great and so up my alley. But this one was my favourite. So on top of being a wonderful piece of writing, this fic also reminds me of my SGA renaissance and of my friendship with Verity, and basically it's a happy place.

A Beautiful Lifetime Event, by astolat
...This is the fic that dragged me into SGA fandom. It's not even one of my top-fifty favourites anymore, probably, because SGA fandom has SO MUCH GOOD STUFF, but it is still a fic that is very important to me and that I will never forget.

If you want to kiss the sky, by siegeofangels
This is the first fic I have tagged in all my bookmarks ever as being about asexuality, so like, obviously it's gonna have stuck with me. It's a fic where "normal" is dudes having sex with each other all the time, and this is something John has had to put up with forever if he wants to be in the military, if he wants to be able to fly. It's a fic about not wanting sex in a hypersexualized culture, and how that's okay, and about finding a person with whom he can be himself.

Absurdity Theory, by julad
It's just so perfectly Rodney and Radek! And it's the right kind of ridiculously silly premise treated with a (relatively) straight face that makes for one of my favourite kinds of fics. I don't know, I don't have anything meaningful to say about this one, I just love it. Such adorable nerdery.
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Some time ago Melannen posted a delightful SGA fic that required the characters to talk in nothing but geeky references, and said at the end, "Translation is left as an exercise for the readers." Recently she encouraged someone to post a translation, so what follows is my best effort. I occasionally went for an extremely loose translation as that's what seemed to fit the story best, and in one place was stumped entirely. I bolded the lines that are my translation so you can see at a glance what's original Melannen and what's me. If anyone wants to argue with me about my translation choices or enlighten me on the "Older Brother" reference PLEASE DO. And Melannen, I'd love to hear how close I got to your intended meaning!

(the translated fic reads very oddly, I'm afraid, as the characters keep on responding directly to the references, not just the underlying meaning, so there's now what look like some pretty glaring non-sequiturs. It makes me feel a little bit a failure as a translator that I can't make the fic read just as well in translation as it did in the original. But in my defense I don't think there is a way to seamlessly translate this fic into readable non-nerd without losing a lot of the banter and charm!)

Oolon Colluphid Was Right, by [ profile] melannen

The Flaw in the Translator )
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ALDKLFHSDFLKJ so Rock Happy by ArwenLune! I have a lot of thoughts/feels! I KNOW I USUALLY RESERVE THIS SORT OF POST FOR PUBLISHED BOOKS BUT wowwwww a couple sentences in my pinboard bookmark just WON'T CUT IT FOR THIS FIC.

So. Rock Happy is a crossover fic between Generation Kill (strictly the tv show, fictional version of these characters) and Stargate: Atlantis, which the author summarizes thusly:
"You want to recruit me for what? You want me to go where?"

Sgt. Brad Colbert has been on a lot of strange missions, but this promises to be his most out there yet: Atlantis.

This is not a story about falling in love. This is a story about falling in team.

And spoiler time! )
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You guys! You totally need to go read [personal profile] verity's new SGA reversebigbang fic until she shines (20k words). It is so good! I had the privilege of cheerleading the fic from the very beginning and got to watch it grow and change and bloom, and dude, dude, every time a new snippet of fic showed up in my email I invariably read it with this inescapably soppy grin of FEELINGS all over my face because YES. THIS.

It has Rodney and John in a COMPLETELY AMAZING established relationship where they are so clearly just comfortable with each other, each other's eccentricities, each other's bodies, each other's desires. SERIOUSLY ALL THE LOVE FOR THE RODNEY/JOHN IN THIS FIC.

It has Atlantis being totally in love with John, AS SHE DOES, because seriously, John/Atlantis is totally my other SGA otp and it's practically canon.

It has Ronon with a librarian past, and if you don't think that's awesome then I am very sorry for the lack of joy and wonder in your life.

It has the team being TEAM, trusting each other and caring for each other and all that good stuff.

It grapples with questions of what the purpose of the Atlantis expedition is, and what happens when there's disagreement.


And also Verity is just REALLY GOOD at writing okay? Like seriously, I was just oozing with feelings over her beautiful sentences and paragraphs, and then dying with laughter over the funny bits.

IN CONCLUSION YOU SHOULD READ THIS FIC because it deserves way more admiration than it currently has!

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When I posted Scenarios I mentioned maybe doing a set of PUBLIC TRANSIT fic recs. Here it is! Because it is a glorious trope, and all of the following are glorious examples of the trope at its best. (okay, so some of them don't fit the standard trope pattern EXACTLY, but they still involve public transit so WHATEVER I'm including them anyways BECAUSE I CAN)

(I'm not including airplanes in forms of public transit for the purpose of this recs-set because it's not something I thought to tag as being this, but upon reflection it kind of is. Please forgive this lapse on my part.)

11 recs for SGA, CW RPF, Doctor Who, Inception, BtVS, AI RPF, and bandom )


Sep. 20th, 2011 10:29 am
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Don't Ask Don't Tell officially ended today, feels almost unreal to me. I spent so long hanging out in SGA fandom, where DADT was this huge thing hanging over everything and it felt kind of like it would always exist. People would occasionally write fic about the ending of DADT, but it always felt like a fantasy -- just as unlikely as, say, a person ending up with wings.

And now it's over.

Really actually over.

I mean, I have issues with the military, don't get me wrong, but in the context of this? That doesn't matter. Because this isn't about war and killing, this is about how a thing that's as important to the US as their military is finally changing its policy in a less homophobic direction. And that is something worth celebrating.

It kind of makes me wish I'd ever managed to figure out how to write for SGA so I could write end-of-DADT fic. I hope SGA fandom is full of fics like that today.

And whether it is or not, I can still link you to one written a couple years ago which remains awesome: With Appreciation, by [ profile] facetofcathy
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Soooo instead of catching up on the internet this week I did a few vaguely productive things in between doing a lot of not-very-productive things, and then got more DENTAL SURGERY, always my favourite thing ughhhhhh.

So now instead of catching up on the internet I am consoling myself and my hurty mouth by having an appalling number of tags open with ridiculous quantities of bandom fic, which I am reading ALL OF. How is there so much amazing bandom fic in the world? I ask you!

But I just had a moment of complete and bizarre disorientation, where I was reading a fic and all of a sudden I was like, WTF WHY IS THIS NOT SGA THIS MAKES NO SENSE THERE IS NO POINT. For maybe half a second my brain was utterly convinced that there is no reason or purpose in the world to read fic for any fandom but SGA (which was my first media-fandom and slash-fandom love). Then my brain switched back into gear. But -- dude, if that half-second feeling is how monofannish people always feel? I think I can almost understand why they do what they do. Kind of. But wow. That was weird.

And really I think I'm happier as I am. I mean, my magpie behaviour with respect to fandoms is frustrating sometimes, because it means that I never get the same level and depth of familiarity with a fandom and its source that a long-term fan would have, and I don't get that same integration into the fandom's community, but I like it, the knowledge that there's always something else new and shiny around the corner, that fandom is full of vast untapped resources, that I'll never get bored.

But still, that half-second was -- disorienting. Like, what if I were that person, the one who fell for SGA back in early 2008 and proceeded to be dedicated to SGA alone for the last 3 ½ years? I bet by this point I would have actually watched all of the eps. I bet by this point I would have gotten familiar enough with the characters to get over my paralyzing fear that I'm incapable of writing decent characterizations and actually attempted serious longish fic that has actual character development and stuff. I bet by this point I would have succeeded in back-organizing all my old SGA Delicious tags.

But whatevs, that person is not me. Me, I'm grinning madly* at the ridiculous amazingness of bandom stuff, with the full knowledge that within [choose one: a day/a week/a month/a few months] I will get distracted and be all over in love with something else entirely.

*metaphorically speaking. GRINNING HURTS. STUPID DENTAL SURGERY. How am I supposed to properly appreciate fic when I can't make besotted faces at the computer screen?

Two memes!

Jul. 20th, 2011 12:01 pm
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Two meme things, from [ profile] justice_turtle! The first one involves her asking me five questions, which I am now answering, and if you want five questions from me, then reply to this post requesting five questions. And the second one is the "marry, shag, cliff" one, so if you want in on that, then reply asking for three people. Or you can request both! Or neither! It's all good!

In which I answer questions about my default icon, stealth space mennos, my favourite book, remembering songs, WWII, and a band AU of SGA )

In which I choose which out of Lord Peter Wimsey, Loki, and Rodney McKay I would shag, cliff, and marry )
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OKAY SO I'm pretty sure I'm more or less caught up with comments? Ish? My email account is a terrible morass right now and I need to actually deal with all those starred emails or something. *headdesk*

Also why is it that going away for JUST A WEEKEND results in WAY TOO MUCH INTERNET TO CATCH UP ON?

ANYWAYS. This post is about MUSIC. Mostly of the rock variety. Aka: bandom, plus U2.

U2 concert )

Bandom music, namely Panic and My Chemical Romance )

Bandom fic )

Okay I will stop ranting now because I probs ought to go to bed. I could say a million things more about bandom and about the U2 concert but I'll shut up because really my thoughts are all so disorganized that it would be hard for me to make this post actually work in any kind of coherent manner. So there's that.

(in other music-related news, I was at an ice cream place the other day with my parents and grandparents and a song came on the radio that I recognized so I started absently singing along, and my parents looked at me funny and asked me how I knew a song that was actually on the radio and I went OH OOPS and realized what song it was: Set Fire To The Rain, aka the song that that fantastic Thor vid is set to. I know a ridiculous quantity of the lyrics at this point!)
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Today I decided that instead of just obsessively listening to youtube playlists of Panic! at the Disco music, I should do something about it. So I have now acquired their three albums, and proceeded to listen to them as discrete items instead of just all the music all mixed up with each other. And wow, there's actually a fair amount of difference. The second album is WAY mellower than the first one, for instance, and frankly if I didn't know it was the same band I wouldn't have pegged it as such. And I mean, I like both of them! But I can't imagine what it must have been like for fans of the first album, when the second one came out and it was so different from the first one. I'm perfectly familiar with the tendency to hate the new album of a favourite artist when it comes out, just because it's new and you don't know all the songs by heart yet so you haven't yet managed to develop the proper fondness for them. And that's when there's been no style change at all between the two albums, and it's so much worse when there IS a change.

(I feel like I can't quite comment on the third album in relation to the first two; I haven't listened to the albums enough to be able to keep all three in my head at the same time, whereas comparing two things to each other is easier.)

I feel kind of foolish talking about this stuff now, in 2011, when what I'm talking about is news YEARS OLD and I'm sure was discussed to death at the time. WHATEVER. Getting into fandoms late: it's kind of a habit of mine.

And you know, it feels kind of inevitable in retrospect that I'd get into bandom. Because, I mean, when I was big into SGA (my first non-HP fandom, and my first entry into media fandom in general, and into slash fandom) I would see references around occasionally to the history of fandom and how SGA kind of inherited its adoration of massive AUs and crackfics from bandom. And, well, I'm really easy for AU and crack.

But it's odd, because I'm doing these fandoms backwards, so I'm reading bandom fic and not really thinking there's any kind of unusual preponderance of AUs or crack. But I'm pretty sure that SGA broke my calibrations in that regard, and all I'm likely to notice is if a fandom doesn't have the AUs and crack. So.

Anyways, I don't even know where I'm going with this! Except to say that I feel really weird for getting into bandom and for getting into Panic! at the Disco's music, because I'm just not used to being the kind of person who listens to music that anyone else in the world has actually HEARD OF, you know? It's like, I'm actually allowed to like popular music? Really? And it's hard to get out of that mindset. I almost feel like I'm embarrassed for liking Panic, and I don't really have any reason to be, right? IDK.

In other Panic related news, they sure like their odd punctuation choices, don't they, what with their band's name, and the periods in "Pretty. Odd." Also I can't get over how hilariously awesome their song titles are ("The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage." "Build God, Then We'll Talk." And so forth). Except that the new album's song titles are mostly all short and boring so apparently that was just a Ryan thing, and I'm torn. Because on the one hand, AWESOME song titles, but on the other hand, simple ones that actually have close relationships with the songs make them easier to remember....

Also I'm pretty sure I need to give up and make myself a damn tag for this. When I posted my last post about them I went with my random other fandom tag, because I was in denial about how into them I've apparently gotten, but if I'm making another post, and so soon, then I think I have no denial left to hide behind.

...It's weird, I AM embarrassed about this new fandom of mine, though. Like, I'm actually feeling weird about posting this post, which I totally wouldn't be if it were another movie or tv show or book or something that I'd randomly gotten into. IDK, maybe it's just that I know so little about any music except for folk music that I feel like I'm trying to butt into some aspect of popular culture where I don't actually belong? IDK, IDK. Whatever. I'm just going to stop letting myself waffle and just post this damn thing, which has, by the way, gotten RATHER longer than I intended it to...
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Apparently I am in a RECCING KIND OF MOOD or something, given the tenor of my last several posts. We'll see how long this lasts.

So! As requested by [ profile] carmarthen, here is a rec set of epistolary fic!

Where Do You Do Your Research, Wikipedia?, by [ profile] carmarthen. The Eagle. Marcus/Esca. Of course this has to be first, the epistolary fic by Carmarthen herself. ♥ WHAT, IT'S WONDERFUL. You can reread and enjoy your own fic, right? :D And for the rest of you who are not Carmarthen: It is a modern AU, in which they are all in a Roman reenactment group. It is obviously written out of a place of love and familiarity with the quirks of reenactors, and it is GREAT. Funny, adorable, spot-on, all that. Recommended even if you are not familiar with The Eagle!

How to Get Your Man, by [ profile] misfit_fandoms. Star Trek XI. Chekov/Sulu. In which Chekov courts Sulu, as documented by missives of various sorts, between various people. It is adorable!

Bruno Walton for Student Body President, by [ profile] kel and [ profile] rageprufrock. Macdonald Hall series. Bruno/Boots. Er, for all, what, one person on my flist who has read the Macdonald Hall books? Or maybe there's more of you! Or maybe you should read this fic even if you're not familiar with the series! Yeah, let's go with that. After all, I did, and clearly I am an excellent example to follow in this regard. So. All you need to know: Bruno and Boots are two boys who went to boarding school together as kids and were totally inseparable and also trouble-makers. Bruno is the ringleader. This fic is futurefic, in which they're at university together, sending emails to each other during class. It is excellent and you totally want to read it even if you've never heard of Macdonald Hall.

Killing Elvis, by [ profile] hradzka. Alien. Gen. Um. APPARENTLY there is a second theme here in this rec set, which is, FIC YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW THE CANON FOR. (let me retroactively state that you probs don't need to know Star Trek to enjoy the Chekov/Sulu one either, but hell, you, Dear Reader, are in fandom, and thus I am betting you know at least something about Star Trek. There you go. Now you can read that fic too.) All I knew about Alien before reading this fic: there is an alien. See? You too can read this fic with no outside knowledge! This is a fic about three poor people have to deal with bureaucracy and employee stupidity (and boss stupidity) and a dangerous alien and doing their jobs all at once. It is AWESOME.

Postcards to Jeannie, by [ profile] friendshipper. SGA. Gen. Um, actually, now I'm afraid I have to say that I actually don't know how well this one would work if you aren't somewhat familiar with SGA. OH WELL. This is a great fic! It is about the friendship between Teyla and Jeannie, as expressed through postcards, and also about the sibling relationship between Rodney and Jeannie, and the lovely teaminess of the SGA team. It is lovely.

And there you go! I hope you have enjoyed these epistolary fics! (and if you have requests for other rec set themes/tropes/etc, feel free to suggest. I may or may not take you up on them, depending on how well I have that particular thing tagged!)
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Okay, I'm weak. There is that meme going around with all the titles of one's WIP files, and I am going to do it. Though really I do not have many compared to a lot of people!

Here they are:

-All china_shop's fault
-The Who Wants to Live Forever Affair
-Elizabeth Bennet, Longwing Captain
-Koschei the Deathless fic
-DVD commentary of Love is a Mystery
-Love is a Mystery sequel notes
-Atlantis Adventure Canoeing
-bingo: Doctor/Master

(the fandoms are, in order: WC, MFU, P&P/Temeraire, DW/fairy tales, STXI, STXI, SGA, DW)

Some of these I have already talked about, back in this post, but some of them are new. And there seem to be two varieties of the meme, one of which you can ask and I will give you one line from the fic, and one of which you can ask and I will talk about the fic. I am willing to do either or both, if you have any interest!
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Remember how yonks ago I promised I'd share with you my final essay from my course on Queer Theory, the one that I wrote about fandom? I told you I would post it after the new year? Yeah, um, a month and a half it is in all its glory. I have not edited the content at all from the when I submitted it. Um, sorry about all the footnotes; they're a lot more readable when they go at the end of the page instead of the end of the entire essay!

Also, I realized belatedly that the polite thing to do would have been to ask the authors of the fics and posts I cite whether it would be okay for me to do so. So, um, I'm very sorry to anyone who discovers this and is offended by my use of their writing. There's not much I can do after the fact except to apologize and say that at least the only audience for my essay was my relatively fandom-friendly prof?

Anyways, I hope at least someone finds this interesting. I had fun doing it. (though I could not make myself reread it, even for posting it here - I can hardly ever bear to reread my essays. I only skimmed enough to put in the necessary formatting...)

In Your Media Queering Your Characters )
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Thing One: It probably should not come as a surprise to you that I have something of a thing for pairings involving a dubiously moral dude and the boyscout he loves. I now have a new pairing to add to my list.... (John Marcone: probably these are spoilers. I'm bad at judging ) I would never want to meet him in real life but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.)

Speaking of which, I don't really recommend the practice of diving headfirst into fic for a literary canon, and happening to read one of the actual canonical books in the middle of all this fic. You WILL forget which things happened in the book and which happened in the various fics you've read. Or at least you will if you're me. Oops?

Thing Two: When I first noticed AO3's new "kudos" feature, I was all "bzuh? what is this?" but now that I have figured it out I am STARRY-EYED IN LOVE. It means I get more people telling me they enjoyed my fics, which feels lovely. But more importantly, it fixes my eternal dilemma of: loved this fic! Should tell author so! But leaving a comment that just says "love this fic" feels awfully perfunctory and not actually full of love, so I need to compose a longer and more heartfelt comment! But ahhhh that is stressful and effort so most of the time I won't do it, I'll just leave the fic sitting open in a tab for ages glaring at me with a guilt-inducing stare! Eventually I will give up and just bookmark it, and never leave a peep in comment!

Now it goes: loved this fic! Should tell author so! *clicks the kudos button* Mission accomplished!

(Already I've begun feeling the lack when I read fics on LJ and DW...)

Thing Three: My exciting christmas gift of awesome: an iPod! But now I have to name it, obviously. I've been thinking hard for the last week about what I should name it. It needs an awesome name, that's at least slightly fannish, and also relevant to what it is. My computer, for instance, is Bunbury -- somewhere I go when I'm ostensibly being Responsible, but is really mostly for having fun. I'm thinking of naming my iPod The Raven King (or John Uskglass, or The Nameless Slave; the last thought rather amuses me), on account of the way that shiny new technology like this is mostly a magical mystery unto me. But the protective covering on my iPod is sky blue, which is not particularly Raven Kingish. I feel like he'd object kind of strongly. I have also considered naming it McKay, on account of it being scientific and musical and convinced it's better than me, but for some reason despite it fitting I'm not in love with this name possibility. Do any of you have any brilliant suggestions?


Nov. 15th, 2010 12:11 am
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A WIP meme! Because they always look like such fun when other people do them, and these days I actually have enough files that begin with the letters "W", "I", and "P" to do it.

Of course, just because they're WIPs doesn't mean all of them are likely to ever be FINISHED. So here they are, in order of most likely to least likely.

Inception, Highlander/Man from UNCLE, SGA, Doctor Who, and Star Trek )
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Thing one: Hello Vorkosigan Saga my new love! Um. Reading four books in two days? NOT GOOD FOR MY PRODUCTIVITY LEVELS GODDAMN. But the Vorkosigan Saga? SO GOOD. (Gotta say though: Miles is a GLORIOUS lunatic and I love him dearly and I would never ever want to meet him.)

Thing two: Occasionally one learns fascinating things from friends' textbooks. Conversation today, between me and Dinah:

Me: What?
Dinah: Listen to what my textbook says: "How else could you melt a gaylord of plastic?"
Dinah: ...Yeah. Apparently a gaylord has something to do with the dimensions of a packing crate. It's about polymer extrusion.
Dinah: Apparently!
Me: Gosh. Well. a sentence that desperately wants a novel written about it.

Clearly this novel is a scifi novel about artificial intelligence, and involves an AI that's become sentient (and very very gay) and tried to take over the universe, and people think it/he (QUESTIONS OF GENDER IDENTITY WILL ABOUND!) needs to be stopped/killed. And since the AI's body is basically just plastic (aside from the electronic components and mechanical bits), people think the easiest thing will be to just melt it.

In my head it is something of a mix between that fic about Lex Luthor taking over the universe and the universe liking it, that fic about John Sheppard being a robot ( One of the many fics about John Sheppard being a robot.), and the bit in James Alan Gardner's book Vigilant with the robots being melted (at least in part) by acid-spray.

It would be AWESOME.

Thing three: Someone had FAR too much time on their hands, and created a fake trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special. I watched it, and was like, DUDE I DON'T RECOGNIZE THOSE CLIPS. And then I saw the making-of video. Gosh. Colour me impressed.
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I think I have an instinctive shying-away from writing about intimacy and love in fic-form, and that's why most of my fics don't actually involve a)relationships or b)happy relationships. OH SELF.

How I discovered this: [ profile] bookshop made a post today, wanting more happy schmoopy Arthur/Eames, and challenging everyone to respond to her post with a three-sentence long fic that's as self-indulgent and shamelessly-in-love as you can make it. I decided to do it myself, since hey, three sentences, not a big challenge. And I wrote it, and the whole time I was shying away from making it AS self-indulgently schmoopy as I wanted it to be! It ended up being kind of adorable, I think, but really hardly schmoopy: Arthur and Eames, watching tv, with Arthur reclining on the couch with his head in Eames' lap, but Arthur feeling a little insecure about the fact that he wants to be doing that. I wanted it to be just straight-up adorably cuddly, and I couldn't make myself write it, because it felt...too self-indulgent? Even though that was the POINT! IDEK.

So. Obviously I need practice at allowing myself to write this sort of thing. WHAT THIS MEANS: Leave a comment to this entry, with your choice of any of my fandoms and some sort of prompt, and I will write a fic in response about love and adorableness. I reserve the right to make said fic be as short or as long as I want, to request a different fandom if I don't feel up to whatever it was that you prompted me with, and to take as much or as little time as I need to write it.

Okay? Okay! Let's do this thing!

EDIT: The commentfics I have done so far:
* White Collar -- Peter/Neal/El -- at Neal's place for his birthday
* Inception -- Arthur/Eames -- Eames is the most cuddly boyfriend ever, and Arthur tries to conciously let himself be more touchy-feely
* SGA -- Rodney-John -- No pets are allowed on the expedition
* Bible -- Jesus-Peter -- At the wedding at Cana, after a few drinks, Jesus reveals his vulnerable side
* Harry Potter -- Hermione/Snape -- "with you, I don't have to pretend"
* Highlander -- Duncan/Methos -- bantering about history

Feel free to leave more prompts, if you so desire!
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It keeps on amazing me that no matter how much I might like a fic beforehand, after podficcing it I like it FIFTY TIMES MORE. It's probably about the way that podficcing allows me to get so much closer to the text, see it in more detail, and get properly intimate with it.

With this fic, what podficcing it allowed me to see more clearly was the importance of people. The first time I read it I was all about the Rodney/music OTP -- which is beautiful. But now I love the Rodney/friendship stuff in it JUST AS MUCH.

Title: Necessary Things
Author: [ profile] minnow1212
Length: 54:37
Fandom: SGA
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: In which McKay's quest for the contents of Kavanagh's iPod leads him into deeper waters than he expected.

Link: Download it here at Sendspace
Permanent copy: Here on the archive
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Oh hey, remember how I do podficcing too? Yeah, I know, it's been over half a year.... Anyways. PODFIC. COMPLETED.

Title: Lullabies in a Minor Key
Author: [ profile] penknife
Length: 22:09
Fandom: SGA
Rating/Warnings: PG, a little dark
Summary: Rodney and Jeannie gen backstory. It's not exactly family harmony.

Link: Download here at sendspace
ETA: Permanent link here!

Me talking about podficcing )
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This week in Movies Sophia Has Not Seen Before: two classic movies, courtesy of the classic-movie-loving friend of my sister, because I was visiting said sister for the weekend. They inspired kind of a lot of thoughts in me. Spoilers, as usual, follow the cuts.

Oklahoma! )

Elmer Gantry )

And finally, on an entirely different note, today I reread Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose, one of those SGA stories that everyone in the fandom has heard of. And of course I read it way back when, when I'd first joined the fandom, and reread it not long after, but I haven't read it for probably a year now. And over the course of that year I'd managed to convince myself that it couldn't be as brilliant as I remembered it being. Today's reread? Reminded me that it is.

(Also it reminded me of how deep and abiding my love for truly good DVD commentaries is. One of my other favourite fics ever, Unidentified, also has a marvelous DVD commentary. It just adds so much depth and colour and insight into the fic, and if the fic is brilliant to begin with, a really good DVD commentary makes it brillianter. (Probably this is just another aspect of my love affair with meta in general...))

(Also right now I am rereading Naomi Novik's Temeraire series and going through exactly the same thing that Freedom's Just Another Word inspired: I'd convinced myself that it couldn't be nearly as wonderful as I remembered, and then it turned out that my memory was accurate after all. OH TEMERAIRE.)

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