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It's time for my approximately-annual short story recommendation list, wherein I tell you about ten stories I read in the last year that I think are particularly worth reading, and link you to them. I've been reading more short stories of late so keeping the list to only ten was particularly hard this time!

Without further ado, here's some stories to read:

1. Who Will Greet You At Home, by Lesley Nneka Arimah
A story about how babies are made out of physical materials and the blessings of your mother, and the lengths to which people will go to have a baby. Strange and sad and disturbing.

2. Probably Still the Chosen One, by Kelly Barnhill
At 11 years old, Corrina was the Chosen One in a land through a secret portal only she could access. Then she's left behind in this world, expecting at any moment to be called back. It's a great look at, among other things, how the political situation you're thrown into looks very different when you're eleven than when you're an adult. I love this sort of deconstruction of tropes.

3. Seasons of Glass and Iron, by Amal El-Mohtar
In which the heroines of two fairy tales (the princess on the glass mountain, and the girl who has to walk through seven pairs of iron shoes) help each other see how terribly they've been treated. What an excellent way of doing a fairy-tale mash-up!

4. Suradanna and the Sea, by Rebecca Fraimow
I love this story so much! The worldbuilding is incredible, and the characterization, and the relationship between the main characters, and basically everything. I'll borrow a description from the author of what this story's about: "Trade routes, magical fertilizer, and one girl's centuries-long effort to impress a woman who is already in a committed relationship with a boat."

5. The Nalendar, by Ann Leckie
Leckie has written a number of short stories that all take place in the same world, broadly speaking. You can tell which stories these are by the gods. I love all these stories (so interesting!), but decided to rec The Nalendar in particular. This story is about a woman who makes an agreement with an untrustworthy small god who's after something.

6. Extracurricular Activities, by Yoon Ha Lee
This one is a fun space adventure story! (Yes I am in fact capable of enjoying and recommending straightforward adventure stories, even if you wouldn't guess it based on the other kinds of things I tend to rec....)

7. The Wreck at Goat's Head, by Alexandra Manglis
About a free-diver in the Mediterranean, one of the last remaining in the 21st century. A lovely story of grief and loss and living, and I like how well-grounded it is in its setting.

8. And Then There Were (N-One), by Sarah Pinsker
In which Sarah Pinsker is invited to a convention of multiverses of Sarah Pinskers, and then one of the Sarahs is murdered at the convention. A delightful premise, and a really interesting story.

9. The Dark Birds, by Ursula Vernon
The degree to which this story is horrifying creeps up on you the further you get - it's really effectively done. It's the story of a family where the ogre father eats his daughters, as told from the pov of the current baby of the family.

10. Utopia, LOL?, by Jamie Wahls
A man awakes from cryofreeze in the far future, and we see his introduction to this new world via the pov of his Tour Guide to the Future, who is easily-distractable and alarmingly enthusiastic. This story is weird and incredible and I was very surprised to be having feelings by the end given how much I was giggling through most of the story. I love it.
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My short story rec list I made last summer has had a small surge in notes again recently, and every time I am reminded of that post's existence I am made happy again. I should do another such rec list! Maybe I should do one every year.

So here's another ten recommended short stories where only two are written by men.

(For the record, last time the authors consisted of seven women, one nonbinary person, and two men. The numbers turned out to be the same this time too.)

And somehow I neglected to mention last time around that all the stories I was reccing were sff but they were. That is once again the case! I love sff so much.

Here we go:

1. Soteriology And Stephen Greenwood: The Role of Salus in the Codex Lucis, by Julia August
So this story is written as a series of emails between various academics and also a young woman named Cara who has found an important historic artefact but has very different priorities with respect to the translation of it that she's asked for help with. I love the juxtaposition between academia and Cara, and how we the readers can figure out what's going on with Cara because we're genre readers, while the academic she's in contact with is mostly just baffled and frustrated by her.

2. The Comet, by W.E.B. Du Bois
This is an early work of Afrofuturism, written nearly a century ago (in 1920), and it's fascinating as a look at the ideas of the time. It's about a black man and a white woman who are the only survivors in New York of the deadly gas from the passing of a comet.

3. First Do No Harm, by Jonathan Edelstein
In the far future in south-central Africa, Mutende is studying to be a doctor, but is frustrated by the lack of innovation allowed. I love how grounded and immersive the story is in its setting!

4. Madeleine, by Amal El-Mohtar
Madeleine, dealing with the grief of losing her mother, is part of an experimental drug program. She has an odd reaction, with strangely intense flashbacks to her past. And then a girl named Zainab starts showing up in these flashbacks, and unlike everything else, Madeleine knows Zainab was never actually part of her memories and childhood. I really enjoy the relationship that develops between Madeleine and Zainab, and I love the ending of the story!

5. Further Arguments in Support of Yudah Cohen’s Proposal to Bluma Zilberman, by Rebecca Fraimow
The story consists of a letter from Yudah to the object of his affection, outlining exactly why he's such a catch. And this story is so charming? Like, Yudah's convinced me! I'd marry him, if I were Bluma!

6. The Scrape of Tooth and Bone, by Ada Hoffmann
Alternate-19th-century dinosaur fossil wars! OBVIOUSLY I WAS ALL OVER THIS. And it's so great, really lives up to this excellent premise! I was delighted.

7. Hunting Monsters, by S.L. Huang
Combines several different fairy tale elements into a coherent whole that gives me SO MANY FEELINGS ugh. It's a story, and complicated histories, and what to do when people aren't quite who you thought they were.

8. So Much Cooking, by Naomi Kritzer
The chronicles of a family dealing with a major epidemic as told through a food blog. Such a neat premise and very well executed, I was impressed. But also the story was really good at just making me care super lots about every single character in it.

9. Grandmother-Nai-Leylit's Cloth of Winds, by Rose Lemberg
A secondary-world fantasy with absolutely wonderful worldbuilding. I love the different way of doing family structure in this culture, and the ways in which almost all of the major characters have difficulty in one way or another fitting into expectations. It's lovely and I want to read five million more words of it. (It's already the longest story on this list so that's saying something.)

10. The Six Swans, by Mallory Ortberg
Back when the Toast was still running, Ortberg had a semi-regular series called "Children's Stories Made Horrific". This story is one of those, and it's AMAZING. By far the best of the lot, imo. Worth being read as a story, not just as a humour column like a lot of the others were. It's a retelling of the fairy tale by the same name, but with emphasis placed on various horrible things that the original takes for granted, and I as a fairy tale nerd was super duper here for everything this story chose to do. And I'm pretty sure people who aren't such fairy tale nerds would like it too!
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Recently on tumblr I saw a list of "10 captivating short stories" being recommended, and there were just as many stories by Isaac Asimov on the list as there were stories by women. Come on. Really?

So I decided to even things up and do a recs list of ten short stories featuring only two male authors and eight authors of other genders.

This was not hard! There's lots of great short stories written by people who aren't dudes, available to read online for free. The only hard part was narrowing my list down. (Also writing descriptions of each. I'm really bad at pithy enticing nonspoilery descriptions. My apologies for the below. I did my best.)

Here you go:

1. Never the Same, by Polenth Blake
Set on another planet on a colony that isn't thriving, exploring the family stuff of the main character at the same time as exploring the reason for the colony's difficulties. It's complicated and unsettling in the best kind of ways, and has a wonderfully interesting main character.

2. The Perseverance of Angela's Past Life, by Zen Cho
I figure at this point I have recced my favourite Zen Cho story (The House of Aunts!) often enough that it's time to take a break and recommend other Zen Cho stories because she has SO MANY good stories because she's a brilliant writer; her stories are never a disappointment. This one is about dealing with an overly-literal past version of yourself who you thought you'd left behind, and it is lovely.

3. The Cage, by A.M. Dellamonica
Look it's the canadian lesbian activist community werewolf baby story of my heart. IT'S BASICALLY THE BEST.

4. The Tempting: A Love Story, by James Alan Gardner
Definitely one of the weirder stories on this list, and I love it for that. I haven't reread it in a while and I don't actually remember the plot? Haha like I ever read for plot anyways. AT ANY RATE this is a deeply interesting story and I recommend it! or it wouldn't be on this list, obviously.

5. The Bride In Furs, by Layla Lawlor
An excellent fairy-tale-ish story, with a good fairy tale feel, that is all about ladies, aww yeah. INTO IT.

6. The Lady Astronaut of Mars, by Mary Robinette Kowal
It's about an aging famous astronaut who's been wanting another opportunity to venture into space for years. What a good everything. I cried and it was amazing.

7. Burning Girls, by Veronica Schanoes
Let me go with the official description because it's better than what I could come up with: This story "is a fascinating dark fantasy novella about a Jewish girl educated by her grandmother as a healer and witch growing up in an increasingly hostile environment in Poland in the late nineteenth century. In addition to the natural danger of destruction by Cossacks, she must deal with a demon plaguing her family." YEAH. And it's REALLY GOOD.

8. Sauerkraut Station, by Ferrett Steinmetz
Little House on the Prairie in space, is more or less its hook, and it IS that but it is also a million times better than that makes it sound. I had a lot of feelings.

9. Jackalope Wives, by Ursula Vernon
Ursula Vernon won a Nebula for this! And with good reason, holy crap. I mean I love every word Ursula Vernon ever puts down on page or screen but this is definitely a particularly good piece of Ursula Vernon's words. It's... I don't know, it's a fairy-tale-ish story with a strong sense of character and of place, and about identity and about making hard decisions. And stuff. I'm bad at one-sentence plot teasers!

10. Sleeper, by Jo Walton
The official summary: "History is a thing we make—in more senses than one. And from more directions." YEAH. This story starts off slowly but is totally worth the read! It's about a woman in the future writing a biography of a man from the 20th century who had secrets.


Sep. 5th, 2012 07:49 pm
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So Ursula Vernon's graphic novel/webcomic Digger won the Hugo the other day, ENTIRELY DESERVEDLY. (It was, actually, the category I cared about the most on this year's Hugo slate; if Digger didn't win I was going to be massively disappointed with the world.)

And of course this means I reread the entire thing over the course of the last few days. Just finished the reread now, the first time I've read it since it came to an end a year and a half ago, and gosh that is some quality stuff. Art, storytelling, characters, worldbuilding -- YEP. GOOD STUFF. *happy sigh*

Even if it means I am, once again, ridiculously behind on everything else on the internet.

TOTALLY WORTH IT. Digger is simply -- I cannot even. It is just FANTASTICALLY GOOD in every way. You should check it out!
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Um so apparently Taylor Swift is unexpectedly awesome? Like, I love this song, and ALSO the music video is every kind of excellent! OKAY THEN.
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Thing One: Dude, fuck, the end of December was my SIX MONTH BANDOM ANNIVERSARY. How is this even real? How did this even happen? Bandom still feels as new and fresh and exciting to me as it was when I was just beginning to fall down this rabbit hole, and yet it's been SIX MONTHS. That's the longest I've been in any fandom since SGA, I think.

I'm a little bit afraid to think, actually, what will happen when I finally do get over bandom. Because it feels so -- so permanent, you know? But I mean, all my major fandoms have felt permanent whilst in the throes of passion and none of them have been. (well, I still love all of them and still read fic for all of them occasionally but I am over that particular kind of deep well of fannish obsession)

And it's interesting, because I do keep being interrupted in my bandoming by brief obsessions with other things (eg Suits and Avengers) but somehow these have utterly failed to derail me. So f'rinstance I might have obsessively read nothing but Suits for two or three days at one point, but then I went back to the welcoming arms of bandom and just look up Suits when it, hah, suits me.

Bandom feels kind of like my One True Fandom at this point, and I KNOW that's wrongheaded of me to think, given my track record. But. STILL.

Thing Two: During the week and a half I spent at my parents' place being their helper-monkey I realized: I think I am learning the wrong life lesson from bandom about showering. During that time I showered once after six days and then once more after five days. It just... I wasn't leaving the house at all! I was literally doing nothing but getting up in the morning and putting on my painting clothes and PAINTING (or other house-fixing things) and doing a bit of collapsing onto a couch! What was the point in showering when I was just going to get more paint and sawdust all over me anyways, and it's not like anyone was SEEING me, and I didn't smell THAT bad, and....yeah.

I never even would have THOUGHT about going that long without a shower before, but seeing all the loving mocking of Gerard Way et al's shower habits in fic meant that it suddenly became an option, in a way it had never been before. A mocking-worthy option, yes, and kind of disgusting, but still an OPTION. And I exercised that option. *is ashamed*

(A Gerard-Way-Doesn't-Shower-Enough fic rec for you because I can't not, after that. It is totally delightful and priceless in every way: Pavlov's Dog, by iamtheenemy)

Thing Three: It's really weird, but every now and then when I am listening to Fall Out Boy and I'm not thinking, I notice that my brain is operating under the assumption that the voice that is singing is Pete's, because it's so clearly Pete's words. Even though I know perfectly well it's Patrick singing! And Patrick has a relatively distinctive voice and I can RECOGNIZE it as Patrick's! AND YET.

Thing Four: mean Black Cards don't actually have an album out yet? What? But I've been hearing about them for AGES and AGES, and there are tons of songs by them on youtube! And reading up on them, apparently they have enough songs for an album but are just...delaying? Trying to decide stuff?

And now the lead singer Bebe Rexha (whose voice is awesome and fits Black Cards' music really well) is no longer part of Black Cards. What does that mean for their future, and for the future of a possible album?

At any rate, these thoughts are brought to you by the fact that I've had Club Called Heaven stuck in my head for a couple days. I really like it! And their other songs too! I mean, very different from FOB, yes, but isn't that kind of the point? It's depressing seeing all the comments on youtube of people complaining that it isn't FOB and that Pete should go back to FOB and all that stuff. PEOPLE. He is doing what he wants to do and making fantastic music while doing it! Do not complain!

IDK, it's just weird for me to be looking at the Happenings Of Bandom Peeps in real time, because of course I've just been inhaling ancient history with all the fics I've read, so I always know how the Dramatic Real Life Events end. I don't know how this one ends! Does Black Cards survive as a band? Who do they get as a new lead singer? Does Andy and Joe's band, The Damned Things, do well? (if we're going strictly based on youtube comments, The Damned Things is doing damn fine.) What does Patrick do next with his solo career, and does he ever get rid of that unfortunate bleached hair? Does FOB ever come back from hiatus, and if so, when and for how long? I need to know these things!

Thing Five: Because five things make a post, as they say, I will end with something I already magnanimously shared with Tumblr, namely the glory of the original Guilty Pleasure music video by Cobra Starship. It is full of ADORABLE and GLEE and PEOPLE BEING HAPPY AND RIDICULOUS. I can't but grin when I watch it.

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I think this year I need to write a pimp post for the things I am going to be requesting for Yuletide. Because none of them have any fannish activity to speak of. I have no experience writing pimp posts, so we'll see how this goes!

Fandom One: Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream, by James Alan Gardner )

Fandom Two: Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe )

Fandom Three: Sir Richard Francis Burton RPF )
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Slightly belated public service announcement! In case you haven't heard, Pinboard these days has a fandom-specific popular page, so you can see all the hottest links that fannish people are bookmarking. It is fascinating to examine, and I imagine that keeping stats of that page would also be fascinating: write down how many fics there are for each fandom each day (the page is refreshed once a day), and keep track over time, and you'd be able to chart a lovely graph of relative fandom popularity over time. YOU CAN'T TELL ME THAT WOULDN'T BE AWESOME. Unfortunately I am not good at keeping my attention on something long-term so I am not a good choice for it. (doesn't mean I'm not having salivatory thoughts about doing it anyways)

Currently it seems that the biggest fandoms are Inception and Avengers. (the former surprises me, that it's still going this strong more than a year later)(the latter amuses me, since most of it is Tony/Steve, and those dudes haven't even appeared in a movie together yet! People are just writing it in anticipation, now that we've had movies about both guys individually. Like, people had all these feelings about the ship from the comics, and now that the movies are far enough along, those feelings can finally be expressed or something)

What this means is, if you are on Pinboard and you haven't yet done this, you should go to your settings page and click that you are a member of fandom, and then your bookmarks will be included in the collation of the popular/fandom page, and possibly also future fandom-specific features will work in your favour. So you should do that!

And even if you're not on Pinboard you should totally check out the popular/fandom page, because it is great.
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I am not the only person in the world upset by the way the world thinks the only things women should be for halloween are SEXY things, which is good, because uh THAT'S NOT COOL.

Really it's way more fun to be THE DOCTOR or a PIRATE or whatever. In fact I'm pretty sure I usually show less skin on halloween than I do in my normal clothes.

But this post is not a rant about that, because that wouldn't be any fun to read and would just make me angry. No, this post is about the website Take Back Halloween, which is upset about the very same thing, and so you know what it is? It is a website of costume ideas for AWESOME LADY COSTUMES. And you know what? This website is AWESOME.

For two reasons:
1. pretty pretty pictures (currently I am drooling over victorian button boots. Too bad most varieties one can find for sale online are high-heeled or too small for me or are only using the buttons as decoration)

Pretty much I want to do all the reading about all these awesome ladies because I haven't even heard of a number of them and that is TRAGIC because they are SUPER RAD.

How have I never heard of, say, Lise Meitner before? Or Enheduanna?

(I kind of want to be one of these ladies for halloween now. Too bad my halloween plans as they stand are: stay at home)
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Thing One: Pinboard is growing ever stronger in my affections. I discovered a problem the other evening while trying to edit some of my tags, emailed Maciej about it, he emailed back for some clarification, and within about half an hour of me sending the clarification? The problem was fixed. I APPROVE. <333

Thing Two: Although I am very happy with Pinboard, it is obviously not for everybody, not least because it requires payment and not everyone has that money to spare. Which is why the existence of a fan-driven bookmarking site would be a boon to fandom! So I'm signalboosting a call for requirements for such a site.

Thing Three: This is...kind of a random and shallow furtheration of the Pinboard discussion, but looking across the line of tabs I have at the top of my browser, it hit me that old/new fandom resource sites have a definite colour divide -- livejournal blue, dreamwidth red; delicious blue, pinboard red; heck, even blue, ao3 red. I kind of really love this, for some reason. Although it is making me unreasonably curious about what's going to be replacing gdocs. :P (eta for clarity: my comment about gdocs is a joke based on colours; any replacement of the site is entirely theoretical and in my head)

Thing Four: So it turns out that sometimes the internet is a small, small place. Maciej, the owner of Pinboard, runs a blog, it turns out; a blog that I have visited multiple times in the past and always been impressed with, though not all of its posts are of interest to me. But I will always think of it as the blog that has that post about the history of the cure for scurvy, because that's the first post I ever read on the blog, and it impressed me so much. You should check out this blog too! Or if nothing else read that post on scurvy!


Sep. 20th, 2011 07:42 pm
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Okay so the latest music I have gotten into! There's this band called "fun.", and let me just say, WHY MUST BANDS DO STUPID THINGS WITH PUNCTUATION? AND CAPITAL LETTERS? But anyways, fun. is a super awesome band and you can go listen to all their songs legally here and you totally should because I've kind of fallen in love with their music because it's awesome. Especially "Be Calm" and "The Gambler" and "Light a Roman Candle With Me".

AUGH, undergoing all of this ~musical discovery~ means that I don't have enough time in the day to appreciate all the music I'm learning to love. I kind of feel like I'm doing with music what I do with fandoms -- gleefully hopping from one shiny thing to the next and getting into way too many things and not having enough hours in the day to be obsessive over everything I want to. And it's worse with music because my sister doesn't like most of it so I can only really play it when she's not around. *sadface*

(And now what icon do I use with this? My Gerard icon, for bandom, since fun. IS related to bandom via being on the Fueled By Ramen label and having opened for Panic? Or my Stan Rogers icon, for music in general, since I'm not fannishly into fun.? OH THE DILEMMA. How about I keep from having to make a decision and use neither? Yeah, that sounds good.)
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Thing One: Mmmmm. One of the things I love about bandom? Is how much cuddling and snuggling and hugging and hand-holding and just generally lots of non-sexual touching there is between so many of the characters. It is wonderful.

Thing Two: Sometimes I can be so obtuse. Today I listened to Patrick Stump's solo EP, Truant Wave, and I liked a couple of the songs but mostly was not too big on the whole thing. And then I was really disappointed, because I wanted to like the new stuff Patrick is doing!

Aaaaand then I remembered that my first time listening to Fall Out Boy I was not big on it either. DEAR GOD, self. You would think I had never had that epiphany on how I need to listen multiple times to songs that are in a genre new to me in order to appreciate them. *headdesk*

One of the songs I did like almost straight off is Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia), which has a music video that is up on Patrick's youtube. And the video is kind of ridiculously endearing. I love it to bits. Although it completely shocked me to see that Patrick is NOT WEARING A HAT in the video. And here I thought that Patrick/hat was Patrick's otp!

Thing Three: It's weird to think sometimes how being part of the bandom fandom means that I look at some songs differently than I otherwise would have. Like, "Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks" and "Camisado" are much more meaningful and painful to me, knowing they're about Ryan and his father.

And just listening to Infinity On High, I would have enjoyed "Bang the Doldrums" in the usual sort of way that I like songs that are good, and that would be it. But knowing it's at least somewhat about Pete and Mikey* makes me find it a really depressing song. "Best friends, ex-friends to the end, better off as lovers and not the other way around"? It makes me all sad for them, knowing that their Summer of Like ended.

*Er, for a given value of know. I actually don't remember how canonical it is, but I have vague memories of hearing it's maybe semicanonical? *facepalm* Applying my usual fannish methods (of diving facefirst into fic without any knowledge of the source, and extrapolating from that and from various people's squee-posts and so forth what is and isn't canon) to bandom is more complicated than most because canon isn't a discrete whole, so my grasp on what is and isn't canon is shaky. At any rate, even if it isn't canonical, the point still stands, since my brain still associates the song with Pete and Mikey and the Summer of Like.
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Okay so I'm not caught up on Doctor Who yet which is a tragedy but apparently my deep love of bandom fic transcends my ability to make myself stay in one place for long enough to watch Doctor Who, I DON'T EVEN KNOW. Because DOCTOR WHO. It is my ONE TRUE TV LOVE.*

WHATEVER. I'll be all over that tomorrow. Just you wait, Doctor Who, I am coming for you.

But this post is about something different!

By which I mean even more bandom things!

(I can't even. Every time I'm at my computer for more than like five minutes I find myself clicking back over to my "things to post" gdoc and adding yet more rambly thoughts about bandom because I have all these thoughts. Also feelings.)

Thing One: There is a picture from a My Chem photoshoot wherein Frank is holding a puppy. And do you know why Frank is holding a puppy? Because everyone was grumpy and didn't want to be doing a photoshoot, so Gerard left and CAME BACK WITH A PUPPY. To make them smile. IS THAT NOT THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER?

(and I'm not even talking about the puppy here. GERARD. THAT IS WHAT IS ADORABLE.)

Thing Two: You know what is a mindfuck? Reading bandom fic and then accidentally going back too far in someone's fic tag and seeing their old posts about Due South and getting super confused over the references to Ray. Because CLEARLY Ray is a part of bandom. And then I'm like OH RIGHT DUE SOUTH HAS TWO RAYS OF ITS OWN.

Which means! I've already read the fic where Gerard is Fraser's illegitimate son. And I've got definite intentions to read the epic bandom/Due South fusion because I fully believe it will be amazing. But there totally needs to be fic about the three Rays. I'm just saying.

Thing Three: Um. So. Totally not into incest, right? But. Apparently, as long as the fic treats it as creepy and wrong, in the context of lots of creepy and wrong, I am capable of enjoying it? Like. The Gerard/Mikey serial killer au ficlet? I am ALL OVER THAT. Whyyyyyyyyy, self?

(also. I had heard about that concert with Gerard and Mikey and Mikey's chest but my memories deceived me into believing it was about Gerard fondling Mikey's chest. And then I was reminded, with video evidence, that IN FACT Gerard unzipped Mikey's jacket and licked his chest. WHAT EVEN, GERARD WAY. DO NOT ACTUALLY WANT.)

Thing Four: I only just recently realized that not!fic as a thing is actually largely a bandom thing. I mean, I have previously seen things like "here is a story that I am not writing", and then a brief synopsis or scene or snipped or something, but those are not very common. But in bandom, not!fic has become codified as a thing of its own right and it is everywhere. Enough so that I picked up on the total normality of it and wrote and posted some myself without even realizing the inherent bandom-ness of it.

But I kind of love the idea of not!fic as a thing that people do and that people enjoy, because it's a way more low-stress way of putting your stuff out into the world, so it's great that this way of doing things isn't, like, looked down on or anything. <33333 bandom for running with it so hard.

*no seriously. ONLY TV SHOW EVER which I am actually capable of keeping up with the canon for. I still sometimes can't believe that I have actually watched five and a half whole seasons of it. Because that never happens to me.
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Jack Layton is dead. I can't even.

Other people are saying far more eloquent things than I could, so I will leave it there.

Here, have a recs-set of HAPPY THINGS:

every aching old machine, by [ profile] longtime_lurker. Bandom; Pete/Patrick. OLD MEN IN LOVE.

Dolphin-Borne, by [ profile] carmarthen. The Eagle/Dinotopia; Esca, Cottia, Marcus. DINOTOPIA FUSION.

The Adventures of Lily and Severus (BEST BUDS), by [ profile] theopteryx. Harry Potter; Lily, Severus. ADORBS WEE COMIC.

Public Displays of Affection, by [ profile] philomytha. Vorkosigan; Cordelia/Aral, Alys/Simon. MIDDLE-AGED PEOPLE IN LOVE.

untitled, by dakotaaaa. Doctor Who; Amy/Rory. ADORBS DRAWING OF KISSING AND BUNKBEDS.


Lose My Breath, by [ profile] deirdre_c. White Nights; Kolya/Ray. Vid, to a source you don't need to be familiar with (and it's not just me saying this). TWO DUDES. DANCING. IT IS AMAZING.
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I have a thing about William Carlos Williams. That is to say, I have an issue with him and his poems. So much so that I, um, have one of them memorized. In my defense it's really short and I didn't mean to? *headdesk*

So yeah.

"So much depends upon the red wheelbarrow glazed with rainwater beside the white chickens." Whatever, William Squared.

As a result I have been working on a collection of fannish poetry that has been written as a pastiche of or reaction to him, usually of the one about the plums. They are AWESOME. And here they are, as recs. If you know of any others, PLEASE do share! They make me strangely joyful, despite my antipathy towards William Carlos Williams himself.

This Is Just To Say, by [personal profile] toft. A Mythbusters version!
(ETA: And in the comments of the LJ version of Toft's, as a sort of sequel, a Mythbusters version of the wheelbarrow poem too, by [ profile] shimere277!)

FORGIVE ME, WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS, by [ profile] asimaiyat. A series of White Collar versions, that together form a fic!

An experiment in translation, by [ profile] skalja. A lolcat translation!

With All Apologies To William Carlos Williams, by [ profile] lannamichaels. A fandom version! Of both the plum poem and the wheelbarrow poem!
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Thing One: I really need to not read Kane/Toews hockey rpf. Because, dude, Toews is a totally mennonite name. And I know people named Toews. It is WEIRD seeing that name in fanfiction. But -- I was seduced by a soulbonding fic, okay? It is not my fault!

(yes, I know, soulbonding. I REALLY LIKE THE CLICHES, OKAY. I AM NOT ASHAMED.)

Thing Two: I really ought to write up a post on What Being Mennonite Means To Me. Since it does keep on cropping up here occasionally.

Thing Three: You know what I really like? Fic about HUGS and ADORABLENESS. I have recently decided that hugs are something that I need to be tagging for on Delicious, so now I have started doing it, but now that I've started I want ALL THE HUG!FIC. Which means: recs pls? Any fandom! Any characters! As long as it involves hugs and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Actually I'm not picky; fic about any physical affection that is not sex and not sexual would be really awesome, ngl. So. Help a girl out?

(I will start!

Citizens of Amity, a Community fic rated H for hugs, by [personal profile] thingswithwings
How Steve got his hug and kept it, a Hawaii Five-0 fic about Steve needing a hug, by [ profile] sirona
Hug, a Hawaii Five-0 fic about Danny wanting a hug, by [ profile] somehowunbroken

Your turn!)

Thing Four: I am a terrible person. I had this idea for a vid that would be hilarious and slightly horrifying and probably also blasphemous. You know the movie O Brother Where Art Thou? And you know the bit where the two little girls sing the song "In the Highways" and it's really kind of an obnoxious song but you feel bad for thinking so because they're kids? I kind of want a vid about Voldemort and the Death Eaters to that song.

"In the highways in the hedges, in the highways in the hedges
In the highways in my hedges I'll be somewhere working for my Lord

I'll be somewhere working, I'll be somewhere working
I'll be somewhere working for my Lord
I'll be somewhere working, I'll be somewhere working
I'll be somewhere working for my Lord

When he calls me I will answer, when he calls me I will answer
When he calls me I will answer I'll be somewhere working for my Lord

I'll be somewhere working..."

I just had to share this thought with you, because I'm certainly never going to vid it, but I figured I shouldn't be the only person with this image in mind. (I totally would have linked you to a youtube video of the little girls singing that song, but it DOESN'T EXIST on youtube, unless you want to hear them singing it as adults and it just doesn't have that same obnoxious quality then. So you should just go watch the movie. Because it is great.)
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Thing one: Okay, so, Methos. Yes, yes, you're all surprised, I'm talking about Methos again. You know what Methos should have a lot of trouble with? Well, all immortals should have this problem, really. KEEPING UP WITH MODERN VOCABULARY AND SLANG. Because language changes, gradually, over time. And over the course of a mortal person's life, generally they fall behind on modern lingo too, hence why kids always laugh at their parents when they try to talk "hip". Because you lose track of the new words that come into the language.

Now, if a person were really making an effort, they could probably more or less keep up with most, but inevitably when you're tired or drunk or not paying attention, bits of older vocabulary would sneak in without you realizing, because you'd forget that, oh, right, people don't really use that word anymore.

And when you've lived through THE ENTIRETY OF THE LIFE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, that's a lot of old versions of vocabulary and grammar to have carefully and slowly shifted through over your life.

So when you think about it, it's really impressive that when Methos talks, there's nothing about his speech that pings as slightly old-fashioned. But now I really want to see drunk!Methos accidentally using bits of archaic vocabulary.

Thing Two: I was talking about Doctor/Master last night with [ profile] sentientcitizen, as one does, and -- okay, the Doctor and Master are really not actually healthy for each other, and yet I ship it anyways. Why? One would think that I would want what's best for characters I like, right? But APPARENTLY NOT! Apparently I'm totally okay with the two of them being really fucked up about each other!

Thing Three: Spoilers for the Buffy episode Superstar )

Thing Four: What's ridiculous fun: to play First Person Tetris in night mode. (hint: try playing it on non-night-mode first, so you know how this version of tetris works) For the first LONG WHILE of playing it I kept on flailing both verbally and physically because it is so disconcerting. But FUN! And now I'm actually not horrible at it, though I keep on having these moments where my instincts make me suddenly go HORRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG
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Have you ever wanted to read long and in-depth meta from an asexual perspective about the Doctor's sexuality and Time Lord sexuality with digressions into Time Lord culture and history? Yes?

You know you want to.

It comes in two parts:
The part about the Doctor and humans
The part about Time Lords

I am still thinking about all the stuff in these posts, trying to decide what all I agree with and don't agree with, but it is very well thought out, and even the bits that I do not agree with make sense to me.

Also, now I really want fic about approximately a million different things mentioned in the meta.
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Um. It is entirely possible that I have listened to these songs a few too many times now, because they are UTTERLY BRILLIANT. I do not know if I have mentioned this before, but I am a total nerd for folk songs. And these hit me RIGHT in THAT NERDY LOVE, and also RIGHT IN THE NERDY LOVE for Doctor Who, so basically it is NERDY LOVE SQUARED. You should go listen to them if you do not already know them.

Also, they have reminded me of how awesome Rory is, and now I want all the Rory fic. And the rest of this post is spoilery for Season Five of Doctor Who. I presume most people who care have seen it, but just to be safe. )

Two things

Dec. 8th, 2009 07:18 pm
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LJ's problem right now with not sending email notifications of comments is UBER-FRUSTRATING. Sigh.

But on a more positive note, here is a very cool Youtube video I found: a sketch of three guys playing the Jane Austen drinking game, wherein you watche movies based on Jane Austen's books, and take drinks when certain things happen. It is hilarious.

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