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My ship tags on pinboard were a total mess. I had no consistent method for deciding which name came first, so for any tag uncommon enough that it didn't show up as an autocomplete option, I had to look it up every time to see what I'd used in the past.

Some of my tags were ordered according to fandom's preferred usage (eg harry/draco), some of my tags were ordered according to which character is the more major character in the canon (eg moist/adora), some were ordered according to which character was my favourite (eg hilarion/alexios), and some were ordered according to whatever random decision I made at the time because I didn't know enough about the fandom to know how to tag (no example because these are obviously not fandoms that come easily to mind).

So this made it hard both to remember what I'd used in the past for a given ship, or to decide how to tag a new ship I'd never bookmarked for before.

BUT NO LONGER. Now all my ship tags are strictly alphabetical! I fixed them!

Aaand now the only agonizing part is figuring out what names I want to use for various characters, which can be remarkably challenging in some fandoms. And whether to alphabetize by names that are not actually names, for characters who don't get given names in canon (eg bahorel's laughing mistress - do I alphabetize her by B, by L, or not at all?)

At any rates, my efforts towards continual improvement of my pinboard cataloguing structure continue apace.

Next up: figure out how to tag for fandoms where there's multiple versions of canon with different names but fandom mostly treats them as one so a given fic could fit under either name, except for a rare few fics that are very specifically for one of the versions of canon (eg The Eagle aka Eagle of the Ninth)
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I recently decided to start going through my pinboard and labelling fics according to ship type: gen, het, dudeslash, femslash, multi, poly, and other. And all of a sudden I am reminded why I haven't tried to do this before: because for some ships it involves gendering a character whose gender identity is not definitively stated in canon. For example: what gender is Albert of the film Albert Nobbs? I don't feel like I have any right to decide what gender Albert really identifies with! (...especially since I haven't seen the movie in question and am going solely by the wiki article and the fic I once read.) And other doesn't feel right either because what if Albert does identify as a gender that would then cause the ship to be categorized straightforwardly as het or femslash? I've had to create a ??? category, which feels like an annoyingly unbounded category.

(the "other" category: probably for anthropomorfic and genderqueer characters, mostly. Or does a ship still count as het if one of them's a dinosaur, or does that make it other?)

At any rate: I still have a long way to go with doing these pinboard edits. And once I've finished tagging all the shipfics, getting all the genfics will be really tedious because I won't be able to do things like go to the "arthur/eames" tag and mass add "dudeslash" as a tag to all hundreds of fics at one go. I will have to go through all my fics one by one to see which are gen. Ahahaha why do I do this to myself.
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Wandering through my pinboard bookmarks is occasionally hilarious. Like for example the bookmark where the only text in the description, instead of being a quote of the author's summary or something equally reasonable, is the following:

Dear self: this is THAT FIC. You know, the one your brain is always harping back to because it just lives in your head as the One True Ideal of MUNCLE fic. Otoh, the part that lives in your head turns out to only actually be like the first quarter or so of the ACTUAL fic? The rest is perfectly good too, just not as brain-sticky, apparently.

And the great part is that that is actually the most useful summary of this fic I could ever possibly give myself. However, it is useless to ANYONE ELSE who might ever make use of my bookmarks...

(also I occasionally write notes to myself in my bookmarks about how it's late and I need to go to bed, or about how I need to be better about bookmarking things immediately after reading, or whatever, because apparently these things are important notes for anybody looking through my bookmarks. Yes, I am a Quality Bookmarker indeed.)


May. 1st, 2012 05:06 pm
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Okay I think part of the problem at this point is that I am just not in the habit of responding to things promptly anymore? Even when there's no good reason for me not to! AUGH. Whatever.


Last night I gave in and made some attempts at reading Teen Wolf fic, given how it's been all over Pinboard's fandom favourites for ages now.

The first fic I tried turned out to have super creepy rapey overtones that the author seemed to think was hot and/or romantic. And the thing is, it seems to be a popular fic! Lots of people have left kudos on it! Apparently the creepy overtones are going right over people's heads? :(

The second fic I tried (Open the Door, by [ profile] renay) was much better. Stiles had all these irrepressible feelings! And self esteem issues! And a lot of obliviousness! Yeah, it was awesome and I liked it lots.

But then I began to rifle through what else the fandom has on offer, and I think that this fandom is really not for me.

First of all, Derek seems to be the most uninteresting-to-me character imaginable? Humourless, peremptory, and untalkative -- yeah, that is really not the way to my heart. And the fandom's pairing of choice is Derek/Stiles. So, there's that.

Second of all, werewolves are not actually intrinsically interesting to me. I can enjoy werewolves (let me recommend to your attention, for example, The Cage, by Alyx Dellamonica, an original short story about lesbians and a werewolf baby and fighting for social justice that is absolutely wonderful), but they are not a draw in and of themselves. Plus, the fandom seems to be relatively into omegaverse dynamics, because of the werewolf thing -- and I am not fond of omegaverse, because it seems to me to be distilling dominant/submissive aspects of a person to their biology and their role in sexual intercourse, whiiiiich I take issue with. (Is omegaverse something I should be generally taking issue with? Are there people who are doing thoughtful and nuanced things with it? I haven't come across any, but then I've only read a couple, so it might not be accurate for me to extrapolate out from my narrow experience.)

Third of all, Stiles canonically has ADHD and is on medication for it (!!!), but so far any fic I have read that has directly addressed that question has made me steaming mad. For example: Stiles goes off on an excessively verbose tangent and can't quite make himself stop talking; Derek responds that Stiles takes too much Adderall. NO. NO NO NO. It is the ADHD that causes the lack of impulse control and the over-talkativeness, NOT THE MEDICATION, WHAT THE HELL EVEN.

So in conclusion, this has been an exciting experiment in Teen Wolf, and I probably shan't be returning, no matter how many Teen Wolf fics show up on Pinboard.

(let me round off the werewolf story recommendations in this post with a third one, because recs should come in threes at the very least. From the Depths of His Heart, by [personal profile] sineala, an utterly delightful Eagle of the Ninth AU fic in which Esca is a werewolf. And if you do not know Eagle of the Ninth you should totally read it anyways as historical fiction about Roman-occupied Britain!)
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SO HEY, thanks, y'all, for your kind and lovely comments on my last post. ♥ YOU ARE THE BEST.

Thing One: Whoa, what? WHATWHATWHAT. Only six months later, and I finally finished editing all my author tags on pinboard so that they're not all accidentally private tags, as they were after I imported my bookmarks in! (pinboard has a feature where if any tag begins with a period, it is a private tag. A useful feature! Except that on delicious, my symbol for an author-tag was a period.) Soooo I had MANY HUNDREDS of tags that needed editing, one by one, and I am actually done! ngl, for a while there I was sure I'd never actually successfully do it. I'm so bad at finishing what I start.

Thing Two: I had Needing/Getting stuck in my head all day yesterday, but it KEPT ON morphing into Me & You and I DO NOT KNOW WHY.

Thing Three: The problem with reading interesting articles in print magazines is that I can't just bookmark them, or share them on tumblr, or whatever. ALL THEY CAN DO IS SIT THERE ON THE PAGE AND THEN GET FORGOTTEN. GODDAMNIT.

Thing Four:, it's weird. Apparently fun. is a popular band now or something? I'm well under a year into this musical-taste-expanding adventure and ALREADY there's a band about which I could say (if I were that kind of person) that "I liked them before they were cool"? This is a little freaky-feeling to me! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

And, I mean, frankly I wouldn't even know if I hadn't just recently read an article linked from their official twitter. I don't listen to radios or pay attention to lists of popular music or whatever -- so I was happily in my own little bubble of listening to their new album and comparing it with their old one and deciding what I thought about it and assuming it'd had approximately a similar level of response (ie, fandom was kinda into them because they're peripherally connected to bandom, but most people had never heard of them and never would). And then all of a sudden they're a big deal! If you google the word "fun", THEY ARE THE FIRST THING TO TURN UP. Which is just like WOW.

Thing Five: Always super weird to be reading a fic and not realize until halfway in that you've totally read it before.... AND THEN realizing once you've finished and you've looked at the posting date that there's no possible way you've read it before. I think sometimes my memory likes to screw with me just for the lulz.
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It kind of hilarifies me that I have 20 people following me on Pinboard these days. Because back on Delicious I thought of it as a thing that was JUST FOR MEEEEE that other people maybe occasionally looked at but I mostly pretended they didn't exist. Now I find myself altering the ways I do things because I know I have an audience.

The biggest thing, probably, is I've started to worry about my tendency to occasionally put spoilers into my commentary, if the spoiler is something that it's important for me to know. Like "this story ends happily despite the MAJOR ANGSTBUCKET that it is!" or "Character A dies and it is TRAGIC but so good that it's worth reading anyways." Which are useful notes for me because I have an awful memory and I will forget all contents of a story when I come back to reread later, and I like to know things like that ahead of time. But I don't want to spoil the fic for those 20 people, most of whom probably take the more traditional approaches to spoilers!

So I have changed my methods. I have begun making use of Pinboard's handy ability to do secret tags, and write notes like that to myself in these secret tags. (I am also doing that for notes to myself that it would be mean to let the author see, like "stupid treatment of amnesia" or "needs a beta", although NOW I'm wondering if those perhaps should not be secret, so that people following my Pinboard are aware of the caveats on my rec of that particular fic....IDK!)

Of course even with this strategy in place the problem is that a number of my previously-bookmarked fics still have some spoilers in the summaries that the unsuspecting might wander across. Perhaps I should do something about that too, someday. ( that halcyon future day when I've finally updated ALL MY OLD IMPORTED-FROM-BROWSER BOOKMARKS ahahaha that day will be a long time in coming. Plus I only started using feelings tags in the last couple months, and ditto more comprehensive random-details tags, so I have many thousands of fics that need tagging for those things too. SO MUCH TAG WRANGLING, SO LITTLE TIME.)
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Slightly belated public service announcement! In case you haven't heard, Pinboard these days has a fandom-specific popular page, so you can see all the hottest links that fannish people are bookmarking. It is fascinating to examine, and I imagine that keeping stats of that page would also be fascinating: write down how many fics there are for each fandom each day (the page is refreshed once a day), and keep track over time, and you'd be able to chart a lovely graph of relative fandom popularity over time. YOU CAN'T TELL ME THAT WOULDN'T BE AWESOME. Unfortunately I am not good at keeping my attention on something long-term so I am not a good choice for it. (doesn't mean I'm not having salivatory thoughts about doing it anyways)

Currently it seems that the biggest fandoms are Inception and Avengers. (the former surprises me, that it's still going this strong more than a year later)(the latter amuses me, since most of it is Tony/Steve, and those dudes haven't even appeared in a movie together yet! People are just writing it in anticipation, now that we've had movies about both guys individually. Like, people had all these feelings about the ship from the comics, and now that the movies are far enough along, those feelings can finally be expressed or something)

What this means is, if you are on Pinboard and you haven't yet done this, you should go to your settings page and click that you are a member of fandom, and then your bookmarks will be included in the collation of the popular/fandom page, and possibly also future fandom-specific features will work in your favour. So you should do that!

And even if you're not on Pinboard you should totally check out the popular/fandom page, because it is great.
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Thing One: Pinboard is growing ever stronger in my affections. I discovered a problem the other evening while trying to edit some of my tags, emailed Maciej about it, he emailed back for some clarification, and within about half an hour of me sending the clarification? The problem was fixed. I APPROVE. <333

Thing Two: Although I am very happy with Pinboard, it is obviously not for everybody, not least because it requires payment and not everyone has that money to spare. Which is why the existence of a fan-driven bookmarking site would be a boon to fandom! So I'm signalboosting a call for requirements for such a site.

Thing Three: This is...kind of a random and shallow furtheration of the Pinboard discussion, but looking across the line of tabs I have at the top of my browser, it hit me that old/new fandom resource sites have a definite colour divide -- livejournal blue, dreamwidth red; delicious blue, pinboard red; heck, even blue, ao3 red. I kind of really love this, for some reason. Although it is making me unreasonably curious about what's going to be replacing gdocs. :P (eta for clarity: my comment about gdocs is a joke based on colours; any replacement of the site is entirely theoretical and in my head)

Thing Four: So it turns out that sometimes the internet is a small, small place. Maciej, the owner of Pinboard, runs a blog, it turns out; a blog that I have visited multiple times in the past and always been impressed with, though not all of its posts are of interest to me. But I will always think of it as the blog that has that post about the history of the cure for scurvy, because that's the first post I ever read on the blog, and it impressed me so much. You should check out this blog too! Or if nothing else read that post on scurvy!
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Thing One: Okay, first day of proper work today, and I know I said I wasn't going to talk about my work here, but I just had to share one thing: one of my coworkers? Is an actual honest-to-god alien conspiracy theorist. I just -- what. What even. I had no idea how to respond, and just sat there with a blank look on my face while underneath I was unable to think of anything except Stargate....

Thing Two: My adventures with Pinboard continue apace. I quite like it! I mean, it's still an adjustment, figuring out how things work differently than Delicious, but it is an adjustment I am willing to make. And frankly even if Delicious fixes everything that's wrong with it, I don't think I'm going back -- it's proven that it can't be trusted, whereas Pinboard has been nothing but welcoming for the migrating fans.

Of course, updating all my author tags so that they begin with an @ instead of a period is taking quite some time. But whatever, at least I'm the right kind of obsessive to actually do the entirety of them.

Thing Three:I keep on thinking that my difficulty with faces isn't as bad as I always say it is. Like, I was catching up on my rss feed the other day, and as a result saw a whole lot of pictures of Tom Hiddleston (thanks to Tumblr), and I was like, dude, his face, totally recognizable, why do I keep saying I can't recognize his face? And then a face of a guy came up and I was like, who's that? And it was Tom Hiddleston, only with his hair not slicked back. And that was enough that all of a sudden he was not recognizable to me. Yeah.

Thing Four: This weekend Mara and I canned a full bushel of tomatoes, resulting in 21 quarts of tomatoes in our storeroom, plus a couple more quarts in the freezer because we didn't want to do another canner-full for just a few more jars. PRODUCTIVITY FTW. (this means that thus far this year we've done: damson plum jam, peaches, and tomatoes. We're behind on what we accomplished last year, but I'm still pretty pleased with our Mad Housewife Skillz!)

Thing Five: I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but I think wistfully sometimes that it would be nice if people would write spoilery summaries of their fics. But Daniel Defoe in his novel Moll Flanders? He goes one better and spoils the entire thing IN HIS TITLE.

"The Fortunes and Misfortunes Of the Famous Moll Flanders, &c. Who was Born in Newgate, and during a Life of continu'd Variety for Threescore Years, besides her Childhood, was Twelve Year a Whore, five times a Wife (whereof once to her own Brother) Twelve Year a Thief, Eight Year a Transported Felon in Virginia, at last grew Rich, liv'd Honest, and died a Penitent, Written from her own Memorandums."

A++, Daniel Defoe. I approve.

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