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I have a thing about William Carlos Williams. That is to say, I have an issue with him and his poems. So much so that I, um, have one of them memorized. In my defense it's really short and I didn't mean to? *headdesk*

So yeah.

"So much depends upon the red wheelbarrow glazed with rainwater beside the white chickens." Whatever, William Squared.

As a result I have been working on a collection of fannish poetry that has been written as a pastiche of or reaction to him, usually of the one about the plums. They are AWESOME. And here they are, as recs. If you know of any others, PLEASE do share! They make me strangely joyful, despite my antipathy towards William Carlos Williams himself.

This Is Just To Say, by [personal profile] toft. A Mythbusters version!
(ETA: And in the comments of the LJ version of Toft's, as a sort of sequel, a Mythbusters version of the wheelbarrow poem too, by [ profile] shimere277!)

FORGIVE ME, WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS, by [ profile] asimaiyat. A series of White Collar versions, that together form a fic!

An experiment in translation, by [ profile] skalja. A lolcat translation!

With All Apologies To William Carlos Williams, by [ profile] lannamichaels. A fandom version! Of both the plum poem and the wheelbarrow poem!
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Okay, I'm weak. There is that meme going around with all the titles of one's WIP files, and I am going to do it. Though really I do not have many compared to a lot of people!

Here they are:

-All china_shop's fault
-The Who Wants to Live Forever Affair
-Elizabeth Bennet, Longwing Captain
-Koschei the Deathless fic
-DVD commentary of Love is a Mystery
-Love is a Mystery sequel notes
-Atlantis Adventure Canoeing
-bingo: Doctor/Master

(the fandoms are, in order: WC, MFU, P&P/Temeraire, DW/fairy tales, STXI, STXI, SGA, DW)

Some of these I have already talked about, back in this post, but some of them are new. And there seem to be two varieties of the meme, one of which you can ask and I will give you one line from the fic, and one of which you can ask and I will talk about the fic. I am willing to do either or both, if you have any interest!
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A gift to [personal profile] china_shop from More Joy Day! (speaking of which, I'd still be very happy to record <2k word podfics for two more people, if anyone is interested) I hope you enjoy, [personal profile] china_shop!

Fic: The Anonymous Tip Job
Author: [personal profile] china_shop
Fandoms: White Collar/Leverage
Characters: Neal Caffrey, Alec Hardison
Length: 9:24
Summary: "It was too nice a day to be cooped up in the car for long, and Neal knew from experience that if he loitered on the sidewalk, there was a good chance a timely piece of evidence—or a fleeing suspect—would come his way."

Download at Sendspace
Download at the archive
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I think I have an instinctive shying-away from writing about intimacy and love in fic-form, and that's why most of my fics don't actually involve a)relationships or b)happy relationships. OH SELF.

How I discovered this: [ profile] bookshop made a post today, wanting more happy schmoopy Arthur/Eames, and challenging everyone to respond to her post with a three-sentence long fic that's as self-indulgent and shamelessly-in-love as you can make it. I decided to do it myself, since hey, three sentences, not a big challenge. And I wrote it, and the whole time I was shying away from making it AS self-indulgently schmoopy as I wanted it to be! It ended up being kind of adorable, I think, but really hardly schmoopy: Arthur and Eames, watching tv, with Arthur reclining on the couch with his head in Eames' lap, but Arthur feeling a little insecure about the fact that he wants to be doing that. I wanted it to be just straight-up adorably cuddly, and I couldn't make myself write it, because it felt...too self-indulgent? Even though that was the POINT! IDEK.

So. Obviously I need practice at allowing myself to write this sort of thing. WHAT THIS MEANS: Leave a comment to this entry, with your choice of any of my fandoms and some sort of prompt, and I will write a fic in response about love and adorableness. I reserve the right to make said fic be as short or as long as I want, to request a different fandom if I don't feel up to whatever it was that you prompted me with, and to take as much or as little time as I need to write it.

Okay? Okay! Let's do this thing!

EDIT: The commentfics I have done so far:
* White Collar -- Peter/Neal/El -- at Neal's place for his birthday
* Inception -- Arthur/Eames -- Eames is the most cuddly boyfriend ever, and Arthur tries to conciously let himself be more touchy-feely
* SGA -- Rodney-John -- No pets are allowed on the expedition
* Bible -- Jesus-Peter -- At the wedding at Cana, after a few drinks, Jesus reveals his vulnerable side
* Harry Potter -- Hermione/Snape -- "with you, I don't have to pretend"
* Highlander -- Duncan/Methos -- bantering about history

Feel free to leave more prompts, if you so desire!
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Thing One: There is a poem by Robert W Service that I really want to find again (I want to memorize it! I like memorizing poetry). The problem: I can't remember what its title was, nor any of the lines within it. This makes it emininently not an internet-searchable thing. I went through lists of all his poem titles, but none of them jumped out at me as being the right one. And it is definitely not one of his more famous ones, which makes it harder to just happen to accidentally stumble across it.

So it seems the only thing left to do is to laboriously go through every single poem he ever wrote (and he wrote a LOT) in order to find this one. *sigh* Library time it is; I think it'll be easier to go through them all on paper. At least I already know it's not in Songs of a Sourdough or Ballads of a Bohemian (since I own those two).

Thing Two: I finally got around to watching White Collar 1.10. It was very good! Except I'm realizing more and more how much this show gets my squick of "oh no something terrible is going to happen any second now". I don't deal well with that sort of tension.... But the episode was still really good! )

Thing Three: There's all that Slings & Arrows fic out there about college-age Geoffrey and Darren putting on Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead, of which I highly approve. But you know what there also needs to be? A whole lotta fic about middle- or old-aged Geoffrey and Darren putting on Waiting For Godot. *nods head* Because it would be awesome.

It would be all thematically relevant! And academic and intelligent while still getting to the emotional heart of the characters! And somehow there would be found a way to make the fic have a happy ending despite it being about a play that doesn't really even have an ending at all! And Darren would be ridiculous and Geoffrey would be crazy and they'd be all messed up but still awesome, and it would end up being Geoffrey/Darren slash because that is secretly my FAVOURITE PAIRING EVER from S&A! *wants*
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It's weird, you know. I spend so much of my time in fandoms where I wholeheartedly ship the two main male characters, not even caring about any canon relationships that one or the other might have. I watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie, and although I felt vaguely guilty about not caring about Mary at all, I still DIDN'T care about Mary at all: I was all about the total married-ness of Holmes and Watson*. Heck, I even have some fandoms where one half of my OTP is married and obviously in love, and I still don't care.

I only have one exception to this: White Collar. It's different, and I don't know why. I've posted before about the total OT3-ness of Neal and Elizabeth and Peter, but there are just-as-plausible OT3s in other fandoms of mine and it doesn't stop me from ignoring the woman.

And I find myself thinking: it doesn't exactly make me a good feminist** to so blatantly not-care about the woman in all my other slash ships. I mean, at least I'm not the sort of fan who likes the fics which bash the woman (like, say, fics which talk about how awful Jennifer Keller is and how she doesn't deserve Rodney -- which, just, NO.). But I find myself not even caring if the fics don't address the woman at all.

I feel guilty about this.

I LIKE women. I like many of the female characters! I think some of them are awesome people, and some of them not so much -- the same way I do about the male characters. I just...don't care to read about them, mostly***.

I wasn't always like this. Back in the halcyon days of my monofannish relationship with Harry Potter, I nearly exclusively read HGSS. And I loved fics which really got into the character of Hermione, giving her interesting and subtle and nuanced characterization and storylines. It was great. But I think that if I had only found out about Harry Potter fandom today? I'd be a Harry/Draco shipper, and not even care much about Hermione beyond her being a pretty awesome and intelligent secondary character.

Somehow I have turned into a slash fan so thoroughly that I hardly read any het at all, and usually only when it's for a book from my childhood****.

So why is White Collar different? I don't know. Does my appreciation of Elizabeth's importance in Neal and Peter's lives mean that I'm not beyond hope as regards my approach to female characters? I'd like to hope so, but I don't think it necessarily is. I mean, White Collar is, for me, one fandom out of a multitude. And in all that multitude, Neal/Peter/El is my ONLY OTP that has a woman involved. That's not good odds.

It makes me feel like I should be doing something about this, doing something to make me a better person who cares more about the appropriate portrayal of both genders in the stuff I read and watch. But I wouldn't even know WHAT to do about it. I'm reading the stuff that I most want to read, the stuff that hits me hard in my lizard-brain, and that's mostly slash. I read fanfic for enjoyment, not out of duty, and it WOULD become duty if I were to work at ensuring a better gender-balance in the fics I read.

But it won't stop me from feeling a little guilty.

* Whoa, I just realized, I never posted my reaction to the Sherlock Holmes movie! How terribly remiss of me! I went to see it with my dad and it was epic and awesome. Watson was awesome and Holmes was awesome and their codependent relationship was awesome and basically I loved it. And damn, I really should have written up a reaction right away, because I no longer remember enough details about it to do it justice were I to try.

** Ugh, I don't even like using that word. Too many people interpret "feminist" to mean "thinks women are better than men", when in fact I use it to mean "thinks women and men are equal". It always makes me squeamish to use it, because I'm NOT a feminazi. I don't even usually think about women's rights overly much. I just sort of have a fundamental belief that yes, women are valid people too, and wish that more people would get with the program already.

*** I guess this is where I feel strangely comforted by the fact that I still am capable of enjoying the heteronormative world of published fiction, and the women found therein. I reread The Grand Sophy the other day, for example, and was once again bowled over by the sheer AWESOME that is Sophy, and also I totally support the Sophy/Charles. That's something, at least....

**** It's not that it sullies my childhood. It's just that I had no slash goggles whatsoever at the time, and I just can't break up my childhood OTPs, which were all het and all canonical. You have no clue how hard I shipped Rose/Mac from Rose In Bloom (Mac was so amazing! And I was so glad that Rose didn't insist on being hung up over Charlie, who totally didn't deserve her!). Or Jo/Professor Bhaer from Little Women (I SHUN ALL YOU CRAZY JO/LAURIE SHIPPERS! Professor Bhaer is ten times as awesome as Laurie could ever hope to be!). Or Judy/Jervie from Daddy Long Legs (Okay so the novel is actually really kinda creepy if you stop to think about it. I DON'T CARE. THEIRLOVEISSOTRUE! JUDY/JERVIE 4EVA!). Or....okay, okay, I'll stop now and spare you.
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Well, I've been on Amazon buying christmas presents for people. Did you know that's "regular" shipping speed is five days, whereas says that for one book it'll take 1-3 weeks, and for the other 2-4? Yeah. Yeah, SO UNFAIR. So I had to order the books to be sent to my parents' house in the States to make sure they'd arrive on time. WHYYYY do Americans get the privilege of such prompt shipping when I DON'T?

But speaking of which, I was GOING to order my microphone/headset for podficcing. But of course there was no guarantee it was going to arrive before I'd left the country for Christmas vacation, which... not so much useful. So I have to put off starting podficcing until after Christmas is over. *sigh*

But on to the excitement of White Collar! Yeah, yeah, I know: I forgot to ever post about episode 6. I don’t care. Because EPISODE SEVEN OH WOW.

Cue lots of spoilery goodness )
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Remember how I said in my reaction to the White Collar pilot that my instincts wanted to ship Neal and Peter but I really didn't want to because it wouldn't be fair to Elizabeth? Well, I might, um, possibly be, um, OT3ing just a wee little tiny bit? And by a wee little tiny bit I kind of mean a lot?

I DON'T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED OKAY. OT3s are totally not my usual thing! I will read them if they're by particularly good authors, and enjoy them, but never actually BELIEVE them, really. But now? Watching this third episode of White Collar? All of a sudden it hit me like a previously unnoticed anvil! And it's like, BAM, I can no longer look at this show and NOT see OT3. Because seriously, they'd be so awesome together! And I just want to read all sorts of happy fluffy fics of the three of them being ridiculously cute and ridiculously competent together.

Oh god, what have I DONE to my brain?

PS: One note about the actual PLOT of this episode: cut for spoilers )
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Today my friends page had something like three posts in a ROW about this new TV series called "White Collar" and how it's really awesome. I'm totally a sucker for other peoples' squee, so of course I went and watched the pilot.

I have only three things to say:
1. Jeremy Archer (from Shadow of the Templar, REALLY REALLY AWESOME series of novels available for free on the internet) is now forever going to look like Neal Caffrey to me. (Also: My hindbrain is desperately wanting to ship Neal/Peter, because of the association with Jeremy and Simon from Shadow of the Templar. But I don't actually WANT to ship them, because I don't want to break up Peter and Elizabeth's marriage!)
2. Yes, Neal, I dig the hat. (And the suits. And the clever banter. And the pretty face. Excuse me while I indulge in total shallowness here.)
3. I should probably cut for spoilers here, not that it's excessively spoilery. But just, y'know, in case. )

I have a fourth thing to say, but it's not directly about White Collar. It's about Megavideo:
4. Since when does Megavideo only allow a person to watch for 51 minutes at a time? Last I checked it was 74! And the White Collar pilot? WAS MORE THAN 51 MINUTES! I was in AGONY waiting to be able to finish watching those last 8 minutes!

EDIT: Actually, I have a fifth thing to say too:
5. WHYYYYYYYY must Hulu be only available in the US? It taunts me! It taunts me so very much! This is one of the FEW things that make me sad to be Canadian....

EDIT number 2: A sixth thing to say:
6. How could I have forgotten to mention: BADGER was in the episode! I love Badger so much, whenever he randomly appears like this in a show I'm watching. Yay Badger!

Aaaand EDIT number 3:
7. I just realized while watching some actor interviews and thinking more and more how FAMILIAR Mozzie looked and sounded: Mozzie is played by the dude who played Martin Lloyd in the episode Wormhole X-Treme in SG1! How awesome izzat?

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