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There's all this Harry Potter nostalgia going on in my flist and rlist today, because of the release of the last HP movie and thus the end of an era. But it feels weird to me, because for me the end of the era was back when the last book came out. I have never actually cared about the movies, so today does not feel monumental to me in any way at all. And yet it also is, because reading about everyone else's ~feelings~ gets me all feeling-ish as well.

Because. DUDE. Harry Potter was my first fandom.* Harry Potter was my ONLY fandom, for YEARS. So feelings about HP can't HELP but give me feelings, even though I am really rather over my fannish involvement there. I have fond nostalgia for my days of obsessiveness, I'm still rather invested in a lot of my firmly held beliefs about HP, but I'm still more or less done.


So I am going to rec you some fics that are crossovers between HP and various other beloved fandoms (and one crossover with a book I've never read, because I'm awesome like that), BECAUSE I CAN. OUT OF NOSTALGIA.

WROCK BAND, by [ profile] zarathuse. Bandom. Frank/Gerard. Er. Yes, I did in fact have to start with bandom. IT IS MY DARLING RIGHT NOW. This is a fic wherein instead of being My Chemical Romance, the constituent members are instead a wrock band. And the fic does it so fantastically well, and believably, and it just feels right and wonderful, and OH IT GAVE ME FEELINGS.

Rebirth, by [ profile] sineala. Highlander. Snape/Methos. And it is ALL of the wonderfulness you would expect out of that pairing. :D :D :D

Marks and Scars, by EH Smith. Vorkosigan series. Snape, Mark Vorkosigan. And I can't put it better than the author's summary: " In which two of the most intriguing characters from the works of J.K. Rowling and Lois McMaster Bujold meet for tea and, eventually, sympathy." YES.

All the Girls Out On the Stoop, by [personal profile] mirabella. Hawaii Five-0. Danny/Steve. The requisite Veela fic! In which Danny is a veela. HEEE.

The Made-Up Things, by [ profile] fire_and_a_rose. Narnia. Petunia. In which Petunia and Lily are Susan's kids, and ohhhhh. *flails*

To Huck With It, by [ profile] fernwithy. Huckleberrry Fin. Huck, Hermione. In which Hermionoe accidentally appears in 1859. It features an EXCELLENT narrative voice from Huck, and is all around great. Even though I've never read Huck Finn. :D

*depending on how you count it. In terms of fannish feelings, it would be fairy tales. In terms of engagement in fannish behaviour in connection with other fans, it would be Pern (online roleplaying!). But in terms of fandom as I engage in it today, it was Harry Potter, even though I was a lurker through all my years of being an HP fan.
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Thing One: I really need to not read Kane/Toews hockey rpf. Because, dude, Toews is a totally mennonite name. And I know people named Toews. It is WEIRD seeing that name in fanfiction. But -- I was seduced by a soulbonding fic, okay? It is not my fault!

(yes, I know, soulbonding. I REALLY LIKE THE CLICHES, OKAY. I AM NOT ASHAMED.)

Thing Two: I really ought to write up a post on What Being Mennonite Means To Me. Since it does keep on cropping up here occasionally.

Thing Three: You know what I really like? Fic about HUGS and ADORABLENESS. I have recently decided that hugs are something that I need to be tagging for on Delicious, so now I have started doing it, but now that I've started I want ALL THE HUG!FIC. Which means: recs pls? Any fandom! Any characters! As long as it involves hugs and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Actually I'm not picky; fic about any physical affection that is not sex and not sexual would be really awesome, ngl. So. Help a girl out?

(I will start!

Citizens of Amity, a Community fic rated H for hugs, by [personal profile] thingswithwings
How Steve got his hug and kept it, a Hawaii Five-0 fic about Steve needing a hug, by [ profile] sirona
Hug, a Hawaii Five-0 fic about Danny wanting a hug, by [ profile] somehowunbroken

Your turn!)

Thing Four: I am a terrible person. I had this idea for a vid that would be hilarious and slightly horrifying and probably also blasphemous. You know the movie O Brother Where Art Thou? And you know the bit where the two little girls sing the song "In the Highways" and it's really kind of an obnoxious song but you feel bad for thinking so because they're kids? I kind of want a vid about Voldemort and the Death Eaters to that song.

"In the highways in the hedges, in the highways in the hedges
In the highways in my hedges I'll be somewhere working for my Lord

I'll be somewhere working, I'll be somewhere working
I'll be somewhere working for my Lord
I'll be somewhere working, I'll be somewhere working
I'll be somewhere working for my Lord

When he calls me I will answer, when he calls me I will answer
When he calls me I will answer I'll be somewhere working for my Lord

I'll be somewhere working..."

I just had to share this thought with you, because I'm certainly never going to vid it, but I figured I shouldn't be the only person with this image in mind. (I totally would have linked you to a youtube video of the little girls singing that song, but it DOESN'T EXIST on youtube, unless you want to hear them singing it as adults and it just doesn't have that same obnoxious quality then. So you should just go watch the movie. Because it is great.)
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Thing One: I'm away for the weekend. Victoria Day weekend, yo! That's right, we celebrate the birthday of a dead queen but not the birthday of our reigning monarch, that's how Canada rolls. Which means: CAMPING! (Yes, in May. Yes, some years there is frost. Yes, it is fun anyways.)

Thing Two: I am fascinated by how fast one picks up linguistic tics from the people with whom one hangs out. And by "one" I totally don't just mean "I". Nope. (and the really freaky thing is that I didn't notice. Or rather, I noticed that I was saying things I don't normally say, but could not for the life of me figure out why until [personal profile] sentientcitizen kindly enlightened me.)

Thing Three: Buffy spoilers again! )

Thing Four: A vid that needs to be watched: Shock the Monkey, by [personal profile] giandujakiss. It is a very well done look at the really unsettling aspects of Hawaii Five-0 that I mentioned earlier. It makes me cringe every time I watch it, and I CANNOT STOP WATCHING IT. And yet I still like this show? WHYYYYYYY, self?

Thing Five: I'm pretty sure it's time for me to do some housekeeping in my journals. Rearranging who I'm following on LJ vs DW; fixing some tags that need help; replacing the icons that need replacing; updating my masterlist; that sort of thing. But I keep getting distracted by shiny things!

Thing Six: So I finally shared a link for this journal with my sister (Hello, my darling sister! I'm sorry I haven't been emailing!), which felt a little weird. Because then I went back to the beginning of my archives and began to reread some of those early posts to see what she was reading, and I kept on being like, NO, YOUNGER SELF, NO, and being horribly embarrassed. And that was only two years ago. Makes me glad I didn't start my fannish LJ when I was 14 or something. I bet there'd be SO MUCH to be embarrassed over.

(except I kind of wish I HAD, actually, because I don't remember very well what I was actually thinking back then, and it would be nice to have that sort of record for my own better knowledge of myself! Even if I would die in embarrassment reading it.)

Thing Seven: It has become apparent to me that I DO need to do a deconstruction of Lady Gaga's "Judas", because otherwise it won't leave me alone. AFTER CAMPING. Yes.

Thing Eight: I NEED TO STOP WITH THE THINGS. I think most of my posts lately have been all things all the time. But I just have so much to talk about! And I think this post might have a record number of things in it too!
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Thing one: HELP I HAVE ALMOST FIFTY TABS OPEN. SAVE ME FROM THE TABS. This is the problem with combining productive days and having an actual social life: I DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO KEEP MY TABS AT A REASONABLE LEVEL. Or, you know, spent all that much time on the internet. It is a problem, yo! I mean, not a problem I'm going to complain about very hard (I exercised! I got lots of errands done! I hung out with [personal profile] sentientcitizen! I hung out with awesome and nerdy friends!) but still. When I have so many tabs open that the handy little symbols indicating the site open in that tab no longer show? Navigation becomes a bit of a problem. KILL ME NOW.

Thing two: spoilers for Buffy episodes Innocense and Phases )

Thing three: spoilers for Hawaii Five-0's season finale )

Thing four:
I can't stop going back to Lady Gaga's "Judas". It's just's got so much religious imagery in there, but it feels so incoherently combined. And I keep on going around reading various people's interpretations of it, and nobody agrees on anything.

And it doesn't help that it seems like ALL the things I've been reading have missed what I would consider one of the most straightforward references - the thing with Lady Gaga wearing the blue headcovering thingy. That right there says HELLO MARY MOTHER OF JESUS. Very very strongly. But everyone's all, "oh, Lady Gaga's in the role of Mary Magdalene in this song." Which she is, but she's conflating that role with that of Mary mother of Jesus. And there's also stuff about footwashing that also identifies her with Mary sister of Martha. Basically Lady Gaga is three Marys in one, in this song, and all the analyses treat her as a more-or-less straightforwardly Mary Magdalene figure. *SIGH*

Also? The baptism scene. That is TOTALLY a baptism scene. But people keep on coming up with their own special interpretations of it that don't even make glancing reference to the possibility that it might be about baptism! *headdesk*

PEOPLE. How about you don't try to analyze the religious symbolism in a video if you're not well-versed enough in that religion to recognize the symbology? Just a thought.

I'm not going to try to analyze the religious symbolism in that video, because I'm not well-versed enough in the OTHER stuff she's trying to do with it. Because it's obviously not just straight up a song and video about religion and nothing else. But SERIOUSLY PEOPLE.

Okay, that rant went on longer than I was intending it to....

Thing five: Right! Going to bed, not clearing out tabs, or answering emails, or replying to comments, or any of that. BED. I am getting up too early in the morning! (the other problem of having a social life. Terrible people convince you that you want to get up early in the morning to exercise as a group.)
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Thing One: More Doctor Who thoughts! In point form! )

Thing Two: I am now four episodes into Hawaii Five-0. Okay. This show has some really skeevy morals wrt things like, oh, violence and accountability. Really skeevy. I do not like them, Sam-I-Am. So WHY DO I LIKE THIS SHOW? *headdesk*

Thing Three: So, today I watched Lady Gaga's latest: Judas. Now there is a video and song that wants some serious religious deconstruction.

Thing Four: Damn. I keep on seeing stuff on my flist right now about remix_redux, and it looks like such fun! Of course, I'm only hearing about it now that the stories are being posted, instead of back when I could have signed up.... But I couldn't have signed up anyways! Because you need to have at least one fandom in which you've written five or more fics of >500 words. And I haven't, because I'm disgustingly polyfannish. I come close in Highlander, but I'm still not quite there.

Oh well, it means I have something to aim for next year, yes? Write at least one more Highlander fic before the next remix_redux, and I'll be golden! (ahaha, in, um, almost all of my other fandoms I'd have to write FOUR more fics (or FIVE)... Yeah. Not happening.)
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Thing One:OH HEY. Look, another fandom! Just what I needed. Hawaii Five-0 this time. SO GOOD. I've been reading fic for the last couple days and then last night I broke down and watched the first two episodes. How is it SO ADORABLE, for a show that is all about government-sanctioned violence and law-bending? GAH.


(also is it just me or do I totally recognize the theme music from somewhere? And is the theme music awesome or AWESOME?)

Thing Two: I feel a little awkward doing this, but, um, there's an anonymous love meme! If you have the inclination you can go to my comment there and leave me a kind word.

Thing Three: My instinct wrt zombies is usually NO THANK YOU. And putting a zombie as the love interest? Even more NO. And yet somehow this story by [ profile] sarahtales aka Sarah Rees Brennan really really works.

Thing Four: [personal profile] calvinahobbes and [personal profile] tei, since apparently both of you are interested in fic in latin, here's another one to add to your collection! Amor Dormiens Cubat. Although it is very short. (and is the sequel to a 50,000 word story....)

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