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Thing One: Huh. I'm not usually a big fan of the correspondents on the Daily Show (SO MUCH EMBARRASSMENT SQUICK; I CANNOT DEAL), but I've seen the newest correspondent (Jessica Williams) twice now and she's really good. I actually enjoy her segments! So. GO JESSICA WILLIAMS. I hope she sticks around for a while!

Thing Two: Internet, stop introducing me to awesome new music! I can't keep up with you! Okay no I lie please do continue! You just make things hard. :(

Thing Three: It is always kind of tragic to come across a link to an older picspam, only to discover that all the pictures have died and you can't look at a SINGLE ONE and all that is left is the tantalizing comments between all the broken pictures.

Thing Four: PETE WENTZ STOP BEING ENDEARINGLY WEIRD ON TWITTER. Yeah, okay, I give up. Pete Wentz's twitter is addictive and I want to read it always.

I've been wandering over to take a look at it every couple days for the last while, and most times I look there's at least one amazing and bizarre tweet that makes me grin ridiculously.

But damnit, I CAN'T RSS IT BECAUSE TWITTER IS STUPID. I will start forgetting to check out his twitter if I keep doing this the way I am! I need to be able to aggregate everything I follow. TWITTER WHY DO YOU THWART ME.

Thing Five: Oh wow, okay. So I finally got around to googling the word "camisado" (HOW many months after wondering why that Panic song is called that?) to find out what the word means, and it's a really good title. (unlike most of the titles on that album, which just make me wtf-face at them.)


Oct. 16th, 2011 08:53 pm
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A recs-set of space AUs! Because they're ridiculously awesome. And to make it a challenge for myself, I'm doing it only of fics that aren't actually set on spaceships. Just because I can!

The extremely AU nature of these means that most of the following fics are quite welcoming for people who are unfamiliar with the fandoms. In fact, I'd say that all but the last one are.

(and, er, I'm terribly sorry, but a disproportionate number of these are bandom, because I didn't do a very good job of tagging for space back in my pre-bandom days...)

Bring me that horizon, by [ profile] cupiscent. Bandom; Pete/William. This is the fic that inspired me to do this post, because it's just so fantastically imaginative in its SF setting. I love it dearly and would happily read a novel set in this universe! In which William is the translator assigned to the new owners of a planet.

Robots Need Love Too, by [personal profile] toft. Mythbusters RPF; Jamie, Adam. A space AU recs-set would be incomplete without this fic, because it is super amazing in all the ways. In which Jamie and Adam are neuro-atypical elementary school kids in space, and everything is heartwarming forever.

Concatenation, the Birth of Babel, and Other Acoustic Rebellions, by [ profile] swanswan. Bandom; Pete/Patrick, Andy, Joe. Oh my god, ALL THE FEELINGS. Remember my post a few days ago about how much music means to me? Yeah. THIS FIC. Feelings about the importance of music are WHAT THIS IS ABOUT. In which Fall Out Boy comes together in an act of musical rebellion against the way that music has been regimented and controlled and stifled.

The Light from Our Bodies Precedes Us, by [ profile] mxtape and [ profile] fleurdeliser. Bandom; Gerard/Frank. Okay, this is a space AU in a slightly different way, in that it's historical fic about NASA. What, THAT STILL TOTALLY COUNTS. And it is excellent. In which there are nerdy scientisty types! Yays!

With The Stars In His Eye, by [personal profile] ptahrrific. Fake News; Jon/"Stephen". Just a short fic, but totally adorable! In which "Stephen" scores the last ever tourist trip to the International Space Station.
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Thing One: Google is my god. Seriously, how did people ever write anything before the days of the internet? I can't even imagine how much of a pain the research would have been! I don't want to think about how many times I've opened a tab to do a search on something, and that's for a relatively short story (...that I know is still not going to be as historically perfect as I would want, because there comes a point when the amount of research being done for a fic this length becomes ridiculous. And there are some things that I wouldn't even know where to begin researching, so I'm making my best educated guesses based on what I can discover.).

Thing Two: So apparently a movie about Facebook is coming out later this year. With the screenplay written by Aaron Sorkin. Okay, I so have to see that when it comes out!

Thing Three: I can put things on notice!

Thing Four: Peter Wingfield has a podcast/blog thing! I haven't had the chance to listen to many of the entries yet, but so far it's lovely.
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Thing One Yesterday I stumbled across Adam Lambert's most recent music video. It is strangely addictive. I adore it. I don't even know why! Adam Lambert's music isn't the style I usually listen to, his voice isn't the type I usually like, the clothing style of the people in the video isn't what I find appealing. AND YET. It is fun, it is catchy, it is cheerful, it has lots of lens-flares, it's clear Adam is having a great time with it, and he looks really attractive in the second of his two outfits, the one with the silver top-hat. If it weren't for me having to be careful of bandwidth, I'd have watched this video at least a dozen times by now.

Thing Two There was a toss between TDS and TCR last night, for the first time since I started watching the shows! It was very exciting.

Thing Three Aria recently posted a chart mapping her favourite characters with her favourite character traits. I liked this idea a great deal (geeky over-analysis ftw!) and so I decided to do it myself. The results are as follows, with the characters in no particular order.

under lj-cut to save your friendspage )

A funny thing about creating this chart, though, was coming to the realization that just because something is a favourite book/show/movie of mine does not mean that its main characters are some of my favourite characters. I adore Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, for instance, but for the book, not the characters. Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is my favourite movie in the world but for something entirely other than the characters. Ditto with a surprising number of others. And some of the characters I adore are from books/shows/movies that I quite like but wouldn't put on my OMG FAVOURITE BOOKS/SHOWS/MOVIES EVER list. I thought there would be a bigger overlap! I mean, there is definitely quite a bit of overlap, but for some reason I though the two lists would correspond pretty much evenly, of canons I adore and characters I adore.


Jun. 10th, 2010 01:08 pm
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I have the AWESOMEST FRIEND EVER. Thank you [ profile] sentientcitizen for getting me all the shiny new icon spaces for my birthday! I am thrilled.

(though you have no idea how hard it was to keep from taking ten Jon Stewart icons. He has such an expressive face. But eventually my self-control won out and I managed to get a wide variety of types of icons.)
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Thing One: TDS and TCR are finally back from vacation! Yaaaaay! And they were as awesome as they were two weeks ago, when I was just beginning to dip my toes into their shows only to have it cruelly ripped from me.

Thing Two: I have found a way past the stupid Americans-only thing that the TDS and TCR websites have for their video clips, so I can finally WATCH ALL THE JUICIEST CLIPS THAT FANS LINK TO! YAAAAAY! Of course, then I started by going first to the clip of Jon Stewart's opening segment from when his show returned after September 11 2001 because I kept seeing it linked to as an example of him at his most exemplary. And wow, I nearly cried.

I tend not to think of 9/11 particularly often anymore; it's been nine years, and a lot has happened in between times. And there's always been a further disconnect for me in that I'm Canadian, not American. It wasn't an attack on me, on my country, on my people, and so although yes it was horrible, it's an abstract horror, no different from the atrocities that occur in countries around the world on an appallingly regular basis.

I think that back when it first happened I DID feel a lot more strongly about it: shocked, and dismayed, and full of OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL HOW COULD THAT HAVE HAPPENED feelings (although I wouldn't have used language that strong at the time). But I was only 12, and memories dim, and I got cynical.

Stewart's video reminded me of...of how much it did affect so many people. How despite the fact that it far too soon became an overused device of political rhetoric, there was something deeply emotional about it. It mattered, to a lot of people, and probably still does today. And so although certainly cynicism is is a valid response to a number of aspects of the aftermath of 9/11, I am reminded that there is genuineness there too, something that I think I'd forgotten. Thanks, Jon Stewart.

(Also? Stewart is one classy dude for being willing to make himself emotionally vulnerable like he did in that segment, on national television.)
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I'm away for the long weekend!* Without the internet! AAAH!

Also: how much does it suck that this week, the first week after I got interested in the Daily Show and Colbert Report, the shows are apparently taking a two-week break? Hint: a lot. My timing is terrible.

To end this post on a happy note,*** I keep on forgetting to write about something cool I saw a while back. I was taking the bus somewhere, and passed by one of those car lube change places, and on the front of it in big permanent letters it said: "Faster than Chuck Norris". Chuck Norris jokes have escaped the internet into real life! Awesome!

*In Canada this is a long weekend, even if the rest of the world disagrees. For some reason we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday.... Not that I'm complaining! But seriously. Why? I mean, apparently in the States they only get one day of vacation for Christmas,** and Christmas is like the holiday of holidays. Queen Victoria's birthday being equivalent to Christmas seems a little off-balance. Oh well!

**Boxing Day doesn't exist! They don't even call the 26th that, much less get it off work!

***Not that that is actually ending the post, on account of my footnotes being below it. :D
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Well, I am slowly learning all of the (painfully annoying) ins and outs of the comedy network's video player. Cut for a rant that you probably don't care about. I'm just venting. )

In other news, it fascinates me, this tendency of guys wearing suits to unbutton and rebutton their suit jacket over and over again. Obviously I didn't watch Guys Wearing Suits often enough, before getting interested in Fake News. Or possibly it's just a habit of SOME Guys Wearing Suits. At any rate, it is definitely a Thing That Happens, and it really intrigues me.

I'm willing to guess that most people don't even notice this, that it is an invisible habit both to the doers and the viewers. I'm curious as to what drives this habit, though! Is it that suit-jackets are uncomfortable both buttoned and unbuttoned, and people have a need to constantly switch between the two in a vain grasping after greener grass? (akin, perhaps, to what I would do if I were to wear pantyhose: feel a constant need to readjust because it just feels wrong) Is it that to properly do expansive arm gestures a suit needs to be unbuttoned but otherwise it looks better buttoned? (akin, perhaps, to what I do with my hair: put it up in a ponytail whenever I'm doing something active, whether cooking or jogging or writing an essay (shut up, the latter totally counts as active), but take the ponytail out as soon as it's not needed anymore) Is it that it's a fiddly habit? (akin, perhaps, to me fiddling with my necklace (or ring or bracelet or watch or earrings) when I'm bored or nervous) Is it something else entirely? Who knows!

Whatever the reason, though, I always notice it when, say, Stephen Colbert buttons or unbuttons his suit jacket, and am inevitably distracted for a moment to ponder this question.

What can I say, I'm intrigued by very strange things...
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It makes for handy organization of ideas, at least!

Thing One: Podficcing. Gah. I keep on meaning to get back on that! In fact, I even have a nearly-completed podfic on my computer, that just needs a final polishing edit before being posted online. But my computer problems that I had recently meant that my computer was wiped clean (I had backups for my files at least, hence my still having this podfic) and so I don't have the necessary software anymore. And for some reason it is far too much work for me to go redownload it. I mean, it's been weeks and I still haven't even put Word back on my computer, and that's something I use far more often than Audacity! I'm so lame.

Thing Two: I managed to watch yesterday's Daily Show episode (yes, I browbeat the comedy network's video player into submission. It meant that I spent far too much unnecessary time reloading clips over and over again (and having to watch the same stupid ads over and over and over again) but I DID see it all! And...dude! He referenced slash fanfic within the first 40 seconds of the show! Awesome. Though now I'm desperately curious as to whether he's aware of slashfic being written about himself. (desperately curious in a hiding-behind-my-hands sort of way...)
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Why I hate being canadian: stupid websites that only allow their videos to be played in the united states.* My current problem is that I have inadvertently become interested in Fake News Fandom (I blame Truthiness And Relative Dimensions In Space by insert-dreamwidth-symbol-here reseda. (it is, if you can't guess from the title, about both Fake News and Doctor Who. Best crossover ever. I read it ages and ages ago and adored it. And then I reread it ages ago, and adored it again. And then reseda wrote a really lovely Wizard of Oz fic for lgbt-fest recently (you can read it here) and I rediscovered her journal. And then I proceeded to read all the Fake News fic she'd ever written, as well as that of a number of other people, and naturally that made me want to watch the source.**

But -- and I bet you can guess where this is going -- the websites of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report only play videos to people in the states. And because videos are so readily available there to the vast majority of the interested population, it's pretty much impossible to find (or at least I couldn't find it) on various streaming sites. And sure, the official websites say that if you're canadian you can watch the videos just as well on the comedy network site. But there are some major problems with that. First, not nearly all the clips are actually available on it. And second, when you DO try to watch them, the video player on that website is ridiculously glitchy. I can hardly ever manage to make it play all the way to the end of a clip. Uh-huh. So useful. I just begin to get to the good part of a clip and then oh, sorry, it doesn't feel like working anymore. asldkga;dkjg;dfdkds (thirdly, when authors link to particular relevant clips from the beginning of their fics, it's inevitably to the united states website. Where I can't watch it. Yay.....)

I just want to watch Colbert-the-character being ridiculously messed up and angry and wrong and yet still somehow adorable!*** And Stewart doing his little giggle, and that thing with his eyebrows, and the way he so obviously finds his own jokes hilarious! And the two of them actually interacting, like in the toss between the shows! (I have yet to manage to see a single toss. It breaks my little shippy heart. At least I managed to find that Colbert christmas special, with the mistletoe, and the moment with the two of them on the opposite sides of the door's window gazing longingly at each other.)

Oh well, I'm sure I'll be distracted by the next shiny thing in just a couple days.**** But in the interim I'm peeved.

Cut for footnotes that are almost as long as the original post )

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