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Jul. 20th, 2011 12:01 pm
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Two meme things, from [ profile] justice_turtle! The first one involves her asking me five questions, which I am now answering, and if you want five questions from me, then reply to this post requesting five questions. And the second one is the "marry, shag, cliff" one, so if you want in on that, then reply asking for three people. Or you can request both! Or neither! It's all good!

In which I answer questions about my default icon, stealth space mennos, my favourite book, remembering songs, WWII, and a band AU of SGA )

In which I choose which out of Lord Peter Wimsey, Loki, and Rodney McKay I would shag, cliff, and marry )
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I was studying this afternoon for an exam, and I had a sudden brainwave.

So there's the apocafic genre, in which an AU is written about the end of the world in whatever fandom. And I love it. But "apocalypse" doesn't actually mean "end of the world", it means "revelation". As in, something that has been revealed to you. Works in the apocalyptic genre usually take the form of a vision, or a journey to heaven, with various incomprehensible things and signs that usually get explained to you by an angel. They can be either spatial or temporal, meaning they can mainly focus on what the heavenly realm (or the underworld) is like, or they can focus on what the end of the age will be like.

And now I really want a literal apocafic, where, say, Daniel Jackson when he ascends gets a tour of the ascended realm by one of the other ascended beings, and the whole time he is just fascinated by it and keeps on making comparisons with the apocalyptic genre of literature, much to the frustration of his guide. Or where Fraser explores the whatever-realm-it-is that Dead!Bob is a part of, with Dead!Bob acting as his guide -- and, well, Fraser would probably ALSO be making the sorts of comparisons Daniel would be, though with less anthropology. Or even something in a fandom where the canon doesn't have something canonically heaven-like. It would be AWESOME.
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My sanity is saved! Although my computer now has to be in the shop for about a week and a half, I have found someone else's laptop to borrow for the time being, so I am not cut off from the internet after all. *whew* (Although I'm still very worried about my poor computer. I hope it'll be okay!)

So now let me share with you the fic I wrote for good_ficday, which I was totally going to post here on Easter Sunday (which was when it was released on AO3) but I forgot. So yeah, here it is.

Title: Shall Perish By The Sword
Fandom: SG1
Pairings/Characters: Gen; Original Female Character, Sam Carter, Jack O'Neill
Wordcount: 2300
Summary: Rachel's pacifism had been an untested ideal.

Notes: Much thanks to [ profile] seekingerret for betaing, without which Sam and Jack would not have been nearly so much themselves. Any remaining errors are my own.

Also, it's unavoidable that in some ways Rachel is based on me, since I'm the best source I have for understanding a young Mennonite's perspective on the world. But Rachel is nonetheless her own character, with a different life story and very different reactions to things.

Read the story here )
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I have signed up for my first ever fic fest -- I shall have to write fic to a deadline! The horror! I don't know if my delicate constitution can bear having to be inspired on demand! Oh well, I'll make myself be. Anyways, the fest I've signed up for is good_ficday, a fest in which the fic is to somehow engages with christianity on some level (from a faith or non-faith based perspective). I'm super-excited; well, you know me and my love of religion-in-fic! It'll be awesome to read all the stuff that comes out of this fic, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to write something decent for it!

I've got two ideas:

One is that I write about a Mennonite OC in a military-based fandom, to she how his/her pacifism reacts to being in a context that supports violence. This would likely end up being, in many ways, an authorial insert -- seeing how someone who grew up in the same type of context that I did would react to the world I fangirl over. It'd be interesting, I think, to see how such a character would react in a situation where he/she was needed by the military to Save The Universe -- fuzzy moral areas ftw! The main problem with this one is that I can't think why my OC would be needed. I was thinking SG1 would be the easiest fandom to go with, and I've actually started writing the first few paragraphs on this one. But I'm stuck, because why would the SGC need a pacifist non-scientific non-academic? I was thinking she has somehow ended up with an alien artefact that the SGC badly needs, but what? I'm thinking perhaps I'm not up on SG1 canon enough to do this idea justice. (plus I've got a TERRIBLE Carter voice) If any of you have helpful suggestions on how to make this idea work, though, I'd be very grateful!

The other idea is that I write biblefic; likely this would end up being something in my paulslash universe*, since Paul just fascinates me endlessly. (though actually one of my ideas involves looking at Gaius and/or Amatus as adults, part of the new generation of christians that could no longer rely on apostles for leadership, which wouldn't even involve Paul at all. Problem: I don't know enough about that era in Christianity to do it justice.) Or maybe I'll just write something about Paul that's unconnected from the paulslash. (I'm thinking something to do with the story of Onesimus, from Philemon? There's gotta be some interesting backstory there.) I don't know.

At any rate, this is an awesome fest, and if any of you, O Friendslist, are at all interested, you should totally join in!

*I know, I know, I've yet to post the paulslash fic itself! It'll happen! Soon!
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I don't think I've ever posted before about my deep and abiding love for [ profile] whizzy's Black Helicopters series, but the latest one just came out recently and I read all 100,000 words of it in one sitting and I am hopped up on love for it. (SERIOUSLY. SO MUCH LOVE. I have squee coming out of my ears.)

So! Go here and start with Black Helicopters at Dawn. And then proceed to read everything else. Trust me, it's worth it.

It is an SGA/SG1 AU, featuring Rodney and John in a pre-slash relationship (the slash is a LONG time in coming, just fyi). In this universe, Rodney never joined the Stargate program, and instead became an amateur SETI-enthusiast. He meets John accidentally by way of his impressive satellite dish's ability to pick up low-frequency radio.

And I do not have practice at writing up proper recs with intriguing descriptions, so I'll just end by saying that everything about it is amazing. I particularly love how well Rodney and John and their relationship with each other is portrayed, but that is BY NO MEANS the only superb thing about the series. READ IT.
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Title: Like Thermodynamics ([ profile] sg_prompts #29: Luck)
Author: [ profile] michelel72
Length: 12:41
Series: Crossover? (SG-1 timeline, pre-SGA)
Genre/Rating: Gen; Teen for themes
Timeline/Spoilers: AU of SG-1 5x14 "48 Hours"; includes spoilers for SGA 3x08 "McKay and Mrs. Miller"
Warnings: Major character deaths; a little gore; dark.
Summary: Unlike Sam Carter, Rodney McKay did not rely on luck … and unfortunately for everyone, he was right.

Link: go here to download

EDIT: Ahahaha, obviously I still have stuff to learn. Apparently that file doesn't have any actual audio..... The real thing can be downloaded here.

EDIT 2: And a permanent link can be found here at the podfic archive. Eee, this is so exciting!

Well, that's my first ever podfic completed. It was really quite fun! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. But of course it is hard for me to be objective about it, having been the person doing it. So if anyone notices something that I could improve upon for the future, PLEASE let me know! I'll only get better if people tell me what I'm doing wrong!

[ profile] michelel72, I hope you enjoy! And with your permission I'll crosspost it to appropriate podfic communities.


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