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This is my first time rereading the book since falling into Sutcliff fandom - and gosh it's weird to reread after having read SO MUCH movie fic and movie-book fusion fic. I'd forgotten how different the plot is? Read more... )


May. 1st, 2012 05:06 pm
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Okay I think part of the problem at this point is that I am just not in the habit of responding to things promptly anymore? Even when there's no good reason for me not to! AUGH. Whatever.


Last night I gave in and made some attempts at reading Teen Wolf fic, given how it's been all over Pinboard's fandom favourites for ages now.

The first fic I tried turned out to have super creepy rapey overtones that the author seemed to think was hot and/or romantic. And the thing is, it seems to be a popular fic! Lots of people have left kudos on it! Apparently the creepy overtones are going right over people's heads? :(

The second fic I tried (Open the Door, by [ profile] renay) was much better. Stiles had all these irrepressible feelings! And self esteem issues! And a lot of obliviousness! Yeah, it was awesome and I liked it lots.

But then I began to rifle through what else the fandom has on offer, and I think that this fandom is really not for me.

First of all, Derek seems to be the most uninteresting-to-me character imaginable? Humourless, peremptory, and untalkative -- yeah, that is really not the way to my heart. And the fandom's pairing of choice is Derek/Stiles. So, there's that.

Second of all, werewolves are not actually intrinsically interesting to me. I can enjoy werewolves (let me recommend to your attention, for example, The Cage, by Alyx Dellamonica, an original short story about lesbians and a werewolf baby and fighting for social justice that is absolutely wonderful), but they are not a draw in and of themselves. Plus, the fandom seems to be relatively into omegaverse dynamics, because of the werewolf thing -- and I am not fond of omegaverse, because it seems to me to be distilling dominant/submissive aspects of a person to their biology and their role in sexual intercourse, whiiiiich I take issue with. (Is omegaverse something I should be generally taking issue with? Are there people who are doing thoughtful and nuanced things with it? I haven't come across any, but then I've only read a couple, so it might not be accurate for me to extrapolate out from my narrow experience.)

Third of all, Stiles canonically has ADHD and is on medication for it (!!!), but so far any fic I have read that has directly addressed that question has made me steaming mad. For example: Stiles goes off on an excessively verbose tangent and can't quite make himself stop talking; Derek responds that Stiles takes too much Adderall. NO. NO NO NO. It is the ADHD that causes the lack of impulse control and the over-talkativeness, NOT THE MEDICATION, WHAT THE HELL EVEN.

So in conclusion, this has been an exciting experiment in Teen Wolf, and I probably shan't be returning, no matter how many Teen Wolf fics show up on Pinboard.

(let me round off the werewolf story recommendations in this post with a third one, because recs should come in threes at the very least. From the Depths of His Heart, by [personal profile] sineala, an utterly delightful Eagle of the Ninth AU fic in which Esca is a werewolf. And if you do not know Eagle of the Ninth you should totally read it anyways as historical fiction about Roman-occupied Britain!)
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Jack Layton is dead. I can't even.

Other people are saying far more eloquent things than I could, so I will leave it there.

Here, have a recs-set of HAPPY THINGS:

every aching old machine, by [ profile] longtime_lurker. Bandom; Pete/Patrick. OLD MEN IN LOVE.

Dolphin-Borne, by [ profile] carmarthen. The Eagle/Dinotopia; Esca, Cottia, Marcus. DINOTOPIA FUSION.

The Adventures of Lily and Severus (BEST BUDS), by [ profile] theopteryx. Harry Potter; Lily, Severus. ADORBS WEE COMIC.

Public Displays of Affection, by [ profile] philomytha. Vorkosigan; Cordelia/Aral, Alys/Simon. MIDDLE-AGED PEOPLE IN LOVE.

untitled, by dakotaaaa. Doctor Who; Amy/Rory. ADORBS DRAWING OF KISSING AND BUNKBEDS.


Lose My Breath, by [ profile] deirdre_c. White Nights; Kolya/Ray. Vid, to a source you don't need to be familiar with (and it's not just me saying this). TWO DUDES. DANCING. IT IS AMAZING.
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So. Uh. I wasn’t going to write a sequel to How Far We’ve Come, and then I couldn’t get the opening sentence to leave me alone so I gave up and wrote the dratted thing. In other words: I AM A LIAR SOMETIMES. Also, once again many thanks to Carmarthen for betaing!

(I know LJ's currently having issues so I don't know if this'll succceed in the crosspost or not, but if it doesn't work then once LJ's recovered from the DDoS thing, I'll manually crosspost.)

Title: You'll Never Know Until You're There
Fandom: The Eagle
Pairing: Esca/Marcus
Contains: consensual whipping
Wordcount: ~750
Summary: Now that they've agreed for Marcus to whip Esca, Marcus can't get it out of his head. (sequel to How Far We've Come)

Read it here on AO3
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A thousand thanks to [ profile] carmarthen, without whom this story would not exist, and whose insight and betaing were invaluable. (in other words, THIS STORY IS ALL YOUR FAULT, Carmarthen! :D)

Second fic for my kink_bingo card, and just as non-sexual a focus as last time! \o/

Title: How Far We’ve Come
Fandom: The Eagle
Pairing: Esca/Marcus
Contains: discussion of kink (whipping). No sex.
Wordcount: ~1000
Summary: “I want you to whip me,” Esca thinks about saying. He thinks this a lot.

Read the fic on AO3!
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Apparently I am in a RECCING KIND OF MOOD or something, given the tenor of my last several posts. We'll see how long this lasts.

So! As requested by [ profile] carmarthen, here is a rec set of epistolary fic!

Where Do You Do Your Research, Wikipedia?, by [ profile] carmarthen. The Eagle. Marcus/Esca. Of course this has to be first, the epistolary fic by Carmarthen herself. ♥ WHAT, IT'S WONDERFUL. You can reread and enjoy your own fic, right? :D And for the rest of you who are not Carmarthen: It is a modern AU, in which they are all in a Roman reenactment group. It is obviously written out of a place of love and familiarity with the quirks of reenactors, and it is GREAT. Funny, adorable, spot-on, all that. Recommended even if you are not familiar with The Eagle!

How to Get Your Man, by [ profile] misfit_fandoms. Star Trek XI. Chekov/Sulu. In which Chekov courts Sulu, as documented by missives of various sorts, between various people. It is adorable!

Bruno Walton for Student Body President, by [ profile] kel and [ profile] rageprufrock. Macdonald Hall series. Bruno/Boots. Er, for all, what, one person on my flist who has read the Macdonald Hall books? Or maybe there's more of you! Or maybe you should read this fic even if you're not familiar with the series! Yeah, let's go with that. After all, I did, and clearly I am an excellent example to follow in this regard. So. All you need to know: Bruno and Boots are two boys who went to boarding school together as kids and were totally inseparable and also trouble-makers. Bruno is the ringleader. This fic is futurefic, in which they're at university together, sending emails to each other during class. It is excellent and you totally want to read it even if you've never heard of Macdonald Hall.

Killing Elvis, by [ profile] hradzka. Alien. Gen. Um. APPARENTLY there is a second theme here in this rec set, which is, FIC YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW THE CANON FOR. (let me retroactively state that you probs don't need to know Star Trek to enjoy the Chekov/Sulu one either, but hell, you, Dear Reader, are in fandom, and thus I am betting you know at least something about Star Trek. There you go. Now you can read that fic too.) All I knew about Alien before reading this fic: there is an alien. See? You too can read this fic with no outside knowledge! This is a fic about three poor people have to deal with bureaucracy and employee stupidity (and boss stupidity) and a dangerous alien and doing their jobs all at once. It is AWESOME.

Postcards to Jeannie, by [ profile] friendshipper. SGA. Gen. Um, actually, now I'm afraid I have to say that I actually don't know how well this one would work if you aren't somewhat familiar with SGA. OH WELL. This is a great fic! It is about the friendship between Teyla and Jeannie, as expressed through postcards, and also about the sibling relationship between Rodney and Jeannie, and the lovely teaminess of the SGA team. It is lovely.

And there you go! I hope you have enjoyed these epistolary fics! (and if you have requests for other rec set themes/tropes/etc, feel free to suggest. I may or may not take you up on them, depending on how well I have that particular thing tagged!)

The Eagle!

May. 12th, 2011 01:18 pm
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I have a whole big long post about The Eagle and about Eagle of the Ninth that wants to be written. But I keep on trying to write it and just being entirely unable to structure my thoughts into any sort of coherent structure. It is a problem!

And now I've gotten to the point where I've even lost track of what half the points I wanted to make even WERE. So I'll just... do a point form list of stuff until I run out of things to say. Sounds good? Okay!

1. I need to see the movie.
2. The fic for the movie is AMAZING.
3. I love the total history nerdery that seems to go along with this fandom
4. okay, starting here my points begin to have spoilers for both the book and the movie. )
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Thing One: spoilers for Buffy season two. Um, I think the episode is called  ) In conclusion: I have been saying this for a while but I totally need a BtVS icon. BUT I CAN'T LOSE ANY OF MY CURRENT ICONS. WOE. This shall require further thought.

Thing Two: So APPARENTLY The Eagle is a recent indifferent-quality-but-super-slashy movie. I had heard this. I went, "meh," and moved on with my life. Then I found out it was about a Roman dude and his Briton slave, and went, hang on, this might be interesting. Then I found out that it's based on Eagle of the Ninth, a book that I read waaaaaay back as a small child and remember none of the details of except that it was awesome, and went, HUH. Then I was alerted to the fact that someone wrote fic for the movie IN LATIN.* Then I started reading fic.

HELLO NEW FANDOM. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR YOU. (but the social and sexual mores of Romans vs Britons is so interesting! And the dynamic between the characters is so amazing (and adorable)! And okay I'm kind of a sucker for classical history!)

Thing Three: There is a comment meme for asexual characters over at asexual_fandom! So far ALL the fills are awesome, and I am deeply in love with every single fill PROMPT for all the fandoms I recognize and half the ones for the fandoms I don't recognize. I dunno if there are any interested parties on my flist/rlist who don't already read asexual_fandom, but I felt this should be highlighted anyways. Because it is AWESOME.

*Not that I can read Latin. It's just an excellent sign of a fandom's dedication to history-nerdery.


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