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Jun. 12th, 2015 07:44 pm
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In my experience there are two main things that betas do to help you improve your fic:

1. point out things to you that you would never have noticed

2. point out things to you that you had totally noticed but were busy pretending you hadn't because you really didn't want to go to all the work that would be required to fix what's wrong

Both are deeply useful. Even if the latter makes me feel all like NOOOOO I was hoping I would be able to skate by and readers wouldn't notice the issue! WHY ARE YOU BRINGING IT UPPPPPPP.

(In conclusion: thanks, Essie, for being my beta.)


Apr. 21st, 2012 07:50 pm
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I'm back! Again! And ugh, let's see if I can STAY back this time? I hope so! I LIKE being engaged in discussions with awesome people, I LIKE feeling free to post my random thoughts and feelings whenever I have them, I LIKE BEING HERE. I just have issues sometimes.

But I'm calling another amnesty for myself for the last few weeks, because I'm pretty sure that's kind of NECESSARY, and LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN.

And now some thoughts and feelings of mine that have built up while I've been away!

Thing One: YOU GUYS! [personal profile] sylvaine just -- ahaha, I say just, this is a good indication of how unparticipatory I've been with the internet of late -- did a PODFIC of ONE OF MY FICS!!!! (The Death of Each Day's Life, a short fic about Sleeping Beauty's relationship with sleep, post-waking up.) It is ridiculously flattering to have this happen, AND ALSO Sylvaine did a stellar job of reading it, and you should totally go take a listen. It is super cool!

Thing Two: So. Me watching John Green's Crash Course: World History is... one quarter learning interesting new history stuff, one quarter enjoying the charming script and graphics and John Green's John Green-ness, and half keeping a watchful eye to make sure that CRASH COURSE AGREES WITH MY TOTALLY CORRECT OPINIONS ABOUT HISTORY. So far it's doing pretty well! The emphases aren't always where I would put them, but overall, I approve! (Of course, it is hindered by its short format; each episode is about 10-12 minutes long, which is not very much time to cover a subject in appropriate depth. I understand and make allowances for this fact.) In conclusion, you should watch it, because it is great.

Thing Three: Apparently a theme for this post's Things is Awesome Stuff You Should Watch And/Or Listen To, because HERE IS ANOTHER REC. HUSBANDS THE WEBSERIES YOU GUYS. It is like someone was like, you know what the internet needs? Charmingly and hilariously and well written and acted low-budget short videos about one of the best possible fannish tropes! AND THEN THEY DID IT. The trope: accidental drunken vegas gay wedding. YES. And that sounds awesome, I know, and then it is EVEN BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS. I love it so much. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT TOO! And then cry with me about the fact that the second season isn't till SEPTEMBER.

Thing Four: Okay, nope, moving on from that theme to something else. Namely: WHY do I keep reading hockey rpf? It is full of people who do terribly embarrassing things all the time, and also lots of badly-researched concussions! Two things I have a lot of trouble dealing with!

Thing Five: Gosh. I've been poking around my old abandoned WIP drafts from about two years ago, and it is just CRINGING ALL THE TIME with me, because I was so much worse at writing two years ago. I know I'm nothing like brilliant yet, but it is so clear to me that I have made actual progress, and that's a really shiny happy feeling. I am IMPROVING. I am GETTING BETTER. The more I write and the more I read and the more I beta and the more I am betaed, the better I get! How heartening. :)

(of course, it also makes me get squirmy feelings about wanting to take down my older fics because WHAT IF PEOPLE ARE JUDGING ME BECAUSE OF THEM, but I know how sad I get when other people delete fics so I shall continue to restrain myself.)
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I am feeling very self-satisfied right now. I am even pleased with the story and everything! I had been dragging my feet on beginning to work on it for a VERY LONG TIME because I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do but it wasn't very inspiring. And then yesterday I was hit by the SUDDEN LIGHTNING of a PERFECT IDEA. And I went \\\o/// and immediately went to town on it and wrote the draft in one sitting. Today betaing and editing happened, and now it is DONE and POSTED. It's amazing how much easier writing is when you have an inspiring idea!

Anyways, when I got my assignment I was a little bit leery because the characters I was supposed to work with were ones I was worried about being able to get right. But my recipient was basically the perfect recipient for me as their interests allowed me to write about basically the theme I love best, and I think I ended up doing a reasonable job on the characters as a result. Win all around! Hopefully my recipient likes it as much as I do.
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Looking for a beta! I excised a scene from my NaNo and dramatically altered it to work as a standalone story and it is now in need of some betaing! Except I cannot ask my usual lovely beta Essie to help me out, because RPF is a thing that she is not comfortable with.


Any of you out there interested in betaing a ~2k word bandom college AU/barista AU fic about Brendon/Jon with ace!Ryan? If you are not familiar with the characters, that's cool, because I want notes on things like story-pacing and places where I'm being stupid and all that. And if you ARE familiar with the characters that would be wonderful because some input on whether I'm capturing anything close to the right characterization would be very nice. Either way! Or both!
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Oh my god you guys I actualfax cannot believe it. I FUCKING FINISHED NANO. 50,031 WORDS, YO!

sdlfhsdljkf I just...dude. This is an entire order of magnitude larger than any piece of fiction I've ever finished before. I was actually vibrating with disbelief as I wrote today's words, the last words of the whole thing, and not gonna lie, I'm a bit teary-eyed right now, because holy shit. HOLY SHIT. I did it.

I do not think I can convey how big a deal this is for me.


Of course the other side of this is that I have been a HORRIBLE internet denizen over the course of the last month, being only erratically communicative online and feeling like a huge fail all over the place. Probably because so much of my mental energy has been going to my NaNo. Hopefully this will improve now that NaNo is over....


To reiterate, HOLY FUCKING SHIT.
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WELL it only took me THIRTY NINE THOUSAND WORDS but I have finally figured out what I'm trying to do with this fic? *ALL THE HEADDESKING*

The story I'm trying to tell -- well, part of the problem is that it's stories, plural. But I've finally realized that the main story I'm trying to tell is in fact the story of the friendship between Ryan and Spencer.

Except that as those thirty-nine thousand words currently stand, the friendship isn't the heart of the story.

Part of THAT is because it's being distracted by the other main story that's trying to be told in this fic, which is the story of Brendon learning what it is to be queer (which is currently disguising itself as a storyline about Brendon/Spencer....). These two stories don't actually belong in the same story, I think.

And all the other stuff, including all my angsting about what the pairing ought to be, is a distraction, because that is not actually the point of the story. *sigh*

Part of my problem, I think, is that I'm still learning how to write what I actually want to write, instead of what fandom expects of fanfic. Even though this is not and has never been a fic intended for public consumption, the norms of fanfic infected my thinking process and made me think that the character arc had to be about the romance even though it DOESN'T and I KNOW THAT PERFECTLY WELL.


So. If I wanted this fic to be what it wants to be I would have to rewrite the entire thing, and turn it into something that's from Ryan's perspective instead of Spencer's, because it's him that's actually doing the main character growth over the course of the story. I'd cut out all of Brendon's storyline and have there just be background Brendon/Spencer while the main storyline is about how Ryan and Spencer's friendship grows and changes and is tested when they go off to university together. And it's also far more a story about the band itself, since the state of the band sort of reflects the state of the Ryan-Spencer friendship.

And then I would have to write an entirely separate fic about Brendon's university experiences. Probably this one would be a lot more centrally Brendon/Spencer, or actually I think this would turn into the sedoretu that justice_turtle was talking about in the comments to my last post. And I don't think it would even be related to the Spencer-Ryan story; the timing of a variety of things would have to be different. There would probably be no band. It would be about Brendon learning what it means for him to like boys, what it means for him to be out, what it means for him to be poly, and figuring out how to be these things in a healthy way. There would be a lot of experimentation and mistakes and stuff before he even meets Spencer, and there would be a lot of original characters taking far more central roles.

So that's what my NaNo wants to be when it grows up. Too bad I'm not going to ever actually write either of these! I'm just glad I figured out what I was doing with all this.

And now I need to figure out how to write the last 11k words of a fic that's even more deeply flawed than I thought. Because I GOT THIS FAR DAMMIT. It may be flawed but it will be FINISHED and flawed, and I am learning so much over the course of writing this!


Nov. 24th, 2011 09:48 pm
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My NaNoWriMo motivation right now: SO LOW. CRAPPITY CRAP CRAP.

I AM GOING TO FINISH THIS THING. I just hit a wall of epically don't care and it is dangerous.

Probably it's because I've gotten to the bit that's actually, like, challenging, because I have to figure out how to arrange all the character motivations and interactions to come out in the wash. Challenging is hard and makes me want to go do something soothing and simple like solitaire.

People who write OT4s and have them come out looking actually balanced: I SALUTE YOU.

I don't know how to do this! As it stands most of the people involved are interested in two of the other three people, but how to bridge it over into a full OT4 is something I DON'T KNOWWWWWW.

Okay I'm going to rant at you for a while, internet, and see if I manage to find some solutions in my ranting. It worked last time!

I will use actual character names this time instead of A B C D because it is easier for me to keep track in my head.

cut for the people who don't care, which let's face it is probably all of you )

Okay thanks for listening, internet! I'm going to go stare in dismay at my word document some more and wish that the wordcount would just grow magically on its own. Sound good? Okay!
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GAH. Okay, so as I write my NaNo, I keep on going back and forth about what the eventual ship is going to be. I'm nearly 20k words in! You would think I would know this by now! But, uh, my main characters haven't all even met yet.

The question is: is it going to end up being A/B/C, or A/B with strong B-C friendship? I DO NOT KNOW. The problem is that my two viewpoint characters are A and B, so turning it into an OT3 with C feels off-balance because you never get to see C's perspective. (and NO I am not adding in stuff from C's perspective) But on the other hand I'm pretty sure OT3 is where the fic wants to go. Possibly.

...Huh. Or MAYBE I could have the characters wrestle with this problem themselves! Even if it becomes A/B/C, A/B will get together first, and then there can be fraught emotions and people trying to figure out the boundaries between friendship and romance, and as I see how that goes I can decide whether A/B/C is something they experiment with and realize is not for them, or whether A/B/C will be the ultimate ship.

(of course, all of this is entirely leaving out the fact that I feel awful for leaving D out of the picture entirely. He basically doesn't even exist in this fic! Poor D. *pets him* But I am just not up to writing anything even resembling an OT4. Too complicated! Three main characters is hard enough!) (And no, C/D is not an option in this particular iteration of the characters. Probably. Maybe. Although ACTUALLY....) (NONONONONO ABORT ABORT)





Okay thanks for listening, internets. Good talk!

NaNo update

Nov. 5th, 2011 10:17 pm
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Sorry, apparently I haven't been hanging out here as much because NaNo is eating my life. My problem? I actually write really slowly. So doing my wordcount each day takes forever. Today I did my wordcount in only two hours and that was the fastest I've ever done it. So.

I AM still on par, which is exciting! I am at 8611 words right now! That is the most words I have written for fanfic in my entire life, and the most words I have written for anything except my thesis in the last five years. It is kind of weirding me out!

Though I feel weird for being weirded out, because 8.6k words isn't actually LONG by fanfic standards. It's still within the length I label as "shortish" when I'm bookmarking fic. (I know I shouldn't judge myself by other people's accomplishments, but it is hard sometimes.)

Anyways, I've tried NaNo twice, back in high school, and failed miserably both times -- the first time I got to 16k words, the second time to 15k words.

But those times I was trying to write an actual serious novel, and so I had put all this pressure on myself to Write Well -- and I was a really crappy writer at the time, so that didn't work out so well. (seriously: I just went back and tried to reread my old NaNo novels, and they are so boring, I can't even.)

This time I am writing bad fanfic with no intention of achieving anything except to prove to myself that I can write a lot of words. My characterization is awful, BUT THAT'S OKAY. My knowledge of canon is woeful and I'm not doing any research, BUT THAT'S OKAY. I'm awful with the show-don't-tell thing, BUT THAT'S OKAY. My pacing could use a lot of work, and I am failing to ground most of my scenes with any concrete physical details at all, BUT THAT'S OKAY.

I can at least see that my skill levels HAVE gone up from my NaNo attempts of old, since the ways in which this novel is failing are different than the ways those ones failed. Like, I'm actually capable of letting characters have emotions these days! How exciting! My characters might not have accurate characterizations a la the people they're based on, but they at least feel more or less like people instead of false constructs!

Also I'm no longer labouring under the impression that one must have some sort of external Dramatic Plot to hang the action onto. This fic is just the story of the characters coming of age and learning to be comfortable with who they are and what they're doing with themselves, and learning how to be happy. No evil villains to defeat anywhere!

(I'm just worried right now because given how far along I am in my outline, I am getting the feeling this fic will turn out to want to be RATHER MORE than 50k words. Uh. Intimidating? Yes indeed.)

idk, stuff

Nov. 1st, 2011 03:32 pm
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Thing One: APPARENTLY I am doing NaNo after all. I am a writing ridiculously self-indulgent bandom AU with no research whatsoever and it will be awful and I will never share it but I am WRITING IT ANYWAYS because it will be Good For Me. I mean, the longest thing I've ever completed is only like 5k words and I'd like to know that I'm capable of writing long things even if they suck. (so far I am 36 words in. GOOD START THERE, SOPHIA.)

Thing Two: Okay, so I just listened to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana for the first time (and the second time and the third time, in an attempt to learn to like it). And...the impression I'd gotten from the fact that I've actually HEARD of this song, a fair amount, and the fact that wikipedia calls it "one of the greatest rock songs of all time", was that it would be, like, a good song? But I'm underwhelmed. It's kind of boring, and also all of the lyrics are entirely incomprehensible. I mean, it's not bad as a song to just ignore in the background, but it's nothing special that I can see. If you are a person who likes this song, could you please explain to me what I am failing to see? I want to understand!

Thing Three: Things that are amusing: listening to a band whose name sounds merely vaguely familiar in that distant sort of way that I've heard of a lot of bands, and discovering I'm extremely familiar with two of their songs. Ahahahaha.... (the band in question: Fleetwood Mac)

Thing Four: If I weren't already 100% sure about what I want to nominate and request for Yuletide, I'd be pretty tempted to request fic about the Voynich Manuscript. I don't even know what a fandom for that would look like, but I'd love to find out!

Thing Five: My hobby: looking at different wikipedia pages all related to the same band and seeing how many different genres the band will be called across the various pages.


Thing Six: I'm so ridiculous. When I listen to music on shuffle on iTunes, of course it never succeeds in actually spreading out listens perfectly evenly between all songs, so then some songs on an album end up with more listens than others. So then I feel the need to carefully listen to the lower-count songs just enough times to get them all even again, because it bothers me when the counts are all skewed like that. Except then I feel like I'm creating something artificial with my manipulation of listen-counts like this. Possibly I devote too much mental energy to this...
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GODDAMNIT. I'm feeling pretty stupid right now. I just realized that my stupid cracky dystopia reads as a racist allegory. Non-human "other" who've been subjugated by humans for a long long time who have risen up and taken control in a totalitarian government that Our Heroes vehemently oppose and have to fight against? UM. That's really not the message I want to be giving. It was just supposed to be a silly Thnks Fr Th Mmrs AU!

Okay scrapping the thing right now.

And after I went to all the bother of writing that dratted sex scene too. Ah well. I'll chalk it up to a learning experience for me and move on.
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You know, the word "cock" is pretty hilarious. I'm aware that it's fandom's accepted invisible-terminology-of-choice for that particular organ, but even now, after having read about innumerable cocks, I still find the word hilarious. And the other options aren't any better. I should just be grateful my fic doesn't involve the other type of sexual organs, I guess, because reasonable words for that are even harder. ("harder" heh)

This post brought to you by the fact that I am definitely not writing explicit sex, thank you very much, no really I'm not, those cocks are just there for...set decoration. Yes.

It's possible I can never show this fic to anyone ever.
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Ugh, I hate that feeling where there's a fic I haven't finished reading yet and the world it's set in is just hanging out in my head feeling incomplete, and it's all itchy because I need to know the rest -- and then I remember that the reason why I haven't finished reading it yet is because it's one that I'm writing, so I have to come up with what happens next myself. So unsatisfying!

And damn it, I've figured out that this fic in fact wants to be a proper fic instead of just a stupid cracky snippet, but I have no idea what the shape of that proper fic is supposed to be. *glares petulantly at fic*

And I'm discovering more and more that it doesn't actually always work very well to just start writing something and assume I'll figure out where it's going as I write. I need to have a... a direction for this fic. It's kind of dystopian (...yes, cracky dystopia, SHUT UP), so am I aiming for an ending where the characters overthrow the world order, or an ending where the characters make their peace with it, or an ending where the characters find a way of living subversively within the constraints of the world order, or something else entirely? And how do I tie in the romance storyline with it?


*headdesks forever*


Sep. 14th, 2011 11:57 am
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So. I utterly failed to keep myself from writing that Patrick hat fic I mentioned yesterday. Annnnd now I need a beta. Approximately 750 words, total crack, and you don't need to be familiar with the fandom; mostly I want a beta to check for things like flow and sense-making and stuff like that. Anybody care to help?
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This weekend I was at the Mill Race Folk Festival, which means I spent MANY HOURS sitting outside listening to awesome folk musicians with likeminded people. It was marvelous and fantastic. And it was, after my various music-related efforts in bandom, a remarkably relaxing experience: I am able to judge on FIRST LISTEN whether or not I like a song or a group, without second-guessing myself! There was no mental effort expending in getting my head around the music; all I had to do was sit there and enjoy. MMMMM.

There were some really great groups there! Well, there always are. Mill Race is a free folk festival, which is super rare, and yet somehow still manages to get amazing musicians every year. I don't know how they do it, but I'm sure not complaining!

My favourite group this year was a Quebecois band from Montreal called Bon Debarras (pretend there's an accent on that first "e"; I'm too lazy to figure out how to do one on my keyboard). They were just magnificent. Extremely talented, obviously having fun, great stage presence, and the music all sounded fantastic. A+! Also, how impressive is it for one person to be doing three separate musical things all at the same time? Harmonica AND guitar AND percussive foot-stomping! Also, my god, I always forget how attractive an ability to dance makes a person. (yes, there was dancing. EXTREMELY ENERGETIC TAP-DANCING TYPE THING. By the dude who also played the washboard and sang lead vocals. HE WAS AWESOME.)

Among the other highlights were Knights & Mageean, who are two old dudes who sing a capella, with lots of union songs and sea shanties and other things that are great for audience participation; and The Good Right Arm Stringband, who sound (and, in part, look) like they belong on the set of O Brother Where Art Thou. And of course the rest of the acts, even if they weren't stand-out, were still very lovely and enjoyable, because hey, I really like folk music.

All in all a fantastic way to spend a weekend!

And then, because I am sadly predictable in the level of my obsession, I spent entirely too long working out how a bandom folk-musician AU would work. Um.

(And THEN in the process of writing this post, I decided I'd describe what this AU would look like, and somehow that meant I ended up writing nearly four thousand words of Definitely Not Fic in one evening (WTF SELF?), and now I'm left staring at it going, "WHAT. WHAT. WHAT EVEN." And if it's 3.8k as not!fic, then I shudder to think how long it would be if I wrote it all out properly! Should I just edit it a bit for clarity and flow and post it as not!fic? Should I leave it to languish forever on my hard drive? Should I turn it into actual fic? I DO NOT KNOW!)

(but SERIOUSLY. 3800 words! In one evening! I NEVER WRITE FIC THAT FAST. WHAT EVEN.)

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DRAT. So apparently even after all our hard work at keeping straight the latte continuity in mine and [personal profile] sentientcitizen's new fic, we still screwed up. This is the problem with having a character drink more than one mugful of a substance you are using as very important set-dressing in order to keep a scene from being nothing but talking heads. YOU HAVE TO KEEP TRACK OF HOW MUCH SHE'S DRUNK AT ALL TIMES. This is harder than you might think. *headdesk*

On the topic of fic writing, I am attempting to write fic about Paul for the first time in well over a year and it feels so strange, because I've forgotten so much of what I knew about Paul's theology, but Paul-the-character is as fresh in my mind as ever. Paul as I have conceptualized him just -- feels so real to me, that it is almost easy for me to get into his mindset. Whether I am doing him any justice in the attempts to set him down on paper is another question, but it's really great to be hanging out in his brain again. Even if it is a pretty depressing brain.

And now I need to go dig out all my notes on Paul's theology, because as much as I feel at home with his character he is impossible to write about without theology because that was so thoroughly tied up in everything he did. Silly Paul. Why does your theology have to be so impenetrable that just reading your goddamn letters on one's own is not sufficient to actually grasp everything you thought?

Also I need to remind myself of the timeline of his life. He leaves Corinth to go visit the saints in Jerusalem, and plans after that to go perhaps to Spain, and on the way visit Rome, as I recall. But somewhere in there he ends up getting caught and/or imprisoned and/or killed? Before he gets to Rome. I need to brush up on this!

Also I need to figure out how to convince him he wants to be in a committed platonic same-sex relationship. Or maybe even convince him that gay sex is okay, although that might be a harder sell. Hmm. Either way, TELEPATHIC BOND to the rescue! Somehow.
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Thing One: So, uh, [community profile] kink_bingo! I signed up for a card, because I'm ambitious like that. Even though last year I managed to complete all of two fills in the amnesty period and that's it. And I even hope to maaaaybe manage a bingo this year? Except that the square I'm super excited to write isn't one that's on a line I'm interested in doing a bingo on. OH WELL. I'm totes going to write the Budoor/Hayyat/Kamar crossdressing fic anyways, JUST YOU WAIT. It can be my wildcard. Because the universe NEEDS this to exist. But then, as I've always said, the universe needs ALL the Budoor/Hayyat/Kamar fic to exist. I wonder....could I get an entire bingo out of them? :D Too ambitious, I think, especially since doing kink_bingo at all is already pushing me outside my box. But a TELEPATHIC BONDING AU for the hypnosis/mind control square would be lots of fun! (confession: a telepathic boding au would be lots of fun for EVERY FANDOM EVER.)

Okay, so the least intimidating line for me to bingo on is the following:

hypnosis/mind control -- sensory deprivation -- WILDCARD -- whipping/flogging -- sleepy/unconscious

D'you have any suggestions or ideas for things, or even just fandoms you think would go AWESOME with any of these kinks? Preferably done in a way where the kink is not a particularly sexual kink? I'm definitely doing the wildcard as the Budoor/Hayyat/Kamar crossdressing fic, but other than that, I'm JUST NOT SURE where to go!

Thing Two: Oh my god, Tumblr, I hate you. Why you gotta have so much cool stuff? I am going to end up with way too many Tumblrs in my rss feed, and then I will just froth in incoherent rage at them because I just don't liiiiike Tumblr.

I dun wanna get a tumblr! But it is looking like it might become inevitable! *headdesk* I feel like I am an old man shaking my cane at the kids on my lawn, like, "how dare they have this confusing newfangled technology? In my day the world was a better place and everything made sense, and you are making things go to hell in a handbasket."

Thing Three: Because apparently it is a thing going around: The fanfiction love meme! Go give love to people whose writing you like! (And if you want to you can comment on my thread here.)


Jun. 6th, 2011 09:59 pm
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So. Uh. I started out this evening with the intention of responding to all the comments and posts that I have been intending to respond to for a while, and then...got distracted partway through. Because Essie wrote a continuation of my Darcy-and-Loki fic in the comments, and now she and I are apparently doing back-and-forth comment-fic with each other. Um. A new experience to cross off my fannish bucket-list!

(If you want to read it, you can find it here, though beware of the fact that it is pretty raw and unedited. And we will, of course, post a shiny version of the thing when we finish. Whatever "finish" will turn out to mean.)
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So there is a fic I am making vague stabs at trying to write. It is not going very well. This is in part because I lack some crucial information! Namely, what is it like to experience sexual attraction?

And so I turn to you for help! Are you a person who experiences sexual attraction? I would like to hear from you! What does sexual attraction feel like for you (physically? mentally? emotionally?)? When do you experience it? How often do you experience it? Do you experience it every time you see a person you would categorize as "hot" or just people you are interested in, or some third option? Do you enjoy the experience? Do you ever wish it would just go away? Is there anything else that I'm not thinking to ask because I don't know enough to ask it?

Basically I just would love anything you could tell me about what sexual attraction is like for you. And it would be wonderful to get responses from multiple people, so I can try to extrapolate outwards from multiple data points to get a fuller picture of what it is like! I am happy with long or short answers, with or without TMI, and you can of course comment anonymously if you wish.

(Also, while I'm at it, just for my own interest, would you be able to explain what it is that is enjoyable/appealing about kissing? I'm just so curious!)

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