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At work yesterday when I was doing a very boring task, I got to idly thinking about a modern-day-fandom au of Les Amis de l'ABC, in which Enjolras is a BNF and the other Amis are his fannish friends.

And the show they're a fan of is some hugely problematic tv show (idk, super racist/sexist/classist, what have you), and Enjolras et al. want to Do Something to make TPTB fix things because Media Matters and having negative portrayals of gay people (or whatever) is actually Really Harmful.

but the thing is I don't know how things go down from here! Obviously they stage some sort of Plan to bring about the glorious future of equality in television that they imagine, but I don't know what sort of plan it is, because although barricades might have been practical for a 19th Parisian, not so much for a 21st century citizen of the internet. And obviously they don't die, because I have trouble seeing how they'd get KILLED for their Opinions About Television, but they have to sacrifice SOMETHING hugely important in their ultimately unsuccessful effort to Make Things Better, but I don't know what that would be or why that sacrifice would be an integral part of their Plan.

Maybe they end up getting their irl identities outed? METAPHORICAL DEATH VIA THE DEATHS OF THEIR PSEUDONYMITY. But I have no idea how to work that in!


(no I'm probably not going to ever actually write this. I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW THIS AU WORKS.)
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Walking home from work today, I was listening to Godspell and thinking about Teen Wolf, and this created some slightly alarming connections in my head.

Namely: I accidentally applied omegaverse to Christianity's alpha-omega thing.



So. The way I figure, it works like this. The world we live in IS omegaverse, only all the humans are betas. God is both alpha and omega, and is the only one of each (??? unless we go with the henotheism thing instead of monotheism, and then apply the alpha-omega thing to all the gods, or maybe even all the non-human beings, mentioned in the bible).

I will leave it as an exercise to the reader's imagination to picture where it goes from here, because this is definitely one for the Fics I Am Never Ever Writing Ever category.
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Dear and lovely people, I come to you with a fic that needs to exist, and if YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, then you will make me very very happy! And if you can't, but you do have thoughts about what ought to happen, PLEASE DO tell me your thoughts in the comments!

This is where the idea comes from: if John Sheppard is the best boyfriend a sentient city has ever had, what does that mean for OTHER sentient cities?

So! Now I really want the Trojan war space AU, where Troy is a sentient spaceship/space-station/space-CITY TYPE THING OF SOME SORT. Who would you ship Troy with? How would that relationship go? Would this make the story of the Trojan war even more tragic? (I AM GUESSING YES.) Unless Troy and, uh, one of the other city-state spaceships fall in love and decide SCREW IT on this whole war thing? Or maybe something else happens? I do not know!

Basically: TELL ME MORE about the Trojan war space AU with sentient cities! In whatever direction you think such a story ought to go!
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The thing about being internetless for a while is that I find myself reading a lot more profic... so I have a few posts about books to make! I'll start with the two books I have the most to say about:

Freckles, and A Girl of the Limberlost )

Okay so in conclusion both books are amazing but I love Freckles more but I want fic about two minor characters in A Girl of the Limberlost the most! The end!
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What was Pete up to at the beginning that got the police after him? Is he further connected into the plot of Bebe and the mad scientist or a completely incidental character? How can he be worked into whatever happens after the end of the video?

I'm bad at faces -- is the mad scientist the same dude who was driving in the car with Bebe? I'm betting yes given the lengths he was willing to go to in order to save her life.

So who was he to Bebe? Did Bebe like him back? What does she think about him trying to resurrect her from a disembodied head and another lady's body? Is she his partner in mad science? Or is she BADASS UNDERCOVER PERSON trying to take him down only now she's ended up under his control? Or something else entirely?

What's with the grotesque figure who escapes near the end? Is he (?) a previous mad science experiment of the mad scientist? What was the mad scientist attempting to accomplish when he created him? Why does the grotesque figure want to save the drugged (dead?) lady who was going to be Bebe's new body? Is the grotesque figure actually secretly AWESOME and doing AWESOME THINGS? Because I get that impression from his behaviour to the mad scientist and the drugged lady.

What happens to Bebe after the end? Is she stuck as a head forever? Does someone rescue her from the mad science laboratory or does she die there? She can't really escape by herself (being bodyless as she is) but I want to find ways to give her agency in this story because on a superficial read she's nothing but -- well, I am reminded of the song The Doctor's Wife (excellent song, btw). It's a fridged woman for the sake of plot.

Maybe the grotesque figure keeps Bebe safe and alive connected to all the various tubes and things -- because of course he knows a lot about it from having seen the mad scientist work (including on him). And he wants to help Bebe further but he doesn't know how! Because he knows that killing another lady to give Bebe a body is not the way to go!

And then it turns out that Pete is...idk SOMEONE THAT CAN HELP SOMEHOW. Well, he's a criminal! He's got ~connections~! The grotesque figure turns to Pete because he's a well-known name in the world of crime, but well known in the "he's a crazy motherfucker, might do anything" kind of way, so the grotesque figure knows Pete is less likely to freak out big time over the disembodied head and grotesque dude.

But Pete's like, dude, what could I do for you anyways? You don't want to kill people to save her. I don't know what I can do for you except provide a dead body.

And the grotesque dude is like...ugh, surely you know of, like, people in extreme long-term coma situations who are pretty much guaranteed to never wake up? Can't you steal me one of those?

Because the grotesque dude might be more moral than the mad scientist but he's still at heart kind of pragmatic.

So Pete's like, huh, that sounds like a fun challenge actually.

And then --


I NEED TO GO TO BED INSTEAD. I was intending to be there an hour ago....


Or maybe one of you could write it instead???
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I already told Tumblr all about it, but MCR DID A SONG ON A KIDDIE TV SHOW. It is GREAT.

And I have officially listened to it too many times. And now it and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W are getting combined in my head: "Green fur! Blue skin! Never mind about the shape I'm in!"

(relatedly, gosh, could they name a song something more annoying to type? WHAT IS WITH ALL THE SLASHES BETWEEN THE LETTERS? If I stare at it too long it starts looking like the pairing line in the header of an OT9 fic...)

(anyways, is it weird that I now want to read the AU where they're all snowflakes?)

(also the AU where Dewees is a yeti?)

(also the AU where they only do kids' music?)

(also the AU where they get caught in a snowstorm and hang out together in a cabin in the middle of nowhere?)

(stop me now)
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Conversations with non-fandom people about fandom: ALWAYS HILARIOUS.

Mara and I were talking over dinner today, and I was telling her about what I'd done today.

Sophia: So I'm reading this So You Think You Can Dance AU --
Mara: Wait, you like So You Think You Can Dance now?
Sophia: No, it's a Glee fic set on So You Think You Can Dance.
Mara: Wait, you like Glee?
Sophia: No.

And this turned into me explaining AUs.

Mara: But wouldn't it make more sense to have the Glee characters on that other show?
Sophia: American Idol?
Mara: That one.
Sophia: Sure, it might make more sense, but the point of AUs isn't to make sense.

*brief interlude where I talk about things like that unicorn/rainbow AU, and the peas/ketchup AU, and so forth*

Sophia: And there are even people who take the term curtainfic (er, that means fic with domestic themes) literally, and write about the characters as curtains.
Mara: What, like, "So, Brendon, here we are hanging in front of a window. Wanna have hot sex?" "Sure, Rory!"

I then proceed to explain to her exactly who Brendon and Rory are and why the idea of them together is hilarious, and wonder aloud how it would ever actually work to get them together.

Mara: Okay, you said Rory's a nurse, right? So Rory and Amy go to a concert, and there's an accident and Amy dies. And then one of the people in the band is injured and they ask the audience if there's any doctors or nurses. And Rory wants to distract himself from Amy's death so he volunteers.
Mara: Oh, or maybe the band is travelling -- how do bands travel?
Sophia: On tourbuses
Mara: So the band is on their tourbus in the rockies or something, and Rory and Amy are driving there as well on vacation, and there's an accident and Amy dies and the band members are all injured and Rory comes onto the bus to help, and things go from there
Mara: Yeah, that makes much more sense than the first one.

IN CONCLUSION, if anyone feels like writing Brendon Urie/Rory Williams fic? I WOULD READ IT. Although preferably without Mara's callous treatment of Amy....:P
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I return!

I spent entirely too much time yesterday creating in my head the My Chemical Romance AU where they're all Mennonite. Gerard and Mikey Wiebe! Frank Jantzi! Ray Toews! Bob Baerg! And I'm quite sure nobody but me cares about this so I'll let it alone but the thought makes me happy.

(this post brought to you by the fact that I spent this last weekend in Manitoba, where there are kind of a lot of Mennos. And yes, the MCR AU is totally set in small-town Manitoba. And the band that they create is perhaps in some ways suspiciously similar to House of Doc (although obviously in other ways quite different). WHAT I AM ALLOWED TO BE RIDICULOUS AND SELF-INDULGENT IN MY HEAD. And now I have started wondering what an MCR cover for a HoD song would sound like. Or a HoD cover of an MCR song. *wants* *is probably probably the only person in the world who wants these*)

(And now I'm starting to think of a zombie AU of HoD's song "Gravestones in Namaka" and STOP ME NOW.)

(oh dear I could probably do zombie fics of a surprising number of HoD songs. I don't even like zombies! I blame Gerard Way.)

(actually I kind of want to write (NON-ZOMBIE) fic of HoD's "Buzzin' Bee" except that that song is actually about their actual grandmother or something, and I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with going there.... But the fic probably involves Henry coming back as a ghost (NOT A ZOMBIE) and deriving much amusement from the existence of the bird Henry-aka-Jake, and then -- once he figures out how to manifest in a more visible/tangible manner to his wife -- there are many adorable ghost/human shenanigans in which she has lots and lots of fun with Henry doing things like pranking their children & grandchildren and all the "other girls who've found another mate". And probably she goes back to calling the bird Henry too just for maximum fun. OLD PEOPLE IN LOVE plus GHOST STORY plus HILARIOUS SHENANIGANS. You cannot go wrong!)

(okay this post has been nothing but the most ridiculous of self-indulgence and I am ending it now before it spirals even further out of control.)
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...Uh oh, stop me, someone stop me fast. I am getting this strange desire to write a cracky bandom fic for my kink_bingo hypnosis/mind control square about the fact that apparently Patrick has forsaken the ever-present hat for his solo career. I've only seen a few pictures/videos of him of recent vintage, but none of them have him wearing a hat. Given that I am led to believe that before this it was almost impossible to get a picture of him without a hat, I'm totally calling mind-control of some variety. Obviously. I just need to work out the who and the why.

(But I CAN'T write this! I know precisely zero details of what's going on in Patrick's life right now and doing research makes me feel like a creeper and writing a fic with incorrect details makes me feel like a bad writer! There is no good option here! And yet I want to write it anyway. *headdesking forever*)

(whyyyyy couldn't my latest fannish interest have been for something where I wouldn't have a problematic relationship with the canon? Oh right, because I never have unproblematic relationships with canon. Silly me.)
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I have decided I want a bandom icon. The problem is deciding WHAT OF, since -- well, the sheer number of ships that I ship is a good indication that I love EVERYTHING ABOUT BANDOM. So how to choose who/what to represent on my icon? I do not have enough icon spaces to have all the bandom icons!

Except that I'm pretty sure I do know who I want on my icon, mostly because I know what picture I want my icon to be from. And I am willing to bet that an icon of this photo exists somewhere out on the internet already, but the idea of how much effort it would take to track it down (especially since there doesn't seem to be a bandom-specific icon comm) is filling me with existential dread.

And I would just turn it into an icon myself but the idea of fighting with GIMP until it agrees to cooperate is not a happy thought either. My last icon-making efforts were....frustrating, to put it charitably.

So I shall just stare at the picture longingly instead. That's productive, right?

In other news, last night I came up with this fic idea. It would be an X-men/bandom crossover/fusion thing, with the focus on Frank. Frank's mutation is something outwardly visible (idk what), and he hates the way people always stare at him because of this. So he starts getting lots and lots of tattoos, to the point where he's nearly covered in them, so that when they stare at him it's for a reason he chose.

And there was going to be something in there about Mystique/Frank, but frankly I can't figure out how I thought that was going to work. (I woke up in the middle of the night and went "oh my god I need to write this down", but what I wrote down was: "Mystique/Frank, you love me for who I choose to be instead of for what I am," but in the cold light of morning I don't think that's very Mystique. She'd be all, BE PROUD OF YOUR MUTATION, and Frank's thing with the tattoos is more about saying fuck you to his mutation. So. There's that.)

Anyway, I'm not going to actually write this fic, but I kind of like the idea, what I have of it.
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This weekend I was at the Mill Race Folk Festival, which means I spent MANY HOURS sitting outside listening to awesome folk musicians with likeminded people. It was marvelous and fantastic. And it was, after my various music-related efforts in bandom, a remarkably relaxing experience: I am able to judge on FIRST LISTEN whether or not I like a song or a group, without second-guessing myself! There was no mental effort expending in getting my head around the music; all I had to do was sit there and enjoy. MMMMM.

There were some really great groups there! Well, there always are. Mill Race is a free folk festival, which is super rare, and yet somehow still manages to get amazing musicians every year. I don't know how they do it, but I'm sure not complaining!

My favourite group this year was a Quebecois band from Montreal called Bon Debarras (pretend there's an accent on that first "e"; I'm too lazy to figure out how to do one on my keyboard). They were just magnificent. Extremely talented, obviously having fun, great stage presence, and the music all sounded fantastic. A+! Also, how impressive is it for one person to be doing three separate musical things all at the same time? Harmonica AND guitar AND percussive foot-stomping! Also, my god, I always forget how attractive an ability to dance makes a person. (yes, there was dancing. EXTREMELY ENERGETIC TAP-DANCING TYPE THING. By the dude who also played the washboard and sang lead vocals. HE WAS AWESOME.)

Among the other highlights were Knights & Mageean, who are two old dudes who sing a capella, with lots of union songs and sea shanties and other things that are great for audience participation; and The Good Right Arm Stringband, who sound (and, in part, look) like they belong on the set of O Brother Where Art Thou. And of course the rest of the acts, even if they weren't stand-out, were still very lovely and enjoyable, because hey, I really like folk music.

All in all a fantastic way to spend a weekend!

And then, because I am sadly predictable in the level of my obsession, I spent entirely too long working out how a bandom folk-musician AU would work. Um.

(And THEN in the process of writing this post, I decided I'd describe what this AU would look like, and somehow that meant I ended up writing nearly four thousand words of Definitely Not Fic in one evening (WTF SELF?), and now I'm left staring at it going, "WHAT. WHAT. WHAT EVEN." And if it's 3.8k as not!fic, then I shudder to think how long it would be if I wrote it all out properly! Should I just edit it a bit for clarity and flow and post it as not!fic? Should I leave it to languish forever on my hard drive? Should I turn it into actual fic? I DO NOT KNOW!)

(but SERIOUSLY. 3800 words! In one evening! I NEVER WRITE FIC THAT FAST. WHAT EVEN.)

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I was talking with a friend the other night about a bunch of stuff, I don't even know what all, and the subject came up that magnetism can actually kill you. Like, apparently if you are in the presence of a strong enough magnetic field (it would have to be REALLY RIDICULOUSLY strong) it will mess with the electro-whatever processes in your brain and your body enough to kill you.

So immediately of course this made me think that Magneto should be able to easily just kill people with a wave of his hand -- because he controls magnetic fields. So he could just be like, OKAY SUPER STRONG MAGNETISM DIRECTLY AROUND THIS PERSON AND NOWHERE ELSE and they'd just fall over dead. No need for brute force or anything! And now time for SPOILERS for X-Men First Class )

So that's, you know, a thing. And I want fic for it. Maybe him figuring out he can do it? Maybe Charles figuring out Erik could do it? IDEK, but I'm pretty sure there's a good fic hiding in there somewhere.
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So recently I stole a book off my dad and read it, because I have a tendency to do that, and it was theology, about the resurrection of Jesus and what the Bible says about the afterlife, and as theology tends to do these days, it got me wanting to write fanfic.

In this particular instance, it got me wanting to write more blasphemous Highlander fanfic. It's not my fault! It's all those immortals! They go so WELL with blasphemous religious fic!

Anyways, I got this idea, but then had no idea what to do with it.

Then in the shower the other morning (useful things, showers) I had a sudden revelation of what had to be done with my idea. But now I have no idea of the plot that goes along with it.

Also I'm pretty sure I'd need to reread that book of Dad's, in order to make sure I'm getting my theology right. What? It's important to be accurate when committing heresy!

My original idea was that obviously something needs to be done with the fact that Jesus' resurrection was seen as the single exception to the resurrection of the dead that would happen at the end times, a special case, and the fact that in the Highlander universe there's rather more people than just Jesus coming back to life.

Then my revelation was that obviously what needs to happen is that one of the disciples is a pre-Immortal, and when he gets killed by the Roman authorities he comes back TOO, and then he gets all existential-crisis-of-faith. (and. um. Given my particular obsessions interests, I'm pretty sure this random disciple would end up being Paul. Poor Paul. I do love to benevolently torture him.) But then I don't know what should happen next! Or how it should be resolved! This is a problem!

So that's an idea to leave festering at the back of my head to see if anything comes of it.

(I was just looking through my hymnal because I wanted to title this post a lyric from some resurrection-themed hymn, because that's always fun. It is amusing to discover what hymns about resurrection my extremely Mennonite hymnal actually contains. Hint: other than the ones about Jesus' resurrection? NOT MANY. It is pretty great to look through my thematically-organized hymnal and see what sorts of themes get the most focus!)
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Catherynne M Valente keeps on writing books that sound fascinating to me. But the couple times thus far that I have attempted to read one of her books, I haven't actually enjoyed myself. They left me cold. But the thing is her interests so often align with mine! Like the Orphan's Tales duology, "In the Night Garden" and "In The Cities of Coin and Spice", which are the two books of hers that I've read -- I LOVE the idea. A book structured with a whole lot of frame-tales within frame-tales, like the Thousand And One Nights! And drawing on all sorts of folk-tale tropes! How could I not love it? It's like it's specifically designed to be Awesome To Me. And yet I could not get into it, and despite making myself keep going I eventually gave up halfway through the second book.

So I didn't bother seeking out further books of hers, even when they sounded really interesting.

But her interests CONTINUE to align closely with mine, and she's got an upcoming book called Deathless, based on the Russian folk tale of Koschei the Deathless.* And, okay, you already know I love folk tales. And I have an entire huge book of Russian folk tales. And I love the way that folk tales are different depending on the culture in which they originate, that they are so closely tied to the realities and preoccupations of the culture. And look -- it's going to be a book that is deeply interested in Russia and Russian culture and FAIRY TALES. And I read the first three chapters excerpted on and was riveted.

So I think I'm going to have to read this book when it comes out, and hope desperately that I won't be tragically disappointed by it the way I was with the Orphan's Tales. *hopes desperately*

*yes, yes, Doctor Who, I know. I totally want to write a fic about the Master being the Koschei of the story, someday. But I love the story even outside of the Doctor Who connection.
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Oh dear. I blame the following on [personal profile] sentientcitizen for telling me the awesome story of Eleanor of Aquitaine, and then for ENCOURAGING me when I started making noises about crossovers.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: extremely intelligent and politically savvy; uses it for her own gain. Gentleman John Marcone: extremely intelligent and politically savvy; uses it for the good of his city. Together, they fight commit crime! And are terrifyingly badass and competent and argumentative and AWESOME.

And Marcone finds himself in the awkward position of actually having to be the one with the morals, and Eleanor finds herself in the awkward position of actually wanting to help someone without it being about personal gain, and both of them find the other ridiculously hot.

It would be AMAZING.

So. I want fic to exist, and I vaguely want to write it, only that would involve writing about two extremely intelligent and competent people, which is always intimidating. How do you write characters who are smarter than you are?

Also it would involve figuring out how the crossover would work. Both of the characters are pretty dependent on the milieu from which they come, for their political savvy. Eleanor without the clout she gets from having Aquitaine is unthinkable, as is Marcone without his beloved Chicago.

Also it would involve knowing rather a lot more about Eleanor than I currently know.

Also it would involve, I'm pretty sure, writing sex (or at least massive quantities of UST), because they REALLY WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER OKAY, and I'm not exactly qualified for writing that sort of thing.

Whyyyyyyy so much work? My hobby is so cruel to me.

Maybe I'll just pretend this fic exists, and then I won't have to write it.
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Awesome new Highlander crossover idea: the Brother Cadfael novels. You know it! Murder mysteries involving immortals is always a fun idea, and I'm pretty sure that Cadfael and Methos would find each other fascinating. Only problem is that writing this would involve me being any good whatsoever at writing plot. REMINDER TO SELF: NO MURDER MYSTERIES FOR ME. (also, my brain cannot imagine this story being any shorter than a novel. It has to fit into the Brother Cadfael series!)

But if it existed, then Methos would be either a victim or a suspect (OR BOTH!), there would be young lovers that Cadfael would help (ooh, actually, Methos could be one of the young lovers too, Methos and one of his 68 wives!), Hugh Beringar would get some time in there to be awesome, Cadfael would ruminate on God and morality and act as an agent of grace to Methos (something about the case would relate back to the whole Horsemen thing? Or perhaps just remind Methos of it), and it would be amazing.

And if it could manage to work in Sister Magdalen, that would be even more amazing! I love her so much, and it is too bad that more of the novels didn't find excuses to get her involved.

(also, at least one of the monks at the monastery is secretly also an immortal, using the holy place as a refuge. And he turns out to be plot relevant somehow too. Obviously!)
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Today I was reading a WIP of mine I'd kind of forgotten about. I actually didn't even remember how far I'd gotten in the story. So I was reading along, happily fascinated by what I'd accomplished thus far, and then I unceremoniously reached the end of the completed stuff. And now I feel all bitter, like I would if I'd read an abandoned WIP by someone else on the internet. I mean, I know equally as much about what would happen next.... C'mon, author! Finish the damn fic already! Except the damn author is me, and I haven't a clue what to write.

I think my problem is that I really like my premise, and I've got some plotty stuff, but I don't know what the climax of the fic is. And without knowing that, I have nothing that I'm building towards, it's just "and then stuff happened", and I'm all out of stuff that I know happens.

(this would, in case you're curious, be The Who Wants To Live Forever Affair that I talked about back in this post.)

In other news, OMG TORCHWOOD. By which I mean, they've released the name and premise of the upcoming series of Torchwood, and it looks FASCINATING and exciting and I am all shivery in anticipation. Also, now I really want to read Highlander fic based on this premise. I know, I know, I have a weakness. Highlander crossovers well with EVERYTHING!

Speaking of which. Highlander/Dresden Files crossovers? SHOULD EXIST. Just saying.
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Um. It is entirely possible that I have listened to these songs a few too many times now, because they are UTTERLY BRILLIANT. I do not know if I have mentioned this before, but I am a total nerd for folk songs. And these hit me RIGHT in THAT NERDY LOVE, and also RIGHT IN THE NERDY LOVE for Doctor Who, so basically it is NERDY LOVE SQUARED. You should go listen to them if you do not already know them.

Also, they have reminded me of how awesome Rory is, and now I want all the Rory fic. And the rest of this post is spoilery for Season Five of Doctor Who. I presume most people who care have seen it, but just to be safe. )
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Things I should have spent today doing:
- grocery shopping
- essay writing

Things I should not have spent today doing:
- knitting
- rewatching a few of the Methos bits of Highlander episodes

I had forgotten just how hard I ship Methos/Alexa. GOSH. They are SO ADORABLE. Spoilers, and a fic idea that got away from me a little. )
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Thing one: Hello Vorkosigan Saga my new love! Um. Reading four books in two days? NOT GOOD FOR MY PRODUCTIVITY LEVELS GODDAMN. But the Vorkosigan Saga? SO GOOD. (Gotta say though: Miles is a GLORIOUS lunatic and I love him dearly and I would never ever want to meet him.)

Thing two: Occasionally one learns fascinating things from friends' textbooks. Conversation today, between me and Dinah:

Me: What?
Dinah: Listen to what my textbook says: "How else could you melt a gaylord of plastic?"
Dinah: ...Yeah. Apparently a gaylord has something to do with the dimensions of a packing crate. It's about polymer extrusion.
Dinah: Apparently!
Me: Gosh. Well. a sentence that desperately wants a novel written about it.

Clearly this novel is a scifi novel about artificial intelligence, and involves an AI that's become sentient (and very very gay) and tried to take over the universe, and people think it/he (QUESTIONS OF GENDER IDENTITY WILL ABOUND!) needs to be stopped/killed. And since the AI's body is basically just plastic (aside from the electronic components and mechanical bits), people think the easiest thing will be to just melt it.

In my head it is something of a mix between that fic about Lex Luthor taking over the universe and the universe liking it, that fic about John Sheppard being a robot ( One of the many fics about John Sheppard being a robot.), and the bit in James Alan Gardner's book Vigilant with the robots being melted (at least in part) by acid-spray.

It would be AWESOME.

Thing three: Someone had FAR too much time on their hands, and created a fake trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special. I watched it, and was like, DUDE I DON'T RECOGNIZE THOSE CLIPS. And then I saw the making-of video. Gosh. Colour me impressed.

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