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UGH SOCIAL AWKWARDNESS why do you have to be a thing even on the internet?

You may have noticed that I...haven't been posting much lately -- like, once in the last WEEK. Usually I post a wee bit more frequently than that! Also I have not been replying to anyone else's posts. Sorry 'bout that.

Both these things are DESPITE THE FACT THAT I AM ACTUALLY AROUND. *headdesk*

OKAY WHATEVER I am just going to pretend I am not socially awkward ~at all~ and move on with my life and post stuff.

Like for example! Something I intended to post about a week ago and never got around to!

So hey, turns out having a sunday school class discussion about sexuality in one's Mennonite church (where you're not out) is kind of harrowing! Thanks, I really needed to have homosexuality compared to kleptomania (you just have these wrongful urges and to be a good person you need to not act on them!). And I totally needed to hear the old familiar BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN rant about committed queer couples raising families. These made my day, lemme tell you. *sigh* At least there were some clueless-but-well-meaning people there too? I accidentally gave a mini-speech about the difference between being intersex and identifying as a different gender than the one you were assigned-at-birth, and also one about how if a single woman (whose husband has died -- which I specified, for maximum acceptable-to-conservatives threshold) can raise kids fine without a biologically-related male role-model in the immediate family why can't two women? And for the rest of the 45 minutes I did a lot of sitting and listening and feeling my heart racing. Eegh.

This week was supposed to be a continuation of the discussion but because of a variety of reasons the class took place in a different room in the church than normal and half the people couldn't find it. And then the conversation was very...vague and not actually ABOUT anything? And didn't go anywhere useful or interesting at all. It didn't even go anywhere unuseful and frustrating. It was just...a complete waste of a sunday school class. Which was frustrating because last week the leader of the class had said that this week we'd be looking directly at the scriptures that talk about this stuff and discussing interpretation! And then we DIDN'T.

And then last week me and a bunch of friends rewatched A Study In Pink together, and I've been reading people's reactions to the new Sherlock Holmes movie (which I haven't seen so there'll be no spoilers here) and it's making me all depressed again about how media-creators feel free to put in epic epic subtext to the point where it's barely sub, because it attracts a certain demographic, but OH NO WE COULD NEVER MAKE ANY OF THESE DUOS ACTUALLY GAY (OR BI. OR ACE. OR, Y'KNOW, CANONICALLY QUEER). Because I love the subtext, don't get me wrong! It spawns so many delicious fics! But GODDAMN IT MAINSTREAM MEDIA THERE ARE A HELL OF A LOT OF QUEER PEOPLE IN EXISTENCE AND I WANT YOU TO GODDAMN ACKNOWLEDGE IT IN SUCH A WAY THAT HOMOPHOBIC PEOPLE CAN'T JUST IGNORE IT AND READ IT AS ~FRIENDSHIP~ OKAY? OKAY.


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Dear lord. Okay. I was listening to Johnny Clegg and Savuka/Johnny Clegg and Juluka today while cleaning my room, and actually sort of listening to the lyrics for once. And a song came on, and I stopped dead in my tracks and went, DUDE, that song is SO about Fraser and Victoria. Because it was. And then out of curiosity I went online and started looking at the lyrics for the rest of their songs, and um, apparently they really like themes that are relevant ALL MY FANDOMS, because probably half their English songs could be EASILY interpreted in light of them. Six Highlander songs, five Doctor Who songs, three Inception songs, three Due South songs, and one each about The Man from UNCLE, The Sentinel, and Sherlock Holmes. DUDE.


My list, for my own future reference )
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There's approximately ten million things that I want to be talking (...writing) about right now. This is the problem with being away from the internet for several days!

Thing One: To begin with, I was in Ottawa on Tuesday, and got to visit my oldest internet friend while there, and it was excellent. Of course.

But alas! Although we visited the Parliament buildings, and saw Mounties, I did not get a picture of myself with one, because by the time our tour was finished the Mounties had left for the day. *sadface* At least I got to see a statue of Dief? (he looked remarkably two-legged....)

Thing Two: Things that are hilarious: reading serious angsty fanfic, in which a city is put under martial law, and misreading "martian" for martial; watching the last episode of Sherlock with someone who hasn’t seen it yet, and getting to laugh at the expression on their face when they realize that yes, the episode ended there, like that; discovering that I'm actually incapable of leaving any list with only two points in it, because it feels incomplete.

Thing Three: if you are at all interested in both Sherlock and Doctor Who: THIS PICTURE. Anything I say would be superfluous.

Thing Four: I have discovered the best possible way of watching Buffy. See, I know that I do not have the staying power to keep myself watching for seven whole seasons of a tv show. But I want to watch Buffy. So! Combine this with my not-caring-about-spoilers and [ profile] sentientcitizen’s having already watched all of Buffy, and we have the perfect solution. Whenever sentientcitizen and I are in the mood for watching something together, she just thinks through what episodes of Buffy she thinks I would enjoy, and we choose one and watch it together.

cut for a bunch of blather, including various Buffy spoilers )

Okay, imma stop talking about Buffy now...

Thing Five: Listening to music that I haven't listened to in a looong time is dangerous, because I start madly associating it with fandoms. I got TWO songs about Methos from one CD. (The CD is The Road To Santiago by Heather Dale. Cut for Highlander spoiler ) And "Hunter" is totally Methos/Duncan.)
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Apparently I’ve now also joined the ranks of people who post on prompt-memes -- I wrote a fic for one! The original can be found there and I am reposting it here because I like to be organized. The only thing I’ve altered is one minor mistake with tenses, and an accidental failure at british terminology.

Title: Tea Party
Fandom: Sherlock
Characters: Harry, Mycroft
Length: 394 words
Summary: Harry and Mycroft have brothers they care for and harass. Of course they talk about them with each other.

Delicious tea, Harry says, taking a sip from her teacup and giggling. )


Aug. 8th, 2010 11:24 pm
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Welp, just like the last two episodes I was able to discern within the first few minutes whether I would like this episode or not. Verdict: LIKE. VERY MUCH A LOT LIKE. )
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A repost of my commentfic from earlier, edited to get rid of some awkward phrasing but otherwise left largely the same. I just felt it ought to have a properly formatted post of its own, because fic should be well-organized.

Title: Mysteries of the Universe
Fandoms: Doctor Who, BBC’s Sherlock
Characters: the Doctor, Sherlock, the Master
Length: 1237 words
Summary: Sherlock makes for an interesting companion

So, where are you from? Clearly not earth. )
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Thing One: Fandom is changing me in ways that I never expected. I just read a fic for which it took me till two paragraphs before the end to realize that it was in SECOND PERSON. IDEK.

Thing Two: Um. Apparently I am capable of deriving satisfaction out of proofreading latin texts. All of the joys of MAKING THINGS BETTER with none of the annoyance of being distracted by what the text is actually saying! (fifty pages in, and all I can say is that it's, um, possibly about alchemy?)

Thing Three: You definitely do not want to go look at a comment thread on a previous post of mine, here, because I in no way wrote commentfic there about Sherlock and the Doctor. Nope. Not at all.
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Ow. Goddamn. This weekend I spent with my sister et al doing more canning, and all I can say is, mandolines are evil, bloodthirsty creatures. And when one slices the tip of one's finger with a mandoline, it makes it remarkably difficult to type normally. (I keep forgetting my finger is hurt! So I go to type with that finger, and it's just OWWWWWW. But hunt-and-peck is so slow!) So this will be short.

I just had to say something about the latest episode of Sherlock.

spoilers, of course )

...Okay, maybe I have some unresolved anger issues here. Especially since I just KEPT ON TYPING THIS despite the constant owy finger.

It's not like this was a completely terrible episode of TV or something. If I'd seen it independently I would have thought to myself: attractive dude, some interesting stuff, but relegated to the same category as sitcoms in my personal system (Not For Me On Account Of Nonstop Embarrassment Squick). And I would have left it be, at peace of mind. But seeing it in comparison with the first episode just makes its flaws look so GLARING and PAINFUL. Because it DISAPPOINTED ME, after the glory of the first episode.

All the things in A Study In Pink that made me love the characters were gone. They weren't as weird, they weren't as passionate, they weren't as intelligent.

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Thing One: I'm getting together with my sister and practically-sister again this weekend, to do more canning -- zucchini pickles and peaches, this time. AWESOME, yes, but also? The last time I will see my sister for a YEAR because she is going overseas for the next year. THIS IS TRAGIC. She is one of my favourite people in the whole wide world and I will miss her SO MUCH.

Thing Two: The problem with loving characters that are remarkably brilliant is that they are VERY HARD TO WRITE. And, okay, mostly it's possible to fake it, because people generally act and talk relatively normally, even if they're super-intelligent. But Sherlock DOESN'T. And the Doctor? Equally difficult to write. Which is why it is so frustrating to stumble across Steven Moffat saying the following, because it makes me want to write crossover fic: "I think the Doctor is more human. I think he's more playful, and more ordinary and more distractable. They are sort of opposite. The Doctor is an alien, a remote outsider, who aspires to be one of us. He likes playing around with us. And Sherlock Holmes aspires to be a Time Lord. I don't know how they'd get on with each other."

Thing Three: I got less than four hours of sleep last night, because I stayed up too late squeeing with people in my comments about Sherlock, and then reading alllll the Sherlock fic that's been produced so far. (Well. Not all, but as close as I could get without falling asleep on my keyboard) I was intending to go to bed early last night. In fact, I was planning to be PRODUCTIVE ALL DAY yesterday and then Sherlock happened instead. WHY SO STUPID, SELF.
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DAMNIT. I've been rewatching A Study In Pink, thinking all the while that this Sherlock Holmes really strongly reminds me of someone, but I was unable to place the resemblance. Silly me, I kept on trying to compare him to other actors I know of. Then finally it hit me, when I paused the screen at just the right shot and stared at it for a while: he has an uncanny resemblance to a guy, Peter,* in my program at university. And now whenever I try to watch more of the show, when I see Sherlock I can't help but see Peter. And Peter is NOT a particularly Sherlocky individual, so it gives all the wrong resonances!


Something I noticed on the rewatch )

ETA: HOW DID I FORGET TO ADD THIS. John's blog? EXISTS. As does Sherlock's website! They are HILARIOUS. I particularly love the comments section of John's blog, and the forum part of Sherlock's site. (also, kind of tragically, that woman who worked at the hospital and tried (unsuccessfully) to ask Sherlock out? She has a blog too. I don't think she's treated quite fairly in her portrayal on the blog...)


Jul. 29th, 2010 06:32 pm
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That new BBC miniseries Sherlock? I just watched the first episode and BY GOD does it hit my character kinks SO SO HARD. Brilliant, weird, passionate people, saving the world a bit at a time OMG <3333333. I am in a puddle of fangirl goo right now. AM NOT LISTENING to people talk about the flaws because I DON'T CARE. People being super-competent and crazy-intelligent and just plain weird, while doing things they love! BE STILL MY HEART.

spoilers to follow! )
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Well, damn me for a fool and an idiot.

I was of the idea that I should get around to actually reading some of the stories in the Sherlock Holmes canon, since I enjoyed the movie so well, and have been greatly enjoying the fanfiction since then. Unfortunately, I was under the impression that the introductory tale was in fact a short story. And so I set out in the determination to read it before bedtime tonight. Imagine my dismay to discover that A Study In Scarlet is in fact a novel! But I had already set my mind so thoroughly to reading it that I couldn't just leave it be, and instead began reading it.

And now, though I am nowhere near finished reading it, it is late at night and I must get up early tomorrow morning to study for a physics quiz. The sensible thing was to go to bed two hours ago; instead I am sitting here writing this in a desperate attempt to convince myself to go to bed instead of staying up to finish the entirety of A Study In Scarlet.

I don't even particularly care about the mystery -- I'm just enjoying reading about Holmes and Watson so very much. And I have an enormous fondness for that sort of period writing style, as well. Really the entire thing is making me extremely happy.

But I should go to bed.

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