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A while ago kiki-eng made a post about ten sga fanworks they still think about sometimes. And I was like OOH WHAT A GREAT IDEA and started writing a draft list of sga fanworks I still think about sometimes and...the list got to be a LOT over ten.


So I will start by giving you the unadulterated list of nearly-thirty fanworks I still think about sometimes (still incomplete; there's plenty of other fics I also still think about sometimes! I just made myself stop), and then I'll narrow it down to ten that I'll actually talk about.

What Is Eternal
Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose
the one with the atlantis queer community John isn't part of but needs to be
the one where Ronon becomes Canadian
unidentified and its dvd commentary
the hard prayer
written by the victors
girl scout cookies
the one with the lesbians
soccer practice
postcards to jeannie
verity's pretend relationship fic
a beautiful lifetime event
marines to the rescue
the one with khama nuts
the one where john reinvents pizza
absurdity theory
black helicopters
if you want to kiss the sky
the one where john has a kite shop
healing station argh
the one where Rodney's using a time machine thing to constantly interfere with John's life to keep him from dying
the one where they meet in a museum as teens and Rodney writes John a ref letter pretending to be a prof
the sedoretu one
found poetry
the one where John is Rodney's mathematician
the yeshiva au

So let's narrow this down! (narrowing this down was REALLY HARD.)

What Is Eternal, by gnine
SGA fandom dates back to the days when I still thought I just wasn't into vids - this turned out to be because I hadn't yet watched enough vids to have learned how to read them, because following visual narratives or visual arguments does not come naturally to me. But this vid was one of the few from SGA days that struck me enough that I rewatched it regularly, until I had figured out how to parse it. I think there are a few things about this vid that made it work for me back in the day. First: the song has very clearly articulated lyrics that allow me to actually follow what the singer is saying, and the song has a very strong through-line of actually saying something which I could then use to map onto what the images were saying. Second: I knew that I couldn't expect to understand everything, because I'd never seen the episode (s) in question, so I went in without expectations of it actually making sense to me. And I'd read enough fic that obliquely or otherwise referred to the events of the episode, that I could follow the overall arc if not the details. So between the strong song choice and just enough in the way of clear visuals for me to be able to have feelings, I ended up watching the vid on repeat a ridiculous number of times. Rewatching the vid now, there are still a LOT of clip choices that are absolutely incomprehensible to me because the brief clip stands for something larger that I'm not aware of, refers to something in the episode that I can't draw the connection to. And yet despite the holes in my understanding, the vid still works as a vid. And I still have lots of feels. (and I still love the song.)

Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose, by synecdochic
How do I even begin? THIS FIC. THIS FIC. I just. It's a masterpiece and I have a million feels. This was one of those fics that made bb!me feel like fanfiction can be genuinely quality literary work, and this fic is genuine quality but it has to be fanfiction for it to work. Your ability to understand the emotional through-line of the story requires you to understand both what happened on the show AND what fandom thought was a likely result for the characters of what the show was doing. All of that backstory is so lightly and delicately sketched, and yet so monumentally important for informing all of the things Rodney does in this fic. So I admire the hell out of this fic and also fall to emotional pieces over it because auuuuuugh what a good everything.

the one with the atlantis queer community John isn't part of but needs to be - Friendly, by speranza
It's a fic about QUEER COMMUNITY and that is not something I'd seen much of before first reading this fic, iirc. It's like, so much fic is about two dudes being gay in isolation and that is not my experience of being queer AT ALL. (though I wasn't yet identifying as queer when I first read this fic) But the bit from this fic that sticks with me the most is the moment where John is carefully removing from himself every symbol of his military status so that he can be a person instead of a symbol of dangerous oppressive authority. That is just a really great moment.

the one where Ronon becomes canadian - My Home and Native Land, by copperbadge
Look, what isn't there to love about this fic! iirc I came to this fic later, not in my SGA heyday, so it feels a little weird to group it with most of these other fics, but I mean I definitely think about this fic a lot so! I love that it has a really good outsider perspective from a non-earth character that respects the cultural traditions he comes from and also respects Earth's, and it's about kind of an inter-cultural dialogue and inter-cultural friendships and coming to find a place where you can feel like you fit when your home culture is no longer an option. Also it's about Canada so obviously that's a draw too.

DVD commentary of Unidentified, by fiercelydreamed
This was so revelatory to me as a young fan, this kind of really thoughtful analysis of a fic by an extremely capable writer. It's this kind of thing that opens a reader/aspiring-writer's eyes to what can go into putting together a quality story. I liked the fic a great deal, but it was the dvd commentary that I reread over and over and over again. I no longer remember much of what the dvd commentary actually said, but that's not really the point - the point was the writing nerdery. And I was so there for it, and I still think about it a lot.

The Hard Prayer, by rheanna
Frick, too many feels. I remember that when I was first recced this fic (I think Essie recced it to me?) I was kind of leery because post-apocalyptic is not really a genre calculated to excite me. But I was drawn in so fast. Rodney and John are so clearly deeply affected by the trauma they've gone through, and the ways they're affected are treated with such respect by the narrative, and the two of them help each other through the tough things but don't fix each other with the magic of true love or anything like that. And the apocalypse itself is so evocative and real-feeling and awful, and basically this fic is super emotionally harrowing and not one I could reread often but wow does it stick in one's mind.

verity's pretend relationship fic - paper cranes (upstairs, downstairs), by verity
Verity got into SGA fandom long after I'd left it but just for her I gleefully fell right back in. And for a long time I got regular fic updates in my email from her of the SGA fics she was writing. And all of them were so great and so up my alley. But this one was my favourite. So on top of being a wonderful piece of writing, this fic also reminds me of my SGA renaissance and of my friendship with Verity, and basically it's a happy place.

A Beautiful Lifetime Event, by astolat
...This is the fic that dragged me into SGA fandom. It's not even one of my top-fifty favourites anymore, probably, because SGA fandom has SO MUCH GOOD STUFF, but it is still a fic that is very important to me and that I will never forget.

If you want to kiss the sky, by siegeofangels
This is the first fic I have tagged in all my bookmarks ever as being about asexuality, so like, obviously it's gonna have stuck with me. It's a fic where "normal" is dudes having sex with each other all the time, and this is something John has had to put up with forever if he wants to be in the military, if he wants to be able to fly. It's a fic about not wanting sex in a hypersexualized culture, and how that's okay, and about finding a person with whom he can be himself.

Absurdity Theory, by julad
It's just so perfectly Rodney and Radek! And it's the right kind of ridiculously silly premise treated with a (relatively) straight face that makes for one of my favourite kinds of fics. I don't know, I don't have anything meaningful to say about this one, I just love it. Such adorable nerdery.
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I saw a couple other people posting festivids recs and I thought to myself WHAT A GOOD IDEA. I love festivids.

Here follows: my fave four festivids from this year.

All I Want (Life of Pi)
Vidder's summary: I'll find somebody.
My notes: I've read the book but never seen this movie. And gosh if the movie is as good as this vid then maybe I need to see it. The vid is gorgeous and intense and powerful and full of feelings and OBVIOUSLY I CRIED.

Perfect Day (Swallows & Amazons)
Vidder's summary: All of this world is for children who play.
My notes: Again I've read the books but not seen the show. But this captures so much of what I love about the books - the sense of fun and adventure and good-heartedness and SAILING and kids being kids, and basically it's lovely.

The Hardest of Hearts (Maleficent)
Vidder's summary: Darling heart, I loved you from the start, but you'll never know what a fool I've been
My notes: I knew this was going to be my favourite Maleficent vid when I saw it was vidded to a song by Florence + The Machine. I only know Florence + the Machine from vids! I've only heard a few of their songs. And yet I knew that obviously the a song from them would fit what I wanted to see in a Maleficent vid. And I was right; it's a fabulous vid and the song is just right for it.

Know Today (Brain Scoop)
Vidder's summary: Emily being cute and doing science.
My notes: I can't say it better than the official summary. EMILY. CUTENESS. SCIENCE.
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Jack Layton is dead. I can't even.

Other people are saying far more eloquent things than I could, so I will leave it there.

Here, have a recs-set of HAPPY THINGS:

every aching old machine, by [ profile] longtime_lurker. Bandom; Pete/Patrick. OLD MEN IN LOVE.

Dolphin-Borne, by [ profile] carmarthen. The Eagle/Dinotopia; Esca, Cottia, Marcus. DINOTOPIA FUSION.

The Adventures of Lily and Severus (BEST BUDS), by [ profile] theopteryx. Harry Potter; Lily, Severus. ADORBS WEE COMIC.

Public Displays of Affection, by [ profile] philomytha. Vorkosigan; Cordelia/Aral, Alys/Simon. MIDDLE-AGED PEOPLE IN LOVE.

untitled, by dakotaaaa. Doctor Who; Amy/Rory. ADORBS DRAWING OF KISSING AND BUNKBEDS.


Lose My Breath, by [ profile] deirdre_c. White Nights; Kolya/Ray. Vid, to a source you don't need to be familiar with (and it's not just me saying this). TWO DUDES. DANCING. IT IS AMAZING.


Jun. 19th, 2011 09:35 pm
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My iPod, which I got new for christmas THIS YEAR, has randomly decided to die on me. Raven King, how could you DO this to me? Well -- I guess that's what I get for naming my iPod after such an inscrutable sort of dude? Maybe I have to wait for two magicians to return to England, and then my iPod will start working again. :D

So I'm going to take the Raven King to the store and see if anything can be done about it. But first I need my parents to mail me the receipt. And Canada Post is on strike right now, so mail service? A leetle bit shaky, as I discovered when I tried (and failed) to post a letter yesterday. GODDAMNIT WORLD, why you gotta do this to me?

So I'm going to be iPodless for a while, probably. Which SUCKS, because how else am I supposed to survive going jogging regularly? I NEEDS MY MUSIC TO LIVE.

Okay. Um. What can I say that will end this post on a cheery note?

HAPPY VID REC, that's what. Multifandom! You don't need to know any of the fandoms! It is a vid about DANCING and HAVING FUN and it is HAPPY-MAKING. Celebrate 'cause that's all I know, by catemonster. ENJOY. I'm off to go watch it again myself.
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Thing One: I'm away for the weekend. Victoria Day weekend, yo! That's right, we celebrate the birthday of a dead queen but not the birthday of our reigning monarch, that's how Canada rolls. Which means: CAMPING! (Yes, in May. Yes, some years there is frost. Yes, it is fun anyways.)

Thing Two: I am fascinated by how fast one picks up linguistic tics from the people with whom one hangs out. And by "one" I totally don't just mean "I". Nope. (and the really freaky thing is that I didn't notice. Or rather, I noticed that I was saying things I don't normally say, but could not for the life of me figure out why until [personal profile] sentientcitizen kindly enlightened me.)

Thing Three: Buffy spoilers again! )

Thing Four: A vid that needs to be watched: Shock the Monkey, by [personal profile] giandujakiss. It is a very well done look at the really unsettling aspects of Hawaii Five-0 that I mentioned earlier. It makes me cringe every time I watch it, and I CANNOT STOP WATCHING IT. And yet I still like this show? WHYYYYYYY, self?

Thing Five: I'm pretty sure it's time for me to do some housekeeping in my journals. Rearranging who I'm following on LJ vs DW; fixing some tags that need help; replacing the icons that need replacing; updating my masterlist; that sort of thing. But I keep getting distracted by shiny things!

Thing Six: So I finally shared a link for this journal with my sister (Hello, my darling sister! I'm sorry I haven't been emailing!), which felt a little weird. Because then I went back to the beginning of my archives and began to reread some of those early posts to see what she was reading, and I kept on being like, NO, YOUNGER SELF, NO, and being horribly embarrassed. And that was only two years ago. Makes me glad I didn't start my fannish LJ when I was 14 or something. I bet there'd be SO MUCH to be embarrassed over.

(except I kind of wish I HAD, actually, because I don't remember very well what I was actually thinking back then, and it would be nice to have that sort of record for my own better knowledge of myself! Even if I would die in embarrassment reading it.)

Thing Seven: It has become apparent to me that I DO need to do a deconstruction of Lady Gaga's "Judas", because otherwise it won't leave me alone. AFTER CAMPING. Yes.

Thing Eight: I NEED TO STOP WITH THE THINGS. I think most of my posts lately have been all things all the time. But I just have so much to talk about! And I think this post might have a record number of things in it too!
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Thing One: Welp, I've discovered something to hate about my computer Mark. He occasionally decides that "oh, that wireless internet? You actually want that? Nope, I'm just going to pretend that it doesn't exist no matter what you do." And then I have to restart him to get my internet back. At first I hadn't been thinking anything of it, because our internet itself occasionally has had times when it just randomly craps out all the time, and I thought it was that. But then I checked the internet on the Raven King (my ipod) and he had NO trouble with the internet. So no, it's all Mark's fault. All of a sudden I'm feeling he doesn't deserve to be named after someone as awesome as Mark Vorkosigan. Who's a less-awesome Mark he can be named after?

Thing Two: If you are a Highlander fan, you should go watch [personal profile] sholio's new Highlander vid, God's Gonna Cut You Down. She just posted it yesterday and already I have watched it a truly ridiculous number of times. It is a vid about Methos and Cassandra and it is EXCELLENT. And the song is amazingly perfect.

Thing Three: This week in Sophia's Weird Linguistic Pet Peeves*: CamelCase. I hates it, preciousssss. Hates. It looks all stupid and gimmicky and always makes me want to take an implement of destruction to the page/screen/sign/etc.

*An ongoing series. What do you mean this is the first time I've mentioned it? You mean you haven't been following all the episodes that exist solely in my head?
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[personal profile] china_shop was a cruel, cruel person and ran a Fandom Appreciation Challenge while I was away from the internet.

So I have no recourse but to participate, over a week late. Obviously.

Yesterday was day one of my involvement in the challenge, in which I had to "Send or leave feedback on three stories by authors you don't know or haven't read before." Which I dutifully did.

Today's is to "Leave or send feedback on three vids, icons sets, mood themes, picspams, artworks, podfics, rec sets or similar," with a bonus challenge of reccing three such fanworks. I have done the feedback, and now here are my recs!

Three vids that I think you should watch:

Objection (Tango), by [ profile] talitha78. Smallville, Clark/Lex.

I've had this vid for months, and have watched it a truly ridiculous number of times. I just keep on returning to it again and again and again. And no, I've never seen a single moment of any Smallville episode. I'm still allowed to like Smallville vids! Anyways, I'm very bad at analyzing what it is I like about vids, so suffice to say this vid is awesome and you should watch it. Even if, like me, you don't know Smallville in the slightest.

One Girl Revolution, by [ profile] arefadedaway. Multifandom.

This is a vid that is basically about awesome ladies and how awesome they are, and every time I watch it I get totally caught up in the sheer quantity of awesome. And I watch it a lot. I recognize probably less than half of the ladies in it, but it doesn't even MATTER. Because it is glorious.

Your Life (extempore), by [personal profile] lim. Doctor Who. Amy, Doctor, Vincent Van Gogh.

This vid -- oh, it just really gets at the heart of what the episode was about. The joy and the tragedy, and how the joy still matters. It's beautiful. (Even if the song does give me flashbacks to elementary and middle school...)
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Thing Two: Another installment of My Life In Conversations! I was skyping [ profile] sentientcitizen, as one does, and this exchange occurred.

Me: *blathering about this odd Smallville crossover I stumbled across*
Essie: You know, "Clex" really sounds like the sort of thing you get from unprotected sex
Me: Heh, shipping as a venereal disease!
Essie: "So I was kinda drunk last night, and there was this guy, and when I woke up this morning I was like, man, Clark and Lex, that’s kinda hot"
Me: *dies laughing*

(Conversations with Essie OFTEN result in my dying of laughter. It's great.)

Thing Three: WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FANDOMS? I just have this modest little desire to become familiar with every fandom that Media Fandom has ever been interested in. Is that too much to ask? Is it? Is it? *sigh* It’s just – they almost ALL sound interesting, in all their various ways, and I could so easily be a fan of all of them, IF I ONLY HAD THE TIME. But I think that would take more time than I would have even if I devoted 48 hours every single day to fandom. Ahahahaha. *headdesk*

Some people are like, I really love This Fandom, for this that and the other reason. And I go, yeah, but That Fandom has these awesome things. And That Other Fandom has these awesome things. And I just want ALL THE AWESOME.

Apparently I want to play the X-Treme Sport version of polyfannishness? IDEK.

Thing Four: You know what is pure torture? Having to restrict the number of tabs I have open at a given time. My computer, bless its evil little soul, has decided that if I have too many open then it’s just going to take FOREVER AND A DAY to do the simplest of things, and going all "not responding" at the slightest of provocations. No longer can I bask in the free and easy life of having something like 50 tabs open! Now I must restrict myself to approximately ten at most or my computer says "Nuh uh! You should know better than that! I shall now teach you a lesson!" (My computer’s name: Bunbury. I do not think it deserves such an awesome name anymore. Possibly it needs to be renamed, to something like Beelzebub.)

This is hard, curtailing my tabs. How else am I to remember what links I still need to come back to, whether to read or to comment or to bookmark or whatever? This means that I can’t open a tab unless I know I’ll be able to close it again in the not too distant future, which -- that is generally a time commitment I DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE. *flails*

(Earlier today I had 15 tabs open and my computer was glaring at me in a warning fashion. I needed to close about ten of them in order to make the Yuletide sign-up page actually be willing to function for me. This was a PAINFUL experience.)

Thing Five: So Daniel Radcliffe just went up about ten million coolness points in my eyes. (…yes, I have that song memorized too. Tom Lehrer FTW!)

Thing Six: A party last night proved conclusively that that Smallville vid to Bad Romance has managed to cure me of my dislike for the song. UNEXPECTED and awesome.
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Eee, I am so excited for Halloween. Today I went thrift-storing it up, to find the requisite ingredients for my costume.


There are two bits that I am borrowing from a friend, but everything else I was able to find in reasonable facsimile at the thrift store, all the way down to the feet! I have to use my Mad Sewing Skilz to alter the size of one piece of the costume (or two pieces, depending on how much work I feel like doing, but the second isn't as urgent), but other than that I am good to go! It is super exciting.

Note how I'm very carefully not saying what I'm dressing up as. That's a secret until Halloween. :D I'll share a photo with you then, though, don't worry!

(And yes, I am currently wearing all of my shiny new purchases. But alas I'll have to take it all off to go to bed. Including the footwear. I don't ever want to take the footwear off -- I think I'm going to wear them ALL THE TIME now, even though they are emphatically not of a style usually associated with skirts.... They're just so COMFORTABLE. And also AWESOME!)

In other news, I have finished collecting all of my favourite vids into a folder, and gosh, for someone who only a couple of months ago was not a big fan of vids, I sure have a lot. FIFTY-ONE, TO BE EXACT. Egads.
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I have watched that Smallville Objection (Tango) vid a completely ridiculous number of times by this point. And today on the umptillionth viewing of it, I came to a realization: Clark wears both red-shirt-with-blue-jacket AND blue-shirt-with-red-jacket combinations. For goodness' sake. YOU WOULD THINK THAT WOULD BE OBVIOUS. I'm pretty sure my subconscious has been confused for several days, trying to work out what colour his jacket is, when IN FACT HE HAS MULTIPLE JACKETS. Oh Sophia how so oblivious.*

At any rate, he looks damn good in blue and red, no matter which garment is which colour. Well. Blue and red are two of my favourite colours -- and he wears good and bold versions of them. I approve. I am super easy for bright colours! (It is hurting my soul that my bedroom walls in my current place are beige.) Speaking of things I am super easy for, that coat that Lex is wearing in the scene in the wheat field where Clark is kneeling in front of Lex all bruised and bleeding and then Lex offers him his hand. Long coats are excellent. (also I am super curious what is going on in that scene....)

Annnnnd that's probably enough Shallowness for one post, so I'll move on.

I have been thinking, today, about my different relationship with vids when I have them downloaded versus when I have them favourited on Youtube. I used to never download vids, because doing so is a big pain, and then you've just got these files sitting around taking up space. I much preferred to find the vid on youtube, and favourite it so if I ever desired to watch it again I could. There were a few vids that I did watch multiple times, but mostly they just sat there.

Since being indoctrinated further into the Enjoyment Of Vids, I have come across vids that came highly recommended and are only available for download, so I broke my rule, and began to download rather than stream, as my default setting. And -- I've discovered I like having the vid downloaded. I'm more likely to rewatch them. And it's handy, having a folder I can go to, with all my vids sitting there nicely organized. It's enough to make me want to go to my favourites of the youtube vids and find out whether the creators have them available somewhere for download too. Because since acquiring my vid folder, I haven't gone over to watch any of my favourited vids on Youtube once.

* Well, I already knew I'm terrible at watching vids. I need to watch most vids multiple times to actually understand and appreciate them at all, and I still often get moments after a dozen or more watches where I go "OH I GET IT NOW", because I was being just that slow about some aspect of it. Apparently that also goes for OTHER aspects of my abilities to interpret visual information, to join my inability to recognize faces!


Oct. 14th, 2010 02:19 am
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Thing one: You know what's super weird? Hearing songs that you're really familiar with from vids, as background music in a TV show.

I've, um, started watching Veronica Mars. I blame the Female Character Yenta Meme. And in the first episode, around half an hour in, Don't Fear The Reaper starts playing. HELLO HIGHLANDER. *cough*

But more importantly: Veronica Mars is AWESOME, okay? I <3 Veronica so much OMG, she is the best ever. VERONICA!

Thing two: You know your Queer Theory prof is awesome when, after a class in which Kate Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" was discussed, and you tell him about the existence of a guy doing a cover of it, you send him the link to the Ivri Lider cover and also to the Smallville vid to the original (just for kicks), and his response? is "I wish the Smallville version had played out what it can only hint at here, and that is the obviously passionate relationship between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor!"


Thing three: Relatedly, because of the above two vids, I've had I Kissed A Girl stuck in my head all day, and not minded. It is SO WEIRD. I used to hate that song passionately! And now I am okay with it, because the associations have all changed! It's fascinating, really, the way that associations with songs have such a huge influence upon one's like or dislike of them. OH FANDOM I LOVE YOU.

Thing four: I need to learn how to not stay up late reading fic. Especially when I have German homework due. *headdesk*

Thing five: spoilers for an upcoming Sarah Jane Adventures episode with repercussions for Doctor Who )

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