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okay so. I reread Terry Pratchett's Night Watch this week! The last time I read it was MANY YEARS ago, and the last time I read it I was still inexplicably unaware of the connection between it and Les Miserables. Looking at the date Night Watch was published, I'm pretty sure I read it for the first time before I got into Les Miserables, and I'm guessing that since my initial impression of the book involved zero knowledge of Les Miserables, once it was cemented in my head it never occurred to me on rereads to connect it with Les Miserables. DESPITE noticing the line about stealing a loaf of bread on rereads!

Probably my lack of connection was also because in high school the revolution part of Les Miserables was the part I was least interested in, and that's where the connection from Night Watch is strongest.

ANYWAYS. It was deeply weird rereading it now, both because of me having grown up some and because of me being newly acquainted with a) the revolutionary portions of Les Miserables and b) the fact that Night Watch can be read in the context of Les Miserables.

My conclusions: cut for spoilers )
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As always when I return from vacation (HI! I'M BACK!) my flist/rlist is an intimidating creature. SO MUCH TO READ. This is not helped by the proliferation of Yuletide rec posts! So. Uh. I haven't read a blessed thing in my flist/rlist yet (and I haven't even responded to some comments from before I left on vacation!), but I'm already two days late for posting my end-of-year sum up of the books I've read over the course of the past year. (though four days earlier than I managed it last year!

This was a new year's resolution I made two years ago, and actually succeeded in accomplishing: to record every single book I read. And I liked doing it enough that I did it again, and am going to continue doing it for the foreseeable future.

I know, I know, most people at the end of the year post about the last year's worth of fic they've written or similar fandom-in-review type things. But last year I did that sort of post on my LJ's anniversary, and I simply can't break with a one-year-old tradition, can I? Of course not. (though this year's edition of it will be rather more in-depth, since I've been a much more prolific writer and podficcer! And the year's only half over!)

Anyways, here follows the books I read in 2010, plus commentary thereon )
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Thing One: So it's kinda weird -- I'll be happily reading some BtVS fanfic* and it'll be good, etc, and then out of nowhere I'll read a line and my brain will interpret "Spike" to mean Adora Belle Dearheart instead of William the Bloody Awful Poet. And every time it happens, I'm thrown quite thoroughly out of the story. I do not know why this happens to me! It's not like Adora goes by Spike on a particularly regular basis, and I've only read Going Postal twice. And this only happens to me like once in an entire novel-length fic, so it's not a regular thing. But it's happened several times now and it is very disconcerting.

And now I want to write fic in which BtVS Spike and Discworld Spike meet. (note to self: You've seen exactly two episodes of BtVS, and haven't read Going Postal in years. This might be a bad idea.)

Thing Two: I don't know how I ever read anything on the internet before I found the zap colors bookmarklet. I found it ages ago, but only started actually using it recently, and OMG it is the best thing ever. All those people who prioritize pretty colours over readability on their LJs or webpages**? FIXED. I can read stuff without wanting to claw my eyeballs out!

Thing Three: This weekend I am getting together with my sister and my for-all-intents-and-purposes sister, and the three of us are doing some canning. We're doing jam, three kinds of pickles, and possibly peaches and salsa depending on how efficient we are. It will be delicious.

ETA: Thing Four: Why am I trying to write a fic with a swordfighting scene? I am no good at action! Also there's a conversation going on throughout the fight. It's hard enough writing a fight scene with good momentum, even without the added complication of trying to do it around the edges of a conversation! This will need a lot of editing...

* Uh. Yes, I read BtVS now, apparently. And I've been lured into shipping Xander/Spike, apparently. Oops? I've done this whole fandom thing backwards again...
** Possibly I'm not one to talk, with my screamingly yellow LJ layout, but at least I don't have it set to keep that style when looking at an individual post.
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Okay, my first thought was admittedly that Moist looked all wrong -- so... gormless or something. But then I remembered, right, he's not SUPPOSED to look as clever and tricksy as he actually is. So now I think he probably looks exactly right for the part.

Vetinari: he's blond. Okay. I really really really didn't think of him as blond. Unfortunately there's not enough in the trailer for me to say anything more about him.

Adora seems to be just perfect, as does Groat. The golems look a bit too fake, but I can forgive that.

But overall the trailer gives an aura of being more or less RIGHT. So all in all, I'm finding myself surprisingly excited about this, considering I didn't even know that Going Postal was being made into a movie! (why did I not know this?!)
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As a further part of the fandom appreciation challenge, here are three recs of fics that are older than six months. I WOULD make them all recs of stuff from my biggest fandom, just for a change of pace, but I haven't got far enough back yet in my Delicious organization project to have reached all the SGA fics yet. So instead you're getting an extremely random hodge-podge.

Strange's Country, by [ profile] concernedlily. This is a Supernatural/Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell crossover. Weirdest crossover ever, maybe, but it works so well. I'm not even a Supernatural fan and I still fell head over heels in love with this fic. It doesn't really use the characters from Strange & Norrell, but draws on the mythology from it, and incorporates it so perfectly into the paradigm of the show. Bottom line: this fic is amazing. It's also, um, really long. Like, over 50k words. BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Love Like A Djelibeybian, by [ profile] gehayi. This is a Discworld fic, specifically for the book Pyramids. It's about Ptraci as Pharaoh, and what an awesome job she does of it too. And also about how she manipulates the country into letting her marry her female lover. Mmm, I do love Ptraci.

A Foolish Wit, by [ profile] petronelle. This is a Slings & Arrows fic, and Sloan-centric. Sloan helps Oliver finally find resolution in telling Geoffrey how he feels, through writing a play together. It's so great to look at the show from the perspective of someone who ISN'T overly-intellectual and Shakespeare-obsessed -- it's not a perspective one often gets to see. But this shows how Sloan really is a wonderful person, more so maybe than some of the people who are more "intelligent" than him.


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