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...okay, that's weird and kind of distressing. At least one recent post by someone I follow on LJ isn't actually showing up on my flist? Or rather, it was when I checked it on my iPod when I first woke up, but now that I'm on my computer my flist is pretending it doesn't exist even though when I go to that person's journal it DOES?

NOT COOL, LJ. NOT COOL. Now I am worried that there are other posts I am missing that I do not know I am missing!

Anyways, I have about a million posts I want to make right now (movies! books! bandom! etc!) and no idea which one I should start with.

I could start with more complaints about websites being stupid?

So the other day I wandered over to Delicious for my periodic vanity-search of my name for the first time in a while, and apparently Delicious is borked in new and exciting ways! Like, for starters, you can't search unless you're logged in. And then if you DO log in and try to search something, it...only searches YOUR links? I think? That's what it was implying, anyways, and what it means is that I have NO WAY of searching for other people's bookmarks of my stuff, which is kind of TRAGIC because I love seeing the things people say about my fanworks on their personal bookmarks! It's like I've unlocked a secret hidden treasure of comments!

Also, when I went back on Tumblr the other day, Tumblr was anxious to inform me that Missing E (an unauthorised extension for Tumblr that fixes the MYRIAD STUPIDITIES of the website) can be ~problematic~ and I shouldn't use it if I want the best Tumblr experience, and I just LAUGHED AND LAUGHED. Because SRSLY, without Missing E my Tumblr experience is full of nothing but frustration and anger. (I mean, I still find it kind of sad that it seems like more and more people are using Tumblr as their regular blog instead of lj/dw, because I like the formats for interaction over here so very much better. But Missing E means at least that I don't feel like assassinating Tumblr on a regular basis)
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Thing One: Okay, first day of proper work today, and I know I said I wasn't going to talk about my work here, but I just had to share one thing: one of my coworkers? Is an actual honest-to-god alien conspiracy theorist. I just -- what. What even. I had no idea how to respond, and just sat there with a blank look on my face while underneath I was unable to think of anything except Stargate....

Thing Two: My adventures with Pinboard continue apace. I quite like it! I mean, it's still an adjustment, figuring out how things work differently than Delicious, but it is an adjustment I am willing to make. And frankly even if Delicious fixes everything that's wrong with it, I don't think I'm going back -- it's proven that it can't be trusted, whereas Pinboard has been nothing but welcoming for the migrating fans.

Of course, updating all my author tags so that they begin with an @ instead of a period is taking quite some time. But whatever, at least I'm the right kind of obsessive to actually do the entirety of them.

Thing Three:I keep on thinking that my difficulty with faces isn't as bad as I always say it is. Like, I was catching up on my rss feed the other day, and as a result saw a whole lot of pictures of Tom Hiddleston (thanks to Tumblr), and I was like, dude, his face, totally recognizable, why do I keep saying I can't recognize his face? And then a face of a guy came up and I was like, who's that? And it was Tom Hiddleston, only with his hair not slicked back. And that was enough that all of a sudden he was not recognizable to me. Yeah.

Thing Four: This weekend Mara and I canned a full bushel of tomatoes, resulting in 21 quarts of tomatoes in our storeroom, plus a couple more quarts in the freezer because we didn't want to do another canner-full for just a few more jars. PRODUCTIVITY FTW. (this means that thus far this year we've done: damson plum jam, peaches, and tomatoes. We're behind on what we accomplished last year, but I'm still pretty pleased with our Mad Housewife Skillz!)

Thing Five: I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I think wistfully sometimes that it would be nice if people would write spoilery summaries of their fics. But Daniel Defoe in his novel Moll Flanders? He goes one better and spoils the entire thing IN HIS TITLE.

"The Fortunes and Misfortunes Of the Famous Moll Flanders, &c. Who was Born in Newgate, and during a Life of continu'd Variety for Threescore Years, besides her Childhood, was Twelve Year a Whore, five times a Wife (whereof once to her own Brother) Twelve Year a Thief, Eight Year a Transported Felon in Virginia, at last grew Rich, liv'd Honest, and died a Penitent, Written from her own Memorandums."

A++, Daniel Defoe. I approve.
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...Yeah, okay, I abandoned ship. PINBOARD TIME NOW. You can find me here on Pinboard, if you are a person who is interested in my bookmarks. I have some adjustments to make, obviously. The most egregious of these, of course, is the fact that I use a period in front of a tag to signify "creator" or "author" (as I use a dash to signify "fandom", a plus to signify "pairing", and so forth; however, Pinboard uses a period in front of tags to signify that it's a private tag. I don't really want all the author tags to be private, so I need to change that. The unfortunate thing, of course, is that author tags are the tags I have the MOST of, so that'll take a while. Ah well.

The fact that I use these symbolic signifiers, though, means that even without tag bundles (which Pinboard as of right now does not have), my tags aren't TOO appallingly disorganized, because the symbols mean that the bookmarks are sorted by symbol and then alphabetically within that. So that's okay.

And apparently you can use EMAIL to add bookmarks to Pinboard! That's pretty shiny. It means that if I'm on someone else's computer, without my bookmarklets and whatever, it's still easy to bookmark something.

And I like the feel of TPTB I get from reading through the Pinboard site.

Unfortunately my last export from Delicious was about 8 days ago, and when I try to export now it refuses to. I'm assuming this is because there are so many people trying to export right now that it's kind of breaking it. But this means I have 8 days of bookmarks to recreate, which is a bother. Oh well; doing it now. It's a pain, but a manageable one. I'm just glad I DID do that Delicious export 8 days ago!


Sep. 27th, 2011 09:58 am
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- can only see ten links per page (and when you have over 7000 bookmarks that's a bit inefficient)
- no more tag bundles (and my tag bundles are very important)
- cannot see more than my fifty most recently used tags (and I have thousands of tags)
- cannot actually click on tags and see the things tagged with it (WHAT) (ETA: Apparently that's just because I have symbols in my tags, like apostrophes and plus signs and asterisks and so forth. Apparently that's verboten or something. AUGH. STILL NOT USEFUL. I use symbols in all my tags, as an organizational feature!)
- when I try to bookmark something new, the pop-up window no longer has autocomplete tags (so I would have to REMEMEBER all the tags I have, which, ahahaha)
- and further the pop-up window no longer has the option to open a list of all your tags at the bottom so I can at least scroll down and remind myself of my tags (once again, making me rely on my memory for tags)
- but then the fact that tags are NOT ACTUALLY CURRENTLY WORKING means that the latter two things don't really matter (although if they fix the tags, those things will be AWFUL)

Delicious is a hugely important resource for me! I've put a ridiculous amount of time and effort into my Delicious over the time I've had it!

SO THIS IS NOT USEFUL, AVOS. Seriously. Okay, okay, you're really fond of your shiny new "stacks" thing, and I can see how that might be useful for people who are not me, but that doesn't mean you can remove your BASIC FUNCTIONALITY.

I a slight state of shock right now. I just -- oh, god, Avos, just please please please fix some things soon, okay? Because otherwise I will cry. No, literally. THIS SITE IS IMPORTANT TO ME OKAY?

I just...I can't even.

And I would go read some soothing fanfic, but then I'd want to BOOKMARK IT, and HEY AVOS I CAN'T DO THAT VERY WELL RIGHT NOW CAN I.

ETA: I just sent a long and carefully polite email to Avos' feedback email address. If you also want to tell Avos all the ways in which its changes suck, please do so as well, at, since they are actually asking for feedback. If as many people as possible inform Delicious that certain changes are not appreciated, maybe they'll actually do something about it? That would be nice. (....I'm not optimistic, though. AUGH.)
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So! Apparently Delicious has been acquired by the founders of Youtube. Good news! Delicious isn't just going belly-up, as everyone was fearing back when...whenever that scare was. *is too lazy to look through my journal archive* (ETA: December! Apparently I'm not too lazy after all.) Hopefully things go well in the transfer.

You will need to opt in to allow your bookmarks to be transferred along with the transfer of ownership in July. So make sure you do that!
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Well, I set Diigo to importing my Delicious bookmarks, but I have no idea whether it's actually working at it or not, since there's no handy progress bar to watch or anything. It might be plugging away, or it might not be, and I won't know till Diigo sends me an email to tell me my bookmarks are all imported. This is a very weird feeling, to have NO IDEA whether it's working or not. I figure that if by next morning they're still not imported I'll assume there was a problem and try again.

In the interim, something HAPPY.

Four clips released from the upcoming Doctor Who christmas special!

And I for one am very excited )


Dec. 16th, 2010 04:50 pm
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FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. Yahoo is shutting down Delicious.

I have nearly 5000 bookmarks on Delicious.

I'll be checking out other options but regardless of what I come up with -- this is going to be a lot of work, and also really really terrible. I remember when I first switched to Delicious, and how thrilled I was, because it was in every way exactly what I needed in bookmark organization. And now that era will be over, and I haven't even had enough time to finish tagging all the bookmarks I imported.

Shit fuck damn.

ETA: So I imported my bookmarks into Google Bookmarks, but you can't import with tags intact, soooooo that's not actually useful. I'm currently importing to Diigo to see how that works. If it does, I think Diigo might be the way to go. We'll see. *fingers crossed*
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Thing One: Teehee. This evening I was visiting my Supernatural-loving ex-housemate, and I hadn't seen her since before the end of Season 5, so of course I had to get her to update me on all the lolarious things that happened at the end of the season. And lolarious it was. THAT SHOW. OH GOSH. I kind of adore it from my careful outside-the-fandom not-watching-it position. It is just SO GREAT. All about the brothers' MANLOVE, and their ANGST WITH MANPAIN, and their ANGER AT RELIGION. With bonus Castiel-the-angel calling someone "assbutt". YEAH.

I absolutely could not watch the show and enjoy it (I have seen bits of episodes and that is ENOUGH FOR ME. I will just watch the clips my ex-housemate points me to as being particularly hilarious, and stop with that), but hearing about it from an inside source who simultaneously loves it and finds it hilarious? Basically my ideal relationship with the show.

Once the new season starts again, she promises to send me emails each week updating me on what's going on, and I look forward to it muchly.

(Oh! Also! That show just LOVES TO BE AS META AND FOURTH-WALL-BREAKY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Spoilers for Season 5 finale )

Thing Two: Also, this evening I acquired the first season of Farscape. WOOHOO! Do not have time to begin it right now (the schoolwork! It overwhelms! Already!) but I am SUPER-EXCITED for it! (Man, after all this build-up I'm creating for myself before beginning to watch Farscape, if I find myself not hugely a fan of it that would SUCK)

Thing Three: Getting back to work on my Delicious Organization Project means coming across links that I bookmarked a year ago, and getting seduced into reading them, and remembering things like HOW MASSIVE MY LOVE FOR DUE SOUTH IS. SRSLY. SO MASSIVE. THAT SHOOOOOOW. <333333

Thing Four: Have I always been THIS CAPSLOCKY? It is kind of ridiculous.

(shh, it is a secret, but I never actually use the capslock button when I am doing caps. I press the shift. Even when the words involve things like apostrophes, for which I have to carefully release the shift for that one keystroke. Is this weird? Do most people genuinely use the actual capslock key? I just can't do it, because I hit the shift key AUTOMATICALLY when a letter is supposed to be capitalized, which makes it UNcapital under the influence of capslock, and then EVERYTHING IS WRONG.)

Thing Five: Huh. It is very interesting to read for the first time a book that is so much in the public consciousness as Robinson Crusoe. I mean, who doesn't know about Robinson Crusoe's man Friday, whom he discovers exists when he sees a footprint upon the beach? But to read the actual novel, these events happen rather differently than one might expect. He discovers the footprint, and is immediately hugely fearful! He is afraid it is the devil, or perhaps cannibals, or perhaps savages, and he hides himself away and he increases his fortifications and he places cannons around his protective walls! After fifteen years alone, his immediate reaction upon knowing he might meet another human being is fear? That is not a very optimistic view of humanity, Robinson!

Also, it takes more than TEN YEARS after seeing the footprint before he ever even meets Friday. And Friday isn't the only other person on the island; there's all sorts of cannibals/savages who come there occasionally, and Friday was originally a prisoner of them! In fact, the footprint was likely one of theirs, so Robinson was right in his instictive fear!

Um. Yeah.

Sep. 19th, 2010 06:15 am
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Ahahaha, uh. Occasionally I am a bit crazycakes.

So. I have a delicious, which I use to keep track of the ridiculous number of fics I read. But there was a short period of time back in, mm, April, I think, when I was away from my computer but still had access to a computer on which to read fic. So bookmarking said fics on delicious wasn't particularly easy, so I just stuck the links into a draft email to myself, and left them to be properly bookmarked when I got home.

But when I got home I was not in the mood to do all the work of categorizing and cataloguing those fics, and just wanted to read more fic. But I couldn't just delicious-bookmark THOSE fics, because then my delicious bookmarks would not be backdated in the order I actually read them! And that would be bad! So I just added those links to the bottom of my email draft, exacerbating the problem.

And I kept on doing this. And occasionally I'd be like, okay, I really ought to delicious these. So I'd start going at the top of the draft email, and work my way down, but I'd never get all the way through. So I'd keep on having to just add new links to the bottom.

This vicious cycle has been going on for MONTHS.

Partway through this process, I began adding my summary/descriptions to the links, so that when I went through to bookmark them all I wouldn't need to reread each story to be able to tag it properly. (Bookmarking the first bunch of fics, for which I hadn't done that, was a MAJOR pain.)

And now, finally, I just sat down and powered through the ridiculous number of links that were sitting in that draft email, and CLEARED IT OUT. FINALLY.

So now, whenever I read a new fic, I can bookmark it directly right away! What a concept!

(and I can get back to work on my Delicious Organization Project, wherein I properly tag all the fics I bookmarked in years past!)

So yes. That is the story of Yet Another Way In Which Sophia Is Organizationally-Obsessed-In-Stupid-Ways. The end.

(It feels REALLY WEIRD, to no longer have that draft email as a constantly-open tag on the left-hand side of my browser! It's been there for MONTHS now!)
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One of the things I am finding most interesting about doing my Delicious organization project is that I can see the history of my fannishness. When I look at my bookmarks in my browser's folder, I just see bookmarks. But imported into Delicious, I can clearly see the exact date on which I bookmarked each one originally. So I can say with authority, for instance, exactly which day I started reading Sports Night fic. And exactly which day I started getting fannish about Sports Night. (These were not the same day. It's obvious.)

Or I can find out that I first discovered the Aubrey-Maturin series fanfic far earlier than I thought I had -- in fact, it seems to have played a material role in my discovery of the joys of SGA fandom a year ago!

And gosh, it's weird to think I only discovered SGA a year ago*. I see that as the beginning of the flowering of my true polyfannishness -- before SGA, I was monogamous with Harry Potter, and had only brief and unsatisfying affairs with other fandoms. SGA taught me to embrace a multiplicity of loves. And that was only a year ago! I have changed a lot in that time. I only wish I'd been keeping a fandom LJ all along so I could see what I was thinking!

I can't wait to be done with all my organization**, so that I will be able to look at my fannish history in more tidy detail. It's all just so fascinating.

* On 14 January 2009, Delicious is happy to tell me
** Which, uh, won't be for a WHILE
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1. Damnit, I was hoping to do another podfic this weekend, but I'm sick. I mean, I don't feel very awful or anything, but I doubt people have any desire to hear me snuffle my way through it... And having to take a sip of water every three words or so gets in the way too.

2. In better news, in a week or so I'm gonna be seeing Paul Gross live! At thingy where it's an introduction to some symphony or something by Mozart, and possibly Paul Gross is going to be reading some of Mozart's letters aloud? Or something? Anyways, it looks AWESOME. \o/

3. Similarly, in a week or so I'm gonna be seeing a Doctor Who improv thing, that's apparently very good and very funny! \o/

4. Apparently I'm adding new bookmarks to my delicious at a faster pace than I'm editing my old ones. Gah. I mean, I'm not complaining about the plethora of shiny fic, but it means that I still haven't managed to get down to 3000 unedited bookmarks yet!

5. My subject line is a lie.
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Well, I've begun cataloguing my bookmarks in Delicious. I figured it was about time. I've imported all my bookmarks and am slowly -- slowly -- going through them and editing the tags and the descriptions and so on and so forth. It is, to put it mildly, a slightly daunting task. I currently have over three thousand bookmarks locked that I have to go through. And I mean, not ALL of them are fanfic, or fan-meta or what-have-you and can be deleted, but the vast majority ARE. That will...take a while. Especially with tagging stuff that I bookmarked years ago and remember nothing about because I didn't label it clearly in my bookmarks at the time.

But now that I've gotten started on the project I'm dedicated to finishing, no matter how long that'll take me!

PS: if you're interested, you can see my bookmarks here. But I warn you, my descriptions are more for my own use in remembering fics than for reccing purposes, so I might have included things that are spoilery for the fic. (The fact that I do this probably has something to do with the fact that I'm kind of the opposite of a spoilerphobe; spoilers tend not to bother me in the slightest.) Also the proportion of different fandoms currently represented by what's unlocked is NOT AT ALL representative of the proportions of fic that I actually have bookmarked. It'll even out eventually though.

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