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The thing about long overseas flights is that they give you lots of time to watch movies, which is great when you're too tired to focus well on a book. So earlier this week I saw two entire movies in one day! ALMOST UNPRECEDENTED quantities of visual media for me!

First: BREAKING NEWS I finally saw X-Men: Days of Future Past after everyone else who cares saw it long ago. I'm quite sure I have zero new insights to share. Here were my main reactions (no particular spoilers):

1. Welp, that was definitely a very dude-focused movie, even beyond the fact that they gave Kitty's role to Wolverine.
2. What a silly, ridiculous, and somehow enjoyable movie - I had no emotional investment AND YET I had fun.
3. Yes it's true Quicksilver is the best part of the movie. Please tell me there is a cut somewhere of all the Quicksilver bits and nothing else.
4. Wow young Charles and young Erik are both terrible people in ways that do not interest me at all.

Second: I rewatched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and can I just say:

1. Wow I still have a million Narnia feels.
2. What a good.
3. (tho why must all the ugly and monstrous beings be the bad guys?)
4. So uh I believe in a free Narnia and all but also TILDA SWINTON QUEEN OF EVERYTHING.

I return!

Sep. 12th, 2011 11:50 am
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Oh my god I have internet again. GLORIOUS GLORIOUS INTERNET. It has felt so strange this last week or so. I mean, I can do the no-internet thing no problem when I'm in a situation where internet isn't normal, like going camping or whatever. No internet? No worries! But being at home? With my computer? And no internet? Everything about that picture was wrong.

I feel almost like I've forgotten what to do with internet now that I have it again. And now I get to catch up on everything again. But I just had to do this not too long ago! I need to never leave the internet so I don't need to deal with stuff like this!

ONWARDS. [community profile] kink_bingo is over in a few weeks and I only have two of my five fics written for the bingo line I'm attempting. And the reason I haven't written the others? I am a lazy person. Like. I have the first draft of my sensory dep fic done (Thor/X-Men crossover! Rogue & Loki!) but it needs some major help and I do not want to so I haven't been. And I have the opening of my accidental telepathic bonding fic written for the hypnosis/mind control square, but to write any more I need to thoroughly reacquaint myself with Pauline theology and that takes effort so I haven't. And I haven't written a thing for my free square, a fic about Budoor/Hayat/Kamar from that one Thousand And One Nights story, but to do that I need to reread the original (very long) story. In probably at least three translations, to figure out relationship dynamics, because the goddamn translators all took way too many liberties with the text. Again: effort!

(or with the last one, I could choose to write a story based on only one translator's version of the story. But then I'd lose some of the important bits from other translations! Like, Mardrus & Mathers has lots of student/teacher-vibe lesbian sex between Budoor and Hayat. Or maybe that particular vibe was more Lane? I don't recall. M&M definitely have lots of lesbian sex though. And Burton has lots of creepy crossdressing sodomy threats between Budoor and Kamar. These things would be relevant, I feel!)

(or maybe I could do, like, a series of connected ficlets that are each based on different translations, and the differences in characterization that result. It would be both an interesting fic exercise and also an excellent way of demonstrating how different the translations are)

(oh man, really I just need to admit that I think this story needs to have All The Fic about it. And I'm not prolific enough to be the person to write it all. But I just have so many feelings about it! And about the Thousand And One Nights in general! My thesis corrupted my brain. Whyyyyy must most people only actually care about the frame-tale of Shahrazad? I mean, it's good times and all, but there's so much more out there!)

ANYWAY I got distracted from the point of this post, which is that I'm not sure if I can write that many fics in that short a period of time, because I am...not what one would call a prolific or fast writer. I'm thinking I might need to do something else like a recs set or a podfic or something for at least one or two of the three remaining squares.

I WILL fix up the Lok&Rogue fic, because I already have a rough draft and all. And I'm still totally someday writing the Budoor/Hayat/Kamar fic, because it needs to exist, but maybe it's good for my own sanity that I not write it for kink_bingo, because unlike the other fics I've been doing, I don't think I can do it nonsexually, because Budoor and Hayat and Kamar (but most especially Budoor) are clearly kinky in a very sexual way. And frankly I don't think anyone but me would ever care about my telepathic-bonding St Paul/OMC fic, so that can just exist happily in my head.

(although if I choose to do a rec-set, that just means I get to flail a lot about how I'm not ~comprehensive~ enough in my Delicious tagging. Like f'rinstance I could totally find lots of fic about hypnosis in Due South, but that is not something I ever tagged for! (at least telepathy and bonding both are, and I should find some good mind-control stuff under those categories. Also, ALL THE XMFC FIC. Because Charles Xavier.)
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I have decided I want a bandom icon. The problem is deciding WHAT OF, since -- well, the sheer number of ships that I ship is a good indication that I love EVERYTHING ABOUT BANDOM. So how to choose who/what to represent on my icon? I do not have enough icon spaces to have all the bandom icons!

Except that I'm pretty sure I do know who I want on my icon, mostly because I know what picture I want my icon to be from. And I am willing to bet that an icon of this photo exists somewhere out on the internet already, but the idea of how much effort it would take to track it down (especially since there doesn't seem to be a bandom-specific icon comm) is filling me with existential dread.

And I would just turn it into an icon myself but the idea of fighting with GIMP until it agrees to cooperate is not a happy thought either. My last icon-making efforts were....frustrating, to put it charitably.

So I shall just stare at the picture longingly instead. That's productive, right?

In other news, last night I came up with this fic idea. It would be an X-men/bandom crossover/fusion thing, with the focus on Frank. Frank's mutation is something outwardly visible (idk what), and he hates the way people always stare at him because of this. So he starts getting lots and lots of tattoos, to the point where he's nearly covered in them, so that when they stare at him it's for a reason he chose.

And there was going to be something in there about Mystique/Frank, but frankly I can't figure out how I thought that was going to work. (I woke up in the middle of the night and went "oh my god I need to write this down", but what I wrote down was: "Mystique/Frank, you love me for who I choose to be instead of for what I am," but in the cold light of morning I don't think that's very Mystique. She'd be all, BE PROUD OF YOUR MUTATION, and Frank's thing with the tattoos is more about saying fuck you to his mutation. So. There's that.)

Anyway, I'm not going to actually write this fic, but I kind of like the idea, what I have of it.
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I was talking with a friend the other night about a bunch of stuff, I don't even know what all, and the subject came up that magnetism can actually kill you. Like, apparently if you are in the presence of a strong enough magnetic field (it would have to be REALLY RIDICULOUSLY strong) it will mess with the electro-whatever processes in your brain and your body enough to kill you.

So immediately of course this made me think that Magneto should be able to easily just kill people with a wave of his hand -- because he controls magnetic fields. So he could just be like, OKAY SUPER STRONG MAGNETISM DIRECTLY AROUND THIS PERSON AND NOWHERE ELSE and they'd just fall over dead. No need for brute force or anything! And now time for SPOILERS for X-Men First Class )

So that's, you know, a thing. And I want fic for it. Maybe him figuring out he can do it? Maybe Charles figuring out Erik could do it? IDEK, but I'm pretty sure there's a good fic hiding in there somewhere.
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Because [personal profile] sentientcitizen has an unfathomable idea that one should actually watch the complete canon of a given fandom, and because I've been watching X-Men under her aegis, tonight she and I watched X3 together. Even though she does not actually like it, and it's generally accepted to be a bad movie. Even though I feel no such compulsion. But who am I to say no?

And, okay, here are the redeeming features of the movie:
1. Listening to Essie snark at the screen a ridiculous amount
2. Watching Kitty be awesome
3. Seeing how devastated Magneto looked when spoiler )

I'm not even going to try to catalogue all the problems I had with the movie, though, because they are innumerable.

Essie does say though, that despite her thing for completeness, she does not feel the need to make me watch Wolverine: Origins, or whatever the heck that one was called. Although apparently it would be even more fun for merciless mocking! So, who knows. I may or may not see that one at some point. She doesn't own it on DVD though, so it's less likely.

ETA: Apparently upon further consideration, the importance of completeness nags at Essie enough that we have to watch the Wolverine movie. *laughs* So I guess that's going to happen at some point!


Jul. 13th, 2011 07:18 pm
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Just saw X2! And I was sure I'd never ever seen this one before, but scenes kept on looking ever so slightly familiar, which means that somehow Essie must have managed to get me to watch it when it first came out too, despite the failure she experienced with the first X-Men movie. APPARENTLY SHE'S VERY CONVINCING.



Jul. 13th, 2011 12:38 pm
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Oh look, a post that's not about bandom! By which I mean, X-MEN TIME.

Today I saw the first X-Men movie for the first time since I was 13 and Essie just had to make me watch this amazing film, no really Sophia it's awesome!

At the time I...was not properly appreciative. By which I mean, I enjoyed the film, more or less, but had no particular need to call it anything even approaching "awesome". It was, in fact, a resounding "meh".

SO YOU CAN GUESS HOW HARD SHE IS LAUGHING AT ME NOW. She's all, "notice how I'm not saying anything," and then grinning at me, and I have no leg to stand on because HEY she was right, it's an awesome movie and it only took me 9 years to realize it.

Read more... )
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Um so this stupid little idea came into my head and wouldn't go away until I wrote it but I don't want to put the effort into turning into a whole fic because writing X-Men is INTIMIDATING because there's all that HISTORY and the only canon I know is the most recent movie. So I would inevitably get something terribly, horribly wrong.

So here, have a few random words about Erik )

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