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Look I all I intended to do was give a listen to the Season 1 theme song because it's super great, and then all of a sudden it's hours and hours later and I've rewatched the ENTIRE FIRST SEASON and am curled up on my couch overwhelmed with feels. (And I have the theme stuck in my head.)

UGH I JUST CANNOT EVEN WITH THIS SHOW. And the worst part is I've never even watched more than about half of it? Even though the entirety of the show is only 18 episodes. I'm just so bad at watching TV! And Richard's, like, existence stresses me out so terribly much! BUT IT'S ALL SO BRILLIANT.

In conclusion, ALKSDFJ;LDFsjkdlfhfdklsdfglj
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Yes, shut up, another crossover. I can't help myself! (Especially when it involves HIGHLANDER. Every fandom needs to be crossed over with Highlander. Just saying.)

Also, I am sorry I couldn't work any Shakespeare references into this. It's a Slings & Arrows fic so there should be Shakespeare -- but I don't know enough Shakespeare to be able to manage it creditably. Alas!

Title: And Fortify Yourself In Your Decay
Fandoms: Slings & Arrows, Highlander
Characters: Geoffrey, Methos
Rating/Warnings: PG, no warnings
Length: 1446 words
Summary: Either he'd magically become immortal, or he'd had another psychotic break, and the first option wasn't sounding very likely.
Note: Thanks to [ profile] ariastar for betaing!

Well, damn, Geoffrey thought )
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Anyone out there who's familiar with Slings & Arrows who'd be willing to take a look at a fic of mine? It's a pretty short one (about 1500 words), a crossover with Highlander, and I just need someone who knows S&A better than I do to tell me whether I'm making any stupid errors with regards to the canon, or terribly mischaracterizing Geoffrey, or anything like that.

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Because podficcing is addictive.

Also, doing this makes me want to write a Slings & Arrows/Highlander crossover. No, I haven't begun writing it already, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.

Title: high on a stage be placed to the view
Author: [ profile] ariastar
Length: 8:46
Fandom: Slings & Arrows
Pairing: Geoffrey/Darren
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: "A flying start," says Darren in a snap of contempt, and Geoffrey feels a jolting little thrill, because they have this down, they already have it perfectly in tune; of course the irony of playing Guildenstern is lost on Darren, but the irony of playing Rosencrantz off him had been lost to Geoffrey until these three words.

Download here at Sendspace
Permanent copy here on the archive
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As a further part of the fandom appreciation challenge, here are three recs of fics that are older than six months. I WOULD make them all recs of stuff from my biggest fandom, just for a change of pace, but I haven't got far enough back yet in my Delicious organization project to have reached all the SGA fics yet. So instead you're getting an extremely random hodge-podge.

Strange's Country, by [ profile] concernedlily. This is a Supernatural/Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell crossover. Weirdest crossover ever, maybe, but it works so well. I'm not even a Supernatural fan and I still fell head over heels in love with this fic. It doesn't really use the characters from Strange & Norrell, but draws on the mythology from it, and incorporates it so perfectly into the paradigm of the show. Bottom line: this fic is amazing. It's also, um, really long. Like, over 50k words. BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Love Like A Djelibeybian, by [ profile] gehayi. This is a Discworld fic, specifically for the book Pyramids. It's about Ptraci as Pharaoh, and what an awesome job she does of it too. And also about how she manipulates the country into letting her marry her female lover. Mmm, I do love Ptraci.

A Foolish Wit, by [ profile] petronelle. This is a Slings & Arrows fic, and Sloan-centric. Sloan helps Oliver finally find resolution in telling Geoffrey how he feels, through writing a play together. It's so great to look at the show from the perspective of someone who ISN'T overly-intellectual and Shakespeare-obsessed -- it's not a perspective one often gets to see. But this shows how Sloan really is a wonderful person, more so maybe than some of the people who are more "intelligent" than him.
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Thing One: There is a poem by Robert W Service that I really want to find again (I want to memorize it! I like memorizing poetry). The problem: I can't remember what its title was, nor any of the lines within it. This makes it emininently not an internet-searchable thing. I went through lists of all his poem titles, but none of them jumped out at me as being the right one. And it is definitely not one of his more famous ones, which makes it harder to just happen to accidentally stumble across it.

So it seems the only thing left to do is to laboriously go through every single poem he ever wrote (and he wrote a LOT) in order to find this one. *sigh* Library time it is; I think it'll be easier to go through them all on paper. At least I already know it's not in Songs of a Sourdough or Ballads of a Bohemian (since I own those two).

Thing Two: I finally got around to watching White Collar 1.10. It was very good! Except I'm realizing more and more how much this show gets my squick of "oh no something terrible is going to happen any second now". I don't deal well with that sort of tension.... But the episode was still really good! )

Thing Three: There's all that Slings & Arrows fic out there about college-age Geoffrey and Darren putting on Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead, of which I highly approve. But you know what there also needs to be? A whole lotta fic about middle- or old-aged Geoffrey and Darren putting on Waiting For Godot. *nods head* Because it would be awesome.

It would be all thematically relevant! And academic and intelligent while still getting to the emotional heart of the characters! And somehow there would be found a way to make the fic have a happy ending despite it being about a play that doesn't really even have an ending at all! And Darren would be ridiculous and Geoffrey would be crazy and they'd be all messed up but still awesome, and it would end up being Geoffrey/Darren slash because that is secretly my FAVOURITE PAIRING EVER from S&A! *wants*
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thing oneOh goodness, I got so distracted by slash!fail (and my following re-obsession with reading Everything Ever about asexuality) that I never posted about my Paul Gross and Doctor Who experiences from this weekend! Allow me to rectify that.

First was Paul Gross. This was a "Behind the Score" production of one of Mozart's piano concertos. So what that means is that for the first hour there's a sort of dramatic reading/narration/selections of music type thing that introduces you to the history of the composer, and the time period he was writing in, and themes to look for in the music, and some of the stuff he was trying to do with this particular piece, and fun stuff like that. So there were two speakers: the narrator, and Paul Gross. Paul Gross was doing a dramatic reading of any bits of text that are actual things that somebody said, usually Mozart but sometimes other relevant characters too. It was very good, and also really interesting. And Paul Gross was his usual attractive and highly captivating self, even though he never even got out of his chair, and had rather the smaller speaking part.

And it was so weird to see Paul Gross in real life. It's like he's an actual person! Which okay, yes, I knew, but there's a different sort of immediacy to that knowledge when you've seen a person in real life.

(During intermission, I had a mutual Paul Gross Love-Fest with one of the friends I'd gone with. It was awesome.)

Then after intermission was the actual performance of the concerto, which was half an hour long. It was pretty, but nothing hugely exciting.

And THEN as soon as the performance was over we off to do our best to make it to the Doctor Who thing in time, which we did. This was Doctor Whom: Improvised Adventures Through Time And Space.

And it was AWESOME. So hilarious. And really well done too; the actors were all very good, and were excellent at improv. The Doctor was played by a pregnant woman, so of course there were jokes about that. And the Doctor was wearing the most perfect and amazing coat I have ever seen in my whole life. It epitomizes my dream coat. It is the coat I have always wanted. I want that coat. I was admiring it all the way through the performance.

And it was so genuinely laugh-out-loud funny; I hardly stopped laughing through the entire thing. There was the Doctor, and a slightly ditzy companion, and a Captain Jack who couldn't say anything without it being totally innuendo and who was doing his best to get into the companion's pants, and there was the Master (with a rubbish beard! Who was totally just doing everything to get the Doctor's attention!), and a dalek showed up at the end, and it was SO AMAZING. Even the minor characters were awesome! (My favourite of them? The girl with the indeterminate accent -- which was poked fun of all the way through -- who was the Master's assistant. She was awesome.)

And okay, then made Captain Jack rather, um, stupid and totally lacking in depth, which annoyed me a WEE bit, but it was done in such a wonderfully funny way that I totally forgave them.

And the woman who played the Doctor did so extremely well, such that I could almost actually see her as BEING the Doctor (well, as much as I can see anyone who isn't David Tennant as the Doctor. It's not my fault! I imprinted on him!).

thing two My Paulslash story is finished, and with my beta! This is highly exciting! It did turn out to be on the shorter side of my estimate (being less than 2000 words), and also it did not have the ending I expected. I've never before actually had the experience of having my characters let me know in no uncertain terms that I was actually totally wrong about how they'd react, but that kinda happened here. I was writing, and then I couldn't write anymore, because I couldn't come up with the right words for Paul to say. And it wasn't working and it wasn't working and finally I realized why: because Paul wasn't about to say any such thing. So that was that. (It kinda makes me feel like a Real Writer, for my characters to have developed that much sense of self (or for me to have developed that much sense of who the characters are; whatever).)

thing three I am using a totally not-relevant-to-my-post icon for this post, because I have a shiny new icon! (when one can only have six icons, this is big news) It is an icon of Darren from Slings & Arrows because he makes me ridiculously happy. Well actually, when WATCHING him it often triggers my embarrassment-squick, but when reading fic about him? I love him and his ridiculous pretensions dearly. (I think my favourite genre of S&A fic EVER is the "Geoffrey and Darren put on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead on while in college together" storyline. They just play off each other so well! It is so awesome!)
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Oh right, they passed by in a haze of me obsessing over fandom. *cough* I need to learn to moderate my viewing experience.

I have not yet finished watching Slings & Arrows, on account of getting distracted by ANOTHER show. Although, on the S&A front, I have discovered that someone I know in real life is a fan of it! It is so strange (and so awesome) to get crossovers of real life and fannishness like that!

Continuing on the theme of such crossovers, this weekend was Canadian thanksgiving. So of course I was visiting with my relatives. My cousins and I don't get along excessively well, because we have so little in common with each other. BUT. They are all fans of Doctor Who! Which means that I am indeed capable of socializing with them with relatively little pain!

And speaking of Doctor Who, I just found out that Stephen Moffatt's going to have a new logo when Season Five comes around. And hey, it looks pretty cool! I was actually never a fan of the logo of Davies' Who (or, for that matter, most of Classic Who...). But this one? I like! YAY! Even if it does make me worried about just HOW MUCH is going to be changing when the Moff takes the reins. (New Doctor, new companion, new TARDIS look, new logo...)

But going back to my second paragraph, I got distracted from S&A by a certain show called Sports Night. It is a truly spectacular show. For reals. Despite the fact that I kept on seeing references to it all over fandom, I never even once considered looking at it because: Sports. It's right in the title. What I didn't realize at the time is that it's not actually ABOUT sports. It's about characters who happen to work for a sports-show, but who could really be in any setting you like, since the show is about the relationships of the characters, and the politics of their workplace.

And the characters? Awesome. I actually don't ship the main slash pairing (wonder of wonders) because they actually read to me on the tv show as being very close, emotionally supportive FRIENDS, and nothing more. Not... that this stops me from reading fic in which they are slashed, of course. I think I'm just so much in the habit of reading slash fics that I don't know how to approach fics which do canon pairings. (Because seriously? Dana/Casey ftw. And I think Dan* needs to work through more of his issues in therapy before I want to ship him with anyone. Although possibly my opinion on both these matters will change over the course of the last 18 episodes?)

I'm also watching a variety of other shows right now, because the television season has started back up again and all of a sudden for the first time in my life there are MANY SHOWS that I want to watch! They are as follows:
cut for potential minor spoilers for Dollhouse, Eastwick, and Supernatural )
4. Flashforward. I have not actually had the chance to see any episodes of it as of yet, but it's based on a book by one of my favourite SF authors (Flashforward, by Robert J Sawyer), so I feel like I have to check it out on principle. I don't even know if it's any good or not.
5. Stargate: Universe. I have not seen any episodes of this yet either. But sentientcitizen tells me that the pilot is actually kind of promising, so I really need to start watching this, because seriously -- I love me some Stargate.

This is too many shows! What do I DOOOOOO?

Continuing in my update of my fannish life right now, I am totally failing at working on writing my own fic. I'm still very interested by that one idea I was working on, the amnesiac!John one, but have no motivation to write it. Similarly, I've been falling down in my beta duties to sentientcitizen; I've had a fic of hers sitting in my inbox waiting for a second beta for MANY WEEKS now. I need to do that too.

Buuut I'm sick right now so instead I'm just going to go watch some more Sports Night.

*augh I hate that this fandom has two main characters with such similar names. Dan and Dana! WHYYYYYY?
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Why do I always end up making TV-watching a stressful experience, by allowing myself to be too involved in the characters and story?

I have quickly fallen very deeply in love with Slings & Arrows, and yet it is a trial to watch because at any moment Geoffrey might do something terribly embarrassing, like yelling at Oliver's ghost in the middle of a children's play.... And Richard! Always so... so awkward, and spineless, and watching him is like watching a trainwreck.

And I...should really be going to bed now instead of staying up late obsessing.
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My life is ruined forever! A tragedy beyond all telling! *cough* By which I mean, I'm having trouble with watching Slings & Arrows.

I saw the first two episodes and they were amazing and wonderful and marvelous and EVERYTHING GOOD and then in the third episode? The only copy I can find on Youtube is missing the second ten-minute segment. I'm going to miss an important part of the episode! I will be losing out on a brief but surely worthwhile segment of brilliance!

And I can't find it on ANY of the other tv-streaming sites I know. And my local library has it, but I've forgotten the PIN for my library card so I can't reserve a copy!

....and now I'm going to wander back over to Youtube and finish watching the season. (minus those ten missing minutes.... *fumes*)

EDIT: Oh no wait I figured out the problem! The playlist is merely a little messed up in Episode 4 (which is where I ACTUALLY am), making me think that things had gone all TERRIBLY TRAGICALLY WRONG. But it's okay and I am not missing anything after all!

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