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OKAY. I more or less caught up? I possibly missed stuff, and I definitely didn't do enough commenting, and I still have a bunch of old comments in my inbox glaring at me and saying I really need to reply, but WHATEVS. Close enough, yes?

Which means you now get a Things post!

Thing One: It is entirely possible that I am a teeny bit biased, since I watched this story grow and form and change and grow and grow since it was just a few hundred words long, and also I was the beta, and also I was the one who suckered her into writing this in the first place, but [personal profile] sentientcitizen finally finished her amazing fic about Loki that she started aaaaages ago, and seriously, go read it. It's about Loki's childhood/teenagerhood, and it says all sorts of wonderful things about identity and belonging and family and SO MUCH ELSE and YES. It is AWESOME.

Within It We Are Nameless, 16,500 words, GO READ IT.

(And Essie, GO CROSSPOST to appropriate comms (and also maybe AO3) so that more people will see it!)

Thing Two: Things that are super awkward: going to a Mennonite thrift store (being yourself a Mennonite and part of the community), going through the books, picking up among other things a book called "Men on Men 6" (a year's best collection of gay short stories, apparently? I thought it worth a try), going to the front to pay, and realizing you KNOW one of the two volunteers working cash.

Thankfully, I ended up being helped by the other cashier.

Thing Three: In the latest me-and-bandom news, I've added Fall Out Boy to the List Of Bands I Like. The music is great, Patrick's voice is indeed lovely, the song titles are hilarious (oh my god I am so easy for bad puns and excessive verbosity, but how can you NOT like song titles like "I've Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers" and "I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Getting You Off"?), they actually genuinely for reals named one of their albums after a line from the picture book The Story Of Ferdinand ♥, the music videos are priceless, and I just have one complaint: Patrick, could you please, please enunciate a little more? When I can only catch half the words to the chorus of a song I've listened to five times, I think the problem is you, not me. Okay? Okay.

(oh, and speaking of FOB's excessively-long song-titles, I ~have a feeling~ I know where the influence lies for the titles on Panic's first album...)

(also I think it pretty hilarious that on From Under The Cork Tree, the first widely-successful of their albums, all of the song-titles but three are super-ridiculous-long. One of them is two letters long, to stand in hilarious opposition to the rest of the cd, and the other two have totally normal titles. Those two? Are the first two singles off the album. NOT CAREFULLY ORCHESTRATED AT ALL, amiright? :D)

(also I had a dream the other night that included an explanation about why Thnks Fr Th Mmrs has no vowels. I am disappointend now that I do not remember the explanation! Is there one?)

Two memes!

Jul. 20th, 2011 12:01 pm
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Two meme things, from [ profile] justice_turtle! The first one involves her asking me five questions, which I am now answering, and if you want five questions from me, then reply to this post requesting five questions. And the second one is the "marry, shag, cliff" one, so if you want in on that, then reply asking for three people. Or you can request both! Or neither! It's all good!

In which I answer questions about my default icon, stealth space mennos, my favourite book, remembering songs, WWII, and a band AU of SGA )

In which I choose which out of Lord Peter Wimsey, Loki, and Rodney McKay I would shag, cliff, and marry )
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OKAY SO I'm pretty sure I'm more or less caught up with comments? Ish? My email account is a terrible morass right now and I need to actually deal with all those starred emails or something. *headdesk*

Also why is it that going away for JUST A WEEKEND results in WAY TOO MUCH INTERNET TO CATCH UP ON?

ANYWAYS. This post is about MUSIC. Mostly of the rock variety. Aka: bandom, plus U2.

U2 concert )

Bandom music, namely Panic and My Chemical Romance )

Bandom fic )

Okay I will stop ranting now because I probs ought to go to bed. I could say a million things more about bandom and about the U2 concert but I'll shut up because really my thoughts are all so disorganized that it would be hard for me to make this post actually work in any kind of coherent manner. So there's that.

(in other music-related news, I was at an ice cream place the other day with my parents and grandparents and a song came on the radio that I recognized so I started absently singing along, and my parents looked at me funny and asked me how I knew a song that was actually on the radio and I went OH OOPS and realized what song it was: Set Fire To The Rain, aka the song that that fantastic Thor vid is set to. I know a ridiculous quantity of the lyrics at this point!)
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OH HEY LOOK, you get two fics from me in one night! Although this one was cowritten, with [personal profile] sentientcitizen. You can see the original (vastly inferior) version that we wrote here back when I posted that wee Darcy-and-Loki ficlet. It'd be interesting, I think, to do a comparison of the original and the final to see just HOW MUCH we ended up changing (hint: kind of a lot!)

You will notice that nobody in this fic ever uses the term "thank you". This is because we had an IMPASSIONED debate on the subject of whether or not there ought to be a hyphen between the two words. Because this is a topic of great importance, obviously! (And at one point the impassioned debate became a DEATHMATCH. Which never turns out well for me, because Essie's stronger than I am...)

Title: Lies, Damned Lies, and Darcy
Fandom: Thor
Rating: PG
Words: 3539
Summary: Darcy, meet Loki. Whatever happens next, it sure as hell won’t be boring.

You can read this fic:
-On AO3
-On Essie's journal
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I noticed something amusing during yesterday's ill-advised rewatch of Thor.* spoilers for Thor and for Highlander )

Also, while I'm talking about yesterday's ill-advised rewatch of Thor, I kind of failed at paying attention to the things I meant to be paying attention to. During the Darcy scenes I watched and listened to Darcy to try to get a better handle on her character, yes. But during the Loki scenes I was mostly just admiring Loki. USEFUL, self. Real useful at getting a better grasp of Loki's speech patterns.

*I intended to clean my bedroom. My floor is currently a study in messiness. As is my desk. As is my everything. The hazards of living in a tiny room!


Jun. 6th, 2011 09:59 pm
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So. Uh. I started out this evening with the intention of responding to all the comments and posts that I have been intending to respond to for a while, and distracted partway through. Because Essie wrote a continuation of my Darcy-and-Loki fic in the comments, and now she and I are apparently doing back-and-forth comment-fic with each other. Um. A new experience to cross off my fannish bucket-list!

(If you want to read it, you can find it here, though beware of the fact that it is pretty raw and unedited. And we will, of course, post a shiny version of the thing when we finish. Whatever "finish" will turn out to mean.)
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My problem: Loki is a twisty and clever dude. I am bad at writing twisty and clever. (whyyyy do I always have to fall for the twisty and clever ones?) My other problem: Darcy is a singularly unhelpful character. I adore her epic doesn't-care, but it means that when there are tantalizing bits of plot poking into her life she goes "whatevs" and moves on. She doesn't take the bait.

So, uh, have a random ficlet about Darcy and Loki. Darcy wanted to be written about, and then Loki showed up, and then I have no idea what happens after this so I'm just releasing it into the wild as a standalone scene.

So. Here y'go.

Title: Insert popular music reference here
Fandom: Thor
Characters: Darcy, Loki
Wordcount: 697
Summary: In which Darcy doesn't care about school, and Loki doesn't know where he is.

Darcy's sitting in class, bored out of her skull. Does she really want to be learning about public policy and administration? )

Also on AO3

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