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Today was Eurovision time! Such a great event, I’m so glad it’s a thing that exists. I didn’t liveblog Eurovision this year but I did make notes to myself on my phone as I watched!

TO NOBODY’S SURPRISE the meta self-referencing interlude act “Love Love Peace Peace” was my favourite Eurovision song this year.

My runners-up: Armenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Australia, Cyprus. Clearly the way to win my heart is to be a female singer with a neat aesthetic and a strong voice. (cyprus being the obvious exception)

This year I watched alone instead of with last year’s politically-savvy friend, which means the voting part wasn’t nearly as interesting to me since I didn’t get explanations about various countries’ relationships with each other. The Ukraine win definitely came as a surprise to me, and I’m guessing that’s more about the politics than the performance, though the singer did do a good job. I was also surprised by how close Australia came to winning!
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Yesterday evening I watched Eurovision with a couple friends! We watched the stream a few hours later than live, because that's the time that worked best for us, so it wasn't IN THE MOMENT but it was still extremely fun. As you can see above, I tweeted my thoughts as we watched.

I've never actually watched all of a Eurovision program before, only seen individual songs that people have linked as being particularly good/fun/hilarious/amazing/enjoyable/whatever. So seeing the entirety of what Eurovision had to offer was actually in some ways surprising to me: I'd only ever seen the cream of Eurovision and wasn't expecting so many boring slow love songs with no fire or sparkles or weird costuming choices or anything. But there were still enough acts that really brought what I understand to be the spirit of Eurovision, and overall I enjoyed myself hugely. And I loved the little intro segments they did before each country's performance, that briefly introduces you to the country and then the performers go to Austria to participate in some sort of Austrian activity; they could also be pretty gloriously weird, though some of them were also just boring.

The hosts were, you know, hosts: awkward jokes, overly-large smiles, but they were competent at what they were doing.

And then the reveals of the votes! THAT TOOK FOREVER. And given how LONG that takes, did they really need to take so much time in between the end of the show and the beginning of the vote tabulation? I got pretty bored and ended up staying up definitely past my bedtime, and I didn't even make it to the end of the full Eurovision experience; I skipped out as soon as the last country had provided their votes.

This part was particularly fun to watch with my friend B. For many countries, he made guesses based on history and politics as to who each country would give top points to, and almost every time he wagered a guess he was right. Magic. The only one that he got really wrong was saying Ireland would give UK 12, and they in fact gave UK like 1 or something. He was flabbergasted.

I was interested to see how many votes Russia got; for a while there they even looked like they were going to win. Between their extremely mediocre act and the current political situation with their expansionist tendencies, I really didn't think they'd do well at all. The lead Russian singer though was super adorable in how emotionally overwhelmed she was by everything.

The actual winners, Sweden - well, I did actually enjoy their act, unlike Russia's, but I also thought it wasn't nearly the stand-out that most of Europe apparently did.

I felt kind of bad for Austria that they got zero votes after having won last year, but then I wouldn't have given them any points either, so. Their one redeeming quality was setting the piano on fire.

My top five acts:

1. Serbia (that glorious majestic singer with amazingly sparkly hair singing about being beautiful when being different) (unfortunately this youtube version doesn't actually capture the true sparkliness of her hair)

2. Belgium (idek, it's just great)

3. Latvia (ooooh a song that doesn't just sound like your standard pop!)

4. Georgia (look at that outfit!)

5. UK (it is fun and charming and involves glow in the dark outfits! though it felt like the man was doing more telling the woman how to behave than the other way around, which I was less fond of)
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So ages and ages ago I went to a performance of Benjamin Britten's War Requiem, typed up my thoughts, and then forgot to post them. HERE THEY ARE.

Attending the War Requiem was mostly on a whim, and I didn't really expect to enjoy it much; I mostly just wanted the experience. But OH DUDE I WAS SO EMOTIONALLY COMPROMISED BY THAT PERFORMANCE. Like, I actually spent most of the performance having feels? I was not expecting that.

It was really good you guys! The music was glorious and the words were a gutpunch and THE PROGRAMME HAD ALL THE LYRICS SO I COULD ACTUALLY FOLLOW ALONG.

My biggest problem with the whole thing was that I'm not actually a fan of the classically-trained-soloist vocal sound. You know, all plummy-sounding and dripping with vibrato. NOT INTO IT. At all. So for me the baritone was barely tolerable and the soprano was not even a little tolerable, alas. But! The tenor didn't sound like that and I actually really enjoyed his voice! So that was great.

And the choir and the children's choir and the orchestra were all just as fantastic as the tenor soloist.

Semirelatedly, going to this performance made me wonder about the existence of modern war poets. A cursory google thus far is not turning up a great deal; mostly only Brian Turner's collection 'Here, Bullet' and a bunch of other people also wondering where the modern war poets are. Of course, back in World War II already people were also asking where the modern war poets were.....!
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I think I have reached a point of having listened to the soundtracks to Romeo es Julia and Elisabeth enough times that I think I need to branch out into listening to other things again just for my own sanity. But what else do I listen to? What else even is there in life?????

(this is the problem with my way of consuming music: I listen to something enough times that I like it, then listen to it enough times that I become obsessed with it, then listen to it enough times that I can't stand it anymore. Not ideal. I don't want to reach the final stage with these musicals!)
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Last night I was at a fun. concert in Toronto. It was really good! I've seen fun. in concert once before, and this was a really different experience because HOLY CRAP THAT WAS A LOT OF PEOPLE. The venue was Downsview Park, and I've been trying to figure out via the magic of the internets how many people were there and I am failing. BUT IT WAS A LOTTTTTTT.

Anyways. Last time I was complaining because doors opened at 7 and fun. didn't come on until 9:30. This time doors opened at 4 and fun. didn't come on until 9:30. I WAS LUCKY LAST TIME.

cut for length )
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Reading the lyrics of The Marseillaise today, I was kinda struck by it -- because yeah it makes a lot of sense as a song of the revolutionary period, but as the national anthem of modern-day France? It just seems kind of....incongruous. Really? You're still going to sing about watering furrows with impure blood? Really?

But then, hell, I've always felt a bit uncomfortable even with my own country's national anthem, and that's about as unbloody as national anthems get --



I definitely didn't just spend way too much of my afternoon reading through the wikipedia list of national anthems until getting bored somewhere in the H's because they all start sounding kind of the same, what are you talking about, but if I had, dude, there's a lot of REALLY GOOD ONES out there that don't mention any kind of violence at all, not even obliquely! I think my fave is Cape Verde's, because it is a) successfully poetic, b) nonviolent, c) super into freedom, d) hopeful in tone, and e) not just all "my country is the BEST country".

But idk, I'm bad at patriotism, so reading most of these national anthems just made me either go "lol so cute" or roll my eyes. I have trouble thinking of myself singing ANY of them with any kind of genuine sentiment, really. And Canada's is actually rather mediocre when it comes to all the awesome that other countries have for their national anthem. I mean, Australia's, for example, is all "Australia's a super great place to live and everyone knows it, and we welcome anyone who wants to come hang with us!" It's a "lol so cute" anthem but in a really endearing way, and I could get behind having something more like that, instead of the sexist language, and the unnecessary reference to God, and the military-language-in-disguise of "we stand on guard for thee" that Canada has.

BUT ANYWAYS THAT WAS NOT THE ORIGINAL POINT OF THE POST. The original point was that one of these days I'm going to have to try to figure out how to reconcile my pacifist upbringing/inclinations and my deep love for Les Miserables despite its glorification of Just War.

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I keep on wanting to post here more regularly, but I just... I HAVE NO EXCITING THOUGHTS THESE DAYS. And no energy to turn what thoughts I DO have into posts.

Let's see if I can at least do a Three Things post. I used to do posts like that a lot!

Thing One: I've been really enjoying listening to the first two songs of MCR's Conventional Weapons. HOWEVER. I purchased the songs through iTunes -- something I don't do often, because I like having physical copies of the music I buy -- and MY GOD THEY MADE ME JUMP THROUGH A MILLIONTY HOOPS. It was RIDICULOUS. I'm pretty sure half of it was because I'm Canadian and that offended iTunes' delicate sensibilities, but even so. SERIOUSLY, wtf. It would not actually be hard for them to make the legal purchasing of music as convenient as downloading music illegally, but apparently they can't. For crying out loud, THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.

Thing Two: I have been spending ridiculous quantities of time/effort/thought trying to figure out [redacted] about my yuletide source. IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE IN THE CANON AND I NEED IT TO MAKE SENSE IN MY HEAD TO BE ABLE TO WRITE FIC THAT APPROPRIATELY TAKES THIS STUFF INTO ACCOUNT. But hey, I have a whole 228 words written, and I actually rather like those words! (but ugh DO NOT SPEAK TO ME about how many words I fear the fic WANTS to be....) Here is my problem: I hate making things up wholesale in case the details turn out to not be plausible, which means I need to do entirely too much research into things I have ever even considered trying to learn about before. And the internet is not always forthcoming about the things I am trying to figure out, because APPARENTLY, for instance, people don't care about [redacted] when there are no [redacted] involved.

Thing Three: A weird thought I had: phonesex is like two people commentficcing back and forth to each other, only the fandom is rpf of themselves???
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Gosh, and I realized after I went to bed yesterday that I had MISSED OUT on two other things that are making me ridiculously happy right now. Too many happy things to remember!

4. RL FRIENDS AND COMMUNITY. When I graduated from university and left behind the wonderful community of people I was a part of there, I was kind of afraid I'd have nobody but Mara and Essie upon moving to the city where I now live. But there's a group of people in my community who get together for a weekly potluck, which is one of the highlights of my week. And I've been attending my new (queer-friendly!) church for long enough that I'm developing friendships with people there. And Essie's circle of friends, who I've been peripherally a part of over university, are more and more becoming my friends as well. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. And I love that I have them! And I love that I am getting a little bit better at believing that my friends actually like me!

(4.5. Internet friends and community! ILU TOOOOO! And I've gotten back into the swing of actually posting and commenting and replying to comments, more or less, and it feels so nice to be actually connected again. <3)

5. CHOIR. I have found a really excellent local choir to join! And have auditioned and been accepted! And rehearsals start in two and a half weeks! Omg that's sooooon. You have no idea how fucking much I've missed singing in a choir. When I was a kid I'd come home from choir practices grinning so hard, and relentlessly cheerful, and constantly bursting into song - but it took me years to realize the cause-effect thing going on. It has now been five years since I've been in a choir and I'm just so joyfully grateful that I am going to be in one again.
(singing songs that are interesting and complicated and beautiful, songs that are an actual challenge to sing, so that when it comes properly together it is an achievement to be proud of! And to know that you are part of something so beautiful and glorious! I have spilled music feels all over the place here before -- I think I was doing it all the time when I was in bandom -- but I can't help doing it again. Music! It gives me feels like I'm stanning the shiniest of otps!
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WELP [personal profile] sentientcitizen and I went to a fun. concert last night AND IT WAS SO GOOD OMG. Okay. Let's see if I can get down my thoughts in any sort of coherent way!

Cut for length, because you know me and my tendency towards verbosity )

In conclusion, A+ concert, would see again.

(and, as Essie says, Nate has an excellent face. I appreciate his face a lot.)
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SO HEY, thanks, y'all, for your kind and lovely comments on my last post. ♥ YOU ARE THE BEST.

Thing One: Whoa, what? WHATWHATWHAT. Only six months later, and I finally finished editing all my author tags on pinboard so that they're not all accidentally private tags, as they were after I imported my bookmarks in! (pinboard has a feature where if any tag begins with a period, it is a private tag. A useful feature! Except that on delicious, my symbol for an author-tag was a period.) Soooo I had MANY HUNDREDS of tags that needed editing, one by one, and I am actually done! ngl, for a while there I was sure I'd never actually successfully do it. I'm so bad at finishing what I start.

Thing Two: I had Needing/Getting stuck in my head all day yesterday, but it KEPT ON morphing into Me & You and I DO NOT KNOW WHY.

Thing Three: The problem with reading interesting articles in print magazines is that I can't just bookmark them, or share them on tumblr, or whatever. ALL THEY CAN DO IS SIT THERE ON THE PAGE AND THEN GET FORGOTTEN. GODDAMNIT.

Thing Four:, it's weird. Apparently fun. is a popular band now or something? I'm well under a year into this musical-taste-expanding adventure and ALREADY there's a band about which I could say (if I were that kind of person) that "I liked them before they were cool"? This is a little freaky-feeling to me! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

And, I mean, frankly I wouldn't even know if I hadn't just recently read an article linked from their official twitter. I don't listen to radios or pay attention to lists of popular music or whatever -- so I was happily in my own little bubble of listening to their new album and comparing it with their old one and deciding what I thought about it and assuming it'd had approximately a similar level of response (ie, fandom was kinda into them because they're peripherally connected to bandom, but most people had never heard of them and never would). And then all of a sudden they're a big deal! If you google the word "fun", THEY ARE THE FIRST THING TO TURN UP. Which is just like WOW.

Thing Five: Always super weird to be reading a fic and not realize until halfway in that you've totally read it before.... AND THEN realizing once you've finished and you've looked at the posting date that there's no possible way you've read it before. I think sometimes my memory likes to screw with me just for the lulz.
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I JUST HAD A SUDDEN EPIPHANY. You know what I wish? I wish iTunes would allow you to tag things with MULTIPLE GENRES. Like how on pinboard I can be like, this fic is about POLITICIANS and also ANIMALS and also ACCIDENTAL MARRIAGE. This song is indie and also rock! This song is rock and also folk and also punk! ET CETERA.






Mar. 16th, 2012 09:52 pm
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Music genre is complicated, and it makes me stare at my iTunes in despair. Once upon a time it was really easy! I just had a few categories: folk, folk-rock, world, christmas, children's, instrumental, and religious. That was all I needed! That covered all my bases! And it was really obvious what belonged in which genre category! Now? Every time I have a new song in my iTunes I trepidatiously wander over to Wikipedia to see what it says the artist's genre is and look despairingly at the number of different labels applied to them.

So I've added genres like "rock" and "pop" and "rap/hip-hop" and "electronica" and "jazz" and "country" and "indie" and "IDEK" and then pretty much flail helplessly when trying to figure out what genre to put things in.

I think I need to start splitting "rock" into multiple categories -- I mean, I've already got prog-rock separate. But "rock" like Elvis Presley and "rock" like My Chemical Romance are, uh, RATHER DIFFERENT, but HOW TO ARTICULATE the difference, and how to judge where everything falls, since it's not particularly cut-and-dried? And I need to start making attempts to figure out the stuff in "IDEK" (SCARY THOUGHT). But I would have no idea how to even begin with either of these hypothetical projects.


The problem, I think, is that genre is one of those "you know it when you see it" things, and I still do not have enough familiarity with music-that-isn't-folk to be able to know it when I see it. It's taken me many years of immersion in the world of SFF (reading the books and watching the tv/movies, reading people's thoughts, talking to people, etc) to be able to talk semi-articulately about what genre I think a given work is, especially a work in the boundary zones between genres. A few measly months of this music thing is certainly not enough time!

(this post brought to you by the fact that I just downloaded a new fanmix and am trying desperately to integrate it into my iTunes in a way that is useful to me.)
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Thing One: Huh. I'm not usually a big fan of the correspondents on the Daily Show (SO MUCH EMBARRASSMENT SQUICK; I CANNOT DEAL), but I've seen the newest correspondent (Jessica Williams) twice now and she's really good. I actually enjoy her segments! So. GO JESSICA WILLIAMS. I hope she sticks around for a while!

Thing Two: Internet, stop introducing me to awesome new music! I can't keep up with you! Okay no I lie please do continue! You just make things hard. :(

Thing Three: It is always kind of tragic to come across a link to an older picspam, only to discover that all the pictures have died and you can't look at a SINGLE ONE and all that is left is the tantalizing comments between all the broken pictures.

Thing Four: PETE WENTZ STOP BEING ENDEARINGLY WEIRD ON TWITTER. Yeah, okay, I give up. Pete Wentz's twitter is addictive and I want to read it always.

I've been wandering over to take a look at it every couple days for the last while, and most times I look there's at least one amazing and bizarre tweet that makes me grin ridiculously.

But damnit, I CAN'T RSS IT BECAUSE TWITTER IS STUPID. I will start forgetting to check out his twitter if I keep doing this the way I am! I need to be able to aggregate everything I follow. TWITTER WHY DO YOU THWART ME.

Thing Five: Oh wow, okay. So I finally got around to googling the word "camisado" (HOW many months after wondering why that Panic song is called that?) to find out what the word means, and it's a really good title. (unlike most of the titles on that album, which just make me wtf-face at them.)
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Showers are wonderful places for thinking. Sometimes, though, my thoughts are less useful than they could be. The progression of my thoughts this morning while my brain was drifting in the shower:

- Gosh, that picture of Harry Potter in a Black Parade style uniform sure was awesome, wasn't it?
- I should write fic about that.
- *brief interlude where I sing the first half of Welcome to the Black Parade and then give up because it sounds wrong in my voice and without the instrumentation*
- Teenagers doesn't exactly fit into the theme of that album. I wonder why they included it?
- Oh well, I'm glad they did, because it's not like it fits any of the other albums either
- I can't think of any good ideas of how to approach a Black Parade Harry Potter fic; Harry doesn't fit that narrative
- Harry has a sucky childhood and then it gets better. The Patient has a good childhood (or at least one good memory) and then he dies.
- And if all I do is borrow the idea of death coming for you in the form of a happy childhood memory, uh, THAT HAPPENED IN CANON, HELLO KING'S CROSS.
- Besides I'm not familiar/comfortable enough with the inside of Harry's head to write him.
- I wonder if Hermione would work?
- Snape has happy childhood memories of Lily, and then everything sucks and then he dies.
- I could probably do something with that.
- ...why...what -- why is my brain insisting that I have already read a Black Parade fic about Snape? I can't even remember a single detail, and yet my brain is sure of this! [poking at my pinboard has not unearthed any such fic. If you know of one, please share?]
- Oh but dude, Teenagers! Severus Snape! THEY ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER.
- ...not in the badfic way where Snape listens to MCR, though, because he totally wouldn't
- *brief interlude where I sing most of Teenagers, and then wonder if there's a part I'm forgetting* [there is: the whole first part.]
- I should write a fic about angry and bitter and lonely teenage Severus Snape when he decides to go off and join the Death Eaters!
- Because that hasn't been done a million times already! /sarcasm
- *brief postlude where I sing bits and pieces of Mama and can't remember how they connect up*
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Okay, um, I will get back to all you people in my last post who inexplicably want questions from me, but I have no brain for that right now so instead you get this post. And then I should, like, go to bed or something, so I can find my brain again....

I was at a concert last night! Aengus Finnan, folk musician who's been doing other things for the last, like, eight or ten years and is dipping his toes back into that whole performing thing again. I've been listening to his CDs for only, oh, the last SEVEN YEARS or so, so it was kind of magical to actually get to see him PERFORM. LIVE. Instead of just listening to his two albums on repeat and wishing there was more.

The concert was really good! Finnan is an excellent performer, with excellent stage presence, and a real knack for how to tell stories well. The stories he'd tell between songs would make me just about die laughing, and then he'd start singing and I'd be surreptitiously wiping tears away.

(He's even more dedicated to the art of sad songs than the folk scene in general, and that's saying something. He sang exactly one happy song all evening, and it was one he'd written for his best friend's wedding last year. He tried to write a happy song once, back when he was making his living as a musician, and ended up with a song about a war-bride whose husband died in the war. That's just how he rolls)

His voice is excellent, and his songs are amazing. I found out at the concert that one of my favourites of his songs -- Fly Away -- was the first song he ever wrote. My god, that man's talent, that he could hit it out of the park like that on his first attempt! I'm only a leetle jealous.

He did a good mix of music -- some traditional stuff, some covers, some songs he's written recently, some old songs off his albums, and some old songs that he never recorded. I enjoyed all of them.

Of the songs I was not already familiar with (Apple Blossom Time! Swing Boys Swing! Fly Away! My Heart Has Wings! O'Shaughnessy's Lament! Rolling Home!), my favourite two were one of his covers and one of his old songs. The cover was of a Gordon Lightfoot song, Miguel. I can't quite follow the story -- I think it's a reference to something that I do not know -- but it is a beautiful song. (If you want to hear Aengus Finnan sing it, it's on youtube here -- skip to about 1:50 to avoid listening to the other dude's preamble)

The old song was one he'd written about the last three-masted schooner to sail the Great Lakes, and how for some fair or exhibition or something in Toronto, instead of fireworks, they burned her. It was a lovely song, and had a lovely sad-but-not-quite tone, and it makes me sad that he doesn't have it on any CD so I will probably never get to hear it again. And I can't find it on youtube. (well, there's really not much Aengus Finnan on youtube, so it's not like that surprises me...)

I was of course my super-awkward self after the concert when leaving and passing by Aengus Finnan in the foyer -- I was like "HI I'VE BEEN LISTENING TO YOUR ALBUMS FOR LIKE TEN YEARS AND IT WAS SO GREAT TO FINALLY GET THE CHANCE TO SEE YOU OKAY BYE." Awkward. But whatever! It WAS so great to finally get the chance to see him! His music is great and his voice is great and he is great and everything was great! Basically it was an awesome concert in all the ways. The end!
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Um so apparently Taylor Swift is unexpectedly awesome? Like, I love this song, and ALSO the music video is every kind of excellent! OKAY THEN.
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Thing One: It is clear to me that y'all have opinions about music, so if you want to you should head over to [personal profile] synecdochic's post about the best 100 albums of the last 30 years so you can nominate your 15 top choices!

Thing Two: You know, sometimes I get all...idk, overly worked-up over the complexities of navigating conversations and social interactions and relationships online, and stay away from comments in fear of, like, getting something wrong. But then when I successfully force myself to get over myself and just damn talk to people, it's always a really fun and rewarding experience. I need to REMEMBER THIS.

Thing Three: ...Huh. Apparently somewhere along the way I accidentally got fond of I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love? I kept on trying to like it and kept on failing, and eventually gave up on it. But on a whim I included it in my shuffle on iTunes today, and when the songs pop up I'm finding myself kind of enjoying them, for the most part! I guess they just needed extra time to percolate in my head before I could like them or something?
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I've been thinking a bunch lately about the evolution of bands. Like -- if I hear a song by MCR, any song, I can tell you which album it comes off of. Because their sound evolves and changes over the years, right, and that's reflected in the clear differences between each album.

Ditto with Panic: their albums are all very different from each other, even more so than MCR's, imo. It is really clear what era each song comes from.

But with FOB, you play me a song of theirs and I'm like, "yup, that's an FOB song." And that's the farthest I can go. I have listened to their albums a hell of a lot, as individual albums even, but I could not for the life of me identify any differences, at least between their last three. It is like FOB has a specific style or sound, and they cannot deviate from it.

It makes me wonder if maybe that's the reason why FOB went on hiatus whereas MCR and Panic are still going strong.

Because people grow and change over the years, and their likes and interests change; plus it's easy to get bored just doing the same kind of thing all the time!

MCR went with the changes every time, and came out the stronger for it. Panic -- well, Panic had a band-split over musical differences. But that just shows that it's important, right, because they couldn't just keep doing the same thing, and they knew it, and different members of the band wanted to go in different directions. So they did, and Panic is the stronger for it too. (don't get me wrong, I'm still totally heartbroken about the split. But I think musically it was the right choice for them.)

FOB? Well. Just look at the different things the constituent members are doing these days. Patrick's solo career vs The Black Cards vs The Damned Things: they are all three drastically different from each other. It is clear that the four of them had hankerings towards changes in their sound that they felt engage in when they were FOB. And, well, I understand that. If all the band members are happy changing in the same direction (like MCR) then it works well. And if they aren't? Band splits and hiatuses.

My dad says that U2 talks about band being like marriage: long-term commitment that you have to work at to stay together and to make it work. But sometimes people grow apart and grow in different directions and it is the healthiest thing for all involved to make a go of it apart. And it is sad but it is also life.

Although I do wonder now what sounds FOB might have had if they had tried changing things up to keep all of them more interested. But I don't think they think of FOB like that; the impression I get is that they do think of it as a band that does a specific thing.

IDK. Am I going somewhere with this?
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Thing One: Dude, fuck, the end of December was my SIX MONTH BANDOM ANNIVERSARY. How is this even real? How did this even happen? Bandom still feels as new and fresh and exciting to me as it was when I was just beginning to fall down this rabbit hole, and yet it's been SIX MONTHS. That's the longest I've been in any fandom since SGA, I think.

I'm a little bit afraid to think, actually, what will happen when I finally do get over bandom. Because it feels so -- so permanent, you know? But I mean, all my major fandoms have felt permanent whilst in the throes of passion and none of them have been. (well, I still love all of them and still read fic for all of them occasionally but I am over that particular kind of deep well of fannish obsession)

And it's interesting, because I do keep being interrupted in my bandoming by brief obsessions with other things (eg Suits and Avengers) but somehow these have utterly failed to derail me. So f'rinstance I might have obsessively read nothing but Suits for two or three days at one point, but then I went back to the welcoming arms of bandom and just look up Suits when it, hah, suits me.

Bandom feels kind of like my One True Fandom at this point, and I KNOW that's wrongheaded of me to think, given my track record. But. STILL.

Thing Two: During the week and a half I spent at my parents' place being their helper-monkey I realized: I think I am learning the wrong life lesson from bandom about showering. During that time I showered once after six days and then once more after five days. It just... I wasn't leaving the house at all! I was literally doing nothing but getting up in the morning and putting on my painting clothes and PAINTING (or other house-fixing things) and doing a bit of collapsing onto a couch! What was the point in showering when I was just going to get more paint and sawdust all over me anyways, and it's not like anyone was SEEING me, and I didn't smell THAT bad, and....yeah.

I never even would have THOUGHT about going that long without a shower before, but seeing all the loving mocking of Gerard Way et al's shower habits in fic meant that it suddenly became an option, in a way it had never been before. A mocking-worthy option, yes, and kind of disgusting, but still an OPTION. And I exercised that option. *is ashamed*

(A Gerard-Way-Doesn't-Shower-Enough fic rec for you because I can't not, after that. It is totally delightful and priceless in every way: Pavlov's Dog, by iamtheenemy)

Thing Three: It's really weird, but every now and then when I am listening to Fall Out Boy and I'm not thinking, I notice that my brain is operating under the assumption that the voice that is singing is Pete's, because it's so clearly Pete's words. Even though I know perfectly well it's Patrick singing! And Patrick has a relatively distinctive voice and I can RECOGNIZE it as Patrick's! AND YET.

Thing Four: mean Black Cards don't actually have an album out yet? What? But I've been hearing about them for AGES and AGES, and there are tons of songs by them on youtube! And reading up on them, apparently they have enough songs for an album but are just...delaying? Trying to decide stuff?

And now the lead singer Bebe Rexha (whose voice is awesome and fits Black Cards' music really well) is no longer part of Black Cards. What does that mean for their future, and for the future of a possible album?

At any rate, these thoughts are brought to you by the fact that I've had Club Called Heaven stuck in my head for a couple days. I really like it! And their other songs too! I mean, very different from FOB, yes, but isn't that kind of the point? It's depressing seeing all the comments on youtube of people complaining that it isn't FOB and that Pete should go back to FOB and all that stuff. PEOPLE. He is doing what he wants to do and making fantastic music while doing it! Do not complain!

IDK, it's just weird for me to be looking at the Happenings Of Bandom Peeps in real time, because of course I've just been inhaling ancient history with all the fics I've read, so I always know how the Dramatic Real Life Events end. I don't know how this one ends! Does Black Cards survive as a band? Who do they get as a new lead singer? Does Andy and Joe's band, The Damned Things, do well? (if we're going strictly based on youtube comments, The Damned Things is doing damn fine.) What does Patrick do next with his solo career, and does he ever get rid of that unfortunate bleached hair? Does FOB ever come back from hiatus, and if so, when and for how long? I need to know these things!

Thing Five: Because five things make a post, as they say, I will end with something I already magnanimously shared with Tumblr, namely the glory of the original Guilty Pleasure music video by Cobra Starship. It is full of ADORABLE and GLEE and PEOPLE BEING HAPPY AND RIDICULOUS. I can't but grin when I watch it.

sophia_sol: drawing of Combeferre, smiling and holding up a finger like he's about to explain something (Default)
Thing One: Why is "Ray" such a popular name among things that people get fannish over? It's not a particularly common name in real life -- at least, I've never personally met anyone named Ray -- and yet I count at least four fandoms with Rays, for a total of five Rays. Probably there are more, too, that I just haven't run across yet....

(Due South: Ray Vecchio and Ray Kowalski
Bandom: Ray Toro
Generation Kill: Ray Person
Pros: Ray Doyle
Other fandoms: ????)

Thing Two: I now have a new winner in kudos out of fics I have written. The Swoodilypooper fic finally beat out the Inception fic. DUDE. The Inception fic? Is of a reasonable length, fits relatively well with fandom's usual interests, and is, I believe, one of my better-written fics. The Swoodilypoopers fic? I dashed it off in, like, half an hour. But now it has more kudos, and a FAR better hits-to-kudos ratio. A testament to the powers of nerdfighteria? A testament to the degree that John Green himself is invested in the marriage of Bald John Green and Other John Green? Both? :D

Thing Three: You know what is always weird? When there is a song you sang in choir ages ago and you've never heard it outside of choir so the only part you're really familiar with is your part. So when you hear the melody on its own years later you think to yourself, "The tune is ALL WRONG." Because CLEARLY the tenor part is the tune, amirite? *headdesk*

(Yes, I am a lady and I sing tenor, SO THERE.)

(well actually sometimes I'm alto and sometimes I'm tenor, because tenor goes just a little too low for me to sing comfortably, and alto goes just a little too high. My voice does not map onto the traditional parts-divisions. It is kind of annoying. I just wanna sing in choirs!)

(all else aside though, I am glad I do not sing soprano, because hearing how harmonies fit in is just really cool and I get to do much more of that as a non-soprano because sopranos almost always get the melodies. Harmonizing is exciting!)

(now I'm trying to think of what song it was that PROMPTED me to think of this all, and I cannot remember it for the life of me. All I can remember is that the tune did something complicated across the first page-turn and we spent AGES hashing it out.)

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