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Introduction Post!

Hi there! I'm Sophia, and this is my journal. If you want to know more about me and about what you can find on my journal, this is the place!

Me in a few words: queer (asexual, aromantic, agender), Canadian, squeeful, verbose, full of feels, prone to over-thinking things.

Preferred pronouns: they/them

Places you can find me online:
- [personal profile] sophia_sol
- [ profile] sophia_sol
- [ profile] sophia_sol
- [ profile] sophia-sol
- [ profile] sophy_sol

More stuff about me:

1. I like talking to people, and I'm really very friendly, but I'm also easily distracted and forgetful and kind of socially awkward, so if I'm not responding to a comment of yours or a post of yours or something, assume I got mixed up in either my issues or my inbox, and it's not because I don't like you! If it's something important that I'm not responding to, give me a gentle nudge and I'll be all over it.

1a. And if I recently friended you/subscribed to you and said nothing at all, it is again because of the socially awkward. But, uh, hi! You are a cool person and I am interested in reading what you have to say and probably would enjoy talking to you but am too shy to initiate conversation!

1b. And if you recently friended me/subscribed to me, you don't have to be shy about talking to me; I like being talked to! And I bet I will like you! But if all you want to do is lurk, that is also a-okay with me, because I TOTALLY understand the desire! I may or may not friend/subscribe you back, but if I don't it's not because you aren't awesome, it's because am bad at keeping up with a large rlist/flist and I need to keep it at a reasonable size.

2. I like to not cause other people pain of any variety, so if you notice me saying something that's hurtful in some way or another, please know it is accidental on my part, and please do draw my attention to it so I can learn from my mistakes and not make them again in the future.

3. The recurring cast of characters in my journal is mostly limited to: [personal profile] sentientcitizen aka Essie, who is my partner; and Mara, my sister.

4. This journal is mostly a fannish journal. The fannish stuff is widely varied, as I am a fannish magpie (I collect ALL the shiny fandoms! And don't ever let them go! But usually I'm most obsessed over whatever my latest addition to my collection is). I cannot even begin to name how many fandoms I consider myself to be in, and really you never know what random book or tv show or esoteric fannish object I will be squeeing about next.

4a. I create fannish things in my fandoms! I write up my thoughts on all the books I read [DW]. I write fic [AO3]. I also do podfic [DW]. And I do recs. My Pinboard is where I religiously document all the fic (and other things) I've enjoyed, but I also do occasional recs on my journal, for fic [DW], vids [DW], and other random stuff [DW].

4b. If you for some reason find yourself interested in doing something with one of my fics -- remixing or podficcing or what-have-you -- I give blanket permission to do so, so long as you'd be kind enough to give me a link to whatever it is when you've finished.

5. I do talk about my rl occasionally too, but that's a distant second to talking about fandom.

6. I do not lock posts on my journal. This means I don't bother with giving access on Dreamwidth, and on Livejournal I only friend people whose journals I read. My friending policy is very relaxed: friend/defriend at will, and there will be no hard feelings. Every day is defriending amnesty day! If you friend me/subscribe to me, you do not have to introduce yourself if you don't want to, but I like knowing the people who hang around, so if you feel comfortable doing so, please do say hi! Here, or elsewhere, or whatever!

7. Yes, I am aware that my journal colour scheme is...obnoxious at best. I am sorry about the way it probably sears your eyes, really I am. I'm a terrible hypocrite and grumble to myself about unreadable colour choices on other people's journals, but I just -- I really like it, okay? Bright colours: they are something of a passion of mine. You can ?style=mine it up all you want while at my journal, or use the zap colors bookmarklet, and I will not blame you in the slightest. I justify my choices to myself by saying that at least I do not inflict my colour choices on people on my actual posts, just at the journal proper. So that's, y'know, something. FIXED.

8. Despite me being a fan of a LOT of things, you may notice that I don't do much talking about the canon of many of these things. This is because I...idk, I'm weirdly incapable of sitting myself down to actually watch/read things beyond the first few episodes/books no matter how much I actually genuinely want to watch/read them. It's a thing. So you will notice that I accordingly have much less investment in the actual canon of things than most people. But hey, fandom is sufficiently awesome that I (usually) don't feel the lack!

9. I am kind of broken when it comes to spoilers -- by which I mean I happily read all the spoilers ever and get kind of confused about why people get upset about being spoiled. But I understand that my perspective isn't the common one, and I know how much it sucks to other people to be spoiled, and so I make it a policy to spoiler-cut anything that could even remotely be seen as a spoiler, because better safe than sorry and I don't like to make other people unhappy. (Even if I do wish that everyone would write spoileriffic summaries of their fics instead of the teasing things that don't give one a real sense of what the fic is actually about!)
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*fangirls your sticky post* Now I want one!
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I've actually made a fic masterpost, I just haven't gotten around to making it sticky yet...? It's a process, okay! I'll get there :oP