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I saw Rogue One yesterday, finally! Overall an imperfect but worthwhile movie.

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Three disjointed thoughts about star wars that have been sitting in my drafts for a lot of months:

1. given the way the original trilogy is really good at showing mourning reactions from people wrt to deaths (or even believed-to-be-deaths), especially chewie wrt han, I now understand ppl's reactions to han's death.

2. I am belatedly fascinated by how in the original trilogy both vader and luke have this massive hang-up over the idea of killing their own family member (father/son), but kylo ren DOES THE THING. He fails to be vader in so many interesting ways!

3.apparently star wars is one of those fandoms where EVEN AFTER watching canon I still need to read lots of fic to begin to, like, grok it? I dunno, maybe it's that fandom has developed all these elaborate headcanons over the years to explain some of the more opaque things in the movies, or maybe it's that the tie-in materials have stuff that everyone's drawing on, who knows. But I feel like everyone knows more about how stuff in the star wars universe works than I do.
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This is a Star Wars novel set just after the Original Trilogy, and the first official star wars novel I've ever read! Actually the first tie-in novel I've ever read for anything, I'm pretty sure. A new experience for me. And I understand that as tie-in quality goes this one is actually pretty good.

I found this book varying in quality - in some ways it was good, and in some ways it was not so much. But overall I definitely did enjoy it!

I was not a fan of the prose style (so choppy that I could never settle comfortably into the book because reading it didn't flow, resulting in me having to read much more slowly than I'm usually able to), and I found the action scenes boring and confusing, and there were too many viewpoint characters who were switched between too rapidly. And the "interlude" chapters felt like interruptions, as opposed to an essential part of the story, though they did add interesting details about what was going on in the rest of the galaxy.

I liked seeing how after the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of the Emperor and Darth Vader, the Empire is not actually all the way gone yet: there's still work to be done, lots of it. And there was a great collection of characters used to show this, a number of characters who are complicated, not all good or all bad, and obviously affected by life under the Empire.

My faves: Sinjir Rath Velin and Mister Bones. Sinjir is an ex-imperial officer and Mister Bones is a modified battle droid. I liked them both a lot. But I also enjoyed reading about all the characters!

Plus: there's actual queer characters in this! Which is wonderful. Including one of our main characters, Sinjir! And among the secondary characters there's a lesbian couple and neither of them die! (my standards for queer representation, they are so low, wow)

I'm interested to see what'll happen next - I gather this is going to be a trilogy?
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OKAY I'VE WATCHED THE STAR WARS PREQUELS. It only took me a month from beginning to end! Now, let's see if I still remember the formal logic I learned in long-ago philosophy classes:

Premise A: the prequels are kinda terrible movies
Premise B: I did not enjoy watching the prequels
Conclusion: I am now a prequels fan.

That...... doesn't look right.

I don't know what happened, but I now have so many feelings about the prequel era and prequel characters EVEN THOUGH I kinda hate the movies and had to struggle through watching them. So: everyone's right, between the people who told me not to subject myself to these movies and the people who told me there's some good stuff in them! The movies are terrible, yes, but also they are worth watching if you are me.

Although is it just me or is the third movie noticeably better than the first two? Or did I just get inured to the ways in which they're kind of crap?


My main take-away from these movies is that I'm so mad that Anakin Skywalker seems to now be the Star Wars character I have the most feels about, across all trilogies. Why. Why did this happen to me. I disapprove. Anakin's terrible. And yet I care so much!

I livetweeted my watching of the three movies because it was the only way to get through them. I will reproduce the highlights of my tweets below, followed by my other thoughts.

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You can see it on my tumblr here because I'm too lazy to go look up how to embed images again.

also yes I know I am way late in putting up my summary of books read in 2015. I haven't yet put up all my book reviews from 2015 yet is the problem! I'm getting there. Probably.
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OKAY THERE I have now watched the original trilogy of star wars as well! I had a deadline for myself: I'm seeing The Force Awakens again on Monday (my dad wants to see it, and I was totally amenable to seeing it twice) so I wanted to see the originals before then, to be able to understand the new movie with the depth of context.

This meant I have watched a lot of movies in one week! Which is PRETTY WEIRD for me.

At any rate, I really did enjoy the original trilogy, and more than I expected to? There were some tedious bits (eg the entire opening sequence of Episode VI with Jabba the Hutt, and all the extended fighting sequences in the movies) but overall they were really enjoyable.

I came into these movies with a lot of pop culture informing me what to expect. But pop culture didn't tell me everything! The five things that surprised me most about the original trilogy:

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Last night I went to see the new star wars movie!

This is the first star wars movie I have ever seen in my life. All my prior knowledge is cultural osmosis. And I have apparently osmosed a lot! I managed to catch quite a few call-backs/references to the previous movies, though I'm sure there are also plenty that I missed. The weirdest part though was how I had these intense feelings of nostalgia as the movie was beginning despite having never seen any star wars before.

At any rate: as a movie it worked quite well with solely my level of prior knowledge! And it was a HELLA FUN MOVIE.

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In conclusion, I feel weird about having seen a star wars movie now. I've always been annoyed with sff gatekeeper fans, and star wars is one of those major things that's held up as being obligatory for nerds. And I tend towards contrarian, so I've actually been kind of deliberate about not bothering to watch star wars? Like, SUCK IT DUDES, I'M AN SFF FAN EVEN IF YOU THINK I DON'T BELONG. (see also: me never having read or watched lord of the rings. see also: my lifelong struggle with being weird/wanting to fit in/defiantly not even trying to fit in because I know I'd never succeed, and how that relates to whether it's okay to like popular things.)

But now I've voluntarily seen a star wars movie, and LIKED it, and now have intentions of going back and watching at least the original trilogy. So. There's that.

Time to dive face-first into reading fic now!

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