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When I posted Scenarios I mentioned maybe doing a set of PUBLIC TRANSIT fic recs. Here it is! Because it is a glorious trope, and all of the following are glorious examples of the trope at its best. (okay, so some of them don't fit the standard trope pattern EXACTLY, but they still involve public transit so WHATEVER I'm including them anyways BECAUSE I CAN)

(I'm not including airplanes in forms of public transit for the purpose of this recs-set because it's not something I thought to tag as being this, but upon reflection it kind of is. Please forgive this lapse on my part.)

11 recs for SGA, CW RPF, Doctor Who, Inception, BtVS, AI RPF, and bandom )
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Every now and then I wonder if I should rethink the colour choices of my journal layout. Yes, I am in fact aware that they are eye-searing to people other than me! The worst bit is that I am a total hypocrite: I grumble to myself when other people do their journals in hard-to-read colours, and thank the universe for my precious "zap colors" bookmarklet. And yet. Here I happily sit with a journal that requires one to read text against a bright yellow background. Classy, Sophia.

And now, have some recs. Because I feel like reccing! This is a rec set of: things that are not my major fandoms. Mostly because for my major fandoms I'd be sitting here going "but I can't neglect these five dozen other brilliant stories that also need reccing!"

A Garden in the Punjab, by [ profile] rosie_rues. The Secret Garden, gen. Oh my goodness this fic is so lovely. It's about Mary's ayah, and her daughter, and gardens, and it is gorgeous and also just a great story.

Notes from the desk of the Barrayan Cultural Liaison Officer, by [ profile] ankaret. The Vorkosigan Saga, gen. This is a hilarious epistolary fic in the form of the sorts of emails that the poor Barrayan Cultural Liaison Officer has to deal with on a regular basis. It is just priceless.

Putting the Natives at Ease, by [ profile] burntcopper. Narnia, gen. In which the Pevensie children disconcert their parents after their return from the countryside. It's told from the perspective of the parents, and it is really effective.

Oath by Elementalv, a Selective Sampling, by [ profile] kumquatix. Supernatural, Dean/asexual!Castiel. This fic is a...sort of a remix, done in a fascinating way: the author took the original story by Elementalv and cut it down into a shorter story containing only words by elementalv, but with a very different overall meaning to the story than the original fic. It is fascinating!

Four Myths about Jean Calvin that Exploded in Martin Luther's Face, by [ profile] abigail89. Historical rpf, John Calvin/Martin Luther. See the title? And the pairing? YEAH. It is exactly as awesome as it sounds.

Baby-sitters Club The Next Generation #6: Byron and the God of California, by [ profile] zelempa. Baby-sitters Club, Byron/Jeff. Um. I never read the Baby-sitters Club books. And yet this fic is entirely endearing and lovely and I enjoyed it so much! It is clearly building on a lot of things from the original books, in a loving way, and also just as clearly a very enjoyable story in its own right.

Okay, that's all the recs for now! I hope you enjoyed the fics.

You know, I should do this more often: just randomly do rec posts. I could even do thematically-based ones, like slavefic, or marriages of convenience, or telepathy, and so forth! I mean, hell, I might as well get some use out of my obsessive organization of my delicious.* And it would be fun!

*which is alas still incomplete in its organization!
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Thing One: Teehee. This evening I was visiting my Supernatural-loving ex-housemate, and I hadn't seen her since before the end of Season 5, so of course I had to get her to update me on all the lolarious things that happened at the end of the season. And lolarious it was. THAT SHOW. OH GOSH. I kind of adore it from my careful outside-the-fandom not-watching-it position. It is just SO GREAT. All about the brothers' MANLOVE, and their ANGST WITH MANPAIN, and their ANGER AT RELIGION. With bonus Castiel-the-angel calling someone "assbutt". YEAH.

I absolutely could not watch the show and enjoy it (I have seen bits of episodes and that is ENOUGH FOR ME. I will just watch the clips my ex-housemate points me to as being particularly hilarious, and stop with that), but hearing about it from an inside source who simultaneously loves it and finds it hilarious? Basically my ideal relationship with the show.

Once the new season starts again, she promises to send me emails each week updating me on what's going on, and I look forward to it muchly.

(Oh! Also! That show just LOVES TO BE AS META AND FOURTH-WALL-BREAKY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Spoilers for Season 5 finale )

Thing Two: Also, this evening I acquired the first season of Farscape. WOOHOO! Do not have time to begin it right now (the schoolwork! It overwhelms! Already!) but I am SUPER-EXCITED for it! (Man, after all this build-up I'm creating for myself before beginning to watch Farscape, if I find myself not hugely a fan of it that would SUCK)

Thing Three: Getting back to work on my Delicious Organization Project means coming across links that I bookmarked a year ago, and getting seduced into reading them, and remembering things like HOW MASSIVE MY LOVE FOR DUE SOUTH IS. SRSLY. SO MASSIVE. THAT SHOOOOOOW. <333333

Thing Four: Have I always been THIS CAPSLOCKY? It is kind of ridiculous.

(shh, it is a secret, but I never actually use the capslock button when I am doing caps. I press the shift. Even when the words involve things like apostrophes, for which I have to carefully release the shift for that one keystroke. Is this weird? Do most people genuinely use the actual capslock key? I just can't do it, because I hit the shift key AUTOMATICALLY when a letter is supposed to be capitalized, which makes it UNcapital under the influence of capslock, and then EVERYTHING IS WRONG.)

Thing Five: Huh. It is very interesting to read for the first time a book that is so much in the public consciousness as Robinson Crusoe. I mean, who doesn't know about Robinson Crusoe's man Friday, whom he discovers exists when he sees a footprint upon the beach? But to read the actual novel, these events happen rather differently than one might expect. He discovers the footprint, and is immediately hugely fearful! He is afraid it is the devil, or perhaps cannibals, or perhaps savages, and he hides himself away and he increases his fortifications and he places cannons around his protective walls! After fifteen years alone, his immediate reaction upon knowing he might meet another human being is fear? That is not a very optimistic view of humanity, Robinson!

Also, it takes more than TEN YEARS after seeing the footprint before he ever even meets Friday. And Friday isn't the only other person on the island; there's all sorts of cannibals/savages who come there occasionally, and Friday was originally a prisoner of them! In fact, the footprint was likely one of theirs, so Robinson was right in his instictive fear!
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Oh SPN.... )

ALSO! I wrote the above earlier, and I just finished watching Bon Cop Bad Cop with a housemate. And OH MAN BEST MOVIE EVER. There were DEFINITELY a goodly number of jokes that non-Canadians would not have gotten, but it also was a genuinely good movie beyond the Canadianisms. But wow, how awesome is it to watch a genuinely good movie that makes MY cultural references! It wasn't just New York this, LA that, and whatever! That made me pretty gleeful. (A Jean Chretien joke, f'rinstance! That made me laugh SO HARD.)

Also! Within MOMENTS of Rick Mercer saying his first lines, I knew it was Rick Mercer. He was priceless as that of-course-I'm-not-Don-Cherry hockey commentary guy. And! The guy playing the english cop? Throughout the whole movie I was going, I recognize him! I recognize him! I recognize him! And then it turned out that HE PLAYED BILLY FLYNN IN CHICAGO, which I watched, what, two days ago? *headdesk* Of course! So that made it all even more hilarious.

Also! Was that slashy or was that SLASHY? Methinks it was slashy! Thankfully I already have Bon Cop Bad Cop fics bookmarked, which I had read and enjoyed long before I ever watched the movie. Time to go reread those with knowledge of the source! Yaaay!

Actually I should go to bed and sleep off my alcohol and hope that I didn't say anything too stupid in this post. Good night, y'all!
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As a further part of the fandom appreciation challenge, here are three recs of fics that are older than six months. I WOULD make them all recs of stuff from my biggest fandom, just for a change of pace, but I haven't got far enough back yet in my Delicious organization project to have reached all the SGA fics yet. So instead you're getting an extremely random hodge-podge.

Strange's Country, by [ profile] concernedlily. This is a Supernatural/Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell crossover. Weirdest crossover ever, maybe, but it works so well. I'm not even a Supernatural fan and I still fell head over heels in love with this fic. It doesn't really use the characters from Strange & Norrell, but draws on the mythology from it, and incorporates it so perfectly into the paradigm of the show. Bottom line: this fic is amazing. It's also, um, really long. Like, over 50k words. BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Love Like A Djelibeybian, by [ profile] gehayi. This is a Discworld fic, specifically for the book Pyramids. It's about Ptraci as Pharaoh, and what an awesome job she does of it too. And also about how she manipulates the country into letting her marry her female lover. Mmm, I do love Ptraci.

A Foolish Wit, by [ profile] petronelle. This is a Slings & Arrows fic, and Sloan-centric. Sloan helps Oliver finally find resolution in telling Geoffrey how he feels, through writing a play together. It's so great to look at the show from the perspective of someone who ISN'T overly-intellectual and Shakespeare-obsessed -- it's not a perspective one often gets to see. But this shows how Sloan really is a wonderful person, more so maybe than some of the people who are more "intelligent" than him.
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Oh man, I don't watch Supernatural, but each week I have the best time ever listening to my Supernatural-obsessed housemate tell me about the hilarious stuff that's happened in the latest episode. Seriously. Awesome.
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Oh right, they passed by in a haze of me obsessing over fandom. *cough* I need to learn to moderate my viewing experience.

I have not yet finished watching Slings & Arrows, on account of getting distracted by ANOTHER show. Although, on the S&A front, I have discovered that someone I know in real life is a fan of it! It is so strange (and so awesome) to get crossovers of real life and fannishness like that!

Continuing on the theme of such crossovers, this weekend was Canadian thanksgiving. So of course I was visiting with my relatives. My cousins and I don't get along excessively well, because we have so little in common with each other. BUT. They are all fans of Doctor Who! Which means that I am indeed capable of socializing with them with relatively little pain!

And speaking of Doctor Who, I just found out that Stephen Moffatt's going to have a new logo when Season Five comes around. And hey, it looks pretty cool! I was actually never a fan of the logo of Davies' Who (or, for that matter, most of Classic Who...). But this one? I like! YAY! Even if it does make me worried about just HOW MUCH is going to be changing when the Moff takes the reins. (New Doctor, new companion, new TARDIS look, new logo...)

But going back to my second paragraph, I got distracted from S&A by a certain show called Sports Night. It is a truly spectacular show. For reals. Despite the fact that I kept on seeing references to it all over fandom, I never even once considered looking at it because: Sports. It's right in the title. What I didn't realize at the time is that it's not actually ABOUT sports. It's about characters who happen to work for a sports-show, but who could really be in any setting you like, since the show is about the relationships of the characters, and the politics of their workplace.

And the characters? Awesome. I actually don't ship the main slash pairing (wonder of wonders) because they actually read to me on the tv show as being very close, emotionally supportive FRIENDS, and nothing more. Not... that this stops me from reading fic in which they are slashed, of course. I think I'm just so much in the habit of reading slash fics that I don't know how to approach fics which do canon pairings. (Because seriously? Dana/Casey ftw. And I think Dan* needs to work through more of his issues in therapy before I want to ship him with anyone. Although possibly my opinion on both these matters will change over the course of the last 18 episodes?)

I'm also watching a variety of other shows right now, because the television season has started back up again and all of a sudden for the first time in my life there are MANY SHOWS that I want to watch! They are as follows:
cut for potential minor spoilers for Dollhouse, Eastwick, and Supernatural )
4. Flashforward. I have not actually had the chance to see any episodes of it as of yet, but it's based on a book by one of my favourite SF authors (Flashforward, by Robert J Sawyer), so I feel like I have to check it out on principle. I don't even know if it's any good or not.
5. Stargate: Universe. I have not seen any episodes of this yet either. But sentientcitizen tells me that the pilot is actually kind of promising, so I really need to start watching this, because seriously -- I love me some Stargate.

This is too many shows! What do I DOOOOOO?

Continuing in my update of my fannish life right now, I am totally failing at working on writing my own fic. I'm still very interested by that one idea I was working on, the amnesiac!John one, but have no motivation to write it. Similarly, I've been falling down in my beta duties to sentientcitizen; I've had a fic of hers sitting in my inbox waiting for a second beta for MANY WEEKS now. I need to do that too.

Buuut I'm sick right now so instead I'm just going to go watch some more Sports Night.

*augh I hate that this fandom has two main characters with such similar names. Dan and Dana! WHYYYYYY?
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Two of my housemates are big Supernatural fans, and so I hear a certain amount about the show. Last year when The Monster At The End Of The Book played, I watched it because I heard that it made fandomy references -- and it was a total hoot. I mean, I couldn't care less about the end of the episode where it got into the plot-arc, but all the stuff with the Prophet Chuck and his novels, and the fangirl, and the Sam and Dean finding out about Sam/Dean slash? That was beautiful, hilarious meta going on there.

Today I got coerced into watching another episode of Supernatural (and by "coerced" I mean "Danielle told me I ought to watch it so I said okay and did"): I watched the first episode of Season Five. Basically the only reason I watched it was because I heard about the minor character who was a slashfic author. And okay, yes, that part was quite hilarious. (And I must admit to a great deal of curiosity as to what the actual SPN slash fans think of the portrayal) But that was only a small, small part of the episode. Most of it was taken up with what I take to be the usual content of the show.

And oh my word is it hilarious. Like, not intentionally hilarious. More like, dude that is some over-the-top cheesy drama. And Sam and Dan TALK ABOUT THEIR EMOTIONS! It is so weird (and hilarious) to see that happen; I'm used to thinking of two-guys-talking-about-feelings as belonging in the realm of bad slashfic, not CANON. And the excessive quantities of blood, and the I'm-so-serious voices everyone uses, and the ooh-so-dramatic cinematography and music -- that show is...quite something.

I'm starting to think I might have to start watching it on a more regular basis, just for the sheer lol-factor. (No seriously, I WAS laughing out loud all the way through it)

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