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[personal profile] calvinahobbes asked:

Something about 1001 Nights? Just last month a new 6-volume edition was published here, and it's the first direct Arabic-Danish translation (by a lady!), and apart from coveting it in all its terribly expensive no-ebook-available glory, it is making me think of you. So, anything you want to talk about, or translations, or stories, or how you feel about your thesis now? Basically whatever you feel like!

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I signed up for kink_bingo again this year because I CAN NEVER RESIST KINK_BINGO. I have not yet made a bingo but MAYBE THIS YEAR. Maybe third time's the charm!

The following is my card: Read more... )

So that is pretty exciting! I had barely glanced at the card before I knew EXACTLY WHAT BINGO I WANT TO DO. I then of course carefully went through the entire card, reading the kink_wiki entries for every single one of the kinks, to make sure my decision on which bingo to go for would be based on as much information as possible, and....yep, I'm gonna go for that first bingo that appealed to me.

It is the bingo that goes: "class fantasies, danger, wildcard, historical roleplay, crossdressing"


I don't know what I want to do with any of the squares yet, though! THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN.

Is there a fandom, or a pairing, or whatever, that you think I should write in? Is there something you can think of that would go SUPER PERFECTLY with one of the kinks on that bingo line? Do you have a prompt for me? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS, PLEASE!

I am happiest when I am writing from a prompt -- which is one of the reasons I like doing challenges like kink_bingo, because SOME sort of prompt is inherent in the format. But I like prompts to have a bit more detail than a single word! So if you have any ideas, I'd love it if you'd share!

Fandoms can be anything I've mentioned here on my journal (browse tags if you're not sure, and you can totally even include books I've mentioned nowhere except my yearly list of books read), or any fandom I've tagged on pinboard more than just a few times, or any fandom you happen to know I am familiar with even if I haven't happened to mention it much.

OR, alternatively, if you know of a super amazing awesome fic that counts under any of the kinks in my line that you think should be podficced, SHARE WITH ME, and I might choose to podfic it instead of writing something for that particular square! (for this, I don't have to know the fandom. I mean heck, I read and enjoy fics for fandoms I don't know all the time!)

I AM vaguely considering (still!) writing that Budoor/Hayat/Kamar fic that I was talking about LAST year for kink_bingo. Of course, that's one that could easily be made to fit -- oh, let's see, crossdressing AND class fantasies AND danger AND probably a million other kinks from the full kink_bingo list!

(hmmm, just talking about kinks that are in a SINGLE SCENE in the Richard Burton translation: anonymity, authority figures, begging, bodily secretions, consent play, crossdressing, dirty talk, gender play, humiliation, masters doms slaves and subs, obedience. YEPPP Richard Burton was one kinky dude! But we knew that already.)

But idek if I will ever get around to writing the OT3 of my heart or if I'll just continue to daydream about a fic's possible future existence. So ALL FIVE squares of my bingo are open to lots and lots of suggestions!

A meme!

Sep. 22nd, 2011 02:00 pm
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From [ profile] carmarthen

What are the three things that most attract you to a fandom?

Comment with an answer to the question above.

I’ll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.

Post to your journal with the answers to the questions. Or if you want, post in the comments here. Or both!

Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

My answer to the question )

And now my answers to Carmarthen's five questions for me, cut individually because I have a tendency to go on at some length.

1. So, bandom...perhaps I missed it, but what tipped you over into obsession there? )

2. Favorite Arabian Nights story? )

3. What three fandoms do you wish existed? )

4. What is your favorite modern AU trope? )

5. What movie are you looking forward to? )

I return!

Sep. 12th, 2011 11:50 am
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Oh my god I have internet again. GLORIOUS GLORIOUS INTERNET. It has felt so strange this last week or so. I mean, I can do the no-internet thing no problem when I'm in a situation where internet isn't normal, like going camping or whatever. No internet? No worries! But being at home? With my computer? And no internet? Everything about that picture was wrong.

I feel almost like I've forgotten what to do with internet now that I have it again. And now I get to catch up on everything again. But I just had to do this not too long ago! I need to never leave the internet so I don't need to deal with stuff like this!

ONWARDS. [community profile] kink_bingo is over in a few weeks and I only have two of my five fics written for the bingo line I'm attempting. And the reason I haven't written the others? I am a lazy person. Like. I have the first draft of my sensory dep fic done (Thor/X-Men crossover! Rogue & Loki!) but it needs some major help and I do not want to so I haven't been. And I have the opening of my accidental telepathic bonding fic written for the hypnosis/mind control square, but to write any more I need to thoroughly reacquaint myself with Pauline theology and that takes effort so I haven't. And I haven't written a thing for my free square, a fic about Budoor/Hayat/Kamar from that one Thousand And One Nights story, but to do that I need to reread the original (very long) story. In probably at least three translations, to figure out relationship dynamics, because the goddamn translators all took way too many liberties with the text. Again: effort!

(or with the last one, I could choose to write a story based on only one translator's version of the story. But then I'd lose some of the important bits from other translations! Like, Mardrus & Mathers has lots of student/teacher-vibe lesbian sex between Budoor and Hayat. Or maybe that particular vibe was more Lane? I don't recall. M&M definitely have lots of lesbian sex though. And Burton has lots of creepy crossdressing sodomy threats between Budoor and Kamar. These things would be relevant, I feel!)

(or maybe I could do, like, a series of connected ficlets that are each based on different translations, and the differences in characterization that result. It would be both an interesting fic exercise and also an excellent way of demonstrating how different the translations are)

(oh man, really I just need to admit that I think this story needs to have All The Fic about it. And I'm not prolific enough to be the person to write it all. But I just have so many feelings about it! And about the Thousand And One Nights in general! My thesis corrupted my brain. Whyyyyy must most people only actually care about the frame-tale of Shahrazad? I mean, it's good times and all, but there's so much more out there!)

ANYWAY I got distracted from the point of this post, which is that I'm not sure if I can write that many fics in that short a period of time, because I am...not what one would call a prolific or fast writer. I'm thinking I might need to do something else like a recs set or a podfic or something for at least one or two of the three remaining squares.

I WILL fix up the Lok&Rogue fic, because I already have a rough draft and all. And I'm still totally someday writing the Budoor/Hayat/Kamar fic, because it needs to exist, but maybe it's good for my own sanity that I not write it for kink_bingo, because unlike the other fics I've been doing, I don't think I can do it nonsexually, because Budoor and Hayat and Kamar (but most especially Budoor) are clearly kinky in a very sexual way. And frankly I don't think anyone but me would ever care about my telepathic-bonding St Paul/OMC fic, so that can just exist happily in my head.

(although if I choose to do a rec-set, that just means I get to flail a lot about how I'm not ~comprehensive~ enough in my Delicious tagging. Like f'rinstance I could totally find lots of fic about hypnosis in Due South, but that is not something I ever tagged for! (at least telepathy and bonding both are, and I should find some good mind-control stuff under those categories. Also, ALL THE XMFC FIC. Because Charles Xavier.)
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Thing One: So, uh, [community profile] kink_bingo! I signed up for a card, because I'm ambitious like that. Even though last year I managed to complete all of two fills in the amnesty period and that's it. And I even hope to maaaaybe manage a bingo this year? Except that the square I'm super excited to write isn't one that's on a line I'm interested in doing a bingo on. OH WELL. I'm totes going to write the Budoor/Hayyat/Kamar crossdressing fic anyways, JUST YOU WAIT. It can be my wildcard. Because the universe NEEDS this to exist. But then, as I've always said, the universe needs ALL the Budoor/Hayyat/Kamar fic to exist. I wonder....could I get an entire bingo out of them? :D Too ambitious, I think, especially since doing kink_bingo at all is already pushing me outside my box. But a TELEPATHIC BONDING AU for the hypnosis/mind control square would be lots of fun! (confession: a telepathic boding au would be lots of fun for EVERY FANDOM EVER.)

Okay, so the least intimidating line for me to bingo on is the following:

hypnosis/mind control -- sensory deprivation -- WILDCARD -- whipping/flogging -- sleepy/unconscious

D'you have any suggestions or ideas for things, or even just fandoms you think would go AWESOME with any of these kinks? Preferably done in a way where the kink is not a particularly sexual kink? I'm definitely doing the wildcard as the Budoor/Hayyat/Kamar crossdressing fic, but other than that, I'm JUST NOT SURE where to go!

Thing Two: Oh my god, Tumblr, I hate you. Why you gotta have so much cool stuff? I am going to end up with way too many Tumblrs in my rss feed, and then I will just froth in incoherent rage at them because I just don't liiiiike Tumblr.

I dun wanna get a tumblr! But it is looking like it might become inevitable! *headdesk* I feel like I am an old man shaking my cane at the kids on my lawn, like, "how dare they have this confusing newfangled technology? In my day the world was a better place and everything made sense, and you are making things go to hell in a handbasket."

Thing Three: Because apparently it is a thing going around: The fanfiction love meme! Go give love to people whose writing you like! (And if you want to you can comment on my thread here.)
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If The Thousand and One Nights was a fandom, I would be all over that fandom. For serious, yo. Just opening my thesis to get back to work at it, I stared at the list of story names in my table of contents and began to grin. Because I love these stories, you guys! So much love! But instead of reading reams of fic about them, I had to write a thesis instead.

In which, in a series of long asides that may or may not be somewhat incomprehensible, I am overly excitable on the subject of the Nights. Because I have ~feeeeelings~ )
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You probably gathered from my earlier post that my thesis has to do with The Thousand and One Nights.

Hence, I've been reading a lot of that lately. And I have Thoughts!

A lot of these thoughts have to do with the translator. In which I find Edward Lane strangely endearing )

I have other thoughts too, of course. I mean, I read (or skimmed) nearly 2000 pages of stories in only a few days, and did a LOT of writing and thinking about them. OF COURSE I have other thoughts! Here are a few more.

Have some Narnia related thoughts )

And some more OT3 thoughts, with bonus lesbians. )

In conclusion, I want a million 1001 Nights fanfics, about EVERYTHING. Fixing the racefail and disabilityfail and religionfail and feminismfail and all that, having fun with the excellent bits of homoeroticism (finding a young man SO BEAUTIFUL and FALLING IN LOVE WITH HIM and adopting him as a son. Right. I bet your thoughts are so fatherly.), having fun with the total crackyness, doing AUs and crossovers and basically EVERYTHING ELSE IMAGINABLE. There is so much that could be done with these stories!
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I disengage briefly from my thesis to bring you this message:

If the internet does not contain Kamar/Budoor/Hayat OT3 fic I will be very disappoint. I WILL BE CHECKING, INTERNETS.

Okay, back to reading the Thousand and One Nights with a ~proper academic~ brain. I wasn't here!

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