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I was having a bad day so I was like, "You know what can fix this? PIE AND FOUND FAMILY."

Title: you bought the whole pie
Author: [personal profile] verity
Podficcer: [personal profile] sophia_sol
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters: Derek, ensemble
Length: 10:14
Summary: "'It's tough rattling around the house all by myself,' the Sheriff says. "You boys are coming to dinner on Sunday nights from now on. Erica, too. You look like you could some feeding up. Do you eat anything aside from pie?'

"'Yes?' Derek says. He's not really sure how they ended up here, or how all that pie went so fast."

Download at mediafire
Stream at AO3
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"#can we have sterek fic with home canning?#just... because?" Verity asked. YES WE CAN.

(also on AO3)

Distinctly A Modern Art

Stiles always sleeps in on Saturday mornings, because he feels it is an unfair imposition of societal norms on his life that he has to rise early every single weekday. This Saturday, like most, Derek is already long gone from bed. Stiles wakes slowly, yawning and stretching and luxuriating in the free day ahead of him.

Eventually he decides it would be worth his time to kick himself out of bed and go find out what Derek is up to this morning. )
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Walking home from work today, I was listening to Godspell and thinking about Teen Wolf, and this created some slightly alarming connections in my head.

Namely: I accidentally applied omegaverse to Christianity's alpha-omega thing.



So. The way I figure, it works like this. The world we live in IS omegaverse, only all the humans are betas. God is both alpha and omega, and is the only one of each (??? unless we go with the henotheism thing instead of monotheism, and then apply the alpha-omega thing to all the gods, or maybe even all the non-human beings, mentioned in the bible).

I will leave it as an exercise to the reader's imagination to picture where it goes from here, because this is definitely one for the Fics I Am Never Ever Writing Ever category.
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SIGHHHHHHH I love Teen Wolf dearly and have been happily having feels over it all weekend, but. I personally really dislike how the fandom enjoys the Derek/Stiles age difference thing? Me, I get super skeeved out by it. Stiles is sixteen! Derek is six years older! Six years is not a problem for me once Stiles is, like, NO LONGER A MINOR and preferably also NO LONGER A TEENAGER, but as it is? NO THANK YOU.

And then people build in power imbalances ON TOP of the age thing, like doing AUs where Derek is a TA and Stiles is his student, or whatever, and look, if that's your thing that's cool, but your kink is not my kink.

I feel like a terrible awful hypocrite even thinking this, though, because my first ever ship, back when I was like 14 or 15, was Hermione/Snape. SPEAKING OF AGE DIFFERENCES AND POWER IMBALANCES.

But the thing about that ship -- at least as I read it -- was that it was all about how Snape and Hermione are equals, intellectually and so forth. It was about how Hermione was so much more mature than her peers and so much more intelligent than everyone ever, and so to find an equal she had to look outside her peer group. And the majority of the fic -- at least, again, as I read it -- was careful to set it after she had graduated, after Snape was no longer in a position of authority over her, and after she'd had time to grow up some more.

Obviously the Derek/Stiles dynamic is different than the Hermione/Snape dynamic, in some ways, but I'd still prefer it if more of the fic were about them being equals.


But that's not how Teen Wolf fandom seems to feel, and it makes me sad. I keep on reading fics where I'm like, I WOULD LOVE THIS FIC IF ONLY....

Buuuuut then, of course, this might be entirely because I am now no longer fourteen years old and am capable of better understanding what I'm reading. WHO KNOWS how much I was just reading my own interests into the Snape/Hermione fic I read as a teen! Maybe there was a lot of underage-and-authority-issues in Hermione/Snape fic back in the day, and I just obliviously missed it! Many things are possible!


Aug. 15th, 2012 08:51 pm
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You guys I am so happy.

1. It can be hard to realize how much something is weighing on you until it no longer is. That is to say, my new job is starting to feel a little bit like it's actually real. And after being unemployed for over a year, it is a magical feeling to spend each day doing useful and productive things and have people tell you you're doing great and then getting paid for it. (omfg, I got my first paycheck today and I AM HAVING TROUBLE BELIEVING IT IS REAL. AND FOR THAT MUCH MONEY.)

2. Mara finally bought herself a piano -- that is, a good quality keyboard with the full 88 keys, because a real piano sure as heck isn't fitting in our apartment. And listening to her play piano in the evenings is just such a lovely thing.

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gdi I currently have like FIFTY MILLION TABS of teen wolf fic open and not enough time to read them!

I spent all weekend with my sister and a couple friends doing some of the year's canning (peaches, tomatoes, apricot jam), and since Mara and I mostly eat local fruits/vegetables, that means we have to do a LOT to last all winter when we find ourselves eating nothing but apples and root vegetables for months.

(gosh, this spring when the first dandelion greens were sold at the local farmer's market, they were THE MOST DELICIOUS THING IN THE WORLD. I'm quite sure that if I ate them right now I would not find them delicious! But when you have had almost no greenery all winter, SO DELICIOUS. All of a sudden references I'm vaguely remembering reading (the Little House books, maybe?) to dandelion green salads in the spring, and how wonderful they are, made SO MUCH SENSE.)

But when you are processing three bushels of tomatoes and two bushels of peaches and idk how much apricot (we ended with 40 half-pint jars of jam. That much apricot.), it takes a LOOOOOONG time. (No, we are not eating ALL of that ourselves, me and Mara. A bunch of that is for our friend and practically sister, who I'm SURE I've given an online pseeudonym before but have forgotten what it is. She is now NANCY.)

So. My fifty million tabs will have to haunt me, and hopefully I can close some of them AT SOME POINT in the not too distant future! And also watch more Teen Wolf!
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The problem, as I think I was telling Mara last night, is that most of my major falls into fannishness prior to now have happened while I was a university student -- aka, when I had a fair amount of very flexible time where I could just about dedicate my life to my new fandom. Especially if it was in the summer break and I didn't have a job (or didn't have a job yet).

But this Teen Wolf thing sprang on me only about a week after starting my new permanent full-time job. I have only a few hours each day of my own time, and there's more things in my life that need/want that time than just fandom, and so there's really not that much time I can dedicate to Teen Wolf! It makes for a very different fannish experience, because I'm not, like, SUBMERGING myself in the fandom like I usually do, where I am living and breathing the fandom for days or weeks straight while I find my footing in it. It's...sad, almost, because the intensity of the new-fandom experience is ratcheted SO much higher when I can dedicate most of my time to it. And I quite like that new fandom feeling! Wallowing in feels is FUN! *sigh* Well, such is life. And I will not lie: I like the prospect of actually having disposable income, which is what having a job means.

So last night I watched ep three and remembered to tag for teen wolf spoilers on tumblr, not just for teen wolf. (figuring out the spoiler etiquette of tumblr is HARD.) And I want rather desperately to watch in a terrible unhealthy binge of tv but I DON'T HAVE THE TIME. Especially if I want to read fic as WELL as watch the show -- which I DO.

( Apparently I've been....ugh, figuring out the split between what goes on tumblr and what goes here is HARD. It used to be that tumblr was just for reblogging things, but there's people I like whose main location these days is TUMBLR and so it keeps on drawing me into a more in-depth fannish behaviour there, but I LIKE HAVING DW BE MY FANNISH HOME. It is hard. What should I do?)


Aug. 7th, 2012 10:29 pm
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....oh dear. Apparently I am in Teen Wolf fandom now? I DIDN'T THINK I WAS GOING TO, but I just found myself going through the Pinboard Popular Fandom page for the day, and instead of happily scrolling on by all the Teen Wolf fic, I, um, opened all of them as new tabs?

Yyyyyeah THAT'S A SIGN.

(also I just watched the first episode of Teen Wolf. I am not well cut out for this show AND YET. WHAT AM I DOING? WHAT AM I DOING???)

(I have seen SO MANY "oops I accidentally teen wolf" posts on my flist and rlist and dash over the last couple weeks and NOW I AM ONE OF THEM? NOOOOOOOOOOO)
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yes I am reading teen wolf fic again, SHUT UP. I know what I said last time. It still holds true! Only now I am having feels over Stiles. GDI I JUST WANT TO READ FIC ABOUT STILES BEING AWESOME with maybe some fun bonding and/or barista and/or telepathy etc tropes for good measure. I can even deal with Derek, only the majority of people seem to write Derek as a dude who sets off ALL MY CREEPER-DAR and I do not want him anywhere near Stiles.

Also omegaverse as a thoughtful look into social structure is interesting to me, and omegaverse as porn is not.

So. STILL not in teen wolf, since the measure of falling into a new fandom for me is feeling a need to trawl through all the fic ever to make sure I don't miss any hidden gems, and I am DEFINITELY not feeling that way about teen wolf.

But I am enjoying myself nonetheless. It's nice to read ridiculous fic in a fandom I don't care about, after I have used up all my brain for the day.


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