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When I posted Scenarios I mentioned maybe doing a set of PUBLIC TRANSIT fic recs. Here it is! Because it is a glorious trope, and all of the following are glorious examples of the trope at its best. (okay, so some of them don't fit the standard trope pattern EXACTLY, but they still involve public transit so WHATEVER I'm including them anyways BECAUSE I CAN)

(I'm not including airplanes in forms of public transit for the purpose of this recs-set because it's not something I thought to tag as being this, but upon reflection it kind of is. Please forgive this lapse on my part.)

11 recs for SGA, CW RPF, Doctor Who, Inception, BtVS, AI RPF, and bandom )
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Thing One: Why is "Ray" such a popular name among things that people get fannish over? It's not a particularly common name in real life -- at least, I've never personally met anyone named Ray -- and yet I count at least four fandoms with Rays, for a total of five Rays. Probably there are more, too, that I just haven't run across yet....

(Due South: Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski
Bandom: Ray Toro
Generation Kill: Ray Person
Pros: Ray Doyle
Other fandoms: ????)

Thing Two: I now have a new winner in kudos out of fics I have written. The Swoodilypooper fic finally beat out the Inception fic. DUDE. The Inception fic? Is of a reasonable length, fits relatively well with fandom's usual interests, and is, I believe, one of my better-written fics. The Swoodilypoopers fic? I dashed it off in, like, half an hour. But now it has more kudos, and a FAR better hits-to-kudos ratio. A testament to the powers of nerdfighteria? A testament to the degree that John Green himself is invested in the marriage of Bald John Green and Other John Green? Both? :D

Thing Three: You know what is always weird? When there is a song you sang in choir ages ago and you've never heard it outside of choir so the only part you're really familiar with is your part. So when you hear the melody on its own years later you think to yourself, "The tune is ALL WRONG." Because CLEARLY the tenor part is the tune, amirite? *headdesk*

(Yes, I am a lady and I sing tenor, SO THERE.)

(well actually sometimes I'm alto and sometimes I'm tenor, because tenor goes just a little too low for me to sing comfortably, and alto goes just a little too high. My voice does not map onto the traditional parts-divisions. It is kind of annoying. I just wanna sing in choirs!)

(all else aside though, I am glad I do not sing soprano, because hearing how harmonies fit in is just really cool and I get to do much more of that as a non-soprano because sopranos almost always get the melodies. Harmonizing is exciting!)

(now I'm trying to think of what song it was that PROMPTED me to think of this all, and I cannot remember it for the life of me. All I can remember is that the tune did something complicated across the first page-turn and we spent AGES hashing it out.)
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Because [personal profile] calvinahobbes expressed some slightly worried interest in maybe reading more bandom as a result of my recent bandom barista AU, here is a post of bandom barista AUs!

Actually I think I will start with bandom barista AUs and then move on to barista AUs in general because barista AUs are awesome and you know it.

(oh god. Somehow this turned into a post with SIXTEEN fics in it, which is RIDICULOUS. I don't even want to think about how much time it took me to compile this, especially since I kept getting distracted to reread. OH WELL. ENJOY.)

(a note: I'm not always good at balancing my squee levels between different recs in a rec post. Assume that if I posted a link to a fic in here, it is great and I liked it a whole lot, even if I don't actually say anything to that effect in the rec itself....)

Bandom barista AUs! Featuring Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, The Academy Is..., and Cobra Starship! But mostly Panic, tbh )

AND NOW non-bandom time, for those of you who are sick of hearing me natter on about bandom but still want your barista-AU fix!

Featuring Star Trek, Social Network RPF, Supernatural RPF, Inception, and Dresden Files! )
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You know what? I'm pretty sure the dirtiest word I've used on my DW/LJ so far was in the school essay I posted yesterday. That seems...a little backward! Heh.

In other news, the other day I realized one of the (many!) reasons kink memes fascinate me.

Okay, so, you know how one definition of a genre is a body of works that are in conversation with each other?

And fanfic, obviously, follows that, with fandom in general being in conversation with itself to a degree, and individual fandoms to even greater extent, and individual comms/archives/what-have-you even more. And all of this is engaged in a conversation that's far more obvious than the traditional published-book genres, because there everything is slowed down by the facts of the publication process, whereas in fandom someone can write something and then other people can be reading it five minutes later.

And kink memes? Are like the Fandom X-Treme version of this. They become a microcosm of the culture, with the fics often subtly (or not-so-subtly!) referencing each other or referencing conversations that were had in various comment threads of the meme. To the point where although the fic may be perfectly understandable in isolation, you will appreciate it so much more if you've been religiously following the kink meme it comes from. (And sometimes to the point where a fic is completely incomprehensible if you haven't been following the meme, cf for example Earl from Inception.*)

And at this point if I were writing an essay I would be digging through the commentpages of the Dresden Files meme to pull out examples of what I'm talking about, because believe me, I have been stalking the hell out of that meme and I know whereof I speak. But I am too lazy/too disorganized/too busy with other stuff to do this. So you'll just have to trust me.

Anyways. What I'm saying is, it's awesome. Fic as a community exercise! Awesome.

(and it fascinates me to think of, in comparison, the drawerfic of so many fans' youth: fic written in complete isolation from anything like itself. You know what I would love to do? I would love to get my hands on a whole bunch of different people's drawerfic and analyze the sorts of things that pop up again and again without any cross-pollination between authors. That would be fascinating, and also kind of impossible given the intrinsic nature of drawerfic....)

*No, I didn't/don't actually follow the inception meme. I just managed to pick up on this from hanging around Inception fandom too much back when it was first new. What can I say? Inception fandom is fascinating. For reasons entirely unrelated to Earl, just so we're clear. Earl, I'm happier without.
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This fic is inspired by a wee vignette that wanted to be a proper story. It went full-length with vengeance: this is the longest fic I've written yet!

The title is from the song "Give Yourself To Love", and I am never naming a fic after a song again, because I had that song stuck in my head for weeks after titling this.

Many thanks to the ever-wonderful [ profile] sentientcitizen for betaing!

Title: If Love Is What You're After
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating/Warnings: People swear, shoot at each other, and have off-screen sex.
Length: 5136 words
Summary: Arthur's never been any good at this business of liking people.

After the inception job they are filthy rich and free to do whatever they want. Arthur just wants to keep working. )


Nov. 15th, 2010 12:11 am
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A WIP meme! Because they always look like such fun when other people do them, and these days I actually have enough files that begin with the letters "W", "I", and "P" to do it.

Of course, just because they're WIPs doesn't mean all of them are likely to ever be FINISHED. So here they are, in order of most likely to least likely.

Inception, Highlander/Man from UNCLE, SGA, Doctor Who, and Star Trek )
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Because this fic is TOTALLY my headcanon now. Oh Yusuf how so awesome?

Title: OH&S
Author: [ profile] fahye
Length: 14:10
Fandom: Inception
Characters: Yusuf-centric, plus team, with background Arthur/Eames and Ariadne/Saito
Rating/Warning: PG
Summary: Everything you've ever wanted to know about IV access and lots of things you didn't.

Download here at Sendspace
Download here at the archive
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I think I have an instinctive shying-away from writing about intimacy and love in fic-form, and that's why most of my fics don't actually involve a)relationships or b)happy relationships. OH SELF.

How I discovered this: [ profile] bookshop made a post today, wanting more happy schmoopy Arthur/Eames, and challenging everyone to respond to her post with a three-sentence long fic that's as self-indulgent and shamelessly-in-love as you can make it. I decided to do it myself, since hey, three sentences, not a big challenge. And I wrote it, and the whole time I was shying away from making it AS self-indulgently schmoopy as I wanted it to be! It ended up being kind of adorable, I think, but really hardly schmoopy: Arthur and Eames, watching tv, with Arthur reclining on the couch with his head in Eames' lap, but Arthur feeling a little insecure about the fact that he wants to be doing that. I wanted it to be just straight-up adorably cuddly, and I couldn't make myself write it, because it felt...too self-indulgent? Even though that was the POINT! IDEK.

So. Obviously I need practice at allowing myself to write this sort of thing. WHAT THIS MEANS: Leave a comment to this entry, with your choice of any of my fandoms and some sort of prompt, and I will write a fic in response about love and adorableness. I reserve the right to make said fic be as short or as long as I want, to request a different fandom if I don't feel up to whatever it was that you prompted me with, and to take as much or as little time as I need to write it.

Okay? Okay! Let's do this thing!

EDIT: The commentfics I have done so far:
* White Collar -- Peter/Neal/El -- at Neal's place for his birthday
* Inception -- Arthur/Eames -- Eames is the most cuddly boyfriend ever, and Arthur tries to conciously let himself be more touchy-feely
* SGA -- Rodney-John -- No pets are allowed on the expedition
* Bible -- Jesus-Peter -- At the wedding at Cana, after a few drinks, Jesus reveals his vulnerable side
* Harry Potter -- Hermione/Snape -- "with you, I don't have to pretend"
* Highlander -- Duncan/Methos -- bantering about history

Feel free to leave more prompts, if you so desire!
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Dear lord. Okay. I was listening to Johnny Clegg and Savuka/Johnny Clegg and Juluka today while cleaning my room, and actually sort of listening to the lyrics for once. And a song came on, and I stopped dead in my tracks and went, DUDE, that song is SO about Fraser and Victoria. Because it was. And then out of curiosity I went online and started looking at the lyrics for the rest of their songs, and um, apparently they really like themes that are relevant ALL MY FANDOMS, because probably half their English songs could be EASILY interpreted in light of them. Six Highlander songs, five Doctor Who songs, three Inception songs, three Due South songs, and one each about The Man from UNCLE, The Sentinel, and Sherlock Holmes. DUDE.


My list, for my own future reference )
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Thing One: The first important order of business for today is to let y'all know that I'm away for the next week or so on a computerless vacation. It will be excellent, but I fear the amount of internet that I will have to catch up on when I get back!

Thing Two: Inception fandom, stop being so enticing! )

Thing Three: Today I was browsing a bookstore and came across a book called Inseparable, about lesbian themes in literature, and I found myself reading the first fifty or so pages without really meaning to, and it was fascinating )

my excessively long footnotes )
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Oh, goodness. I should have realized, given my thing for competence, that it would be daaaangerous for me to start reading Inception fic. And I've discovered that it even manages occasionally to do the surprise!competence thing, because apparently Eames* is a super-clever dude who people often underestimate? BASICALLY I LOVE THE FICS.

I understand that my favourite pairing from the fic is not actually well-represented within the movie, but hey, whatevs, I'm down with that. Arthur/Eames wins anyways!

Presumably at some point I need to watch the movie (I WANT TO) but that point is not now. Possibly once I've moved back to my place for the school year; I bet I can convince Nielle and Dinah to go see it with me.

In other news, listening to hours of podfic while working (OMG SO AWESOME) results in my internal monologues/dialogues/narrative having the same voice as the reader whose podfic I've been listening to. It's disconcerting! But I certainly would not object to having my life narrated by her: she has such a wonderful reading style. It makes me realize how far I still have to go in honing my skills as a podfic reader. (thing number one that I need to learn: SLOW DOWN. This is hard.)

It also made me start thinking about accents, and perceptions of them. The fic I've been listening to is read in a British accent, and that just sounds so right, even when it's for fic from an American fandom (WHUT). In everyday life I quite like my accent (Canadian, with very slight hints of something unidentifiable. When I worked a fast food job, I occasionally got customers asking me where I was from, and when I said, um, Canada, they'd say, oh, I thought you were British/Australian/etc). But a British accent just gives this aura of...I don't even know how to articulate it. Calm, confident superiority? The sort of thing where you listen to it and you're just automatically more willing to believe what's being said because it just sounds so sure. In other words, just right for narrating a story. My accent, by comparison, feels all...informal, and... uneducated? IDK. It's hard to put into words.

I do not usually EVER feel self-conscious about the way I talk! This is annoying! And I know perfectly well it's stupid and nonsensical, and based on stereotypes, and that the only thing a person's accent actually says is where they're from, but I still cannot help but have these reactions.

Also, the only two podfics I've done so far have been for stories where the viewpoint character was Canadian. I am worried to try to do podfics for anything with characters of other nationalities. Because in media fandoms (ie not book-based), the voice of a character is certainly rather connected to their accent. My Ray Kowalski would sound wrong. My Doctor would sound wrong. My Radek Zelenka, my John Sheppard, my Jim Kirk....Basically ANYONE who is not either Rodney McKay or from a C6D fandom. The next fic I'm planning to do (hopefully it will take me less than seven months this time!) is again a Rodney fic, but this one has some walk-in lines from Radek, and that.... I've been reading the fic out loud to myself to familiarize myself with it before beginning to record, and no matter what I do with the Radek lines it sounds wrong. I cannot imitate his accent, and it would be stupid of me to try. But if I just use my native accent it doesn't sound like the lines could possibly belong to Radek.

I know that what I have to do is just suck it up and realize that it is possible to do a good job at podficcing without doing voices and accents and things, but it just makes me feel like I'm not doing justice to what the characters deserve. *sigh*

(I am reminded as well of listening to an audiobook of one of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency novels, and how brilliant the reader was. She did the Botswana accent for all the dialogue, and it sounded so right. (mmm, I love those books so much))

Wow. I did not realize, when starting this post, how much uncertainty I've been feeling about this stuff! Well, I'll just give myself a good smack upside the head and tell myself sternly not to be stupid, and that's that. Because really, what else can I do?

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