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Jun. 26th, 2011 07:18 pm
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Thing one: I always forget how dearly I adore Jane Austen. She's funny, and witty, and insightful, and does a fantastic job at sketching out characters that really feel real (no really, fantastic, I am totally in awe of her abilities in this regard and desperately wish for even a quarter of her skill), and the dynamics between all the characters are fantastic as well, and yes I am also a big fan of the romance factor. Currently I am rereading Persuasion and oh man it is totally my favourite of her books. I always forget that too; I get distracted by all the talk that Pride & Prejudice gets, and yes, it's an absolutely amazing book, but PERSUASION. SO GREAT. (I was TOTALLY cracking up with laughter on the very first page. A++ snark, Jane Austen!)

Thing two: AO3 subscriptions: MY NEW FAVOURITE THING IN LIFE. It used to be that I'd come across an awesome author and read all their fic and want to be able to keep on top of everything they'd write ever but I wouldn't want to put them on my rlist because I wasn't particularly interested in the rest of their posts, or because I didn't want my rlist to get too cluttered, or a variety of things. Now? As long as they are the sort of person who posts to AO3, I can just click "subscribe" and NEVER HAVE TO WORRY AGAIN. So great! And now I am mourning all those authors I stumbled across in the past and have since forgotten, and thus have not read their latest brilliance and perhaps never shall. Also I am mourning all the authors who do not post their fic to AO3.

(note to self: update your own AO3 account....)
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I have discovered something: the ease of kudoing fic on AO3 means I do it all the time when I've liked a fic. It is habit to give kudos right after I've bookmarked a fic on delicious. And now I'm discovering that when I read fic on DW/LJ/some other archive, IT FEELS WEIRD TO NOT LEAVE KUDOS. Which means, of course, that I'm left with this vague feeling that I ought to be commenting instead. Only commenting takes up a lot of mental energy for me, and I really can't do that with every fic I read because I would end up just not reading fic in order to keep myself from having to comment. So then I'm just left mentally flailing. I WANT TO TELL THE AUTHOR I ENJOYED MYSELF AND I CAN'T.

Short and random post is short and random.

Good night.
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Thing One: It probably should not come as a surprise to you that I have something of a thing for pairings involving a dubiously moral dude and the boyscout he loves. I now have a new pairing to add to my list.... (John Marcone: probably these are spoilers. I'm bad at judging ) I would never want to meet him in real life but I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.)

Speaking of which, I don't really recommend the practice of diving headfirst into fic for a literary canon, and happening to read one of the actual canonical books in the middle of all this fic. You WILL forget which things happened in the book and which happened in the various fics you've read. Or at least you will if you're me. Oops?

Thing Two: When I first noticed AO3's new "kudos" feature, I was all "bzuh? what is this?" but now that I have figured it out I am STARRY-EYED IN LOVE. It means I get more people telling me they enjoyed my fics, which feels lovely. But more importantly, it fixes my eternal dilemma of: loved this fic! Should tell author so! But leaving a comment that just says "love this fic" feels awfully perfunctory and not actually full of love, so I need to compose a longer and more heartfelt comment! But ahhhh that is stressful and effort so most of the time I won't do it, I'll just leave the fic sitting open in a tab for ages glaring at me with a guilt-inducing stare! Eventually I will give up and just bookmark it, and never leave a peep in comment!

Now it goes: loved this fic! Should tell author so! *clicks the kudos button* Mission accomplished!

(Already I've begun feeling the lack when I read fics on LJ and DW...)

Thing Three: My exciting christmas gift of awesome: an iPod! But now I have to name it, obviously. I've been thinking hard for the last week about what I should name it. It needs an awesome name, that's at least slightly fannish, and also relevant to what it is. My computer, for instance, is Bunbury -- somewhere I go when I'm ostensibly being Responsible, but is really mostly for having fun. I'm thinking of naming my iPod The Raven King (or John Uskglass, or The Nameless Slave; the last thought rather amuses me), on account of the way that shiny new technology like this is mostly a magical mystery unto me. But the protective covering on my iPod is sky blue, which is not particularly Raven Kingish. I feel like he'd object kind of strongly. I have also considered naming it McKay, on account of it being scientific and musical and convinced it's better than me, but for some reason despite it fitting I'm not in love with this name possibility. Do any of you have any brilliant suggestions?
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Yo, speaking of AO3, apparently I have an invite code available. Any of you folks interested?


Sep. 12th, 2010 04:08 pm
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Further to my yesterday's Thing Three, I have now posted all my fic to AO3 (here, if you're interested). And I have discovered that tagging well is much more difficult than it appears. See, it's easy enough to put on tags for the particular aspects of the story that turn your crank. But you also have to think about the ids of other people, who have different needs and desires and opinions. I wouldn't think to, say, put a "crack" tag on a fic of mine, because my opinion on what's "crack" is very different from most people's. Or I wouldn't think to put an "animals" tag on a fic of mine that had animals in it, because it wouldn't occur to me that some people specifically look for stories with animals in them. It's hard work, making sure one's fics are properly tagged!

I've already had to go back and edit in several more tags that I didn't think to add when I uploaded the fics, but I'm probably still missing some that would be good. Oh well. Such is life.

In related news, it is fascinating that in only a little over 12 hours, my Sherlock fic Tea Party managed to get more hits than my SG1 fic Shall Perish By The Sword got in over five months*. I am pretty sure this is because of a number of factors: Sherlock is new and exciting and came into being post-AO3, whereas SG1 is already well-entrenched in other locations; SPBTS's main character is a female original character, versus TP's use of canon characters; SPBTS is explicitly about religion.

(No I haven't been obsessively refreshing my userpage on AO3 to watch hit counts why would you think that?)

In other related news, seeing all my fic in a list like that makes me realize I've written more than I thought. Possibly it is time for me to create a fic masterlist for my LJ...! That isn't something I ever really expected to get to the point of needing!

*That's the only fic I had on AO3 till yesterday, because it was posted there as part of a fic challenge.


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