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The problem, as I think I was telling Mara last night, is that most of my major falls into fannishness prior to now have happened while I was a university student -- aka, when I had a fair amount of very flexible time where I could just about dedicate my life to my new fandom. Especially if it was in the summer break and I didn't have a job (or didn't have a job yet).

But this Teen Wolf thing sprang on me only about a week after starting my new permanent full-time job. I have only a few hours each day of my own time, and there's more things in my life that need/want that time than just fandom, and so there's really not that much time I can dedicate to Teen Wolf! It makes for a very different fannish experience, because I'm not, like, SUBMERGING myself in the fandom like I usually do, where I am living and breathing the fandom for days or weeks straight while I find my footing in it. It's...sad, almost, because the intensity of the new-fandom experience is ratcheted SO much higher when I can dedicate most of my time to it. And I quite like that new fandom feeling! Wallowing in feels is FUN! *sigh* Well, such is life. And I will not lie: I like the prospect of actually having disposable income, which is what having a job means.

So last night I watched ep three and remembered to tag for teen wolf spoilers on tumblr, not just for teen wolf. (figuring out the spoiler etiquette of tumblr is HARD.) And I want rather desperately to watch in a terrible unhealthy binge of tv but I DON'T HAVE THE TIME. Especially if I want to read fic as WELL as watch the show -- which I DO.

( Apparently I've been....ugh, figuring out the split between what goes on tumblr and what goes here is HARD. It used to be that tumblr was just for reblogging things, but there's people I like whose main location these days is TUMBLR and so it keeps on drawing me into a more in-depth fannish behaviour there, but I LIKE HAVING DW BE MY FANNISH HOME. It is hard. What should I do?)
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...okay, that's weird and kind of distressing. At least one recent post by someone I follow on LJ isn't actually showing up on my flist? Or rather, it was when I checked it on my iPod when I first woke up, but now that I'm on my computer my flist is pretending it doesn't exist even though when I go to that person's journal it DOES?

NOT COOL, LJ. NOT COOL. Now I am worried that there are other posts I am missing that I do not know I am missing!

Anyways, I have about a million posts I want to make right now (movies! books! bandom! etc!) and no idea which one I should start with.

I could start with more complaints about websites being stupid?

So the other day I wandered over to Delicious for my periodic vanity-search of my name for the first time in a while, and apparently Delicious is borked in new and exciting ways! Like, for starters, you can't search unless you're logged in. And then if you DO log in and try to search something, it...only searches YOUR links? I think? That's what it was implying, anyways, and what it means is that I have NO WAY of searching for other people's bookmarks of my stuff, which is kind of TRAGIC because I love seeing the things people say about my fanworks on their personal bookmarks! It's like I've unlocked a secret hidden treasure of comments!

Also, when I went back on Tumblr the other day, Tumblr was anxious to inform me that Missing E (an unauthorised extension for Tumblr that fixes the MYRIAD STUPIDITIES of the website) can be ~problematic~ and I shouldn't use it if I want the best Tumblr experience, and I just LAUGHED AND LAUGHED. Because SRSLY, without Missing E my Tumblr experience is full of nothing but frustration and anger. (I mean, I still find it kind of sad that it seems like more and more people are using Tumblr as their regular blog instead of lj/dw, because I like the formats for interaction over here so very much better. But Missing E means at least that I don't feel like assassinating Tumblr on a regular basis)
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Things I need to do:

1. stop reading my flist and rlist on my iPod immediately upon waking up in the morning, because it means I don't read them on my computer and thus the important posts don't hang around in tabs reminding me to comment on them

2. switch to following as many people as possible on DW instead of LJ because LJ does keep having these problems

3. lose some tabs. Like, a lot

4. cut down on the number of people I follow in my flist and rlist

Reasons why doing these things is hard for me:

1. my bed is so warm and comfortable and my iPod is right there.

2. that sounds like a lot of work

3. that sounds like a lot of work

4. but but but who would I cut?

In conclusion, I kind of fail at internetting.

In other news, apparently my tumblr experiment is a success, because I keep on using my tumblr account. IDEK. It's somehow addictive or something!
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...Yeah, okay, I admit it. I gave in, and I have a tumblr now. You can check me out there as (guess what) sophia-sol, but I don't guarantee I'll be interesting*, and I don't guarantee I'll manage to sustain my presence there for long. But. It's there? If you want?

*though it's not like there's any guarantee I'm interesting HERE either!
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Thing One: So, uh, [community profile] kink_bingo! I signed up for a card, because I'm ambitious like that. Even though last year I managed to complete all of two fills in the amnesty period and that's it. And I even hope to maaaaybe manage a bingo this year? Except that the square I'm super excited to write isn't one that's on a line I'm interested in doing a bingo on. OH WELL. I'm totes going to write the Budoor/Hayyat/Kamar crossdressing fic anyways, JUST YOU WAIT. It can be my wildcard. Because the universe NEEDS this to exist. But then, as I've always said, the universe needs ALL the Budoor/Hayyat/Kamar fic to exist. I wonder....could I get an entire bingo out of them? :D Too ambitious, I think, especially since doing kink_bingo at all is already pushing me outside my box. But a TELEPATHIC BONDING AU for the hypnosis/mind control square would be lots of fun! (confession: a telepathic boding au would be lots of fun for EVERY FANDOM EVER.)

Okay, so the least intimidating line for me to bingo on is the following:

hypnosis/mind control -- sensory deprivation -- WILDCARD -- whipping/flogging -- sleepy/unconscious

D'you have any suggestions or ideas for things, or even just fandoms you think would go AWESOME with any of these kinks? Preferably done in a way where the kink is not a particularly sexual kink? I'm definitely doing the wildcard as the Budoor/Hayyat/Kamar crossdressing fic, but other than that, I'm JUST NOT SURE where to go!

Thing Two: Oh my god, Tumblr, I hate you. Why you gotta have so much cool stuff? I am going to end up with way too many Tumblrs in my rss feed, and then I will just froth in incoherent rage at them because I just don't liiiiike Tumblr.

I dun wanna get a tumblr! But it is looking like it might become inevitable! *headdesk* I feel like I am an old man shaking my cane at the kids on my lawn, like, "how dare they have this confusing newfangled technology? In my day the world was a better place and everything made sense, and you are making things go to hell in a handbasket."

Thing Three: Because apparently it is a thing going around: The fanfiction love meme! Go give love to people whose writing you like! (And if you want to you can comment on my thread here.)


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