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[personal profile] china_shop was a cruel, cruel person and ran a Fandom Appreciation Challenge while I was away from the internet.

So I have no recourse but to participate, over a week late. Obviously.

Yesterday was day one of my involvement in the challenge, in which I had to "Send or leave feedback on three stories by authors you don't know or haven't read before." Which I dutifully did.

Today's is to "Leave or send feedback on three vids, icons sets, mood themes, picspams, artworks, podfics, rec sets or similar," with a bonus challenge of reccing three such fanworks. I have done the feedback, and now here are my recs!

Three vids that I think you should watch:

Objection (Tango), by [ profile] talitha78. Smallville, Clark/Lex.

I've had this vid for months, and have watched it a truly ridiculous number of times. I just keep on returning to it again and again and again. And no, I've never seen a single moment of any Smallville episode. I'm still allowed to like Smallville vids! Anyways, I'm very bad at analyzing what it is I like about vids, so suffice to say this vid is awesome and you should watch it. Even if, like me, you don't know Smallville in the slightest.

One Girl Revolution, by [ profile] arefadedaway. Multifandom.

This is a vid that is basically about awesome ladies and how awesome they are, and every time I watch it I get totally caught up in the sheer quantity of awesome. And I watch it a lot. I recognize probably less than half of the ladies in it, but it doesn't even MATTER. Because it is glorious.

Your Life (extempore), by [personal profile] lim. Doctor Who. Amy, Doctor, Vincent Van Gogh.

This vid -- oh, it just really gets at the heart of what the episode was about. The joy and the tragedy, and how the joy still matters. It's beautiful. (Even if the song does give me flashbacks to elementary and middle school...)
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Thing Two: Another installment of My Life In Conversations! I was skyping [ profile] sentientcitizen, as one does, and this exchange occurred.

Me: *blathering about this odd Smallville crossover I stumbled across*
Essie: You know, "Clex" really sounds like the sort of thing you get from unprotected sex
Me: Heh, shipping as a venereal disease!
Essie: "So I was kinda drunk last night, and there was this guy, and when I woke up this morning I was like, man, Clark and Lex, that’s kinda hot"
Me: *dies laughing*

(Conversations with Essie OFTEN result in my dying of laughter. It's great.)

Thing Three: WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FANDOMS? I just have this modest little desire to become familiar with every fandom that Media Fandom has ever been interested in. Is that too much to ask? Is it? Is it? *sigh* It’s just – they almost ALL sound interesting, in all their various ways, and I could so easily be a fan of all of them, IF I ONLY HAD THE TIME. But I think that would take more time than I would have even if I devoted 48 hours every single day to fandom. Ahahahaha. *headdesk*

Some people are like, I really love This Fandom, for this that and the other reason. And I go, yeah, but That Fandom has these awesome things. And That Other Fandom has these awesome things. And I just want ALL THE AWESOME.

Apparently I want to play the X-Treme Sport version of polyfannishness? IDEK.

Thing Four: You know what is pure torture? Having to restrict the number of tabs I have open at a given time. My computer, bless its evil little soul, has decided that if I have too many open then it’s just going to take FOREVER AND A DAY to do the simplest of things, and going all "not responding" at the slightest of provocations. No longer can I bask in the free and easy life of having something like 50 tabs open! Now I must restrict myself to approximately ten at most or my computer says "Nuh uh! You should know better than that! I shall now teach you a lesson!" (My computer’s name: Bunbury. I do not think it deserves such an awesome name anymore. Possibly it needs to be renamed, to something like Beelzebub.)

This is hard, curtailing my tabs. How else am I to remember what links I still need to come back to, whether to read or to comment or to bookmark or whatever? This means that I can’t open a tab unless I know I’ll be able to close it again in the not too distant future, which -- that is generally a time commitment I DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE. *flails*

(Earlier today I had 15 tabs open and my computer was glaring at me in a warning fashion. I needed to close about ten of them in order to make the Yuletide sign-up page actually be willing to function for me. This was a PAINFUL experience.)

Thing Five: So Daniel Radcliffe just went up about ten million coolness points in my eyes. (…yes, I have that song memorized too. Tom Lehrer FTW!)

Thing Six: A party last night proved conclusively that that Smallville vid to Bad Romance has managed to cure me of my dislike for the song. UNEXPECTED and awesome.
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Thing one: Hello Vorkosigan Saga my new love! Um. Reading four books in two days? NOT GOOD FOR MY PRODUCTIVITY LEVELS GODDAMN. But the Vorkosigan Saga? SO GOOD. (Gotta say though: Miles is a GLORIOUS lunatic and I love him dearly and I would never ever want to meet him.)

Thing two: Occasionally one learns fascinating things from friends' textbooks. Conversation today, between me and Dinah:

Me: What?
Dinah: Listen to what my textbook says: "How else could you melt a gaylord of plastic?"
Dinah: ...Yeah. Apparently a gaylord has something to do with the dimensions of a packing crate. It's about polymer extrusion.
Dinah: Apparently!
Me: Gosh. Well. a sentence that desperately wants a novel written about it.

Clearly this novel is a scifi novel about artificial intelligence, and involves an AI that's become sentient (and very very gay) and tried to take over the universe, and people think it/he (QUESTIONS OF GENDER IDENTITY WILL ABOUND!) needs to be stopped/killed. And since the AI's body is basically just plastic (aside from the electronic components and mechanical bits), people think the easiest thing will be to just melt it.

In my head it is something of a mix between that fic about Lex Luthor taking over the universe and the universe liking it, that fic about John Sheppard being a robot ( One of the many fics about John Sheppard being a robot.), and the bit in James Alan Gardner's book Vigilant with the robots being melted (at least in part) by acid-spray.

It would be AWESOME.

Thing three: Someone had FAR too much time on their hands, and created a fake trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special. I watched it, and was like, DUDE I DON'T RECOGNIZE THOSE CLIPS. And then I saw the making-of video. Gosh. Colour me impressed.
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I have watched that Smallville Objection (Tango) vid a completely ridiculous number of times by this point. And today on the umptillionth viewing of it, I came to a realization: Clark wears both red-shirt-with-blue-jacket AND blue-shirt-with-red-jacket combinations. For goodness' sake. YOU WOULD THINK THAT WOULD BE OBVIOUS. I'm pretty sure my subconscious has been confused for several days, trying to work out what colour his jacket is, when IN FACT HE HAS MULTIPLE JACKETS. Oh Sophia how so oblivious.*

At any rate, he looks damn good in blue and red, no matter which garment is which colour. Well. Blue and red are two of my favourite colours -- and he wears good and bold versions of them. I approve. I am super easy for bright colours! (It is hurting my soul that my bedroom walls in my current place are beige.) Speaking of things I am super easy for, that coat that Lex is wearing in the scene in the wheat field where Clark is kneeling in front of Lex all bruised and bleeding and then Lex offers him his hand. Long coats are excellent. (also I am super curious what is going on in that scene....)

Annnnnd that's probably enough Shallowness for one post, so I'll move on.

I have been thinking, today, about my different relationship with vids when I have them downloaded versus when I have them favourited on Youtube. I used to never download vids, because doing so is a big pain, and then you've just got these files sitting around taking up space. I much preferred to find the vid on youtube, and favourite it so if I ever desired to watch it again I could. There were a few vids that I did watch multiple times, but mostly they just sat there.

Since being indoctrinated further into the Enjoyment Of Vids, I have come across vids that came highly recommended and are only available for download, so I broke my rule, and began to download rather than stream, as my default setting. And -- I've discovered I like having the vid downloaded. I'm more likely to rewatch them. And it's handy, having a folder I can go to, with all my vids sitting there nicely organized. It's enough to make me want to go to my favourites of the youtube vids and find out whether the creators have them available somewhere for download too. Because since acquiring my vid folder, I haven't gone over to watch any of my favourited vids on Youtube once.

* Well, I already knew I'm terrible at watching vids. I need to watch most vids multiple times to actually understand and appreciate them at all, and I still often get moments after a dozen or more watches where I go "OH I GET IT NOW", because I was being just that slow about some aspect of it. Apparently that also goes for OTHER aspects of my abilities to interpret visual information, to join my inability to recognize faces!


Oct. 14th, 2010 02:19 am
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Thing one: You know what's super weird? Hearing songs that you're really familiar with from vids, as background music in a TV show.

I've, um, started watching Veronica Mars. I blame the Female Character Yenta Meme. And in the first episode, around half an hour in, Don't Fear The Reaper starts playing. HELLO HIGHLANDER. *cough*

But more importantly: Veronica Mars is AWESOME, okay? I <3 Veronica so much OMG, she is the best ever. VERONICA!

Thing two: You know your Queer Theory prof is awesome when, after a class in which Kate Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" was discussed, and you tell him about the existence of a guy doing a cover of it, you send him the link to the Ivri Lider cover and also to the Smallville vid to the original (just for kicks), and his response? is "I wish the Smallville version had played out what it can only hint at here, and that is the obviously passionate relationship between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor!"


Thing three: Relatedly, because of the above two vids, I've had I Kissed A Girl stuck in my head all day, and not minded. It is SO WEIRD. I used to hate that song passionately! And now I am okay with it, because the associations have all changed! It's fascinating, really, the way that associations with songs have such a huge influence upon one's like or dislike of them. OH FANDOM I LOVE YOU.

Thing four: I need to learn how to not stay up late reading fic. Especially when I have German homework due. *headdesk*

Thing five: spoilers for an upcoming Sarah Jane Adventures episode with repercussions for Doctor Who )
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The problems with the fact that, apparently, Shakespeare is my latest fandom-of-the-week:

Problem one: EVERYONE HAS TOO MANY NAMES, AND TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME NAME. Which Henry is Hal? Which Richard is being talked about now? People keep mentioning Aumerle, but that name never shows up in the fics! (I think he's Edward? But WHICH EDWARD? I'm pretty sure there's multiple Edwards too!) How is everyone related to each other? Who's married to whom? Who killed whom, and who defeated whom in battle? And who likes whom, and who doesn't, and how can I keep all of this straight when EVERYONE HAS THE SAME NAMES? AAAAAUUUUGH.

Problem two: To properly get a grasp on all the characters and their interrelations and their motivations and everything, I need a LARGE fandom's worth of fic. LOTS AND LOTS of fic to plow through, in order to sort everything out. It is my normal mode of operation! That's how I'm figuring out Smallville right now, despite being entirely unfamiliar with the show. But it won't take me long to RUN OUT of good Shakespeare fic, I think, and I'm definitely going to run out before I've got everything sorted in my head! Especially since there's way more characters than Smallville has (Smallville: Clark, Lex, Lionel, Jonathan, Martha, Jor-El, Chloe, Lana, Lois, Pete. Get these down and you're golden. Shakespeare: That's not even the length of a cast list for a SINGLE PLAY, much less the entirety of his body of works...even if I just cut it down to the plays that the fandom seems interested in.)

Problem three: Speaking of plays fandom is interested in, why does nobody write King Lear fic? KING LEAR IS AWESOME OKAY. I've been looking everywhere I can think, and I am seeing NO KING LEAR LOVE. Which is a crying shame. Even Yuletide doesn't have any Lear fic. I have been able to discover exactly two fics, one of which is incest (not my thing), and the other of which is lovely but extremely short. And that is ALL. I think I need to request Lear for Yuletide, but that means GETTING RID OF one of the other things I've decided I want to request! Oh, the horror!

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I had one of those delicious moments of cross-contamination between my fandom and academic interests today, in the context of my queer theory course. Well, more accurately, thus far that course is ALWAYS interesting to me in a fannish and an academic and a personal sense, but today the fannish-academic connection was stronger than usual.

My most recent bout of obsessive fic-reading is in the Smallville fandom. This is a fandom that is deeply concerned with power and knowledge. Power in the sense of the super-powers of Clark and mutant powers of Lex, power in the sense of power over other people, power in the sense of power over the city or the world (or the galaxy...). And knowledge in the sense of the knowledge of each other that friendship between Clark and Lex has caused, knowledge in the sense of knowing (or discovering) each other's secrets, knowledge in the sense of knowing stuff (about science, about the world, about Krypton). And these two things, knowledge and power, are closely linked to each other.

So talking about Michel Foucault's History of Sexuality this evening, in which he argues that knowledge and power are so closely linked that you really can't talk about them separately, immediately made me think of Smallville. Especially since this knowledge/power OTP is, in both cases, intimately concerned with sexuality. To fandom, two guys as obsessed with each other as Clark and Lex have to be sexually interested in each other. And to Foucault, power and pleasure are connected intimately, with the two things feeding into one another; power and pleasure are two sides of the same coin that are connected with the sexualized body. And knowledge and sexuality are also intimately connected: we talk about "carnal knowledge", as a term for sex, and about "knowing someone biblically"; and confession and knowledge and sexuality are all tied up in each other.

And there's also the bit where Foucault doesn't see power as being a necessarily negative thing (of the "power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely" line of thinking). Power isn't only restrictive and prohibitive, it also has creative and productive possibilities. This also ties in interestingly to Smallville, because Lex has this definite desire for power, which is often seen as negative, and yet fandom ultimately wants him to be a good guy (or at least close enough to the "good" side of the spectrum to allow for a happy ending with Clark). But if desire for power over other people doesn't have to be a bad thing, then that opens some interesting doors.

I do not know enough about Foucault. I have read the first hundred pages of his introduction to the history of sexuality. I have listened to one lecture about him. I have read the wikipedia article about him. And that is it. He is a deeply intelligent man, who wrote dense books, and it takes more than one read-through to wrap your head around the ideas.

But now I desperately want get that thorough knowledge of this stuff, so that I can write a proper analysis of Smallville fandom from a Foucaultian perspective. Either that or write one of those ridiculously meta fics incorporating Foucault's theories into the story. Except that Foucault is intimidating, and we're already moving on from him to Judith Butler, so I don't really have the time to dwell. ALAS.
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Things that suck: reading a fic to pass the time before you have to leave to go on a canoe trip, and being totally sure you can finish the fic before you have to go because the scroll bar's pretty near the bottom, and then reaching the bottom and realizing there's a link to PART TWO and then there's even MORE PARTS and there's no hope whatsoever of finishing it, and right now it's in a place of Everything Is Horrible and I NEED THE HAPPY ENDING.

*runs out the door despairingly*

no i haven't started reading smallville fic what are you talking about

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