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I have been putting a whole bunch of work into a podfic for the Bandom Big Bang, and tonight through vast stupidity of my own I managed to completely fuck up the file such that there is nothing recoverable, and now I'm having to default because I don't have enough time before the deadline to redo everything. AUUUUUUUUUUGH. *headdesking forever*
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OH HANG ON, I should totally tell you! The remix_redux fics are de-anoned, so I can share with you the fic I wrote!

It is a remix of [ profile] prettykitty_aya's fic countdown, and I had a lot of fun doing it. I rather like how it turned out!

When I signed up for remix_redux, I had this idea in my head that I was going to write a depressing story for once, that I would find a cheerful fic and remix it in terms of tone and make it a total downer. Instead I, uh, did the opposite, sort of? Yeah, I have problems writing things that aren't happy endings. :P

Title: With Odds Like That
Fandom: Bandom (mostly MCR)
Characters/Pairings: Gerard-focused, with Lindsey, Mikey, and Ray, and past Gerard/Frank
Content Notes: salty language
Length: 1044 words
Summary: Life goes on. (an art professor AU)

Read it on AO3 because I am too lazy to crosspost it here in its entirety.

Thanks to [personal profile] verity for the beta!
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remix_redux X happened! And fics got released! And mine is out in the wilds of the internet but I can't share it with you yet because it's anonymous at the moment, but I had THREE remixes done of fics of mine! How exciting! Pretty much I think the idea of remixing is the coolest ever, because DUDE, FANFIC OF FANFIC, HOW CAN THAT NOT BE AWESOME? And THREE PEOPLE did remixes of me!

So here, let me share with you the remixes!

What Dreams May Come (The BWV 140 Remix), a remix of my fairy-tale fic The Death of Each Day's Life. Here the anonymous author takes my fairy-tale fic and reimagines it as a part of a Snape/Hermione fic, which is super cool and not something I'd ever have thought of! I love the way that the theme of dreaming and waking and sleeping gets even more tangled up in the remix.

I Must Wait for the Sunrise (the Death of Each Day remix), also a remix of my fairy-tale fic The Death of Each Day's Life. This one is a switch in viewpoint from Sleeping Beauty to her husband the prince, and though it's very short it rings true.

Call Shotgun on my Rocket (A Pirate's Life For Me Remix), a remix of my bandom fic Call Shotgun on my Rocket. This acts as a sequel to my Pete/Mikey space pirates fic, takes it in COMPLETELY a different direction than I would have taken it, and does a glorious job at it -- I absolutely loved this. (and I just about died laughing at the epilogue)
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Thing One: Huh. I'm not usually a big fan of the correspondents on the Daily Show (SO MUCH EMBARRASSMENT SQUICK; I CANNOT DEAL), but I've seen the newest correspondent (Jessica Williams) twice now and she's really good. I actually enjoy her segments! So. GO JESSICA WILLIAMS. I hope she sticks around for a while!

Thing Two: Internet, stop introducing me to awesome new music! I can't keep up with you! Okay no I lie please do continue! You just make things hard. :(

Thing Three: It is always kind of tragic to come across a link to an older picspam, only to discover that all the pictures have died and you can't look at a SINGLE ONE and all that is left is the tantalizing comments between all the broken pictures.

Thing Four: PETE WENTZ STOP BEING ENDEARINGLY WEIRD ON TWITTER. Yeah, okay, I give up. Pete Wentz's twitter is addictive and I want to read it always.

I've been wandering over to take a look at it every couple days for the last while, and most times I look there's at least one amazing and bizarre tweet that makes me grin ridiculously.

But damnit, I CAN'T RSS IT BECAUSE TWITTER IS STUPID. I will start forgetting to check out his twitter if I keep doing this the way I am! I need to be able to aggregate everything I follow. TWITTER WHY DO YOU THWART ME.

Thing Five: Oh wow, okay. So I finally got around to googling the word "camisado" (HOW many months after wondering why that Panic song is called that?) to find out what the word means, and it's a really good title. (unlike most of the titles on that album, which just make me wtf-face at them.)
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MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Fifth bandom story above 500 words! Thanks to [personal profile] surexit for the prompt.

Title: Call Shotgun on my Rocket
Fandom: Bandom
Characters/relationships: Pete/Mikey, Bebe
Content notes: strong language
Length: 533 words
Summary: Pete and Mikey, space pirates

Read on AO3

Read here )


Mar. 7th, 2012 10:11 pm
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So! The remix challenge is OPEN! And although I have admired it from a distance for a long time, I realized that this year I am actually very close to qualifying! I just need ONE MORE bandom fic of at least 500 words to qualify!



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Showers are wonderful places for thinking. Sometimes, though, my thoughts are less useful than they could be. The progression of my thoughts this morning while my brain was drifting in the shower:

- Gosh, that picture of Harry Potter in a Black Parade style uniform sure was awesome, wasn't it?
- I should write fic about that.
- *brief interlude where I sing the first half of Welcome to the Black Parade and then give up because it sounds wrong in my voice and without the instrumentation*
- Teenagers doesn't exactly fit into the theme of that album. I wonder why they included it?
- Oh well, I'm glad they did, because it's not like it fits any of the other albums either
- I can't think of any good ideas of how to approach a Black Parade Harry Potter fic; Harry doesn't fit that narrative
- Harry has a sucky childhood and then it gets better. The Patient has a good childhood (or at least one good memory) and then he dies.
- And if all I do is borrow the idea of death coming for you in the form of a happy childhood memory, uh, THAT HAPPENED IN CANON, HELLO KING'S CROSS.
- Besides I'm not familiar/comfortable enough with the inside of Harry's head to write him.
- I wonder if Hermione would work?
- Snape has happy childhood memories of Lily, and then everything sucks and then he dies.
- I could probably do something with that.
- ...why...what -- why is my brain insisting that I have already read a Black Parade fic about Snape? I can't even remember a single detail, and yet my brain is sure of this! [poking at my pinboard has not unearthed any such fic. If you know of one, please share?]
- Oh but dude, Teenagers! Severus Snape! THEY ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER.
- ...not in the badfic way where Snape listens to MCR, though, because he totally wouldn't
- *brief interlude where I sing most of Teenagers, and then wonder if there's a part I'm forgetting* [there is: the whole first part.]
- I should write a fic about angry and bitter and lonely teenage Severus Snape when he decides to go off and join the Death Eaters!
- Because that hasn't been done a million times already! /sarcasm
- *brief postlude where I sing bits and pieces of Mama and can't remember how they connect up*
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I am clearly a very bad match for hockey fandom, because everyone's all gung-ho about hockey the SPORT as well as writing fic about hockey players, and me? I couldn't care less. Okay I care about whether Canada wins gold in olympic hockey every four years but that is literally the only hockey I care about even a little, and I don't even care enough to actually watch the games. It is like back when I got into bandom and didn't care about the music! I SOON LEARNED OTHERWISE THERE, but that? is not a thing that will happen for me in hockey.

Besides, I can tell my hockey rpf infatuation is going to fizzle out soon, because already I am getting tired of learning about more and more new people I've never heard of. Plus the way that all the fics are about people who are SUPER INTO SPORTS gets kind of frustrating. So. I will still read the occasional fic! (like. I think I heard there's an upcoming epic-length Tazer/Kaner arranged marriage type thing? I WILL BE ALL OVER THAT.) But I am heading towards done with the bingeing.

(It is like what happened to me recently with Suits! I don't think I ever mentioned it? I was SUPER INTO Suits for a few days, but now I only read fic every now and then. Although the reason is somewhat different! With Suits I am creeped out by the dynamics in a lot of the fic. Because ABUSE OF POWER in that relationship, holy god. It is even worse than most boss/employee relationships and that is SAYING SOMETHING. I just find unequal power dynamics really skeevy unless they are very definitely consensual. I really do love reading about CONSENSUAL power dynamics! But when the one person has THAT MUCH POWER over everything about the other person's life, and the second person has no real choice about that fact? NO THANK YOU.)

(I was trying to explain once why I really like slavefic, and I was all, IT IS SO GREAT WHEN THEY ARE FINALLY EQUALS AT THE END ♥__♥, and the person I was talking to was like, "you do know that's not why most people read slavefic, right???")

(But it's just so awesome! Like the one where it's a space AU and Bill is a virgin sex-slave Gabe rescues, and Gabe knows better than to have sex with newly-rescued sex slaves, no matter how tempting they are and even if they ask for it! And I'm like YES THANK YOU OMGGGGGG.)
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It is weird! I am on a hockey rpf kick right now for unknowable reasons (no, no, I definitely know: because [personal profile] thefourthvine's recs reminded me of its existence, and because hockey rpf is FULL of people who don't know how to talk about their feelings (...or even recognize their feelings) and do a hell of a lot of failboat pining. It is good times!) and yet even as I eagerly read and fall in love with awesome hockey fic I occasionally think sadly to myself, "it is too bad this fic isn't a bandom fic," or "needs moar Pete Wentz," or whatever.

Bandom, you guys! I just KEEP ON LOVING IT, even in the face of extremely attractive alternate fandoms! It is kind of bewildering to me. Bandom I wanna be your forever girl! Bandom don't ever leave me! But I won't treat you right, bandom, I'm gonna cruelly abandon you someday; you deserve better than me. But ILU bandom! You believe me, don't you?

(the weirdest thing about hockey fandom: the way everyone in it clearly has to work really hard to make sense of how Jonathan Toews' last name is pronounced. Me? It's a traditional Mennonite last name. I have met plenty of people with that name, and have always known how it's pronounced, so the idea of it being a weird last name is just so foreign to my personal experience)

(gotta admit, the one fic that made an offhand reference to the Mennonite work-ethic made me grin SO HARD. Because yes, it is a thing, and it is a thing that Tazer's clearly a product of! A fic author who knows whereof they speak with respect to Mennonites, and acknowledges it as part of Tazer's background!)
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GUESS WHAT? I AM MOVED! YAYS! Of course, our internet won't be connected till SATURDAY, but that's what the library is for, right? I am currently sitting in the public library making use of their (alas, rather slow) internet, as a break from organizing my alarming quantities of books at home, and OH INTERNET ILU.

And of course what am I doing with this internet? Accidentally writing 1700 words of meta about a fic I read recently, what else? OH SELF.

So I just read [personal profile] jedusaur's new fic Two Industrial Loads On Hot and it got me all thinky. Spoilers to follow, of course, so if you have any interest in reading the fic (and you should, it's good! 3.2k words, where Frank works in a laundromat and deals prescription drugs on the side, and Gerard does occasionally have to wash his clothes) you should do that first before reading my thoughts. Plus certain parts of the following will not make much sense if you haven't read the fic.

Read more... )
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When I posted Scenarios I mentioned maybe doing a set of PUBLIC TRANSIT fic recs. Here it is! Because it is a glorious trope, and all of the following are glorious examples of the trope at its best. (okay, so some of them don't fit the standard trope pattern EXACTLY, but they still involve public transit so WHATEVER I'm including them anyways BECAUSE I CAN)

(I'm not including airplanes in forms of public transit for the purpose of this recs-set because it's not something I thought to tag as being this, but upon reflection it kind of is. Please forgive this lapse on my part.)

11 recs for SGA, CW RPF, Doctor Who, Inception, BtVS, AI RPF, and bandom )
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Thing One: It is clear to me that y'all have opinions about music, so if you want to you should head over to [personal profile] synecdochic's post about the best 100 albums of the last 30 years so you can nominate your 15 top choices!

Thing Two: You know, sometimes I get all...idk, overly worked-up over the complexities of navigating conversations and social interactions and relationships online, and stay away from comments in fear of, like, getting something wrong. But then when I successfully force myself to get over myself and just damn talk to people, it's always a really fun and rewarding experience. I need to REMEMBER THIS.

Thing Three: ...Huh. Apparently somewhere along the way I accidentally got fond of I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love? I kept on trying to like it and kept on failing, and eventually gave up on it. But on a whim I included it in my shuffle on iTunes today, and when the songs pop up I'm finding myself kind of enjoying them, for the most part! I guess they just needed extra time to percolate in my head before I could like them or something?
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I've been thinking a bunch lately about the evolution of bands. Like -- if I hear a song by MCR, any song, I can tell you which album it comes off of. Because their sound evolves and changes over the years, right, and that's reflected in the clear differences between each album.

Ditto with Panic: their albums are all very different from each other, even more so than MCR's, imo. It is really clear what era each song comes from.

But with FOB, you play me a song of theirs and I'm like, "yup, that's an FOB song." And that's the farthest I can go. I have listened to their albums a hell of a lot, as individual albums even, but I could not for the life of me identify any differences, at least between their last three. It is like FOB has a specific style or sound, and they cannot deviate from it.

It makes me wonder if maybe that's the reason why FOB went on hiatus whereas MCR and Panic are still going strong.

Because people grow and change over the years, and their likes and interests change; plus it's easy to get bored just doing the same kind of thing all the time!

MCR went with the changes every time, and came out the stronger for it. Panic -- well, Panic had a band-split over musical differences. But that just shows that it's important, right, because they couldn't just keep doing the same thing, and they knew it, and different members of the band wanted to go in different directions. So they did, and Panic is the stronger for it too. (don't get me wrong, I'm still totally heartbroken about the split. But I think musically it was the right choice for them.)

FOB? Well. Just look at the different things the constituent members are doing these days. Patrick's solo career vs The Black Cards vs The Damned Things: they are all three drastically different from each other. It is clear that the four of them had hankerings towards changes in their sound that they felt engage in when they were FOB. And, well, I understand that. If all the band members are happy changing in the same direction (like MCR) then it works well. And if they aren't? Band splits and hiatuses.

My dad says that U2 talks about band being like marriage: long-term commitment that you have to work at to stay together and to make it work. But sometimes people grow apart and grow in different directions and it is the healthiest thing for all involved to make a go of it apart. And it is sad but it is also life.

Although I do wonder now what sounds FOB might have had if they had tried changing things up to keep all of them more interested. But I don't think they think of FOB like that; the impression I get is that they do think of it as a band that does a specific thing.

IDK. Am I going somewhere with this?


Jan. 17th, 2012 06:04 pm
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#reasons mcr is the bestest
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What was Pete up to at the beginning that got the police after him? Is he further connected into the plot of Bebe and the mad scientist or a completely incidental character? How can he be worked into whatever happens after the end of the video?

I'm bad at faces -- is the mad scientist the same dude who was driving in the car with Bebe? I'm betting yes given the lengths he was willing to go to in order to save her life.

So who was he to Bebe? Did Bebe like him back? What does she think about him trying to resurrect her from a disembodied head and another lady's body? Is she his partner in mad science? Or is she BADASS UNDERCOVER PERSON trying to take him down only now she's ended up under his control? Or something else entirely?

What's with the grotesque figure who escapes near the end? Is he (?) a previous mad science experiment of the mad scientist? What was the mad scientist attempting to accomplish when he created him? Why does the grotesque figure want to save the drugged (dead?) lady who was going to be Bebe's new body? Is the grotesque figure actually secretly AWESOME and doing AWESOME THINGS? Because I get that impression from his behaviour to the mad scientist and the drugged lady.

What happens to Bebe after the end? Is she stuck as a head forever? Does someone rescue her from the mad science laboratory or does she die there? She can't really escape by herself (being bodyless as she is) but I want to find ways to give her agency in this story because on a superficial read she's nothing but -- well, I am reminded of the song The Doctor's Wife (excellent song, btw). It's a fridged woman for the sake of plot.

Maybe the grotesque figure keeps Bebe safe and alive connected to all the various tubes and things -- because of course he knows a lot about it from having seen the mad scientist work (including on him). And he wants to help Bebe further but he doesn't know how! Because he knows that killing another lady to give Bebe a body is not the way to go!

And then it turns out that Pete is...idk SOMEONE THAT CAN HELP SOMEHOW. Well, he's a criminal! He's got ~connections~! The grotesque figure turns to Pete because he's a well-known name in the world of crime, but well known in the "he's a crazy motherfucker, might do anything" kind of way, so the grotesque figure knows Pete is less likely to freak out big time over the disembodied head and grotesque dude.

But Pete's like, dude, what could I do for you anyways? You don't want to kill people to save her. I don't know what I can do for you except provide a dead body.

And the grotesque dude is like...ugh, surely you know of, like, people in extreme long-term coma situations who are pretty much guaranteed to never wake up? Can't you steal me one of those?

Because the grotesque dude might be more moral than the mad scientist but he's still at heart kind of pragmatic.

So Pete's like, huh, that sounds like a fun challenge actually.

And then --


I NEED TO GO TO BED INSTEAD. I was intending to be there an hour ago....


Or maybe one of you could write it instead???
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Thing One: Dude, fuck, the end of December was my SIX MONTH BANDOM ANNIVERSARY. How is this even real? How did this even happen? Bandom still feels as new and fresh and exciting to me as it was when I was just beginning to fall down this rabbit hole, and yet it's been SIX MONTHS. That's the longest I've been in any fandom since SGA, I think.

I'm a little bit afraid to think, actually, what will happen when I finally do get over bandom. Because it feels so -- so permanent, you know? But I mean, all my major fandoms have felt permanent whilst in the throes of passion and none of them have been. (well, I still love all of them and still read fic for all of them occasionally but I am over that particular kind of deep well of fannish obsession)

And it's interesting, because I do keep being interrupted in my bandoming by brief obsessions with other things (eg Suits and Avengers) but somehow these have utterly failed to derail me. So f'rinstance I might have obsessively read nothing but Suits for two or three days at one point, but then I went back to the welcoming arms of bandom and just look up Suits when it, hah, suits me.

Bandom feels kind of like my One True Fandom at this point, and I KNOW that's wrongheaded of me to think, given my track record. But. STILL.

Thing Two: During the week and a half I spent at my parents' place being their helper-monkey I realized: I think I am learning the wrong life lesson from bandom about showering. During that time I showered once after six days and then once more after five days. It just... I wasn't leaving the house at all! I was literally doing nothing but getting up in the morning and putting on my painting clothes and PAINTING (or other house-fixing things) and doing a bit of collapsing onto a couch! What was the point in showering when I was just going to get more paint and sawdust all over me anyways, and it's not like anyone was SEEING me, and I didn't smell THAT bad, and....yeah.

I never even would have THOUGHT about going that long without a shower before, but seeing all the loving mocking of Gerard Way et al's shower habits in fic meant that it suddenly became an option, in a way it had never been before. A mocking-worthy option, yes, and kind of disgusting, but still an OPTION. And I exercised that option. *is ashamed*

(A Gerard-Way-Doesn't-Shower-Enough fic rec for you because I can't not, after that. It is totally delightful and priceless in every way: Pavlov's Dog, by iamtheenemy)

Thing Three: It's really weird, but every now and then when I am listening to Fall Out Boy and I'm not thinking, I notice that my brain is operating under the assumption that the voice that is singing is Pete's, because it's so clearly Pete's words. Even though I know perfectly well it's Patrick singing! And Patrick has a relatively distinctive voice and I can RECOGNIZE it as Patrick's! AND YET.

Thing Four: mean Black Cards don't actually have an album out yet? What? But I've been hearing about them for AGES and AGES, and there are tons of songs by them on youtube! And reading up on them, apparently they have enough songs for an album but are just...delaying? Trying to decide stuff?

And now the lead singer Bebe Rexha (whose voice is awesome and fits Black Cards' music really well) is no longer part of Black Cards. What does that mean for their future, and for the future of a possible album?

At any rate, these thoughts are brought to you by the fact that I've had Club Called Heaven stuck in my head for a couple days. I really like it! And their other songs too! I mean, very different from FOB, yes, but isn't that kind of the point? It's depressing seeing all the comments on youtube of people complaining that it isn't FOB and that Pete should go back to FOB and all that stuff. PEOPLE. He is doing what he wants to do and making fantastic music while doing it! Do not complain!

IDK, it's just weird for me to be looking at the Happenings Of Bandom Peeps in real time, because of course I've just been inhaling ancient history with all the fics I've read, so I always know how the Dramatic Real Life Events end. I don't know how this one ends! Does Black Cards survive as a band? Who do they get as a new lead singer? Does Andy and Joe's band, The Damned Things, do well? (if we're going strictly based on youtube comments, The Damned Things is doing damn fine.) What does Patrick do next with his solo career, and does he ever get rid of that unfortunate bleached hair? Does FOB ever come back from hiatus, and if so, when and for how long? I need to know these things!

Thing Five: Because five things make a post, as they say, I will end with something I already magnanimously shared with Tumblr, namely the glory of the original Guilty Pleasure music video by Cobra Starship. It is full of ADORABLE and GLEE and PEOPLE BEING HAPPY AND RIDICULOUS. I can't but grin when I watch it.

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Using power tools is a hell of a lot of fun. Especially using an air nailer. Just saying! (also, it's kind of hilarious when an acquaintance of your Dad's drops by and is all astonishment to discover that the person in the basement using the extremely impressive-sounding saw is a daughter. I kind of wanted to get annoyed about gender stereotypes but I was too busy just having fun with the saw. I HAD SUCH POWER.)

Anyways, on to the point of this post, which is that I am once more ensconced in my apartment and everything is back to as normal as it gets, except for the alarming amount of catch-up I have to do around here after my absence. Maaaaybe I'll be pretending that doesn't exist for a while. We'll see.

Actually, the real point of this post is that I WROTE FIC. Plural, actually!

Fic One: my extremely belated Yuletide reveal. I was assigned to write for [ profile] pauraque, and was extremely pleased to write a Hark! A Vagrant fic about the Mystery Solving Teens for him. It was a lot of fun and I am pleased with what I wrote, and he seemed to like it, and other people seemed to like it too, so yays all around!

I Never Said This Job Was Easy (1270 words) by faviconsophia_sol
Fandom: Hark! A Vagrant
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mystery Solving Teens
Summary: One person he'll tell he loves, and five he won't.

Fic Two: I wandered over to one of those commentfic fests that pop up on people's journals with some regularity, because it's fun reading the fics that come out of them. And because quite often the prompts act as handy spoilery summaries for the fics that follow, and you know how I feel about spoilers :D

Except at this fest (the Bandom Missed Connections Fest) a prompt blindsided me, and I wrote an entire fic for it in just a few hours during the one free afternoon I had in the last week and a half. I do not usually write fic that fast! IDEK what happened, but possibly it's a sign that I need to get around to posting a rec-set of fic about public transportation, because dude, it's such an awesome trope.

Scenarios (2510 words) by faviconsophia_sol
Fandom: Bandom, Panic! at the Disco
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie
Characters: Spencer Smith, Brendon Urie
Summary: Written for the Bandom Missed Connections Fest, for the prompt: "Brendon always sees this guy during his commute--he gets in a few stations after Brendon, and he's always reading the newspaper, and he always gets out the same station as Brendon. Brendon's never talked to him, but he means to. And then that guy isn't taking the commute anymore."

And now it is time to scare my tabs into submission! They kind of proliferated out of control during the last week and a half when I've been kind of exhausted and not interested in dealing with that sort of thing.

(ooh, I have an icon that is, like, relevant THREE TIMES OVER for this post! Hark! A Vagrant -- check! Musician -- check! Gratuitous references to Canada (...okay, so I set Scenarios in Toronto. Brendon works at the ROM. SO SUE ME) -- check! \o/ Although I wonder if it's one of the icons I have on both DW and LJ...))

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