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So apparently one of the things that will kick me out of wanting to read a Star Trek fic is describing the Narada's appearance in less than glowing terms in the first paragraph.

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Mission: Watch Star Trek Movies has begun!

So you may or may not remember how I said after watching Star Trek: Into Darkness that my dad and I wanted to watch all the old Star Trek movies? WELL. Tonight we watched Star Trek I! And it was GREAT.

spoilers! )
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Star Trek TOS's diversity in cast members was TRANSGRESSIVE and AMAZINGLY FORWARD-THINKING for its time. Characters who weren't white! Americans and Russians working together in harmony! The first ever cross-racial kiss on television! IT WAS ALL A VERY BIG DEAL AND PEOPLE GOT MAD BUT STAR TREK KEPT TRUCKING ON.

And clearly a reboot should DO THE SAME THING for today's issues that TOS did for the issues of its time! ON TOP OF having a generous mix of characters who aren't white and/or aren't male (more generous than it currently has....), it should have main characters who are trans*, and/or are outside of the gender binary! It should have Americans and, idk, Afghans working together in harmony! It should have kisses between characters who are not one-dude-and-one-lady! IT SHOULD HAVE DIVERSITY AND ACCEPTANCE SO RADICAL THAT PEOPLE GET MAD AT IT. It shouldn't be just the fucking status quo.
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In conclusion, FANFIC READING TIME because when the canon gets it wrong, you must WIP it, after all. I trust fandom to do right by things! There were some REALLY GLORIOUS fannish creations after the last star trek movie. Like Lunch and Other Obscenities an amazing Gaila fic! Or the Too Many Dicks On The Dancefloor vid! Or The First Time, about racism in the movie! Or Graduate Vulcan For Fun And Profit, where Kirk is actually a competent human being! Or the millionty billion beautiful Kirk/Spock epics that get the feels just right! AND THIS IS JUST A TINY PART OF THE AMAZINGNESS, this is just me listing off a few things that came to me off the top of my head!

Second conclusion: I went to see this movie with my dad, and as we were chatting before it began we agreed we need to watch some of the original movies. Like the one with Khan! And the one with the whales! And maybe just all of them? I am sure there are people out there reading this who have opinions about the original run of star trek movies, so please share with me which ones, in your opinion, are worth watching? thx!!!
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Because [personal profile] calvinahobbes expressed some slightly worried interest in maybe reading more bandom as a result of my recent bandom barista AU, here is a post of bandom barista AUs!

Actually I think I will start with bandom barista AUs and then move on to barista AUs in general because barista AUs are awesome and you know it.

(oh god. Somehow this turned into a post with SIXTEEN fics in it, which is RIDICULOUS. I don't even want to think about how much time it took me to compile this, especially since I kept getting distracted to reread. OH WELL. ENJOY.)

(a note: I'm not always good at balancing my squee levels between different recs in a rec post. Assume that if I posted a link to a fic in here, it is great and I liked it a whole lot, even if I don't actually say anything to that effect in the rec itself....)

Bandom barista AUs! Featuring Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, The Academy Is..., and Cobra Starship! But mostly Panic, tbh )

AND NOW non-bandom time, for those of you who are sick of hearing me natter on about bandom but still want your barista-AU fix!

Featuring Star Trek, Social Network RPF, Supernatural RPF, Inception, and Dresden Files! )
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Thing One: It fascinates me, going and watching music videos of bandom songs I've become familiar with, because it means I notice all the censorship that I didn't really realize was a thing back when I was first getting into bandom. I mean, yeah, I know, for music videos to be played on tv they have to fit to certain ~standards~, but it intrigues me WHAT those standards are. Like. "Fuck" and "shit" are both censored ("Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off," "Hot Mess"), of course, but in "goddamn" it's the "god" part that got censored ("This Ain't A Scene"), which fascinates me. Because "damn" is a swear-word but apparently allowed, and "god" isn't a swear-word and is generally allowed, but apparently the two words put together are ~way worse~. And apparently "drugs" is a word to be censored too ("Na Na Na") but not always ("Teenagers"), which, okay? And it feels so arbitrary that it's these specific things that are ~too much~ for family audiences to hear, as if swear-words are the only adult things in these songs. WHATEVER.

Thing Two: Relatedly, oh my god has bandom ever sent my mental vocabulary downhill. ALL SWEARING ALL THE TIME. This is probably the most swear-filled fandom I have ever been in, possibly because it's RPF so the characters aren't censored-for-tv, so swearing is in-character for them in a way that isn't the case for so many other fandoms.

And now I need to work a little harder at my brain-to-mouth filters, because I don't actually want to have that salty a vocabulary but I can feel it going.

Thing Three: Dude, it is weirding me out! The other night I found myself vaguely humming a Fall Out Boy song, since that's what I'd been listening to, and my housemate Louise heard it and recognized it. I am not used to this happening! Nobody ever knows my music!

Thing Four: You know what's weird and surprising and really shouldn't be? Realizing you recognize a lyric in a song you've never heard before, because you've read a fic named after that lyric. Okay, I KNOW PERFECTLY WELL that I am far from the only person who tends to title fics after songs, but I am not used to listening to music that other people are familiar enough with to title their songs after! (the specific example here: "Dear gravity, you held me down in this starless city" from "Tiffany Blews", and Hold Me Down, This Starless City (a Star Trek reboot fic which, btw, I HIGHLY recommend))

Thing Five: Yes, I know, Things Three and Four are basically saying the same thing: LIKING POPULAR STUFF WHAT. I'm sorry this is just kind of a big deal to me! I am never in the loop for popular anything, or at least that's how it's been for pretty much all of my life. The many ways in which fandom is changing that has been quietly blowing my mind for a while, but this business with music is the first time it's been really hitting home. HEY I LIKE POPULAR STUFF. THAT'S A THING NOW. OKAY.
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Apparently I am in a RECCING KIND OF MOOD or something, given the tenor of my last several posts. We'll see how long this lasts.

So! As requested by [ profile] carmarthen, here is a rec set of epistolary fic!

Where Do You Do Your Research, Wikipedia?, by [ profile] carmarthen. The Eagle. Marcus/Esca. Of course this has to be first, the epistolary fic by Carmarthen herself. ♥ WHAT, IT'S WONDERFUL. You can reread and enjoy your own fic, right? :D And for the rest of you who are not Carmarthen: It is a modern AU, in which they are all in a Roman reenactment group. It is obviously written out of a place of love and familiarity with the quirks of reenactors, and it is GREAT. Funny, adorable, spot-on, all that. Recommended even if you are not familiar with The Eagle!

How to Get Your Man, by [ profile] misfit_fandoms. Star Trek XI. Chekov/Sulu. In which Chekov courts Sulu, as documented by missives of various sorts, between various people. It is adorable!

Bruno Walton for Student Body President, by [ profile] kel and [ profile] rageprufrock. Macdonald Hall series. Bruno/Boots. Er, for all, what, one person on my flist who has read the Macdonald Hall books? Or maybe there's more of you! Or maybe you should read this fic even if you're not familiar with the series! Yeah, let's go with that. After all, I did, and clearly I am an excellent example to follow in this regard. So. All you need to know: Bruno and Boots are two boys who went to boarding school together as kids and were totally inseparable and also trouble-makers. Bruno is the ringleader. This fic is futurefic, in which they're at university together, sending emails to each other during class. It is excellent and you totally want to read it even if you've never heard of Macdonald Hall.

Killing Elvis, by [ profile] hradzka. Alien. Gen. Um. APPARENTLY there is a second theme here in this rec set, which is, FIC YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW THE CANON FOR. (let me retroactively state that you probs don't need to know Star Trek to enjoy the Chekov/Sulu one either, but hell, you, Dear Reader, are in fandom, and thus I am betting you know at least something about Star Trek. There you go. Now you can read that fic too.) All I knew about Alien before reading this fic: there is an alien. See? You too can read this fic with no outside knowledge! This is a fic about three poor people have to deal with bureaucracy and employee stupidity (and boss stupidity) and a dangerous alien and doing their jobs all at once. It is AWESOME.

Postcards to Jeannie, by [ profile] friendshipper. SGA. Gen. Um, actually, now I'm afraid I have to say that I actually don't know how well this one would work if you aren't somewhat familiar with SGA. OH WELL. This is a great fic! It is about the friendship between Teyla and Jeannie, as expressed through postcards, and also about the sibling relationship between Rodney and Jeannie, and the lovely teaminess of the SGA team. It is lovely.

And there you go! I hope you have enjoyed these epistolary fics! (and if you have requests for other rec set themes/tropes/etc, feel free to suggest. I may or may not take you up on them, depending on how well I have that particular thing tagged!)
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Okay, I'm weak. There is that meme going around with all the titles of one's WIP files, and I am going to do it. Though really I do not have many compared to a lot of people!

Here they are:

-All china_shop's fault
-The Who Wants to Live Forever Affair
-Elizabeth Bennet, Longwing Captain
-Koschei the Deathless fic
-DVD commentary of Love is a Mystery
-Love is a Mystery sequel notes
-Atlantis Adventure Canoeing
-bingo: Doctor/Master

(the fandoms are, in order: WC, MFU, P&P/Temeraire, DW/fairy tales, STXI, STXI, SGA, DW)

Some of these I have already talked about, back in this post, but some of them are new. And there seem to be two varieties of the meme, one of which you can ask and I will give you one line from the fic, and one of which you can ask and I will talk about the fic. I am willing to do either or both, if you have any interest!
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Remember how yonks ago I promised I'd share with you my final essay from my course on Queer Theory, the one that I wrote about fandom? I told you I would post it after the new year? Yeah, um, a month and a half it is in all its glory. I have not edited the content at all from the when I submitted it. Um, sorry about all the footnotes; they're a lot more readable when they go at the end of the page instead of the end of the entire essay!

Also, I realized belatedly that the polite thing to do would have been to ask the authors of the fics and posts I cite whether it would be okay for me to do so. So, um, I'm very sorry to anyone who discovers this and is offended by my use of their writing. There's not much I can do after the fact except to apologize and say that at least the only audience for my essay was my relatively fandom-friendly prof?

Anyways, I hope at least someone finds this interesting. I had fun doing it. (though I could not make myself reread it, even for posting it here - I can hardly ever bear to reread my essays. I only skimmed enough to put in the necessary formatting...)

In Your Media Queering Your Characters )


Nov. 15th, 2010 12:11 am
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A WIP meme! Because they always look like such fun when other people do them, and these days I actually have enough files that begin with the letters "W", "I", and "P" to do it.

Of course, just because they're WIPs doesn't mean all of them are likely to ever be FINISHED. So here they are, in order of most likely to least likely.

Inception, Highlander/Man from UNCLE, SGA, Doctor Who, and Star Trek )
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Every now and then I start thinking about, if I were the sort of person to do vids, what songs I would vid with what fandoms? And I can say categorically that I am never going to get into vidding, so all it really means is that whenever certain songs pop up in my iTunes shuffle it makes me smile, because it makes me think of a fandom I love. And besides, it would be really hard to vid some of these anyways, so they're better just as mental images.

Good matches I've come up with over the last couple years )
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Tonight with friends we watched a random episode of Star Trek like we do sometimes. This time it was from DS9, my first time seeing an episode of that particular Star Trek show. It was very interesting! It was an episode that was basically a trial into Jadzia Dax and a possible traitorous act she did when the Dax symbiont was joined with a previous host, Curzon. It was fun -- an episode that was basically entirely about the moral questions raised by the issue of the way the symbiont works, and the multiple hosts thing. I do approve of a tv show that prefers debating ethics to going around shooting people!

Two interesting things about this episode, though. First is, throughout the entire episode they never address this: what are the usual approaches taken by the symbiont's culture? Presumably it has laws about what to do in situations like this, whether to treat the previous host-symbiont person as a different person than the new host-symbiont combination. I should think that would be relevant! The people in the hearing shouldn't be acting like this particular moral dilemma is entirely novel, since it seems like the symbiont's culture has been known to the various other aliens represented on show for quite a while!

Second is, I actually came into this episode with only a very small, very specific amount of knowledge about the show: I'd read exactly one fanfic in DS9 before this, and it's a fic that was written for [ profile] lgbtfest.* I can't remember many of the actual details of the fic, because when one doesn't know a fandom yet it's hard for things to stick in one's head. But given the fest it was written for, you can guess the sorts of biases I had about the Dax character upon beginning to watch this episode! In other words, at the very end when the wife of the dead guy (aka the lover of Curzon Dax) asked for one last favour from Jadzia Dax? And the two of them were standing very close together on screen and looking very intense? I totally expected that favour to be one last kiss between the two of them. Of course, upon the re-emergence of reason in my head, I mentally facepalmed, because of course the show wasn't going to show a lesbian cross-generational kiss. But it is too bad! The whole idea of the symbiont raises all sorts of lovely questions about the orientation of one's sexual attraction, since although each human-symbiont combo is unique, there's some continuity as well in the symbiont. Which would presumably affect the person!

So yes. I can't exactly construct a complicated and persuasive argument about all this, though, because I am woefully unfamiliar with the canon. I have watched one episode, know the names of three whole characters, and know the important details about approximately none of them. But I still find it fascinating, from what little I know about it all.

*The fic, if you're curious, is here. It's about Ezri Dax, though.
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Mmm, I just finished doing a rewatch of Star Trek XI. Gooood movie.

And all I have to share with you is this stellar thought. The two most beautiful things in that movie are the following:
-Jim Kirk
-the Narada

The end.

Actually, no. Not the end. I just realized that I never posted my original reaction to the movie, since this LJ started AFTER ST XI came out! Such a shame. And I can never recreate that original reaction! But it was mostly along the lines of OMG OMG OMG HOW IS THIS SO AWESOME. Because it IS.

I don't have to do a spoiler-cut, right? A year is long enough? Oh well, I'll spoiler-cut anyways, just to be on the safe side. It's pretty mild spoilers, anyways. )
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1. Happy birthday to [ profile] sentientcitizen! <33333

2. I've been spending a bunch of today organizing my fandom bookmarks. And wow, I'm FAR more polyfannish than I ever would have expected when I was younger. I have TWENTY-SEVEN distinct fandoms for which I've bookmarked enough fic that they need their own folders, and beyond that have 18 other fandoms where I've just bookmarked one or two fics. And then there's all the fandoms that I've read in crossovers with other stuff. Seriously, wow. And to think that back in the day I read HP and nothing else. Heck, even back in the earlier days of this journal, I thought of myself as more or less serially-monofannish. Hah, right. As if.

3. I read another romance novel this weekend, while on the plane trip to visit my family. According to Smart Bitches Trashy Books, The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne is an outstanding example of the genre: well written, well plotted, and intelligent. I'm here to say that I experienced the book as being NONE of these things. I'm as fond of ridiculous harlequin AU fanfics as the next fan, but this romance novel? Was total crap. In just about every way. I actually can't think of a single thing I'd compliment it on. For realz. (Which makes me think: if this is THAT much better than most historical romance out there? I don't want to be reading any more of it...). So far this is my worst experience, then, with published romance novels.

4. "Staying healthy. Made easier by the RedShirts." This is an ad I saw yesterday, after entering the US. I'm pretty sure it's actually got something to do with healthcare. But tell me you didn't look at that and immediately think of Star Trek. Because hey, that IS what redshirts are for: keeping the named characters from dying!
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You know how in TOS there`s that uber-awesome episode Amok Time? And there`s a scene where Spock is holding this long thin silver thing behind his back, and the hand holding it is shaking uncontrollably?

Apparently the silver thing is a stylus for data-pads. I don`t even KNOW why I have always thought it was a scalpel.

(Actually, you know, I could probably blame it on James Alan Gardner and his thing about scalpels. They inevitably show up in anything he writes, and I guess I`ve internalized the idea that scalpels are everywhere....)

Anyways, the fact that I saw it as a scalpel meant that my interpretation of the scene was always something along the lines of: Spock is working very hard to control his uncontrollable rage that seems to be popping up all over the place, and is trying not to kill his captain. With it being an innocuous object, it becomes much more possible for the scene to be interpreted differently -- like, say, Spock is working very hard to not jump his captain. I mean, pon farr IS a time of uncontrollable lust! The episode has suddenly become TEN TIMES SLASHIER to me.
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Okay, so you know how I was talking a little while back about things that really get to my lizardbrain? Today I was reading a fic, and just enjoying the HECK out of it, and I reached the end and was like, yes, this is exactly what my lizardbrain most likes. And then I stopped and thought about it, and realized that hey, it fit EXACTLY into what I said I most like! So props for me on correctly identifying the desires of my lizardbrain.

So this fic is Graduate Vulcan For Fun And Profit, by [ profile] lazulisong. It is about Jim Kirk and how he is secretly SUPER AWESOME at linguistics. So that's surprise!competence right there for the win! AND to make things even better, the fic has all sorts of shiny awesome details about Vulcan as a language, which makes me happy in my happy place. Because apparently I'm really easy for anything to do with languages. There's, y'know, other awesome stuff in the fic too, but it is THIS that made me LAUGH WITH GLEE over and over again while reading. *happy sigh* I wish I could read fics this awesome EVERY DAY.
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Today as I was driving home from church, I saw in a parking lot two men walking by wearing military gear. And I had my usual reaction, which is an instinctive recoil. And immediately thereafter I realized how very much that my real-life feelings about the military differ from my fandom feelings, and weird it is for the two to be housed in the same mind.

See, I'm a member of one of the historic peace churches (to be specific, I'm Mennonite), which means I've been raised all my life to believe that violence is always wrong, that war is always wrong, that there is never an excuse for killing people. And the military trains up its members specifically FOR killing people. So it's no surprise that my instinctive reaction is a negative one. I see a person wearing camouflage and I immediately think less of them (I don't MEAN to, it just happens. It's an example of my prejudice at work, I know.... -- but I guess it's just a manifestation of my strong dislike of any sort of official sanction to kill people).

On the other hand, a goodly number of the fandom I'm a part of actively endorse a more militarized perspective on things, or at the very least they don't entirely condemn violence. The fandom I follow the most, SGA, has approximately all of its characters as either a PART of the military or working closely with it. It can't help but support the military's views on things. And indeed it doesn't: throughout the show, although some problems may be solved through less violent means, John and his gun (or other people and their various deadly weapons) are shown to be valued. People going and killing other living creatures is VALUED. The Atlanteans actively seek to kill the Wraith, to entirely and utterly destroy them, even though the Wraith are a species of highly intelligent, sentient, sapient beings, and even though there are examples of Wraith who aren't entirely negative (f'rinstance, I haven't gotten that far in my watching yet, but I hear rumours of a character named Todd who is actually a Wraith with nuance. Which proves that Wraith aren't just some evil faceless Big Bad. They've got feelings and motivations too).

And SGA isn't the only one.

Star Trek XI might exist in a universe where supposedly much of the bad and the violence has been eradicated from society, but that doesn't stop the movie from downright glamourizing fights and killing on occasion. Sulu fencing on the drilling platform, Spock sending his little ship to blow up the Narada and everyone on it (despite the fact that the vast majority of the crew likely didn't even 'deserve' to die!), etc.

Due South focuses mainly on the police force, where deadly violence is generally discouraged, but that doesn't stop the main characters from shooting guns at bad guys (and what are guns for but killing people?) -- heck, even Fraser who doesn't have a gun permit in the States gets at least one instance (that I can think of) of getting to use a gun.

The Man From UNCLE has all SORTS of violence going on, and although the main characters might usually use the "UNCLE Special" which merely knocks people out, it doesn't stop them from getting violent in other ways, and even using bullets on occasion.

Basically, all of my favourite fandoms support the exact opposite viewpoint of my real life one. And though I might cringe to see military or violence in real life, in canon or fanfiction when I see a favourite character doing something particularly badass I cheer them on. When Sulu kicks Romulan ass at swordfighting, I'm gleeful. When Ray Kowalski threatens to kick someone in the head I think it's funny. When the Atlanteans manage to blow up Hive Ships, I'm relieved. When guns come out, no matter the fandom, it's inevitable that things are going in an exciting direction and I anticipate it without compunction.

In other words, fandom screws with my moral compass, and now that I've noticed, it makes me uncomfortable.

I know that when one spends a lot of one's time reading/watching things with a particular characteristic it's difficult to avoid picking up that characteristic, whether it's something as harmless as picking up new slang, or something as deep as an entire worldview. And I spend SO MUCH time in fandom (seriously, it's a little worrying how much time I spend watching back episodes of tv shows or reading fanfiction). I've picked up the word "shiny" from Firefly, I've picked up McKay's habit of snapping his fingers from SGA, I've picked up a far greater tendency to use bad words (at least in my head) from all the fanfic I read. I know that reading so much fanfic has made me much more blase about things like BDSM or unusual kinks -- I used to be terribly naive and would have been horrified at the slightest hints towards bondage or powerplay or whatever, but now I see it all as perfectly acceptable personal choices. I know that getting involved in fandom has made me a lot less uptight about the idea of sex before marriage.

All these ways in which I know fandom has affected me aren't too worrying: the first ones I mention aren't a big deal at all, and as to the last two points, I'm glad I'm less uptight, more open towards other expressions of sexuality, and I think it's made me a better and more accepting person in general. But when it comes to other things, ways that I haven't yet noticed I've been affected, I get a little worried. How exactly has fandom changed me? I first got involved in my early teenage years, a time of great personal growth and change, and I'm sure it affected the way that growth progressed, in ways that I am unable to see.

I'm not overly worried at the moment about the whole violence vs pacifism thing, because that at least is something that I'm aware of. And although I may cheer on violence in TV shows, I don't think it has yet affected my opinion of real-life violence. I still oppose war, I still disapprove of using violence to solve problems, I still get nervous when I see a gun in real life.

But beyond that, I worry that I don't put enough "wholesome" things into my head, that all I'm imbibing is fluff and violence, that I'm not allowing myself the opportunity to instead read things that will expand my mind and make me think critically. I know that's not entirely true: two of the books I'm currenty reading are one on walking the pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago, and one about interfaith relations. And in the last month I read a very interesting and thought-provoking novel about inter-gender friendship and whether it inevitably must become romantic.

Okay, I no longer really know where I'm going with this post. I think I just had to get my thoughts out, and my thoughts don't have a tidy conclusion yet. It's all too fresh in my mind still. So here comes an abrupt end.
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Let's talk about sex, since all of fandom seems unable to think of anything but. And who am I to ignore fandom's True Love? It may or may not be clear to you yet, dear (probably nonexistent) reader, but I have of late been thinking a great deal about asexuality, especially as it relates to fandom. The only fic I have thus far posted was about a non-sexual relationship (with, in my mind, one of the two characters being asexual). My last post talked about the Doctor as asexual. The fic I'm currently editing in order to post has a character who believes she's asexual for a while.

I find that I am more likely than most people to see characters as asexual. The Doctor for example, as I previously mentioned. Or Spock. As far as I can tell, Vulcans are functionally asexual whenever they're not in Pon Farr, which is most of the time (oh, they may deep down be having sexual feelings, but those are FEELINGS and to be ruthlessly repressed. Also sex is something that tends to break one's control of one's self, which I can't see Vulcans willingly involving themselves in. Which means that Vulcans may or may not have sexual desires, but either way they wouldn't go about having sex or even thinking about sex. Which means then that nearly ALL the lovely Kirk/Spock fic out there reads to me as automatically out of character. Now I don't mind too much, as I really do enjoy K/S fic. I just wish that there were a few more authors who would treat Spock's sexuality a little more like what I see as canon. Actually, I wish there were more fics out there about asexual characters at ALL. But fandom appears to be mostly slash-centric.

Not that I'm complaining too much, since I do enjoy a good slash fic meself. In fact I really love slash fic dearly (and surprisingly strongly since I was only converted to slash about eight months ago. I blame SGA. And in particular I blame Rodney and John for being so awesome together. And I blame A Beautiful Lifetime Event by shalott for introducing me to their awesomeness)

I am in fact very interested in the wide varieties of sexuality expressed within fandom. I just also happen to be less interested in the actual, y'know, sex. Unlike what appears to be a lot of the fandom world, I do not read fanfic solely for the joy of the smut scenes. I in fact find it annoying when a sex scene is stuck in and slows down the plot. Now I'm not saying I'm AGAINST sex scenes; I'm just against GRATUITOUS sex scenes. If there is a reason why the characters have to be sexing it up, some part of the emotional arc or plot arc that needs the sex, then that's all well and good. Unfortunately most of fandom seems to see sex scenes as... I dunno, scene breaks or something. Which then of course requires one to come at the very end to close off the story -- when to me the story seemed to be done already BEFORE the characters hopped in the sack.

And I can't think of a good way to end this entry tidily, so it will now just end.
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In my last post I talked about how I imprint on certain fandom pairings. Now this is true to a certain extent, but only to a certain extent. And since then I've been thinking about the tendency of humans to create narrative structure out of things that don't necessarily fit. So okay, I see something that looks like it might be a pattern, might make a good story, and my brain rearranges the shape of reality as I know it in order to make me be able to fit my life into a narrative device. And people do this all the time, not just me. Although our world might not run on Narrativium the way the Discworld does, our brains certainly seem to.

This was brought forward in my mind when yesterday I was thinking over that post I'd made, and realized what I'd done. I had made the obvious correlation between my behaviour in Due South fandom and Stargate: Atlantis fandom (ie, read a fic about a particular pair of people, fell desperately in love with the ship to the exclusion of all others, proceeded to overdose myself on fanfic, and then finally start watching the show), and then thought to myself that I obviously had a pattern going there and went on to try to fit the rest of my fandom into the mold as well. But they don't fit, or at least not well. And some don't fit at ALL.

Take Doctor Who for example. I love Doctor Who dearly; it's my second fandom ever. And yet when I was first introduced to the fanfic in it, I found myself left kinda cold. I didn't like the fanatic Rose/Doctor shipping going on. I totally didn't see it. And I didn't see Doctor/anyone-else either. In fact, I pretty much see the Doctor as a biromantic asexual who's deeply in love with each of his companions but always holds himself a bit apart because he knows they can't be a part of his life forever (or even for long). And the fanfic for that? Basically nonexistent. And I don't really have the desire to read it either. So that obviously doesn't fit in with my pattern at all.

Neither does Harry Potter, my gateway drug into the wonderful world of fandom. This one has a different way of not fitting. For HP I do love reading fanfic. But the first ship I came across, Harry/Ginny, I like but am not very fanatic over. In fact, the ship that I obsess over is one that it took me several years to get into: Hermione/Snape. My first several introductions to it I was mildly creeped out even. But I eventually (obviously) warmed up.

The other two fandoms I mentioned in that entry, MUNCLE and Star Trek, don't fit as well as I made them sound, either. I just forced them into the pattern by ignoring certain info (like, for instance, that MUNCLE only really HAS one possible pairing, so what else would I imprint on? And that in Star Trek, although I ship Kirk/Bones, it hasn't stopped me from also reading Kirk/Spock with great enjoyment)

So when I carefully go through every fandom of mine, it turns out that actually Due South and SGA are the only two that DO fit the pattern well. I managed to create a theory out of only two data points: truly execrable science on my part. But it made for a good story.

First fic!

Jun. 24th, 2009 10:17 pm
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So this post inaugurates my first ever time letting other people read a fic I wrote! Exciting but scary! Please no flames?

Title: Love Is A Mystery
Fandom: Star Trek. Since it's an AU, it's not like it adheres rigorously to either TOS or XI canon, but I'm more familiar with XI, so let's call it Star Trek XI
Wordcount: about 3700
Characters: Jim Kirk, Spock, OFC
Rating: whatever is appropriate for mention of people having sex but no actual details
Summary: a somewhat silly university AU wherein the gossip chain tries to figure out what Kirk and Spock are to each other.
Author's notes: Written in a fit of affectionate exasperation at the way that although canonically Spock seems to me to be functionally asexual when he's not in pon farr, fanfic authors just LOVE to throw him into sexy situations left, right, and centre with no explanation as to why he's okay with getting himself over and over again into a situation that's notorious for causing one to lose control of oneself and one's emotions. And not that I have anything against that -- I've certainly read and enjoyed many, many, many fics that do just that -- but I feel like there needs to be a little bit more fic out there that addresses Spock's asexuality.
Disclaimer: Star Trek does not belong to me, surprise surprise. I am making no money off of it.

Love Is A Mystery )

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